33 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2023: Unlock Your Potential

Simon is a former UK call-centre worker who has gone on to build several highly successful affiliate marketing businesses in various different niches & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. He has since relocated to Thailand & now teaches affiliate marketing to others through Commission Academy.

Are you ready for a challenge that’s super rewarding and a lot of fun?

Look no further than affiliate marketing!

Despite the occasional stressful day, I absolutely love it.

And in this post, I’m sharing the 33 most compelling reasons why YOU should choose to become an affiliate marketer in 2023, even if it feels a bit scary at first.

Trust me, the rewards are worth it!

1. You Can Start Today

You don’t need to wait until tomorrow.

Growing up, my mum had “a round tuit” hung up on the wall that looked exactly like this:

reasons to start affiliate marketing

I think too often we put things off waiting for the perfect time to start.

And because there’s no such thing, we never take the first step…

“Tomorrow (noun): a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.”

So don’t wait.

The best time to start affiliate marketing is now.

Today is a great day to begin working towards a brighter financial future.

There’s nothing holding you back.

Take the free Commission Academy course and make your dream business a reality today.

2. You’re Already Qualified

Some of the highest-earning affiliates never got a degree.

They’ll tell you they aren’t particularly technical.

That’s because anyone can be successful at affiliate marketing.

Even you!

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, how old you are or what your background is.

The only requirements to becoming an affiliate marketer are:

3. You Can Work Anywhere

Forget long commutes and sitting in a stuffy office.

With affiliate marketing, you can work from your couch, a coffee shop or even on a beach somewhere.

Imagine being able to work on your laptop with the sun on your face and the sound of the waves crashing in the background.

That’s the dream life, right?

OK, I don’t work at the beach too often (don’t want sand getting in my keyboard!) but it’s nice to know I can if I want 😊

4. You Become Captain of Your Own Ship

When you start an affiliate marketing business you effectively take back control of your own life.

You answer to no one but yourself, you can take time off whenever you want and you alone determine the direction you want to go in and how far you want to go.

One of my favourite quotes:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Venturing out on your own might seem daunting at first, but once you get a taste of freedom you can never go back.

5. Affiliate Marketing Is Incredibly Simple

You sell other people’s products online and make money.

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

It works like this:

  • You pick a topic
  • Start a website
  • Create content
  • Promote products and earn commissions

It’s a commission-based model so there’s no need to create or ship products or deal with customer care.

Just send potential customers to big online stores and let them take care of the rest.

6. Affiliate Marketing Is The Modern Day Goldrush

Affiliate marketing started in 1996 and it’s been booming ever since.

We are well and truly living in the information age and affiliate marketers are set for a bright future.

And if you want to talk stats, here are a few:

  • 83% of online brands now have affiliate programs
  • We spent $730 billion online last year (and it’s going up each year)
  • 25% of all online sales are done through an affiliate link

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a business model where you can earn so much, with so little money down from the comfort of your living room.

Please don’t take this to mean affiliate marketing is easy because it’s not!

Though I imagine it’s easier than digging for gold.

7. You Get To Turn Your Passion Into Profits

If you’ve ever been stuck in a job you have no interest in then you know just how soul-destroying it can be.

For years I sat in call centres for 11 hours a day talking about loft and cavity wall insulation…

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you can earn a full-time income online by talking about topics you genuinely find exciting and interesting.

You get to take that passion and transform it into a thriving online business.

“If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

8. Affiliate Marketing Is Extremely Low Cost

If you wanted to start dropshipping you’d have to pay a bare minimum of $1,800 in startup costs with $1,000 per month in ongoing costs before you’ve made a cent.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, will cost you just $50 a month.

You could actually start for free but I’d recommend you set $50/mo aside for:

And this really is everything you need to earn 6 figures+.

9. You Can Enjoy Total Time Freedom

The biggest reason I got into affiliate marketing was that I dreaded that Sunday evening sinking feeling knowing I had to go in to work the next day.

When you work for someone else, your time is not your own and there’s nothing worse than clockwatching.

With affiliate marketing, you can work whenever you like and take a break whenever you like.

That’s what I call living life on your own terms, and you just can’t put a price on that.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Jim Rohn

10. You Open Yourself Up To Limitless Earning Potential

As an employee, you’re effectively selling your time for money.

And as there are only 24 hours in the day (and you have to sleep for 8 of those), there’s a limit on how much you can earn.

What I really like about affiliate marketing though is that you do the work once and get paid for that work a thousand times over.

 “The sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning.”

Say you invest time into creating a blog post, shooting a video or writing an email. That single piece of content could very well generate a stream of commissions for you for months and even years to come.

Now imagine if you kept doing that over and over and you can really start to see just how much you could earn with affiliate marketing.

11. You Escape The Boring Office Politics

The truth about affiliate marketing is, like anything, it has its pros and cons.

One of the downsides is you can become a social recluse if you’re not careful and I do miss the office banter at times.

What I will never miss though is the tedious office politics.

Whenever I visit the UK and catch up with old work colleagues, the conversation always turns to how annoying their boss is, how their holiday request got declined or how they didn’t get that pay raise.

And these issues can get quite serious. I know people who were forced to take stress leave after burning out or had to take an extended leave of absence due to depression.

Well, when you start affiliate marketing I can’t promise all your problems will disappear but you won’t have to deal with this. You can design the kind of lifestyle you want and get the right work/life balance.

12. Affiliate Marketing Is Addictive (In A Good Way)

Affiliate marketing takes time

It might take a few weeks to make your first sale…

And your website will be a ghost town for the first 3 months or so…

But then it happens:

You reach 100 page views.

You get 300 email subscribers.

You achieve your first $1,000 day.

And that’s when it gets addictive.

You want every day to be a $1,000 day. You’ve seen what you can do and it makes you hungry for more.

13. You Build Your Own Income-Generating Asset

While you’re working overtime for that boss you’re investing sweat equity into someone else’s asset.

But all those hours of hard work, creative thinking and intuition do nothing to help you in the long term.

Now, this might be the entrepreneur in me but I find that idea really quite abhorrent.

I’d work harder and even earn less if it meant I was building my own moneymaking asset any day of the week.

When you create an affiliate marketing website (the way we show you at Commission Academy), not only will that website create income for you each and every month, but at any time you can sell it for a huge lump sum of 36x the monthly revenue.

So if you feel the urge to create something for yourself and you want to build an online empire you can call your own then affiliate marketing could be for you.

14. You Get To Share Your Passion With The World

Remember what we said about pursuing your passion when choosing a niche?

It could be absolutely anything you’re into; scuba diving, chess, woodworking or interior design.

And as an affiliate marketer, you get to reach a worldwide audience by talking about what you enjoy the most and creating a tribe of like-minded enthusiasts.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

15. Earning High-Ticket Commissions Will Be The Norm

High-ticket affiliate marketing means you can earn huge $5,000 commissions on a single sale.

I remember when this happened to me the first time and I was over the moon!

The awesome thing about promoting high-ticket products is they’re just as easy to sell as low-ticket products.

There are a lot of very wealthy people out there who are ready and eager to spend huge amounts of money to get what they want.

They just need someone like you to come along and show them where to buy and you’ll get fat commissions for doing so!

16. Affiliate Marketing Is The Profit King

If you want financial freedom, choose affiliate marketing because it’s hands-down the best online business model out there.

You can earn 3% to 90% commissions on every sale you generate.

And with 50% to 80% profit margins, it’s also the most profitable.

Consider the alternatives:

  • MLMs/network marketing = 10%
  • Dropshipping = 15%
  • Running a digital agency = 20%
  • Freelancing = 30%

In real terms, this means you get to keep more of the money you make.

If this reason alone doesn’t convince you to start affiliate marketing then nothing will!

17. Passive Income Made Possible

Forget getting paid once for the work you do. It’s a thing of the past.

I’ve got affiliate sites I haven’t touched in 5 years that are still generating income for me every single month.

Put in the hard graft upfront. Create systems. Build teams.

Do that and you’ll make real passive income with affiliate marketing and you’ll be set for life.

18. Affiliate Marketing Is Here To Stay

Despite naysayers declaring the death of affiliate marketing every year since the dawn of the internet, it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As long as people use search engines and buy products online, affiliate marketing is here to stay.

That means you can build a financial future for yourself and your family confident that you’re building it on a firm and lasting foundation.

19. Affiliates Become Millionaires

If you’ve made it your goal to become a millionaire then affiliate marketing is a great way to do it.

I’m not a millionaire (yet!) but I’m well on the way and I’ve made more than $1 million in commissions in the last 9 years.

People become millionaires through affiliate marketing every single day. And if they can do it, so can you.

Not by luck mind you, but by hard work, consistency and determination.

20. You’ll Acquire High-Income Skills

Affiliate marketing is a high-income skill that’s worth investing time and energy to develop.

We’re talking about important skills like:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Website building and design
  • SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Image creation
  • Video editing
  • Copywriting and communication

You’ll start out as a total beginner like we all do, but follow our free training and soon enough you’ll develop valuable skills you can use to generate income wherever you are in the world.

21. Affiliate Marketing Is Infinitely Scalable

Once you master the basics of affiliate marketing there are a ton of ways you can take your business and your income to the next level.

For example, once you’re earning consistently from one affiliate program, you can join more affiliate programs to build multiple income streams.

And once you’ve built one authority site you can launch multiple websites in multiple niches.

You can also scale up your affiliate marketing business through paid ads and outsourcing.

No matter what your income goals are, you can make it happen as long as you’re committed enough and stick with it.

22. Affiliate Marketing Is A Win-Win-Win

The only thing better than a win-win is a win-win-win!

Affiliate marketing is legit because everybody wins and there are no losers:

  • Customers find the products they’re looking for
  • Online stores see increased sales
  • Affiliates earn handsome commissions

23. Affiliate Marketing Is Great For Students

A lot of students do affiliate marketing because it gives them a flexible way to work around their study schedule with just a laptop and a WiFi connection and they can still earn during term time.

Affiliate marketing is perfect for international students too as you can use it to fund your studies from any country in the world.

24. There’s Very Little Risk

If you want to start an online then choose affiliate marketing because it’s far less risky than other models out there.

Affiliate marketing is safer than say, dropshipping because there are no expensive startup or running costs.

You don’t need to pay for products upfront or ship them from China and you don’t need to pay for ads.

You simply learn how to generate free traffic from the search engines and link to existing online stores and let them deal with the rest.

25. Affiliate Marketing Is A Real Business

While you have to watch out for affiliate marketing scams, affiliate marketing is 100% legit.

Big-name brands like Amazon, eBay and Fiverr have affiliate programs you can join to promote their products online.

And what better proof is there that affiliate marketing is a real income strategy than inspiring success stories?

Every day we celebrate Commission Academy students generating their first sales, making their first $100 days and achieving great things online.

Some go on to become super affiliates and earn six figures a year…

And so can you!

Click here to see verified affiliate marketing income proof.

27. Affiliate Marketing is A Good Choice For Introverts

If you’re like me and you prefer your own company then start affiliate marketing and don’t give it a second thought.

Affiliate marketing is a great career choice for introverts because you get to work from the privacy of your own home without the draining day-to-day social interaction.

You have complete control over your working environment and you can make money online sitting on your couch in your PJs.

Pure bliss!

26. Affiliate Marketing Is Flexible

If you’re reading this then you fall into one of these two camps:

Either you’re looking for a way to earn extra money in your spare time or you want to launch a full-scale online business so you have more time to do the things you want.

The good news is affiliate marketing is a great side hustle or if you want to go all in, it can also become a highly rewarding career.

Whatever your income goals are, affiliate marketing is flexible enough for you to be able to take it as far as you want.

28. Affiliate Marketing Is Fun

Affiliate marketing is a fun and exciting ride.

That’s not to say it’s all sunshine and rainbows…

The life of an affiliate marketer has both good days and bad days but generally, I love it and think you will too.

Nothing compares to the rush you get when you’re building an online empire of your very own and you reach new milestones!

29. You Are Free To Be You

I might be wrong but from my experience, I don’t see many people who work in offices being themselves.

Either you’re trying to please the boss or jumping through hoops to try and keep everyone happy and that usually means you’re not completely free to be the kind of person you want to be.

Well, when you work from home you can forget all of that. Don’t shower or shave if you don’t want to. Wear whatever you want.

In fact, (and don’t tell anyone) but 99% of the time I work in my boxers!

More importantly, doing affiliate marketing means you never have to compromise your integrity and values.

You can say what you think, only promote products you believe in and just be the real and authentic you God created you to be.

30. It’s The Best Route To Entrepreneurship

Taking into account the minimal startup costs, high scalability and huge-profit potential and low barriers to entry, affiliate marketing is the single best way to become an online entrepreneur.

No other business model gives you the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience and earn 6 figures from the comfort of your own home.

We live in amazing times and thanks to the vehicle of affiliate marketing, everything is possible!

31. You’ll Achieve More Than You Thought Possible

I love having the freedom and the flexibility to work anywhere and, of course, the money is great.

But one of the biggest reasons I’d encourage you to start affiliate marketing is for the person you will become as a result.

There’s something really empowering and confidence-building about setting a high goal for yourself and then doing everything within your power to make it happen.

When you chase your dreams, it’s less about what you achieve and more about the person you become in the process.

“Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time – you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.”

Jon Bon Jovi

32. You Can Make A Difference

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you get to reach people from all over the world and help them achieve their goals.

Let’s say you’re a gym junkie. You could start a fitness blog that inspires millions to become the best version of themselves.

If you’re a shutterbug, you can start a photography blog to help beginners take beautiful pictures.

Or, if you’re a dog lover, you could start a dog blog showing people how to take care of their dogs.

Talk about the feel-good factor!

Whatever topic it is, you can genuinely help people around the world and actually with affiliate marketing, the more people you help, the more successful you will be.

33. Affiliate Marketing Is Truly Life-Changing

I started my first affiliate marketing website in an upstairs bedroom of my mum’s house located in a sleepy village in the north of England.

I was working dead-end call centre jobs I hated and working like a crazy man on my online business in the evenings and at the weekends determined to escape.

Fast forward to now and I’m typing this from my 42nd-floor luxury condo in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Now I work when I want and have more time to spend doing the things I actually care about.

I’m earning far more than I ever did working for other people and if you ask me, becoming an affiliate marketer has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

Start today and I know you’ll say the same.

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