16 Best Life Coach Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying Memberships)

Best Life Coaching Affiliate Programs

More than 1.5 million searches per month are conducted online by individuals and companies looking for life coaches, executive coaches, and business coaches. Why so many searches? These uplifting human beings (Life Coaches) will show you what you are capable of in life and help you to achieve it. The life coach industry keeps growing … Read more

12 Best Triathlon Affiliate Programs That Pay The Highest Commissions

Best Triathlon Affiliate Programs

The triathlon industry is booming as a result of the high demand for apparel, goggles, and distance trackers like Garmin and Fitbit. According to Wikipedia, a triathlon is an endurance multisport race that consists of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. Sportsmen are willing to invest in more expensive, higher-quality equipment and gear when … Read more

The 21 Biggest Wealthy Affiliate Complaints You Should Know In 2022

wealthy affiliate complaints

When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, there are 3 types of people: Category #1: The Haters Those who hate Wealthy Affiliate… with a vengeance. We’re talking utter contempt and resentment. They spit venom at the mere mention of it and tell everyone Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, cult or pyramid scheme. My best guess is either … Read more

11 Best Fine Art Affiliate Programs (For Supplies, Artwork & More)

Best Fine Art Affiliate Programs

In 2021, the global art market was valued at 65.1 billion USD and the current worldwide volume of art transactions (at the time of writing) is 36.7 million. On top of that, in the 2021 worldwide fine art auction sales, on the 13th of May 2021, auction house Christie’s sold one of Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s … Read more

8 Best Binary Options Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying)

Best Binary Options Affiliate Programs

Binary Options, in short, are all about predicting the future price of a commodity or currency and earning profit using the price fluctuations in various global markets. They offer a fixed payout based on a simple yes/no proposition. So, basically, you predict if you believe the price will go higher or lower & if you … Read more

61 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs For Residual Commissions With High Retention

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Many affiliate marketers prefer affiliate programs with recurring commissions. Why? Well, because you can get paid multiple times, all from a single referral. That’s the beauty of recurring commissions. As long as the customer stays with the company you will be paid. That’s the reason top affiliate marketers prefer recurring commissions instead of programs and … Read more

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate: 2 Proven Ways For 2022

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re worried you’ve missed the affiliate marketing boat, don’t worry. The best is yet to come. Wealthy Affiliate presents a huge opportunity to those ready to live the laptop lifestyle. We are spending money online now more than ever and affiliates are expected to earn $12 billion in 2022. But how can Wealthy Affiliate … Read more