How To Become A Super Affiliate In 2024 (Our Proven Blueprint)

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Dale is a former electrician that has since gone on to generate over $1 million in all-time affiliate commissions & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. Alongside running his own affiliate marketing empire, he now also teaches affiliate marketing to others through the Commission Academy platform.

If you intend to become an affiliate marketer or have recently started affiliate marketing, you’ll surely want to strive to become a super affiliate.

The reason I say that is because super affiliates are some of the highest-performing affiliate marketers & being a super affiliate means they’ve reached a level where their successes have been recognized.

Essentially, being a super affiliate means that they’re crushing it! 💪

And the good news is that in this blog post, I am going to share my proven blueprint on how to become a super affiliate in 2024 (even if you’re currently just a beginner).

Plus I’ll also share more details on what super affiliates are & how much super affiliates make.

So let’s dive in & get to it…

What Is A Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate is a highly successful affiliate marketer that has either generated a huge amount of revenue in the form of commissions or has hit some outstanding performance goals (such as generating a certain number of sales in a set period of time).

In other words, they’re just like a typical affiliate marketer, but they’re absolutely crushing it. 💪

And the reason they’re crushing it is that they’ve discovered a specific formula for generating huge amounts of traffic & getting that traffic to convert into sales.

After all, that’s all you need to do with affiliate marketing in order to make money:

  • Generate traffic
  • Connect those people with a product via an affiliate link
  • Earn commissions on successful sales

But super affiliates are affiliates who’ve managed to figure out how to do this on a really large scale & still manage to turn a solid profit.

In other words, a super affiliate in affiliate marketing is like Usain Bolt in running. They’re the top performers & high achievers.

This brings me to the next point.

How Much Do Super Affiliates Make?

There isn’t a specific income figure that defines a super affiliate. However, you can expect that a typical super affiliate will likely be earning 6-figures (or more) per year.

Many super affiliates end up becoming millionaires through affiliate marketing & some top super affiliates make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every single month.

But as mentioned earlier, it’s not solely about income when it comes to being a super affiliate. It’s about performance & knowing how to generate traffic effectively & how to convert that traffic into sales.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate (one of the world’s top affiliate platforms) award people super affiliate status when they generate 300+ sales in a calendar year.

And many other programs (such as ClickBank) also offer in-house super affiliate challenges.

So, whilst there isn’t a “global” set criterion for becoming a super affiliate, a super affiliate will always be an overachiever & will always be earning good money.

The best news, though, is that becoming a super affiliate isn’t actually all that difficult.

And whilst that may initially sound like a crazy statement, I’m sure you’ll agree with me after seeing my explanation of how to become a super affiliate below.

How To Become A Super Affiliate

As mentioned, becoming a super affiliate is simply about understanding how to generate consistent, targeted traffic effectively & how to convert that traffic into sales.

Being able to do that, and being able to do it at scale whilst still generating a profit, is what sets super affiliates apart from average affiliates.

And the good news is that we have a proven blueprint for doing exactly that. It’s the same method that we teach in our free affiliate marketing course.

This method involves:

  • Finding a profitable affiliate niche
  • Generating free traffic by creating content
  • Mastering the art of converting traffic into sales
  • Scaling up your efforts by using paid advertising

So let’s break it down & run through each of the 4 steps in a little more detail.

1. Finding A Profitable Affiliate Niche

The first step to becoming a super affiliate is figuring out your niche. This is really important because a narrowed-down niche enables you to build a laser-targeted audience & when you have laser-targeted traffic, it becomes really easy to convert that traffic into sales.

For example, let’s say you decide to choose “robot vacuums” as your niche idea. This means you can be confident your visitors are interested in robot vacuums (or things related to them), so you know exactly what kinds of products & services to promote.

A narrowed-down niche also enables you to generate traffic more easily because by sticking to a particular topic, you ultimately become an “authority” on that niche & outranking the competitors.

After all, if you have a website entirely dedicated to robot vacuums, who do you think the search engines (like Google) will rank the highest when people search for things related to them?

The answer is you! Because in the search engine’s eyes, you’re the expert on that topic.

So before you take any other action towards becoming a super affiliate, you will want to decide on your niche idea. Thankfully, we have a guide to help.

2. Generating Free Traffic By Creating Content

When you create content & publish it to a website, search engines (like Google) automatically discover it & list it within their results as an option for people to click on.

So, as an example, take this piece of content you’re reading right now.

This piece is content is all about how to become a super affiliate & so if you were to search that in Google, you’d see this page show up in the results.

In fact, you may have even arrived here via Google yourself.

And in a nutshell, that’s how you generate free traffic by creating content. You publish content to your website (related to your chosen niche idea). Search engines discover it & list it within their results & finally, people start arriving at your website.

The good news is that when that starts to happen, that’s when you can begin making money.

3. Mastering The Art of Converting Traffic Into Sales

As soon as visitors start arriving at your content, you have the opportunity to make money. All you need to do is convert those clicks into sales.

Thankfully, this process is pretty straightforward. It involves joining relevant affiliate programs, strategically placing links in your content & most importantly, connecting people with the best products that will genuinely help them accomplish their goals.

The reality is a good affiliate marketer will never “sell” anything at all. They will simply connect people with the products or services they were already looking for.

And once an affiliate both realizes & masters that, that’s when they will start to find themselves well on their way to becoming a super affiliate.

4. Scaling Up Your Effort Using Paid Advertising

Once you’ve begun generating traffic & learned how to convert that traffic into sales, that’s when you can start ramping things up & put yourself on the path to becoming a super affiliate.

At this point, there’ll only be 1 small thing left to master for you to achieve super affiliate status & that is a profitable paid advertising campaign.

With paid advertising, you simply buy traffic & aim to convert enough visitors from that traffic into sales to generate a positive ROI.

Once you do that successfully, you can simply scale your campaigns to the moon & 10x our income.

And it’s at this stage that most super affiliates are born. Sure, some hit & lucky & achieve super affiliate status from content creation alone, but that’s much rarer. It usually involves a combination of both free traffic generation methods and paid traffic methods.

You’ll undoubtedly need both if you plan on becoming a millionaire with affiliate marketing, that’s for sure… Unless, again, you get very lucky.

Super Affiliate Secrets

Being a super affiliate myself, one of the things I’m regularly asked by new affiliate marketers is if there are any secrets to becoming a super affiliate.

And there are many other so-called “gurus” that sell access to what they refer to as super affiliate secrets.

But in short, the answer to that question is no. There are no “secrets” to becoming a super affiliate.

As outlined above, the process of becoming a super affiliate is pretty straightforward. Achieving it is simply about hard work & dedication.

You see, whilst affiliate marketing provides you with an amazing opportunity to earn a lot of money (& potentially even become a millionaire)… It’s also easy to give up on.

And the reason for that is that it’s so easy to get started with. You don’t have to invest any money to become an affiliate marketer & there are no consequences if you quit.

So as soon as most people hit even so much as a minor struggle, they simply throw in the towel.

But providing you don’t do that & you instead stay consistent, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from becoming a super affiliate… And with the help of our free affiliate marketing training course, you don’t need any so-called super affiliate secrets.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a super affiliate is a fantastic achievement, but it’s also an achievement that’s entirely possible for anybody, providing their work hard & stay consistent.

And if you’re looking to get started, you’re in the right place. Our free affiliate marketing training walks you through the process of launching a thriving affiliate marketing business from start to finish.

So if you’d like to be the next super affiliate & you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for our free affiliate marketing training course today.

And of course, if you happen to have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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