What Is ClickBank Gravity? A Simple Explanation For Beginners

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ClickBank Gravity is a performance statistic to measure a product’s popularity over time. To better understand it, you first need to understand the concept of gravity.

Gravity is the number of affiliates who are engaged in selling a single product at a moment. It measures how competitive a product is by measuring the number of affiliates promoting that hot-selling product.

Let’s take an example to clarify this idea.

Suppose an affiliate has made 1000 sales on product “A”. His gravity score will be 1.

On the contrary, if 1000 affiliates have made 1 sale each of product “A”, then the gravity score will be 1000.

The ClickBank Gravity Score is used to measure a potential offer for an affiliate. This is how it creates healthy and positive competition among affiliates.

Does ClickBank Gravity Have Any Relation To Sales?

ClickBank Gravity has nothing to do with the sales of a product. The given example shows that even if one affiliate has made 100 sales of a single product, its gravity will be 1. It depends on the number of affiliates generating sales of a product instead of the number of sales being generated by affiliates.

How Is ClickBank Gravity Measured?

ClickBank Gravity is measured from the data extracted through the recent 12 weeks (roughly three months). This score weighs more for the recently sold products. For example, a product sold yesterday will have a higher gravity score than the one sold last week. You can say that it also depends on the unique skills an affiliate uses to convert referrals into buyers.

Who Uses ClickBank Gravity?

Affiliate marketers and vendors use ClickBank Gravity.


ClickBank Gravity is important for the vendors. They target some high-quality affiliates & use it as social proof to show that their product is selling on demand. Successful affiliates promoting your product lead to a better Gravity Score. It further attracts other potentially skilled affiliate marketers who could optimise sales of your products.


ClickBank Gravity creates competition among affiliates. It discloses to them the potential products with promising offers to earn maximum commission. So the selection of the product is very important for the affiliates. They keep tracking product performance and always want to promote hot-selling products from successful brands.

What Makes a Good ClickBank Gravity Score?

There is nothing specific for a good Gravity Score. You will find different numbers in different guidelines. However, a gravity score between 15-70 is considered average but potentially a good opportunity for affiliates since the competition on such products is less intense.

How To Select a ClickBank Product To Promote?

ClickBank Gravity has provided many filters to select a product. Choose a product which you understand well. It is always hard to promote a product you do not know enough about. Lack of knowledge results in a lack of convincing arguments.

Firstly, you need to shortlist only authentic products. It should be an in-demand product with a high potential to solve your customer’s problem. Check the Gravity Score of the product. Go for the products with a Gravity Score between 15 and 70. Aim for at least a 25% commission.

Make sure the refund rate on the product or service is low. Consider other affiliates’ experience. It will give you an idea about a hot-selling product. Do not forget to check the product ratings. It will help you to know the customer’s issues and opinions on that product.

How To Signup For ClickBank

Here are some steps to create an account for ClickBank.

  • Go to clickbank.com to sign up
  • Provide your personal information
  • Fill in your bank account details
  • Choose payment method
  • Set your password
  • Click Created an account

ClickBank – A Brief History

ClickBank started operating in 1998 in San Diego, California. It Is an offshoot of an affiliate marketing network. It is a platform for vendors to promote their products through influencers and affiliate marketers through a revenue-share structure.

ClickBank marketplace is used in over 190 countries hosting over 200 million users. It has a variety of categories with thousands of product listings. More than 6 million entrepreneurs are working on this platform to generate multiple streams of passive income.

The Bottom Line

ClickBank Gravity is a reliable reference that vendors and affiliates require. Vendors need to know the top-performing affiliates or at least the ones with credible recent performance. It makes it easier for vendors to set realistic criteria for affiliate approval.

Affiliate marketers make the most of ClickBank Gravity Score since it helps them make the right decision in less time. They can confidently shortlist the most suitable brands and products with a certain competition level.

ClickBank Gravity saves time and effort for both vendors and affiliate marketers since both are likely to make the right and timely decisions without wasting time on trial, error, and rectification.

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