Free To Join Affiliate Programs – No Money Required To Start

Free To Join Affiliate Programs

Did you know that Commission Academy has a free to join affiliate program? That’s right. You can earn money by referring others to the free course that you know & love. All you need to do is simply sign up for our free course & you’ll be able to get access to your affiliate links, … Read more

Are Affiliate Programs Free To Join?

Are Affiliate Programs Free?

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing & yet to join your first affiliate program, you might wonder if affiliate programs are free to join. And if you are wondering that, don’t worry because you’re certainly not alone. New students here at Commission Academy often ask us if affiliate programs cost money to join. In … Read more

33 Reasons You Should Start Affiliate Marketing In 2023

reasons why to start affiliate marketing

Most of you know I really like¬†affiliate marketing,¬†despite the occasional stressful day. It is challenging, rewarding and most of the time a lot of fun. In this post, I’m talking about the 33 most compelling reasons you may want to choose to become an affiliate marketer – even though it might be really scary at … Read more

Is Amazon Associates Worth It? Truth About Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Is Amazon Associates Worth It?

Amazon Associates is the name for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program & it’s one of the most well-known affiliate programs on the internet. It’s reported that there are over 900,000 affiliates inside the Amazon Associates program & in another blog post, we recently uncovered some of the top earners. But being popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s … Read more

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Which Is Best?

High Ticket VS Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate marketing gurus claim that high-ticket affiliate marketing is better than low-ticket affiliate marketing because it enables you to earn higher commissions per sale. They also often claim that high-ticket affiliate marketing is just as easy as low-ticket affiliate marketing & requires no additional effort if done correctly. But are those claims true? Is … Read more

13 Best Live Chat Affiliate Programs For 2023 (Top Paying)

Best Live Chat Affiliate Programs

More & more websites have started leveraging live chat & it’s become so popular that it’s almost an expectation for customers. This means that as an affiliate, there’s a fantastic opportunity for you to earn money by recommending live chat services to webmasters & companies. And to help you do exactly that, we’ve found the … Read more

How Much Do Affiliate Links Pay? (Amazon & Others)

How Much Do Affiliate Links Pay?

If you’ve ever encountered affiliate links online (which you very likely have, even if you didn’t notice), you’ve probably wondered, how much do affiliate links pay? And we know that it’s a very popular question because it’s one that we get asked all of the time by new starters here at Commission Academy. In fact, … Read more

How To Become A Super Affiliate In 2023 (Our Proven Blueprint)

How To Become A Super Affiliate

If you intend to become an affiliate marketer or have recently started affiliate marketing, you’ll surely want to strive to become a super affiliate. The reason I say that is because super affiliates are some of the highest-performing affiliate marketers & being a super affiliate means they’ve reached a level where their successes have been … Read more

15 Best Organic Food Affiliate Programs For 2023 (Top Paying)

Organic Food Affiliate Programs

As more and more people switch to using organic food, this presents a fantastic opportunity for all affiliates in the organic food niche. You can connect people with organic food suppliers & earn handsome commissions on any of the sales that you manage to generate. And to help you do exactly that, we’ve listed the … Read more

Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Really Worth The Money In 2023?

are affiliate marketing courses really worth it

Is it worth shelling out for an affiliate marketing course? I mean, why not just go out and try figure it out yourself by: It might take you a bit longer, but you’d eventually fit the pieces of the puzzle together I’m sure. And from what I’ve seen, most affiliate marketing courses aren’t worth it… … Read more