Wealthy Affiliate Pricing: How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Simon is a former UK call-centre worker who has gone on to build several highly successful affiliate marketing businesses in various different niches & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. He has since relocated to Thailand & now teaches affiliate marketing to others through Commission Academy.

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to build an online business that generates income for you around the clock.

It’s the most popular affiliate marketing course on the planet with over 2.6 million members.

If you’re ready to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, here I’m going to explain the three Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans (free & paid) so you can choose the best option for you and your budget + ways you can save money 🤑

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Overview

If you’ve read or watched our Wealthy Affiliate review then you know they have three membership levels:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Starter is free. This free membership gives you 7 days access to the community and unlimited access to the first core training module (10 lessons). You’ll get the free version of the Jaxxy keyword tool and the website builder with free hosting, a free domain and free SSL included.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $49 per month. This most popular option gives you full access to all levels of the core training and weekly live training events with 24/7 help and support. Jaaxy Lite comes as standard and you can build and host up to 10 websites.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+ is $99 per month. This plan gives you everything included Premium, plus 200+ expert classes per year, Jaaxy Enterprise and the ability to host 50 websites with priority support.


Best for Beginners

• Host 1 website

• 7 days’ limited support

• Phase 1 training

• No live classes

• Jaaxy Starter


Most Popular

• Host up to 10 websites

• Unlimited support

• All core training

• 52 live events per year

• Jaaxy Lite

Premium Plus+

Boss Level

• Host up to 50 websites

• Unlimited support

• All core training

• 300+ classes per year

• Jaaxy Enterprise

Take advantage of the Starter membership, take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive and see if it’s the right fit completely risk-free and go from there.

No credit card required. 

Which Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is Right For You?

If you are considering signing up for Wealthy Affiliate but can’t decide which membership if best for your budget and income goals, let me make it super easy for you.

Join As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Member If:

  • You Want To Test The Waters: If you’re unsure whether or not to go all-in, this is the best option for you as it’s gonna give you a solid overview of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and exactly what to expect.
  • You’re On A Really Tight Budget: If you want to learn affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget, join as a Starter member and get as much as you can out of the free lessons, create your first website and upgrade to Premium whenever you’re ready.

Join As A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member If:

  • You’re 100% Committed: If you’ve already made the decision to replace your full-time income online then become a Premium member and you’ll have all the training and tools you need to succeed.
  • You Want The Full Learning Experience: If you want to give yourself the strongest start possible then Premium will give you full community support, incredible expert mentors and fun and interactive classes.

Join As A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+ Member If:

  • You Want More Advanced Training: If you’ve got the basics covered, this option lets you dive into more specialised topics and learn from expert Super Affiliates.
  • You’re Earning More Than $1,000/Month: If you already earn regular commissions, go Premium Plus to get access to 300+ live classes per year that will help you take your earnings to the next level.

The 3 Wealthy Affiliate Memberships Explained

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular business training platform that will give you the education, help and support and practical tools you need to make 6 figures or more online.

As you go through the course you’re going to be shown exactly how to generate an income online by creating a website around one of your favourite topics and filling it out with content. Your site will then come up in Google search results when people search specific questions and phrases.

Once you’ve got 1,000s of people coming to your website every day, you can then recommend related products and services to your audience and earn a commission every time they buy.

This is a process known as affiliate marketing and it’s exactly what you’re gonna learn inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Core Training is a 7-module, 70-lesson course specifically designed to transform you from total newbie to affiliate marketing master.

You’ll also get access to weekly live events and proven and practical cutting-edge strategies to keep you ahead of the game and skyrocket your earnings.

Wealthy Affiliate training

As well as full step-by-step training, you’ll have access to world-class tools like:

  • SiteBuilder – With Wealthy Affiliate’s beginner-friendly website builders, hosting and domains, you’ll be creating income-generating websites that reach a truly global audience and are open for business 24/7.
  • Jaaxy – With this state-of-the-art keyword tool, you’ll be armed with all the info you need at your fingertips to get 100,000s people coming to your website so you make multiple sales daily.
  • Affiliate Program Search – With this software finding any of the 600+ million products you can promote to bank affiliate commissions is a walk in the park.

You’ll also become part of a super helpful and friendly community made up of beginners and experts from all over the world. The members’ area is alive and buzzing with activity day and night.

Here’s what the Wealthy Affiliate members’ area looks like:

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Review

At Wealthy Affiliate there are a ton of ways to get the support you need when you need it most:

  • Post Updates & Ask Questions – Share your latest successes and get your questions answered.
  • Live Chat – Stuck on a lesson? Reach out and get instant help. Live Chat is a real lifeline.
  • Private Messaging – No more second-guessing because now you have direct access to Kyle, Carson and dozens of experienced experts for one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
  • 24/7 Technical Support – You don’t need to be technical to run a successful income-generating website because your website is in good hands and Wealthy Affiliate’s technical team have your back.

And so much more!

Read our full Wealthy Affiliate review for more details.

Now let’s look at the key differences between Wealthy Affiliate Starter, Premium and Premium Plus memberships.

1. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership ($0)

As a Starter member, you get to try out the Wealthy Affiliate platform without paying a dime and there are no payment details required. The Starter membership is not a “trial” in the classic sense as there’s no end date and you can stay a free member for as long as you like.

What’s included:

  • Level 1 (10 lessons) of the Online Entrepreneurship Certification course
  • Level 1 (10 lessons) of the Affiliate Bootcamp course
  • Hosting and subdomain for 1 website
  • 30 free Jaaxy keyword tool searches
  • 7 days’ access to community support channels

After 7 days you’ll no longer be able to communicate with other members using Private Messaging or Live Chat and you can only create a website using Wealthy Affiliate’s free subdomain rather than on a .com domain, meaning your website address will look like “yourwebsite.siterubix.com” rather than “yourwebsite.com”.

Because of these limitations, it’s unrealistic to expect to make money with Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member. It’s designed more to give you a chance to experience first-hand how Wealthy Affiliate can help you make your online income goals a reality so you can then decide whether or not you want to upgrade to Premium.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership ($49 A Month)

The Premium membership is by far the most popular option and gives you full and complete access to everything you could ever need to achieve huge affiliate marketing success.

What’s included:

  • 5 levels (50 levels) of the Online Entrepreneurship Course
  • 7 levels (70 levels) of the Affiliate Bootcamp course
  • 52 Interactive Live Classes per year
  • Hosting and .com domains for up to 10 websites
  • Unlimited access to all Premium training
  • Unlimited Jaaxy Lite keyword tool searches
  • Unlimited access to community support channels

The Premium hosting package comes with free SLL, daily backups, hacking prevention and 24/7 technical support and can handle up to 250,000 website visitors a month.

You won’t find anything like Wealthy Affiliate premium anywhere online – and at just $49 it’s a phenomenal deal!

3. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+ Membership ($99 A Month)

And last but not least, we have Premium Plus; Wealthy Affiliate’s highest level of membership level.

What’s included:

  • 5 levels (50 levels) of the Online Entrepreneurship Course
  • 7 levels (70 levels) of the Affiliate Bootcamp course
  • 300+ Expert Classes per year
  • Hosting and .com domains for up to 50 websites
  • Unlimited access to all Premium training
  • Unlimited Jaaxy Enterprise keyword tool searches
  • Unlimited access to community support channels

Though not necessary when you’re just starting out (Premium really does include everything you need) if you have the budget for it, go for Premium Plus and you’ll get more advanced expert training on specific topics that will expand your skill set and help you ramp up your earnings.

3 Ways You Can Get A Wealthy Affiliate Discount

1. Upgrade To Premium Within 7 Days (60% Discount)

Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member and you can get a Wealthy Affiliate discount on the premium membership if you upgrade within the first 7 days.

Premium monthly is $49 a month but this discount gets you your first month for just $19 – a $30 saving.

You can get your first month’s Premium Plus membership at a discounted rate too, $49 instead of $99.

2. Go Yearly (16% Discount)

The smartest way to get a Wealthy Affiliate discount is by paying for your membership yearly instead of monthly.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $49 a month which works out at $588 over the course of a year, but pay yearly at $495 and you’ll save $93.

The same goes for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus. Normally you’d pay $99 a month but go yearly and it’s just $995. That’s a $193 saving.

3. Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Sale (50% Discount)

Every November members can take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer and save 40-50%.

During the Black Friday sale (and various other promotions spaced out throughout the year) members can get a whole year’s Premium membership for just $359.

So you’re paying $299 less than if you were paying Premium monthly and $136 less for Premium yearly.

That’s less than $1 a day.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth the price if you’re serious about replacing your full-time income online and are ready to take action.

Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable, especially compared to other affiliate marketing courses out there, and they have membership options to suit every budget.

Also keep in mind that Wealthy Affiliate has only raised its prices once in its 17-year history, from $47 a month for Premium to $49 a month.

And once you join at a certain price, you’ll never be asked to pay more – you’ll be grandfathered in even if they increase their prices in the future.

Wealthy Affiliate pays for itself.

Say Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to create a website that makes $200 per month (easily doable), then you’ve already 4x’d your investment.

And of course, the more you make, the more worthwhile Wealthy Affiliate becomes:

If you stick at it and your website starts generating $2,000 a month (again, very realistic) then you’ve just 40x’d your investment.

You can apply something you gleaned from one of the weekly live classes to boost your traffic and income by another 50%… and you get the idea, it snowballs from there.

As I say, you could try the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a Starter member and see how you go – just keep in mind you’ll want to go Premium at some point to host your website on a .com domain to get serious Google rankings.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by co-founders Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim who are based in British Columbia, Canada and now over 2.6 million aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide are using Wealthy Affiliate to grow successful online businesses and get results.

Read our SUPER in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review or click play on the video below to find out more:

Wealthy Affiliate also has an impressive 4.9 out of 5-star review rating on Trustpilot based on 500 reviews, with 92% of people rating them as Excellent:

is wealthy affiliate legit

So, How Do You Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate?

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is really easy – simply head on over to WealthyAffiliate.com and create your account.

Once you’re inside the members’ area, add a short bio and image to your profile and you’re ready to dive into the training. Start with Lesson 1, Module 1 of the Online Entrepreneurship Certification course.

Walk through it at your own pace, complete every action step along the way and you’ll do very well for yourself.

And if you have any questions or get stuck at any point, reach out to Dale and I directly and we’ll do all we can to help. Here’s a link to Dale’s Wealthy Affiliate profile and here’s mine.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has three memberships, the first of which is free. You can upgrade to Premium for $19 the first month then $49 a month or $495 a year. Premium Plus is $49 the first month then $99 a month or $995 a year.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and everything you need to succeed is included. No additional costs. No hidden upsells.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer A Free Membership?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free Starter membership so you can try out the course and interact with the community to see if it’s the right fit.

You’ll be able to go through the first 10 lessons to get a taste of the teaching style and an overview of the course as a whole. You’ll also be able to create a free website to apply the training as you go.

Do I Need To Enter My Payment Details To Sign Up?

No. You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate without entering your payment details. All you need to enter is your name and email address. You’ll only need to enter your payment details if you decide to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus at a later date.

What Types of Payment Does Wealthy Affiliate Accept? 

Wealthy Affiliate accepts Paypal and major credit and debit cards as payment. You can change or update your payment under account settings when you are logged in.

Do You Pay Wealthy Affiliate Monthly Or Annually?

It is completely up to you. Wealthy Affiliates Premium and Premium Plus memberships are payable monthly or yearly. Go Yearly and you effectively get 2 months’ membership free.

You can always switch from monthly to yearly or from yearly to monthly as well.

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Membership Later?

If you’re a Starter member you can upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus and as a Premium member, you can upgrade to Premium Plus at any time.

It’s not possible for Premium members to downgrade their membership to Starter but Premium Plus members can downgrade to Premium whenever they like.

Can I Cancel My Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Yes, if you ever decide Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for you, you can cancel your Wealthy Affiliate membership at any time under Account Setting > Billing Options and you won’t be charged unless you choose to reactivate your account and resume your membership.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer A Money-Back Guarantee? 

You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your Wealthy Affiliate membership at any time but Wealthy Affiliate does not offer a money-back guarantee.

“Subscription to Wealthy Affiliate Premium and Paid Services are billed in advance on a monthly or yearly basis (as per the option you have chosen when you purchased Services) and are non-refundable for the subscription period they are purchased for.”

This is because they offer members the opportunity to try their platform out for free before subscribing to a paid membership so users know exactly what they’re getting.

Will I Need to Renew My Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

So long as your payment method (PayPal or credit/debit card) remains valid, your Wealthy Affiliate membership will renew automatically monthly or yearly depending on the subscription option you chose when you upgraded.

What Is The Best Wealthy Affiliate Alternative?

Wealthy Affiliate is a solid affiliate marketing course with the tools and support you need to succeed under one roof, but one of the biggest complaints is that the free training is limited and you will have to pay for Premium to access the full training.

If you are looking for a Wealthy Affiliate alternative then Commission Academy is for you.

Our step-by-step training is 100% free and you’ll get a proven roadmap that gets results.

Check out Commission Academy here.

Free Training:

Launch a Thriving Online Business 💸

Training Video Preview

Our free step-by-step training will teach you how you can turn any passion or interest into a thriving online business even if you're a beginner with absolutely no previous experience. Sign-up today & learn a skill that could change your life.

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