Income School Project 24 Review (2024): Should You Buy It?

Simon is a former UK call-centre worker who has gone on to build several highly successful affiliate marketing businesses in various different niches & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. He has since relocated to Thailand & now teaches affiliate marketing to others through Commission Academy.

Looking for a brutally honest Income School Project 24 review for 2024 from someone who’s actually gone through the course?

Good job, you found it.

I’ve spent more time binge-watching Income School’s YouTube channel than I care to admit.

So when I finally got my hands on the Project 24 course, it was like Christmas morning for this geeky entrepreneur.

Now, let me give you a little background…

Since 2014 I’ve gone from a clueless newbie working in UK call centres to becoming a bonafide super affiliate and living the laptop lifestyle full-time in Bangkok, Thailand.

Now I even teach others how to kickstart their thriving online business here at Commission Academy.

So trust me when I say, I know a thing or two about this stuff.

But today, my friend, I’m putting on my newbie hat to give you the ultimate take on Project 24.

So grab your shovels because we’re about to dig deep and uncover the truth together.

Income School’s Project 24 Review

What: Project 24 is a complete training program that aims to give you the practical strategies you need to make a full-time income through blogging and YouTube in 24 months.

Price: $449 for first year, $249 every year after (more info) (join now)

Bottom Line: A solid option if you’re looking for a proven roadmap and practical step-by-step to follow.

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars





Quality of Training



Tools and Support




Value for Money




• A library of courses
• The training works
• Regularly updated


• No lifetime option
• No backlinking

What Is Project 24

Project 24 is Income School’s premium training platform with 27 in-depth courses that cover how to create content via blogging and YouTube and make money with affiliate marketing, ads and selling online courses.

They also have a thriving online community of like-minded go-getters who are on the same journey as you.

We use the name “Project 24” to refer to the goal of some people to create a business in 24 months that replaces their day job, but this is a goal and not a promise or guarantee of this success. 

Creating a successful business requires skill, hard work, and time.

Here’s the Project 24 promo they released earlier this year:

Does Income School Have A Good Track Record?

Yes absolutely.

After stalking the Income School team online for years (all in the name of research, of course) I can honestly say these are awesome guys to learn from.

To date, they have 227k subscribers on the Income School YouTube channel:

what is income school project 24

Ricky, Nathan, Nate, and Anna are all successful online creators who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk and actually practice what they preach.

For example, Nate teaches The YouTube System modules inside Project 24.

He also built the ChannelMakers YouTube channel to 218k subscribers in just 3 years – clearly, this is a guy you can learn a lot from.

is project 24 a scam or legit course

And when it comes to blogging, Ricky, Nathan, and the whole team have nailed it! They’ve created a bunch of wildly successful websites in various niches that have raked in millions in revenue.

How do I know?

Because they’re not shy about sharing the deets…

Nope, they spill the beans on their own websites and spill ’em good. They’ll tell you exactly what those sites are and how much moolah they bring in every month.

And look at this list of sites they’ve built and sold for up to $321k: 🤯

income school project 24 websites

It’s refreshing to see course creators who are not afraid to put it all out there.

But that’s just how these guys operate.

And they do exactly what they teach inside Project 24.

Here’s a video from the Income School YouTube channel so you can get a feel for their style…

What Sets Project 24 Apart?

You’ve got affiliate marketing courses

You’ve got blogging courses…

You’ve got email marketing courses…

You’ve got YouTube courses…

And then you’ve got Project 24 – a library of courses taught by specialist experts in their field covering everything from keywords and SEO, content creation, selling info products, launching a YouTube channel, editing videos and so much more all rolled into one.

I honestly wish I had a course like this when I was starting out.

Project 24 Training: What You’ll Learn

Project 24 is made up of 26 courses and 100s of lessons that are being added to all the time.

The two main courses are:

  • The Blogging System (75 lessons)
  • The YouTube System (80 lessons)

So whether you prefer crafting compelling blog posts or creating engaging video content, Project 24’s got you covered.

And this is anything but a generic course that skims the surface; it’s a click-by-click walkthrough of exactly what you need to do to make a full-time income.

Project 24 Support: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Sign up to Project 24 and you get unlimited access to the Discourse community.

A lot of students say they join for the training but stay for the community.

It’s really active with 30+ new threads in the last 24 hours.

Whether you’re looking for feedback on your video thumbnail or guidance on choosing a niche, this is the place you can ask questions and get answers, connect with like-minded go-getters and celebrate your latest success stories.

You’ll also get access to:

  • Internal podcasts: 1 for blogging and 1 for youtube, with 3 episodes released each month
  • Regular Masterminds: live events running every week
  • Content Warrior Challenges: these run a couple of times a year

That’s a ton of value right there.

Who Is Project 24 For?

According to the Project 24 sales page:

“Project 24 was designed to help people at every level to improve their skills as Content Creators and Internet Entrepreneurs to better provide for themselves and their families.

I think this is true.

If you’re new to blogging and/or YouTube then Project 24 will act as your trusty compass that’ll get you going in the right direction and keep you on track.

If you already have a blog but want to get more traffic and make more money, these guys and this training will definitely help you get there.

And I think even advanced content creators will get a lot of value out of Project 24, especially with the internal podcasts and Masterclasses.

How Much Does Project 24 Cost?

Project 24 costs $449 for the first year and $249 every year after.

You can cancel anytime.

Project 24 Discount?

Ricky does not offer discounts or coupons for Project 24 and I think that’s because the membership is already very affordable to begin with.

Google “Project 24 discount” and you’ll see some spammy-looking sites pop up promising 90% off etc. but don’t be fooled – there’s no discount. They just want you to sign up through their affiliate links.

Project 24 Refund Policy

As a general rule, Project 24 do not give refunds.

They explain why on their refund policy page:

In the early days of Project 24, we did often give refunds when a member wasn’t fully satisfied.

However, we learned quickly that there were many people who were accessing Project 24, downloading the tools, watching the content, and even scouring the community for sensitive information shared by other Project 24 members, only to request a refund.

Because members of Project 24 gain the most value when they are open about their projects in the community, we just can’t allow that kind of behavior to happen. This policy protects Project 24 members by keeping out those people who would take advantage of others.

This isn’t unusual for affiliate marketing courses – Wealthy Affiliate don’t officially offer refunds either.

Though you should be able to get a refund if your Project 24 membership auto-renews and you forgot to cancel:

However, if a members forgets or neglects to cancel their account prior to renewal, we will gladly cancel their account and refund their renewal fee as long as they request it in writing within 30 days of their renewal date.

Project 24 Pros

1. A Clear Track To Run On

One major advantage of Project 24 is the clear and actionable roadmap it provides through its Blogging System and YouTube System courses.

Project 24 breaks down the learning process into 60 actionable steps. These steps act as a roadmap, guiding you through the entire journey of building a successful blog or YouTube channel.

I love this systematic approach because, with a clear track to run on, you won’t feel overwhelmed or lost along the way.

They also have “Project 24 Milestones” to keep you motivated:

  • Curry Day – You got this once you make your first sale.
  • $100 Per Month – You’re awarded this badge when you earn $100 in one month
  • $500 per Month – When you earn $500+ in a single month
  • $1,000 per Month – When you earn $1,000+ in a single month
  • Full-time Income (Finisher) – You get this once you reach $4,000+ per month

95% of affiliate marketers fail because they give up before reaching their breakthrough so this is designed to help you defy the odds.

And here’s how many students have reached these levels since Project 24 was launched in 2015:

Project 24 milestones results

2. The Training Works

Take a look at this world map Income School have up in their office. Each yellow pin represents a Project 24 student who has achieved $1,000+ in a single month.

project 24 reviews

Every Project 24 students are celebrating passing new milestones and achieving their online income goals.

Here’s Vaysal’s Project 24 review after making $9,000 a month:

student results

And here’s Francis whose sales and income have skyrocketed since joining Project 24:

project 24 student success stories

And here’s another student who’s made $5,000 in his best month so far:

Income School project 24 is legit

Admittedly these are the highlighted reviews from the Income School sale page and these results won’t be typical, but it does prove the training works if you actually apply it.

3. It’s Constantly Evolving

Project 24 is not a static course. It’s a living, breathing system that is updated to keep it cutting edge so you’re equipped with the latest strategies and tactics.

This is massive because when you’re talking about what works online, you don’t want to learn outdated strategies that worked 5 years ago because things are moving at such a rapid pace.

Take Wealthy Affiliate for example – I love the community interaction and top-notch business-building tools at your disposal in one place but my biggest complaint is they could be more proactive about updating the training.

Whether it’s how to use ChatGPT in affiliate marketing, winning featured snippets or establishing EAT – Project 24 really is the most up-to-date training out there.

Project 24 Cons

1. No Backlinking Strategy?

While this may be a con for some, I completely agree with their approach.

I’ve never done backlinking and probably never will.

2. You’ve Got To Pay Every Year

Project 24 follows a subscription model, requiring an annual payment of $449 for the first year and $249 for subsequent years.

Invincible Marketer and Savage Affiliates have a one-time fee for lifetime access and it would be good if Project 24 added this as a pricing option.

3. Only One Lesson On Email

I’m nitpicking here but while there is a lesson, there could be more in-depth training on how to do email marketing, like the 1K a Day Fast Track course.

Can You Really Reach $4K/Month In 24 Months?

Yes absolutely. Lots of students have and lots more students will.

Whether you’ll go on to achieve $4k a month or not is completely up to you.

Even the best training is useless unless it’s applied.

So just be aware that success with Project 24 will take time and a lot of hustling on your part.

But if you’re looking for a practical step-by-step without the hype then Project is a solid option.

Interested In Project 24?

Watch the Project 24 tour »

Ricky will give you a sneak peek inside the members’ area so you know exactly what to expect.

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