21 Best Instant Payout Affiliate Programs For Super Fast Earnings

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If you’re new to affiliate marketing then chances are you want to start earning fast… And what better way to do it than by leveraging instant payout affiliate programs?

With an instant payout affiliate program you can, as the name suggests, get paid instantly. This means that as soon as you’ve earned a commission you can withdraw the money straight to your bank, without any waiting around.

Affiliate programs with instant payments aren’t necessarily the best affiliate programs but if getting paid quickly is your only goal then there’ll certainly be a great fit.

And to help you out with regards to finding them, we’ve put together a full list of the best ones below.

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21 Best Instant Payout Affiliate Programs

To begin, let’s look at 21 affiliate programs that pay out instantly.

  1. ClickMagick
  2. LeadBit
  3. AdCrax
  4. MaxBounty
  5. Rebll
  6. Coinbase
  7. Robinhood
  8. Warrior Plus
  9. JVZoo
  10. Terra Leads
  11. Targeleon
  12. Dr. Cash
  13. Mobidea
  14. Adwork Media
  15. Leadstead
  16. OneDrone
  17. Rapid Action Profits
  18. PracticePanther
  19. CPAlead
  20. PeerFly
  21. PayKickstart

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick Website Screenshot

ClickMagick helps marketers track links. Its affiliate program is one of the best since it makes instant payouts and allows marketers to evaluate vital marketing indicators.

Not only is there an affiliate network, but ClickMagick also has its own affiliate program. It’s a SAAS software that tracks organic and paid link clicks accurately.

Affiliate marketers and internet businesses can use ClickMagick to track where their visitors go, how many purchases are made, how much traffic is valid, etc.

ClickMagick offers publishers, entrepreneurs, and influencers complete campaign reports. Digital marketing analytics assist in creating data-driven decisions. 

Other features include real-time analytics and insights, geo and mobile targeting, automated bot filtering, and Facebook conversion API connection.

Patrick, a longtime marketer, created ClickMagick to manage his own multimillion-dollar affiliate business. The program gives dynamic affiliate connections to track sales funnels. 

Since 2014, ClickMagick has offered affiliate marketers long-term income. It provides affiliates with a free trial and daily commissions. Over 122,000 internet entrepreneurs use ClickMagick, and you can too.

Automated split testing is one of ClickMagick’s greatest features. ClickMagick gives you a precise overview of keyword performance, so you don’t have to guess about ROI.

You can block bot traffic if a competitor “click bombs” your campaign. Split-testing features also assist fine-tune sales funnels without sponsored visitors. 

Affiliates earn 35% recurring commissions on active clients with a $50 minimum payout. You’re paid if you make $50 per day via PayPal MassPay, but only after fees have accrued for 14 days. 

URL: ClickMagick Affiliate Program 

Commission: 35%

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: CPS

2. LeadBit

LeadBit Website Screenshot

LeadBit is a fast-paying, global CPA network and well-known affiliate program. It features substantial affiliate marketing programs.

It arranges international affiliate events to bring affiliate marketers and brands together, where they discuss various issues going on in the industry. 

LeadBit provides real-time custom reporting, TDS and API connectors, free translations, and a banner rotator for all users.

Affiliates can market thousands of COD, trials, finance, and dating cost-per-action offerings on the network, which have helped affiliate marketers make thousands. Once accepted, you’ll get unique daily offers.

This is a weekly program; however, “trusted partners” can get paid daily. Trusted Partners are those who sell plenty of products, don’t send bots to offers, and have rare occasions of refunds.

Additional CPA marketing tools include landing pages, banners, and customer service available around the clock. You’ll have a better chance of generating passive income this way.

When you hit $30, you can get paid instantly. 

URL: LeadBit Affiliate Program 

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: $30

Campaign type: CPI, CPA

3. AdCrax

AdCrax Website Screenshot

AdCrax has been around since 2014 and focuses on mobile. It is a mobile affiliate network. 

They offer high-quality ads and enhance ad income for mobile ad networks, mobile carriers, and publishers.

You get access to the daily-paying affiliate programs only after you sign up, as AdCrax has some huge brands. You won’t be short on passive income offers to promote with their large ad inventory.

However, there’s a need for improvement on this website, as its UX design is not user-friendly, making it hard to navigate around.

You can make a $10 minimum withdrawal and payments through PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer.

URL: AdCrax Affiliate Program  

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: $10

Campaign type: CPI, CPA, CPL

4. MaxBounty

MaxBounty Website Screenshot

MaxBounty is one of the largest CPA networks with thousands of leads, clicks, sales, and downloads. It is another instant payout affiliate program that offers several affiliate promotions with over 2000 campaigns. 

Apple, Microsoft, GoDaddy, American Express, etc. trust MaxBounty’s CPA network. CPI, CPL, CPS, and CPA are available for affiliate marketing pricing models. MaxBounty delivers efficient technology and an easy-to-use campaign dashboard.

It gives a dashboard for tracking profits with high-end reporting capabilities and learning about new campaigns. Affiliate marketers can receive weekly rewards without delay. MaxBounty’s affiliate managers assist advertisers by choosing campaigns and producing promotional content.

MaxBounty helps affiliates earn extra money through performance-based earnings. It’s the top cost-per-action network for businesses and affiliate marketers. It strives to give all its partners a world-class worldwide marketing experience.

This CPA network offers a dedicated account manager.

URL: MaxBounty Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%

Payment Threshold: $100

Campaign type: CPI, CPL, CPS, CPA

5. Rebll

REBLL Website Screenshot

Rebll is an affiliate marketing network. It’s an affiliate network that pays substantial, on-time commissions. They’ve, however, built a dedicated following in the dating affiliate community.

Their offers are only for marketers in that industry—dating. It is one of the greatest affiliate marketing networks for marketers as they have over 600 affiliate programs/offers. The company currently has a Dutch base. 

Existing affiliates believe these deals have great conversion rates, significant payouts, and desktop and mobile monetisation strategies, as dating offers tend to have a high commission rate.

When you meet your payout threshold, they pay every day. Rebll reportedly has competent affiliate managers and a solid support system for customers, in case you encounter payout or other problems.

If you’re in search of everyday dating affiliate programs, then you should check out Rebll. 

URL: Rebll Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3%

Payment Threshold: Unknown

Campaign type: CPA, CPL

6. Coinbase

Coinbase Website Screenshot

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange site. It is a site for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Coinbase’s user-friendly design, vast cryptocurrency selection, and minimal trading costs are part of the features that make it stand out. 

As of now, over 98 million verified users trust Coinbase from over 100 countries, as well as 13,000 institutions and 230,000 ecosystem partners.

Coinbase allows customers to trade bitcoin and offers advice, courses, and resources for traders to learn more. 

This floor is reputable and easy to use and has been around since 2012, providing access to the wider crypto economy.

Coinbase’s affiliate program leverages Impact Radius as affiliates get 50% of the referred traders’ first three-month trading fees. 

URL: Coinbase Affiliate Program 

Commission: 50% of the referral’s trading fees for 3 months

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: Referral Program

7. Robinhood

Robinhood Website Screenshot

Robinhood offers self-directed users the opportunity to trade stocks and invest in commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

There are a number of distinct “Robinhood” products and services, which include Robinhood Markets’ mobile and web-based experiences, as well as the company’s wholly owned subsidiaries.

While Robinhood has a $7.33 billion market cap, as of April 2022, it currently has 22.88 million funded accounts and 15.9 million users who log in on a monthly basis.

Impact Radius hosts the Robinhood affiliate program, and affiliates receive bonuses and access to beta testing.

Payment will be made once you reach $50 and the locking and billing periods have elapsed.

URL: Robinhood Affiliate Program 

Commission: $5 per referral, $20 per funded account

Payment Threshold: $50

Cookie Duration: 7 days

8. Warrior Plus

WarriorPlus Website Screenshot

WarriorPlus is a stable, easy-to-use platform that can handle thousands of affiliates and business owners. It also connects online business owners and course designers selling instructional products with affiliates.

This network is only for IM affiliate marketers. It includes membership sites, email integration, special software, etc. WarriorPlus’s unrivalled stats and tracking help people make money. 

This network is known for its make-money-online/internet-marketing digital products/courses. It’s a marketplace for courses on blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, podcasting, etc. 

In addition to “How to make money online” items, they also sell different other promotional products. You can make money if you can weed out the poor deals and identify the good ones. Low-quality affiliate marketing schemes and providers should be avoided.

Warrior Plus lets sellers and affiliate marketers track sales to see who’s buying their stuff. It can add custom pixels, Google, or Facebook to promotions to re-target leads based on their previous activity and regularly update CRM.

Warrior Plus offers affiliate marketers a launch calendar, clear data, and fast link requests. Warrior Plus’ multi-tiered commissions deliver increased commission rates to affiliates at a pre-determined time and allows businesses to boost commissions based on sales.

Warrior Plus charges a 4.9 percent fee on sales. They deliver instant affiliate commissions to your PayPal account when you promote a high-converting product.

URL: Warrior Plus Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 100%

Payment Threshold: $15

Campaign type: CPA

9. JVZoo

JVZoo Website Screenshot

JVZoo is well-known in the affiliate marketing world. They have tens of thousands of digital products. Their most successful affiliate programs focus on “making money online.”

JVZoo is recommended for promoting software and online courses. It has one of the best affiliate support teams and user interfaces.

Since 2011, it’s helped sell things online swiftly, easily, and safely. More than 800,000 affiliates trust JVZoo. JVZoo has made more than 18 million purchases, averaging 6085 every day.

JVZoo’s affiliate engine receives 295 upgrades every year. The affiliate model has included 343 features from feedback. It has offices in Myrtle Beach, Orlando, FL, Sc, etc. 

JVZoo’s Facebook network helps inexperienced affiliate marketers improve their digital marketing techniques. It has blog entries, videos, guide libraries, etc. It also provides 24/7 support to affiliate marketers.

JVZoo launches online marketing programs. After launch, you can promote these programs to earn recurring commissions.

Their Non-IM products are mostly PLR packs, which lack ClickBank’s product variety. However, they make up for it by offering quick PayPal payments.

Before receiving instant payouts, you must prove yourself by making many sales and low refunds.

After successfully achieving this, their affiliate manager will send you daily PayPal payouts.

JVZoo gives up to 100% instant commissions with some recurring and charges a commission fee of 5% on gross sales.

Payment methods are via direct deposit, Payoneer, and PayPal. Commission rates vary with each offer, but you get the option of choosing between instant commission paid directly to your PayPal account or monthly Payoneer commissions.

Some programs require 25 sales before instant payouts—these programs pay monthly. 

Depending on the program, you may receive daily withdrawals if you’ve reached a certain payment threshold. This network pays affiliates instantly after commissions reach $50.

Because it’s easy to join and has so many offers to promote, most affiliate marketing beginners start here.

They give training materials, an affiliate manager, banners, landing pages, and tracking tools to promote offerings.

URL: JVZoo Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 100% 

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: CPS

10. Terra Leads

TerraLeads Website Screenshot

Terra Leads is a nutraceutical affiliate network and one of the greatest daily-paying CPA affiliate networks.

Every day, they generate over 50,000 leads from 184 countries. Affiliates can promote over 2787 affiliate offers to generate leads. Their niche affiliate deals are profitable. 

Each region has its own “call centre,” so orders are processed locally without language difficulties.

This program rewards affiliates with “T-Coins” in addition to affiliate revenue, which can be used to purchase a number of items like a smartphone. You can swap t-coins for electronic devices, gaming consoles, or vehicles at the Terra Store.

Access to unique advantages, resources, and income opportunities are all part of the package when you join this network.

Affiliate marketers can earn high commissions, and get access to 24/7 customer service, marketing tools for each demography, and real-time reporting and tracking by joining this program. 

Affiliates must earn at least $50 before withdrawing commissions. Payments are made instantly after affiliates meet the threshold.

URL: Terra Leads Affiliate Program 

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: CPA

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11. Targeleon

Targeleon Website Screenshot

Targeleon is a CPA network where affiliate marketers may promote CPA deals and monetise their traffic while getting paid promptly via PayPal. It’s a fast-paying affiliate program.

It’s a mobile and desktop performance-based ad network that offers adult, non-adult, mobile, desktop, etc.

Targeleon supports JS tags and direct linking. It connects affiliate marketers with global publishers and offers premium converting traffic from approved, proven sources. 

It gives targeting possibilities like GEO, device, OS, browser, browser versions, frequency cap, groundbreaking scheduling, etc.

URL: Targeleon Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: CPC, CPA

12. Dr. Cash

Dr Cash Website Screenshot

Dr. Cash is one of the greatest affiliate programs that pay every day for health bloggers, influencers, and affiliate marketers. It is a 2016-founded network. 

Even though the name might imply so, this network doesn’t offer financial affiliate programs. Instead, they promote nutraceuticals, which are healthy supplements meant to replace traditional pharmaceuticals.

It is a fast-paying affiliate program that promotes beauty and wellness items. This platform focuses on traffic monetisation and allows traffic generation from sources like Google and Facebook. You may also monetise Facebook organic and adult traffic. 

Nutraceuticals are herbal items, nutritional supplements, particular diets, and processed foods like beverages that are used as medicine. 

This affiliate platform links manufacturers and marketers throughout the globe with the goal of being a leader in human beauty and health affiliate marketing. They provide high-paying affiliate programs.

If you operate in this industry, you’ll appreciate Dr. Cash’s wide range of affiliate offers in over 240 countries, with over 50,000 affiliates promoting these offers.

Many of their products provide trials, so you don’t have to pre-sell as much. They have a high approval rate for offers, pre-landings, and landing pages, making affiliate marketing easy to start. 

Dr. Cash’s online network helps young affiliate marketers. Live chats and private group messages provide immediate aid. Dr. Cash affiliates can earn bonuses from traffic sources and tools.

The commission rate varies by product. You can get paid twice every day via PayPal. 

URL: Dr. Cash Affiliate Program 

Commission: 2%

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: CPA, CPL

13. Mobidea

Mobidea Website Screenshot

Mobidea is a European mobile affiliate network. It is a daily paying CPA and affiliate network that offers CPA advertising, free click tracking, and weekly payments.

Mobidea offers five-language customer support. It aids beginners and professionals alike, with over 130,000 registered affiliate marketers and 2000+ affiliate campaigns in 200+ countries.

Mobidea Academy teaches affiliate marketing and associated industries. There’s something for most niches, with their catalogue including CPA offers ranging from computer security to mortgage finance. Popular categories include health, beauty, dating, gaming, and videos.

They offer over 800 affiliate programs and offers, as well as real-time reporting, a dedicated customer service team, and a wide range of payout choices. The cookie duration depends on the merchant.

Their catalogue has something for every niche, which includes CPA offers ranging from computer security to mortgage finance. Popular categories include health, skincare, dating, e-sports, and videos. 

Peer-to-peer Mobidea withdrawals cost $0.25. It accepts PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, wire transfers, WebMoney, and bank transfers.

You can receive daily payouts, but only on business days. Non-VIPs can’t withdraw on weekends. If you helped sell 10,000 pounds in the last 30 days, you’ll gain VIP status. 

URL: Mobidea Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment Threshold: $59

Campaign type: CPA

14. Adwork Media

Adwork Media Website Screenshot

Adwork Media offers fast-paying affiliate solutions for their publishers as well as mobile-friendly monetisation features. 

Over 2,500 top-converting affiliate campaigns are available in their catalogue, including U.S. and international email submissions and surveys, downloads, trials, mobile CPIs, and mobile PIN/SMS campaigns.

Thanks to their support staff, technical and integration support, campaign optimisation, and account support are all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

AdWork Media’s Mobile Affiliate Network helps affiliates monetise mobile traffic with high-converting offers based on device and country.

Their network makes accessible offer walls, CPA, CPL, and content locking monetisation offers.

They give their marketers a number of payment options and global support, as well as an affiliate dashboard where campaigns can be tracked.

Adwork Media’s most outstanding features are its developer and API tools, with daily performance data. 

Their global traffic monetizer automates affiliate marketers’ time-consuming duties, allowing publishers to focus on traffic rather than monotonous activities.

Adwork Media’s system optimises ads based on the user’s device, country, and other criteria to improve the user experience and boost conversion rates.

URL: Adwork Media Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3%

Payment Threshold: $35

Campaign type: CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway

15. Leadstead

Leadstead Website Screenshot

Leadstead is another fast-paying affiliate program that connects publishers with companies. It has one of the highest commissions and supports affiliate marketers. 

This affiliate network operates with any publisher in any industry. Either as a pro or if you’re just venturing into the affiliate world. They also accept international publishers, i.e., non-English traffic from publishers worldwide.

Leadstead welcomes new affiliates, but all applications are screened for questionable or unlawful content.

They collaborate with 5,000 registered and active publishers, have 900 million monthly impressions, 800+ affiliate offers, and convert 400,000 purchases every month.

Their goods target every niche using landing pages, methodologies, and tools for digital marketing. Leadstead offers CPA, CPI, CPS, and CPC to 5,000 publishers, paying publishers daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Leadstead delivers incentive-friendly traffic. It’s easy to generate links by simply clicking on valid direct-linking offers. Affiliate marketers can generate sub-id links in the dashboard by clicking on the offer name and entering the sub-id.

Leadstead offers daily paying, CPA, Pay-Per-Click, and other affiliate marketing offers. You may monetise your website in several ways to make money, even with minimal traffic.

It also offers affiliate marketers landing sites, tracking software, and specialised assistance to help them with their journey. 

URL: Leadstead Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5% per sale

Payment Threshold: $50

Campaign type: CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI

16. OneDrone

OneDrone Website Screenshot

OneDrone.com was one of the first companies to supply drones and drone parts to manufacturers in Europe. It was founded in 2012. 

They are the official partners of the top drone manufacturers in the world, including RFDesign, Mauch Electronics, DJI Enterprise, and Cube Autopilot.

OneDrone sells drones, accessories, and spare parts online. This is perfect for those in the drone niche. Every successful sale from your affiliate link earns 3%.

These drones range in price from $150 to as high as $7000, so you can earn a commission of 3% whenever you sell a drone for that amount or less and get paid daily.

URL: OneDrone Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3%

Payment Threshold: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Referral Program

17. Rapid Action Profits

Rapid Action Profits Website Screenshot

Rapid Action Profits helps businesses sell digital products and establish affiliate teams, with the sales of either ebooks, training courses, memberships, or any other digital product.

It lets website owners reach a larger audience for a fraction of the product’s cost. In addition to the proven tactics, Rapid Action Profits also includes the software that drives the operation, largely on autopilot.

Commission rates are also a seller’s decision to make. It is possible for them to offer a minor proportion of the total cost or to offer a commission of 100%. Whichever method is chosen, there is no delay in the payment of commissions to affiliates.

Rapid Action Profits can be accessed for the bargain price of $197.00.

URL: Rapid Action Profits Affiliate Program 

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: Unknown

Campaign type: Referral Program

18. PracticePanther

PracticePanther Website Screenshot

PracticePanther is a client acquisition and management tool for lawyers. It saves lawyers time as their technology streamlines workflows and law practice and also boosts profits and client satisfaction.

They want to aid lawyers and paralegals. This legal practice management software helps lawyers practice more and manage less.

Legal billing, calendaring, eSignatures, e-payments. case management, etc. are all included in this system.

By filling out a web form, affiliates can join PracticePanther’s affiliate program. The company offers up to a 12% commission on each qualified referral. 

With their simple referral program, you can start earning money right now and earn a 10% commission for any client who signs up for an annual plan and a 5% commission for any referral who signs up for a monthly plan.

PracticePanther Certified Preferred Partners are members who are entitled to higher commissions and additional advantages once they are certified.

More benefits await you as a Certified Preferred Partner if you’ve introduced three customers to PracticePanther in the past year.

As a Certified Preferred Partner, marketers can earn a 12% referral commission for any client who signs up for an annual plan and a 7% referral commission for any client who signs up for a monthly plan, respectively.

Co-branded landing pages and a unique PracticePanther demo link are available to Certified Preferred Partners, who can then share these links with potential clients.

Co-branded webinar held by PracticePanther and a free account on PracticePanther is also included in the package.

With PracticePanther’s affiliate program, affiliates can access real-time analytics, tracking, and other tools/resources. 

URL: PracticePanther Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 12%

Payment Threshold: Unknown

Campaign type: Referral Program

19. CPAlead

CPALead Website Screenshot

CPAlead is an instant-paying private CPA network. It has paid over $100,000,000 to app and website developers in more than 180 countries since 2006.

CPAlead pays publishers daily, and beyond their marketplace, they offer monetisation technologies including Offer Walls, SDKs, APIs, native ads, and more.

They give marketers and publishers unequalled lead generation offers, PPC advertising traffic, and CPI mobile app installs, offering pay-per-click offers such as surveys, software trials, and content locking.

URL: CPAlead Affiliate Program 

Commission: 15%

Payment Threshold: $1

Campaign type: CPI, CPA, PPC

20. PeerFly

PeerFly Website Screenshot

PeerFly is another CPA affiliate marketing network with instant withdrawals. PeerFly, founded in 2009, has become a major network. 

This Florida-based business has partnered with Uber, Fiverr, Game Fly, McAfee, and Target. PeerFly offers publishers incentives to boost campaign earnings.

PeerFly reviews publisher applications in 3 days and has a bespoke tracking platform with 2,000+ live offers. 

It offers fast payouts and industry-leading guarantees. Their free training and tools make promoting their offers easy for newbies.

Depending on how much money an affiliate marketer makes in a month, the payout schedule for PeerFly fluctuates. Payments can be made weekly, daily, or even hourly. However, there is a fee for the latter.

You can receive your payments via postal check, PayPal, ACH (for US accounts only), or Payoneer if you meet the required minimum threshold.

URL: Peerfly Affiliate Program 

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: Unknown

Campaign type: CPA

21. PayKickstart

PayKickstart Website Screenshot

PayKickstart simplifies billing, payments, and marketing. It is a revolutionary solution that helps people/businesses overcome these obstacles.

PayKickstart, another daily-paying affiliate program, focuses on online business solutions. It provides a shopping cart solution for businesses that process sales and subscriptions.

PayKickStart lets you sell online and automatically handles global taxes, order bumps, cross-sell, upsell, etc.

PayKickStart affiliates can promote hundreds of products and collect daily rewards. The program includes products like CreateStudio, which allows the creation of creative video animations without technical expertise, and Doodly, which can be used to make doodle videos.

PayKickstart isn’t just another shopping cart script; it includes sales funnels and up-sells.

They offer a sales and lead tracking solution with first-party cookies and IP address fallback. It tracks lifetime commissions and cross-campaigns. PayKickstart’s payment gateways help organizations quickly leverage affiliate marketers.

You can become a PayKickstart partner or join the affiliate network to promote over 5,000 companies. The commission amount is 25% (recurring) and varies if you promote different affiliate sellers.

PayKickstart has completed 330,000 referral transactions and has 100,000 affiliate marketers. PayKickstart lets brands and marketers sell online. They help businesses expand by facilitating customer payouts and boosting sales.

You can earn recurring commissions by promoting software launches as an affiliate. PayKickstarters can offer their software in the marketplace to get affiliates. 

Once registered, they manage links and give promotional materials, and you can easily create links for private promotions or custom landing pages. Their affiliate program offers instant payouts while also providing a mobile app.

PayKickstart pays instant PayPal commissions and makes monthly Payoneer payments. 

URL: PayKickstart Affiliate Program 

Commission: 25%

Payment Threshold: $25

Campaign type: CPS

Earning Big With Instant Payout Affiliate Programs

Obviously, the faster you can get paid as an affiliate, the better, and by leveraging the instant payout affiliate programs that we’ve listed above you’ll be able to get paid literally as soon as you earn a commission.

But it’s worth pointing out that whilst all of the programs offer instant payments, some of them require you to hit certain targets before you can become eligible for such payments.

For example, in order to qualify for instant payments from an affiliate program, you may need to hit a certain sales volume first.

The good news, however, is that in our free step-by-step affiliate marketing course we explain exactly how you can generate lots of traffic for your offers to help you hit those targets.

So if you haven’t yet done so, we highly recommend you check it out before you leave.

Either way, though, we hope that the list of affiliate programs with instant payments that we’ve shared above has helped you in your search.

And of course, if you happen to have any additional questions or comments then don’t hesitate to leave them below. We always love hearing from our readers.

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