10 Best Digital Product Affiliate Programs – Find The Best Digital Products To Sell

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Through these 10 best digital product affiliate programs, you can offer your readers and site visitors something unique and useful.

Unlike tangible items, digital products are sold online but offer the user just as much (if not more) versatility.

A few examples of digital products include video and photo editing software, WordPress plugins, or even learning programs.

Selling digital products is one of the simplest avenues for affiliate marketers. Your referrals will love receiving their purchases immediately, and you can offer valuable items.

This guide will outline 10 of the top digital product recommendations for affiliates.

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10 Best Digital Product Affiliate Programs

Below, you will find the top digital product affiliate programs that every online marketer should consider.

1. Wondershare

Wondershare Website Screenshot

Wondershare is a reputable software development firm that offers an extensive collection of digital products. They have video editors, data recovery software, video converters, and PDF editing programs, to name a few. They are also well known for their mobile apps and utilities that help simplify everyday computing.

Due to the popularity of their programs and their growing reputation, Wondershare has several affiliate programs online. Their partner networks include Linkconnector, CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, and Admitad. With each affiliate program, you’ll have access to various marketing tools like promotional codes, creative banners, and coupons.

As an affiliate marketer, there are many reasons to consider Wondershare’s affiliate program. For instance, they have impressive commission rates that are tiered based on your number of referrals. Also, their software is some of the most innovative on the market, making it easier to promote.

When you become part of Wondershare’s affiliate program, you can earn an increased commission of 50%. However, these rates are based on your number of referrals; the more you refer, the more you make. For example, $8,000+ referrals per month can grant you a commission of up to 50%.

URL: Wondershare Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 50%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

2. WP Engine

WP Engine Website Screenshot

Web hosting has never been more essential than today, and as a site owner, you likely know of its benefits. WP Engine is the internet’s leading web host, offering many fabulous products and services. Due to their exponential growth, their affiliate program is highly competitive, giving some affiliates up to $200 per conversion.

With affordable rates of around $30 per month, there’s no doubt their hosting plans will be attractive to your audiences. Plus, the affiliate program includes StudioPress, which is essential for making aesthetically pleasing themes for sites.

There are many more helpful features WP Engine has that you can market, including:

  • SEO Tools
  • High Performance Hosting
  • Impressive Customer Support
  • Design Tools
  • Endless Interactive Themes

With the affiliate program, you will be working through ShareASale, one of the more popular affiliate platforms today. Having premium themes, hosting, and plugins in one convenient package will generate increased leads and sales. Overall, it’s one of the more lucrative options for marketers.

URL: WP Engine Affiliate Program

Commission: $200 and 35% per conversion

Cookie Duration: 60 – 180 days

3. InkyDeals

InkyDeals Website Screenshot

If your blog caters to creative professionals, InkyDeals’ affiliate program is a great option. As a company, InkyDeals features affordable resources for web developers, photographers, business owners, and graphic designers. With an assortment of top-tier digital products, you’ll find several great things to bring to your readers.

InkyDeals is primarily known for its collection of vector packs, templates, and fonts. They also have textures, WordPress templates, and Photoshop actions for creative professionals. When you become an affiliate, you will have a dedicated support team to help walk you through the process.

There are plenty of other benefits to the program, such as access to promotional materials like banner ads. Affiliates are also granted affiliate-only coupons, helping to garner more traffic through your links. Above all else, the InkyDeals program ensures you can access tracking tools, always providing updated metrics.

You can’t go wrong with a relatively high commission rate paired with high converting products. Additionally, the exclusive deals for affiliates help make the phenomenal digital products even more attainable.

URL: InkyDeals Affiliate Program

Commission: 25% with up to 75% on specific deals

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Envato Market

Envato Market Website Screenshot

Envato Market is a unique spot online where creatives can purchase and sell digital assets. You can find plugins, video footage, WordPress themes, and many other products in its online marketplace. Among their diverse inventory are online educational programs for aspiring professionals and enthusiasts.

Through Envato, you can enrol in online courses and training as well as review tutorials and other types of content. With their education network, creatives can turn their passions into work-ready skills. With such an extensive list of benefits, it’s a platform you can guarantee your audience will appreciate having available.

The affiliate program for Envato Market is quite profitable, generating over $3 million for the company annually. The program is run through Impact Radius, which offers many great promotional features. Through your affiliate account, you can access text links, high-performing banners, and tracking tools

URL: Envato Market Affiliate Program

Commission: 30%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

5. SoftwareKeep

SoftwareKeep Website Screenshot

Computer software will never lose its allure, and SoftwareKeep is one of its premium retailers. As an authorized Microsoft reseller, customers can find a diverse collection of top-rated programs for purchase. All of the products on the site are digital assets with items like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Suite, and anti-virus programs.

SoftwareKeep is a reseller, and most of their inventory contains marked-down and discounted products. Additionally, they host regular sales throughout the year and offer bulk discounts for large orders. On average, shoppers should be able to save up to 5% more than with competing retailers.

ShareASale is the platform SoftwareKeep uses to run its affiliate program. With that said, you will have access to many of the same materials as other affiliate programs. These tools include text links, banner ads, and tracking tools.

This affiliate program is ideal because of its low prices, high average order value ($115), and authorized Microsoft products. Also, you have the added benefit of promoting monthly sales and discounts, attracting more clicks and sales.

URL: SoftwareKeep Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

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6. InPixio

InPixio Website Screenshot

Photo editing software is always great, whether you’re a professional photographer or hobbyist. InPixio helps make finding the right program simpler, as it features its own straightforward software. With user-friendly features, it is a beginner- and veteran-friendly option with a modern interface and intuitive features.

Photo editors will be able to browse through a collection of support articles and video tutorials to help them get started. There’s no doubt you’ll appreciate the software’s design, making the tools accessible and easy to use.

Like many other affiliate programs on this list, InPixio works with ShareASale. As an affiliate, you will obtain promotional tools like banners, text links, and tracking tools. Using the tracking features, you can determine which promotional materials perform better than others.

Another exciting feature of the affiliate program is access to in-cart upsells. When your referrals place an order with InPixio, they are prompted to purchase additional helpful add-ons. The higher the sales total, the more you earn as an affiliate marketer. This process is quite beneficial for both InPixio and their affiliates alike. Their tiered commission scale goes from 30% to 50%, making it one of the more competitive options.

URL: InPixio Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% to 50%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

7. Autodesk


Taking a step into the future is something everyone will be considering sooner rather than later. Autodesk is one of the few companies prepared with industry-leading 3D engineering, design, and entertainment software. Their digital products are essential for multiple industries, including construction, manufacturing, architecture, and entertainment.

There have been over 10 million customers enjoying their products, making the company a Fortune 100 member. When promoting digital assets, you can’t do much better than with Autodesk. Their name speaks for itself, and their products outperform the competition with their modernized and intuitive tools and features.

Commission Junction is the platform used to run the affiliate program for Autodesk. As an affiliate, you will have access to tons of information to truly sell products. They ensure you are equipped with product information, creative tools, active deals, and promotions for your visitors.

Another massive benefit of this affiliate program is its reach. Marketers can advertise Autodesk products in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. They also feature a unique international affiliate program, targeting marketers worldwide.

URL: Autodesk Affiliate Program

Commission: 9%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

8. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads Website Screenshot

There are plenty of software and plugin developers looking for a marketplace to sell their goods. Easy Digital Downloads simplify it, as their platform is a marketplace for selling WordPress items. Creators can sell various products, including WordPress plugins, eBooks, and even PDF files.

You’ll find several helpful tools when you visit the site, such as product filters. Users can find the perfect software or digital asset they need within minutes. Thanks to the simplified checkout process, they can also quickly add their products to their cart.

Working as an affiliate for Easy Digital Downloads is great because they offer many affiliate-only tools. The program is managed directly in-house, offering aesthetically-pleasing HTML tools and banners. You’ll also have access to in-depth performance metrics to track the most effective marketing strategies.

Instead of selling software, Easy Digital Downloads helps you help creatives sell their products. However, there’s also the ability to direct users to the store, where they can purchase software as needed. Indeed, it’s one of the better options, especially as a software developer looking to sell your own products.

URL: Easy Digital Downloads Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Dover Publications

Dover Publications Website Screenshot

It’s never too late to get your hands on physical books and eBooks. Dover Publications is a phenomenal website for readers interested in any book imaginable. Currently, they have over 10,000 titles in their inventory, making it great for readers of every age and genre.

Since 1941, Dover Publications has been a household name. They have a modern website with easily navigable features, helping readers connect with their favourite authors and novels. Whether you’re looking for non-fiction, fiction, or fantasy, plenty of options are available.

Considering the store’s inventory is incredibly vast, it’s not surprising that it has universal appeal across all demographics. If you own a blog that revolves around writing for a specific genre, it’s one of the better affiliate programs to consider.

Like many others, ShareASale is the platform used to run the affiliate program. When you become an affiliate, you’ll have access to the ShareASale dashboard. On the dashboard are promotional materials, tracking tools, and special discount offers. As a trusted digital and physical books retailer, Dover Publications is a fantastic partner for affiliate marketers.

URL: Dover Publications Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Animoto

Animoto Website Screenshot

When you have to edit a video, you will want to ensure it looks professional and crisp. Animoto is a digital product that helps you create jaw-dropping imagery for slideshows and marketing purposes. You’ll also find that their video editing products are helpful for casual videographers and families.

Instead of sending your footage off to a professional, Animoto helps you create visually appealing content at home. On average, sales are around $83, a great number for affiliate marketers to hear. Also, the affiliate program is packed with great tools for you to put to good use. You’ll find a collection of marketing resources, such as text links and banners.

Affiliates have a dedicated support team to answer any questions and to help you optimize your strategies. Considering Animoto is a monthly or yearly subscription, it’s a great way to guarantee income over an extended period.

URL: Animoto Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 15% for monthly subscriptions, 20% for yearly subscriptions

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Getting Started as an Affiliate Marketer

With the 10 best digital product affiliate programs, you can recommend some spectacular digital assets to your audience. The options are endless, from video editing software to online courses and tutorials. These affiliate programs are sure to be a fantastic solution for future-focused marketers.

And coupled with our free affiliate marketing crash course, you’ll surely be set on the path to success.

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