What Product Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

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Quick Answer: Any product with high demand across the masses and a high conversion rate is best for affiliate marketing. Most importantly, the product must relate to your audience.

The job of an affiliate marketer is to promote a merchant’s goods or services and convince its audience to purchase via a unique affiliate link. The merchant offers a specific percentage of the sales revenue as a commission to the affiliate. It is a win-win situation for the merchant, affiliate and buyer.

Now let’s compare the following two cases:

  1. A person with an already established audience wants to get into affiliate marketing.
  2. A beginner wants to explore the available niches in affiliate marketing.

Established Audience

The core platforms for affiliate marketing are social media pages, blogs, email newsletters and other dedicated affiliate networks. A person with a reasonable audience at any of these sources can commence an affiliate marketing business.

Promoting and selling affiliate products that resonate with your audience makes sense. Selling cat food on a tech-based site or blog would only create a mess, so it is vital to know the engaged audience.

A simple way is to ask your audience about the things that interest them. Conduct polls and surveys to know the fascinating factors. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for the latest trends.

Never fall for high conversion rates and compromise on the quality of your affiliate products. It is to build a trusting relationship between you and your audience.

Starting From Scratch

If you are a novice, you may not have an audience with specific interests. Count it as a blessing as you are free to explore the world of affiliate marketing and work on the niche that suits you the best.

Affiliate marketing does not require any upfront payments. All you need to do is promote a particular product. Here the question of the axis knocks back, what is the best product for affiliate marketing?

Before we jump to the answer, I want you to know that finding answers to the following two questions would always get you through.

  1. What are the trending items that are highly demanded?
  2. What are items relating to your niche or interests?

Best Products

There is one thing as important as finding a good product. It is to find the best affiliate marketing strategies and partner programs granting you decent commissions for the hustle.

We are here to take you through various product niches that might interest you.

Tech Products

Almost every human interacts with technology in one form or the other. If you are a tech geek, then take some time to discover the affiliate marketing offerings and possibilities in this niche.

Irrespective of the audience type, technology can attract the masses as it has become a necessity in every household, school and office. Products can range from smartphones, computers and programs to games and other technologies.

Technology items are usually expensive, so it can benefit you as the commission would be excessive. This niche can make you a good amount of money.

Financial Products

Financial products are in high demand nowadays as they have a good fan base. In times of inflation and global economic crisis, people tend to find ways to spend and smartly save money.

Financial products get more conversions as they provide direct benefits to the audience. Stock investments and crypto are already well renowned, so marketing these is easier.

In addition, loans, mortgages, credit cards and insurance policies are other highly demanded financial products.

Health Products

This is another hot niche that people are conscious about. In the last couple of years, the pandemic has shifted the mindset of people towards health products.

The well-being health supplements also grab the attention of the masses as health is a substantial concern for the people of this decade. Health supplements include various products for weight gain or loss, skin, vision, hair, heart, diabetes, brain, and pain in humans and animals.

You need to explore this niche to find that ultimate affiliate product to improve the quality of life of your audience. Make sure they’d benefit from considering said product or service.

Fashion Products

Without a doubt, fashion invents all the new trends. People become what they see. Fashion itself is a niche of great versatility. It includes almost everything from clothing brands to petite. Count in beauty and cosmetic products like hair dye, makeup and other accessories.

Although these products can attract both genders, brands focus more on ‘women’. There is no doubt to the fact that women are crazier about fashion. Provide them with the quality products of their needs to see and experience the marketing marvel of word-of-mouth.

Real Estate Products

Real Estate affiliate programs are a great source to earn. You may refer a competent real estate firm or an attractive mortgage package to the audience.

This is a niche where people look forward to seeking advice. Google Adwords and WordPress provide highly relevant information, such as insights related to your blog site. Use these stats to hit the targeted audience.

Many rely on online sites to purchase, sell or rent out properties. The commission percentage in this niche is higher, but soaring competition is an obvious downside.

Gardening Products

The “Go Green” motive has influenced more environmental-friendly businesses globally. There are tons of gardening products to use in affiliate marketing, so research to find the best.

People do not go for indoor gardening just as a trend, but it adds to the beautification of the house. Vertical gardening has had great potential in recent times.

The core product of this niche is seeds. Gardening enthusiasts love to grow unique seeds, which can earn you affiliate income.

Seasonal Products

Seasonal products are access to opportunities but should never be the ultimate earning source. Undoubtedly, seasonal products can work well as affiliate products but do not solely rely on these for their demand vanishes as the season/trend changes.

People search for seasonal apparel and accessories for specific seasons or festivals like Christmas.

The holiday period at such festivals allows more web traffic which eventually results in greater conversions. Not only confined to gifts, but it can be anything from reading materials such as books to holiday décor to online subscriptions.

The type of audience doesn’t matter in this niche, as you can play with the words to convince the readers to shop for these seasonal products.

Educational Products or Services

There is a bloom in online learning, and this trend has reached heights in the past few years. Students and people from every age group are interested in working on their self-development and learning something new.

This niche has a lot to offer, but you got to narrow the choices for your targeted audience. People could narrow general topics such as “best self-help books” to something as specific as “Google Career Certificates”.

The wise one goes for the weak, so try finding any laps or voids to fill up. Books and services related to mental health and physical fitness can work well.

Children’s books and workbooks are promising options too.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of affiliate products and services to promote online, but what is working out for one does not necessarily go the same way for others. The offer that you promote would only be profitable if you show focus and consistency in promoting it. Know your audience and their needs.

Most brands use affiliate marketing because they know paying heavy amounts for adverts is never the optimum idea. Instead, they opt to pay affiliate marketers a fraction of the price for the actual sale. Know your worth, and do not settle for any less.

You may ask yourself the following questions to ensure you have selected the best product.

  • Would I like to buy this product?
  • What is the degree of competition in the market for this product?
  • Can I earn a recurring commission when promoting it?
  • Does this product attract my followers?
  • Do I get a commission per lead or per sale?

And, if you’d like further advice on choosing the perfect products for affiliate marketing & how many products you should promote as an affiliate, we highly recommend that you check out our free training.

In our training, we explain the exact process for selecting high-converting affiliate products & we share some of the best places to find them. Plus, we also talk about factors such as ClickBank Gravity which can help you determine how profitable a particular product may be.

Of course, if you have any additional questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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