How Many Websites Do You Need for Affiliate Marketing?

How Many Websites For Affiliate Marketing?

Quick Answer: There is no specific number of websites that you need for affiliate marketing, but it is better to start with one site, gain experience, do the hard work, learn from your mistakes and then move on to building one site after another. Let the experience and results guide the way. Whether you’re a … Read more

What Is Guest Posting & What Are The Benefits?

What Is Guest Posting?

Quick Answer: When influencers or affiliate marketers write & publish a post or blog on a website which belongs to someone else, it’s referred to as guest posting or guest blogging. Affiliates or influencers write on other’s websites as a guest, and brands use this content as an SEO optimisation strategy. Guest posts or guest … Read more

16 Best Bird Watching Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2023

best bird watching affiliate programs

If you blog about bird watching then you’ll love these bird watching affiliate programs. Check out our list of all the best ones we could find with everything from bird food and bird feeders to binoculars and bird baths. 16 Best Bird Watching Affiliate Programs 1. Plow and Hearth Plow and Hearth is a garden … Read more

Do You Have to Pay to Become an Affiliate?

Do You Have To Pay To Become An Affiliate?

Quick Answer: No, in most cases, you do not have to pay to become an affiliate. Affiliate networks & affiliate programs let you signup as an affiliate by filling out a simple online application form. Approval might take a few days however there is no upfront fee. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to generate … Read more

Affiliate Network vs Affiliate Program – What’s The Difference?

Affiliate Network vs Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Network is the host of multiple Affiliate Programs from different merchants or advertisers. It is essentially an online marketplace that brings together merchants looking to optimise sales and affiliates (publishers) willing to promote merchants’ products and services in exchange for sales commission. An affiliate program is the merchant’s offer for affiliate marketers inviting … Read more

15 Top Earning Ergonomics Affiliate Programs For 2023

best ergonomic affiliate programs

Want to know what the best ergonomics affiliate programs are? We did the research for you, selecting 15 of the best affiliate programs in the ergonomics niche that you can begin promoting immediately to make big bucks online. For that reason, let us not waste any more time and dive right in. 15 Best Ergonomics … Read more

6 Best Telescope Affiliate Programs For Colossal Earnings In 2023

best telescope affiliate programs

If you’re an avid stargazer you can earn big money promoting telescope affiliate programs online. The global Telescope industry is serious business. In 2019 it was worth a stratospheric 1.1 billion and that’s set to reach $1.2 billion by 2027. So as an affiliate marketer, it’s as clear as the night sky – there is a … Read more

11 Best Homebrewing Affiliate Programs In 2023 (Highest Paying)

best homebrewing affiliate programs

The global homebrewing industry is estimated to be worth at least $19 million and is only growing in popularity. Homebrewers are more than happy to spend money once you connect them with the right products or services and that’s good news for affiliate marketers like you and me if you can find the right range … Read more

Why Are My Clicks Not Converting Into Sales?

Clicks Not Converting Into Sales

Multiple factors can result in a low conversion rate, but for most affiliate marketers, an irrelevant pitch is generally the main culprit. For example, if your audience comprises of technology experts, most of your traffic will be visiting your pages to learn more about technology. So if you were to promote something irrelevant to them, … Read more