22 Best Golf Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Best Golf Products To Promote)

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One of the best ways to earn commissions online is through sports blogging. While Golf is a sport not everyone can afford, it remains one of the top ten most popular sports globally and is a great affiliate marketing niche.

Getting into the sport of golf requires a set of equipment, and finding the right gear is important for pro golfers, enthusiasts, and beginners alike.

With the unwavering interest in the game, thousands of dollars can be made in the golf industry. You can use more specialized golf niches to generate affiliate income with the best golf affiliate programs.

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Reasons for Choosing Golf as a Marketing Niche

Before we get into the details of golf products and related affiliate programs, let’s discuss good reasons for entering the golf industry.

Expensive Gear

Every aspiring golfer needs golf clubs, golf shoes, proper golf attire, balls, and tees. This gear set can set anyone back at least 250 bucks, and the cost can go as high as 2,000 dollars for initial purchases.

Imagine getting someone to purchase the set from a supplier as its affiliate. At an average commission rate of 6%, your earnings for that referral can be in the range of 15 to 120 dollars. Even at the median purchase cost of 1,125 bucks, an affiliate’s earnings will be at the 67-dollar mark.

The more a customer spends on a single purchase, the more affiliates can earn. While golf equipment can be costly, the industry does not have a shortage of lovers who are not afraid to spend their cash.

Sport Popularity

Golf is not the most popular sport because of the accompanying costs required to play. Nevertheless, interest in the game continues to grow, even with millennials.

If you’re just about to start becoming an affiliate in the golf industry, you need not worry about waning interests in the sport. The market is always there, and competitions are always around the corner to boost sales.

Promotable Products in the Golf Industry

Golf blogs are a perfect way to educate new golfers and provide a fresh perspective for experienced golfers. They are the best resources for keeping golf enthusiasts up-to-date no matter where they may be.

Aside from the ton of information embedded into articles, golf blogs are also a good venue to promote golf-related products. Since you can promote as many products as you want, nothing stops you from producing income from these products.

The following lists the most common products golf bloggers can promote to take a piece of annual golf industry revenues:

  • Sports Equipment and Accessories
  • Apparel
  • Tourism Packages and Bookings
  • Resource Materials
  • Training Courses
  • Games and Sport Simulators
  • Club Memberships

Best Golf Affiliate Programs of 2024

Since you have a great interest in golf, you might as well monetize your published material by enlisting in various golf affiliate programs. There may be a wide array of golf affiliate programs offered online, but not all of them have the best commission and conversion rates.

To make your program search smooth-sailing, check out our list of the top 22 golf affiliate programs that are up for grabs.

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf Website Screenshot

Callaway is one of the world’s leading providers of golf clubs, balls, customized gear, and other golf-related equipment. Its product portfolio includes golf bags, headwear, gloves, footwear, eyewear, and clothing.

With its wide array of products, you can turn in profits through blog promotions using the Callaway Golf Affiliate Program. It offers commissions from 6% to 9% and allows a cookie lifetime of up to 45 days.

Callaway Certified Pre-Owned

Callaway Certified Pre-Owned Website Screenshot

For many golfers, the price of world-renowned Callaway Golf products is a bit over their budget. Luckily for them, Callaway Golf has set up its Certified Pre-Owned Department, where golfers can trade in or trade up their gear. The Callaway Certified Pre-Owned Affiliate Program offers the same commissions as converted purchases of brand new Callaway products.

Golf Outlets USA

Golf Outlets USA Website Screenshot

Unlike Callaway, Golf Outlets features a large inventory of highly affordable golf-related equipment. However, the Golf Outlets Affiliates Program commission rate is just 5% of sales with a 30-day cookie duration.

Austad’s Golf

Austads Website Screenshot

Austad’s Golf has been a manufacturer and supplier of premium golf equipment since 1963. While their products cost a bit more than Callaway’s, commissions through Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program are also a bit higher at 7.5%.

Furthermore, sales over 5,000 dollars increase affiliate commissions to 9%. Another advantage of this program is its extended cookie duration of 60 days.

TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf Website Screenshot

TaylorMade Golf is very similar to Callaway, but it is arguably the best-known brand in the golf world. The brand carries several household names in its roster, including Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. Golf clubs, balls, custom gear, and golf-related equipment are among its products.

With the TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program, partners can earn a 5% commission on sales successfully transmitted within a 30-day cookie period. However, any aspiring affiliate will need to route their business through third-party programs, such as Commission Junction and VigLink.

American Golf

American Golf Website Screenshot

The American Golf has an odd name, as it has its stores scattered across the European Union, New Zealand, and Australia. Furthermore, it describes itself as Europe’s largest golf equipment retailer.

Affiliates targeting golf tours in Europe will do well to take advantage of the American Golf Affiliate Program. It offers a commission rate of 6% and a commission window of 30 days.

Global Golf

Global Golf Website Screenshot

Global Golf is a vast online resource of major manufacturers of new and used golf equipment and apparel. It is a trusted online retailer in the golf industry, and it runs a trade-in program for discounts on new gear.

Affiliate commissions through the Global Golf Affiliate program vary per sale, but they can go as high as 8%. Like Golf Outlets USA, Global Golf will let you earn commissions on products bought within 30 days from referral time.

The Golf Warehouse

The Golf Warehouse Website Screenshot

The Golf Warehouse is one of the world’s earliest one-stop online shops for all things golf-related. Its warehouses cover over 230,000 square feet, and it has a vast inventory of items from popular golf brands.

Like TaylorMade, The Golf Warehouse runs its affiliate programs through Commission Junction and VigLink. However, it offers a measly 1% commission and referral cookies do not last longer than a browsing session.

Fairway Golf USA

Fairway Golf USA Website Screenshot

Fairway Golf USA deals in custom golf clubs, Japanese clubs, golf shoes, apparel, accessories, and other related equipment. It even has separate departments for women and children getting into the sport.

This company also partners with affiliates through third-party marketing conversion websites, such as ShareASale and FlexOffers. Commissions range from 4% to 10%, but it boasts a 10% fixed commission within the first 60 days of signing up. Furthermore, this program’s commission window lasts up to 60 days.

Rain or Shine Golf

Rain Or Shine Golf Website Screenshot

Rain or Shine Golf focuses on golf simulators, golf mats, launch monitors, and hitting bays. It specializes in bringing golfing experiences indoors, allowing golfers to play even during bad weather conditions.

Since Rain or Shine Golf products don’t come cheap, the 5% commission for Rain or Shine Golf affiliates is a pretty substantial reward. As long as your referrals purchase items within 30 days of traffic conversion, you’ll surely get that well-deserved commission.

Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf Website Screenshot

At Swing Man Golf, the primary products are golf training courses and speed trainer certification programs. You can only earn commissions through the Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program by enabling successful subscriptions to the courses. Commissions are 50% for enrolled monthly subscriptions and 10% for speed trainer certification courses, and referral cookies last for 30 days.

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GForce Golf

GForce Golf Website Screenshot

Gforce Golf is like Swing Man Golf, but it offers more than just swing training courses. It specializes in swing training golf irons, wedges, drivers, and putters for enthusiasts who want to improve their game.

Affiliates can find income-generating connections to Gforce Golf through getlasso.co, which offers a 20% commission on referred sales. However, the cookie duration is unclear.

Nike Golf

Nike Golf Website Screenshot

Since Nike stopped making golf clubs, golf balls, and golf bags, the Nike Golf segment only offers golf shoes and apparel. Nevertheless, the Nike Affiliate Program can provide partners with commissions as high as 11% on all valid sales within a 30-day cookie period.


Trendy Golf Website Screenshot

Shoes and apparel are also the focus at TrendyGolf. It does not feature golf clubs and balls. To become an affiliate of TrendyGolf, you will need to join a third-party website, such as amalinkspro.com, getlasso.co, or VigLink.com. Referral commissions come at 6% per sale, and cookies typically last for 30 days.


TeeOff Website Screenshot

TeeOff covers an entirely different niche within the golf industry. You won’t find golf equipment; instead, TeeOff is a vast database of golf courses around the planet. It allows you to book tee times and reserve a spot in one of more than 9,000 golf courses.

To earn from referrals to the booking company, you will need to join the TeeOff Affiliate Program. While commissions stay at 6% per confirmed booking, we cannot say how long referral cookies last.


UnderPar Website Screenshot

Like TeeOff, UnderPar is another tee time booking company featuring an extensive collection of golf courses. However, it only promotes golf courses within the United States. The good thing about UnderPar is that it opens up premium and world-class golf courses for pretty affordable booking prices.

If you become an affiliate for UnderPar, you can earn between 4% and 10% from bookings made within a 30-day tracking period.


Putterball Website Screenshot

If you have tried playing Putterball, you know that anyone who likes golfing will enjoy this portable game. It is an easily marketable game, especially for those who can’t spend time out on a golf course or driving range.

You can gain commissions from Putterball game sales by enlisting your website in the corresponding FlexOffers Affiliate Program. It offers a 6.40% commission on sales using a cookie duration of ten days.

Golf Shoes Plus

Golf Shoes Plus Website Screenshot

If you want to promote golf shoes on your website, Golf Shoes Plus is one company you can partner with. It offers a 6% commission on sales within a cookie duration of ten days. However, you need to sign up with getlasso.co, flexoffers.com, or amalinkspro.com.

LoudMouth Golf

LoudMouth Golf Website Screenshot

LoudMouth Golf can brighten up any golf course with its vast array of colourful designer golf apparel for men and women. While some designs are outrageous, most of them remain entertaining.

You can be an affiliate for LoudMouth apparel by enlisting in VigLink.com, flexoffers.com, or affi.io. You can earn a 6% commission for every valid purchase within a 30-day window.

Cutter Golf

Cutter Golf Website Screenshot

Cutter Golf is another popular manufacturer of different types of golf clubs. It features wedges having cutting-edge designs that leverage the laws of physics to reduce friction and dragging.

Joining the Cutter Golf Affiliate Program guarantees a commission of 8% for every sale within a cookie window of 30 days.


EPNY Golf Website Screenshot

In the ’80s, EP New York stood as the preeminent Evan Picone sportswear brand of golf apparel for women. Today, the EP stands for Eastern Pacific, but the company still provides premier women’s golf wear.

An affiliate program through getlasso.co will offer up to 15 percent commissions for each sale. However, the program’s cookie duration is unknown.

Fairway and Greene

Fairway And Greene Website Screenshot

Another apparel authority on golf wear is Fairway and Greene, but it offers products for both men and women. The company showcases its affiliate program, and it also offers a 15% commission on sales from generated traffic. Referral cookies stay within the website for 30 days.

Other Golf Affiliate Programs

If you are not satisfied with the affiliate programs listed above, you might also want to check out the following from other companies. While some may not cater solely to golfers, each has a vast list of products you can use to generate income for your golf blogs.

Turning Your Passion for Golf Into Profit

Let’s say you have a passion for golf, and yet you’re new to the idea of profiting online. Before getting into any of the best golf affiliate programs presented above, it would be better to understand how to earn commissions as an affiliate.

As soon as you have a pretty good idea about being an online affiliate, you can start taking advantage of the golf industry.

Also, it would be helpful to find your niche before setting up an income-generating website. The narrower your niche develops, the more specific your audience becomes, and the easier your product promotions reach your targets.

Be sure to check out our free affiliate marketing crash course to learn everything you need to know to get started.

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