Organic Website Traffic: What It Is + 8 Ways You Can Improve It

what is organic traffic to a website

If you own or operate a website, chances are you’ve heard of organic traffic. But what is organic traffic to a website? Simply put, organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your site as a result of unpaid (or “organic”) search results.  Continue reading to learn more about what is it and how you … Read more

When Is The Best Time To Start Affiliate Marketing On A Blog?

when is the best time to start affiliate marketing on a blog

Quick Answer: You can monetize your blog via affiliate marketing as soon as you want, though it is recommended you have at least 30 blog posts before applying to affiliate programs to maximise your chance of getting approved. So you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re starting to gain a following. And you’re wondering … Read more

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing If You’re Under 18?

can you do affiliate marketing if you are under 18

Quick Answer: 100% Yes You Can! If you’re under 18 and you want to profit from affiliate marketing, there is nothing stopping you. Start our free actionable training now to earn commissions in record time. The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for people of all ages, and that includes students, … Read more

What’s The Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing In 2023 And Beyond?

what is the best niche for affiliate marketing

Quick Answer: The 3 best niches for affiliate marketing are health and wellness, wealth and home and garden as they each have huge audiences and a ton of relevant products you can promote. Ultimately, the best niche for you is the one you have enough interest in to stick it out. If you’re looking for … Read more

How To Find Out How Many Clicks A Website Gets? (Easiest Way)

How To Find Out How Many Clicks A Website Gets

Want to see how many clicks your website gets? Or maybe you are just wondering how many people are clicking through to your competitor’s websites? Check out these tools that will help you track website clicks and traffic.  This information will help you determine what’s working on your website and what could use some improvement. … Read more

11 Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing [Expert Picks]

best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing

Quick Answer: GeneratePress is the single best WordPress theme for affiliate marketers because it’s lightning fast, super easy to use, comes with a ton of customisation options and the support team is an absolute God-send. There are a lot of important decisions to make when you become an affiliate marketer like What affiliate niche to … Read more

Push Notification Affiliate Programs: 7 Best Options In 2023

Best Push Notification Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking for the best push notification affiliate programs you’ve landed at the right spot because we’ve researched every push notification affiliate program going to give you only the very best. Follow the Commission Academy method to promote these affiliate programs and you’ll be generating daily commissions in no time. Let’s go! 7 Best Push … Read more

5 Best Affiliate Network Affiliate Programs You Can Use In 2023 

best affiliate network affiliate programs

Knowing what affiliate network affiliate programs to promote is key. That’s why we’ve whittled out the timewasters to give you the very best affiliate network affiliate programs for and beyond that you can start promoting anytime. And if you follow the simple 4-step strategy we teach in the free Commission Academy training then you’ll be … Read more

11 Best Photo Editing Affiliate Programs

best photo editing affiliate programs

You’re wanting to promote photo editing affiliate programs but you’re not sure which ones offer the highest commissions? Let us help you out. We’ve already invested the time to research the best photo editing affiliate programs available so you don’t have to. 11 Best Photo Editing Affiliate Programs 1. ACDSee ACDSee is among the most … Read more

14 Best Stock Video Affiliate Programs in 2023 (High Commissions)

best stock video affiliate programs

If you’re looking for the very best stock video affiliate programs you’re at the right place! If you’re looking for the best stock photo affiliate programs, on the other hand, tap here. Here are the 14 video affiliate programs that offer the highest commission rates and offer a quality experience to your audience, so if … Read more