Best Way To Promote OnlyFans On Twitter & TikTok Anonymously

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OnlyFans can undoubtedly make for a great way to earn money online, but that’s only if you know how to promote your profile effectively.

You see, many people think that it’s simply a case of signing up, publishing content & watching the money come rolling in… But in reality, that’s not how it works.

To make money from OnlyFans, you need subscribers & to get those subscribers, you need to actively promote your profile.

Thankfully, if you’ve been struggling with that part, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll be uncovering the best way to promote OnlyFans on Twitter & TikTok whilst remaining completely anonymous.

Plus, we’ll also explain how you could make even MORE money by leveraging affiliate marketing.

So let’s dive in.

How To Promote OnlyFans Anonymously

Want to earn money from OnlyFans without showing your face? Well, just like it’s possible to earn from affiliate marketing without showing your face, you can also earn from OnlyFans without doing it too.

That’s good news for everybody that wants to stay anonymous.

However, promoting OnlyFans anonymously can be a little more difficult.

But here’s what you need to do:

To promote OnlyFans anonymously, the best go-to places are generally social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram & TikTok.

But before you can start promoting, you need to figure out your niche. This is a very important step towards determining your OnlyFans success.

Your niche is the specific audience of people that you’re intending to target. So, essentially, you want to publish content specifically for this niche.

If your content is too varied, it’ll make your promotional efforts harder.


Well, because people who are interested in a certain thing may not be interested in another thing, so they’ll be less likely to stay subscribed.

But if ALL of your content targets their likes/interests, it’ll be way easier for you to get (and keep) subscribers… And since getting subscribers is the hardest part, it’s vital that you make sure you keep them.

So, once you’ve got your niche figured out, you’ll want to take to social media sites.

To stay anonymous, create a profile with an unidentifiable username & use a profile photo that represents your niche but doesn’t show anything identifying.

Then, from here, the process is simple.

  1. Grab a link in bio tool & add your OnlyFans link (and any other links to it)
  2. Add that link to your bio (rather than your OnlyFans link – to prevent shadowbanning)
  3. Publish content (image + caption) twice every day, morning & evening
  4. Direct your followers to your link in bio from each post
  5. Add hashtags related to your niche to every post
  6. Once published, click the hashtags, find other creators publishing content & then go through their followers list & follow 5-10 of their followers per day
  7. Repeat this process every day

…and watch your subscriber base start to skyrocket 💪

Man Earning Money Online

The reason you should only follow a maximum of 5-10 users per day is to prevent your account from becoming limited, but as you grow, you can increase this number to around 20 accounts per day.

Things will start off slow, but after a week or 2 weeks, you will start to notice growth & the growth will continue like a snowball providing you stay consistent.

As more people start to follow you, the content that you publish will be shown higher in the feeds & your profile will be recommended to more users.

We’ll explain more about why this works so well below & we’ll also explain a “secret” additional method.

Promoting OnlyFans On Twitter & TikTok

The reason the method of promoting OnlyFans on Twitter & TikTok that we outlined above works so well is all because of the niche factor.

If you’re creating specifically niche content & then searching for hashtags related to that niche & following the users who are following other creators in that niche, it’s highly likely they’ll follow you back.

We refer to this as follower-jacking.

So by carrying out this method, you can quickly build a large following because the interests of all of the people you’re following are laser-targeted to the content you’re publishing.

The key, however, is not to give too much away when you publish content on these channels.

Yes, you want to publish frequently, but you also want to be very conservative with what you post.

One of the biggest mistakes we see people making is giving too much away because they think that this gives them an edge against other creators.

The reality is this actually takes your edge away. The best creators give the least away.

After all, your primary goal should be to direct people to your link in bio to get access to more content. You don’t want to build up an audience of “freebie seekers”.

But as mentioned, this isn’t the only way to promote OnlyFans anonymously. You can also leverage a combination of Tinder & Instagram, too.

Let us explain.

Promoting OnlyFans On Tinder & Instagram

Did you know that using a combination of both Tinder & Instagram can be one of the best ways to promote your OnlyFans account?

The only issue, however, is that if you wish to do this anonymously, you will only be able to use Instagram, as to be successful on Tinder, you must show your face.

So first, let us explain the Instagram method.

Promoting OnlyFans On Instagram

Promoting OnlyFans on Instagram is very similar to promoting it on Twitter & TikTok, except for the fact that you should post less frequently.

So, you will want to use a link in bio tool & add your OnlyFans link to your bio via that, as you would with Twitter & TikTok.

Then, you will also search for hashtags related to your niche & follow followers of other creators’ accounts just as you would with the other method.

But here comes the important part. Instagram is more about stories than content – so you will want to publish new posts at most once per week but add stories at least once per day (ideally twice).

This way, you won’t “annoy” the people that follow you to the point they unfollow you, but you’ll stay at the top of their feeds via stories.

Now, here’s the best part. If you’re not worried about staying anonymous, you can boost this massively by using Tinder alongside Instagram.

Here’s how.

Promoting OnlyFans On Tinder

First off, let us point out that whilst it’s possible to indirectly promote OnlyFans on Tinder, we don’t condone it.

Tinder is a dating website & our opinion is that it is unfair to lead people on purely for the sake of a promotion.

But let’s, for a second, imagine you threw your morals out of the window. 👀

To promote OnlyFans on Tinder, you need to be using Instagram as well. That’s because if you try to promote OnlyFans directly from your Tinder, you’ll be banned before you know it.

So rule #1 of promoting OnlyFans on Tinder is never to mention OnlyFans on Tinder.

To do it, simply:

  1. Create a Tinder account & add ~5 photos (the type you’d expect to see on a dating profile)
  2. Add your Instagram handle to your Tinder bio with the caption “don’t use this much, contact me on Instagram” (or similar)
  3. Make sure your link in bio is added to your Instagram profile
  4. Remain as a free user on Tinder & swipe the maximum number of allowed free swipes per day

It’s important that you open Tinder every day & use up all of your swipes because if you don’t, your profile will stop showing to others in the card stack.

It’s also better to remain a free user because it appears your profile is shown more often as a free user as they try to get you matches in an attempt to get you to upgrade.

Often, when people upgrade, they complain that the number of matches they receive begins to drop.

Earn More Money By Leveraging Affiliate Marketing

All too often, we see a huge mistake made by OnlyFans creators & that is that they leave lots of money on the table by failing to leverage affiliate marketing.

If you’re doing all this work to create content for your OnlyFans account & to promote it, you want to earn the most money possible, right?

Well, in that case, it makes no sense to only do OnlyFans.

You see, by leveraging affiliate marketing, you can earn additional revenue by promoting products or services to your followers & subscribers.

It’s an absolute no-brainer, and you can get started for free.

All you need to do is simply join affiliate programs & then you’ll get a special link, known as an affiliate link, to promote to your audience.

If they buy things via your link, you get paid commissions. It’s essentially extra money for minimal extra work, yet so few creators leverage it.

And in our free training, we teach you exactly how you can achieve massive success with affiliate marketing.

In fact, it’s typically easier to earn more money through affiliate marketing than it is to earn money through OnlyFans. For example, affiliate marketing can make you a millionaire.

So before you leave, we do highly recommend you sign up for our free training.

The Bottom Line

Promoting OnlyFans isn’t difficult. It’s just about staying consistent. With only around 30-60 mins worth of promoting & content creation each day, you can easily build up a large subscriber base using the methods outlined above.

Yes, it can feel frustrating to begin with, as it may feel like nothing is happening, but after a few weeks, your following will begin to grow like a snowball.

And the larger it gets, the faster it will grow.

So if you’ve been looking to promote OnlyFans anonymously on Twitter & TikTok, we hope that the guide above has helped you out.

Also we hope that you’ve also learned how you can leverage affiliate marketing to easily grow your income much larger by promoting products or services alongside your content.

But if you happen to have any additional questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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