3 Best Skydiving Affiliate Programs For Sky-High Commissions

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If you’re running a sports-related website or have an audience of adrenaline junkies and looking for the best skydiving affiliate programs to make more money in 2022 and beyond, this post is for you.

I’m going to show you the best skydiving affiliate programs out there you can use to make money.

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First Off, What Is An Affiliate Program Exactly?

Affiliate programs are where online stores (big and small) give aspiring affiliates like you and I the ability to promote their products online in return for a commission. There are 10,000s of affiliate programs out there and the vast majority of them are completely free to join.

If you’re smart enough, you can literally make thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of genuine skydiving affiliate websites that you can use to start earning money as a sports affiliate.

Are you ready?

Then let’s “dive” into the details. 🛫🪂

3 Best Skydiving Affiliate Programs

  1. Skydive Croatia
  2. Jump This
  3. Amazon

1. Skydive Croatia

Skydive Croatia is a Zagreb-based business that brings together a staff of highly experienced skydiving instructors that have worked for a wide variety of well-known skydiving clubs, organizations, drop zones and brands. 

It was made so that the best skydiving instructors in the area could work together under a single, easy-to-recognize brand and company that could serve customers in several cities in Croatia and the countries around it.

To ensure people get the most out of their first jump, they pool all of their expertise and knowledge. Their business depends on their ability to keep up with the skydiving industry, which is always changing to adapt to new safety standards, policies, and laws.

Skydiving instructors are carefully chosen based on their knowledge, skill, and willingness to keep learning so that they can keep their clients safe and give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All of the instructors have current USPA (United States Parachute Association) skydive licenses and ratings, as well as Croatian national licenses and ratings and manufacturer licenses and approval to use their skydiving equipment, which they are very proud of.

Since Skydive Croatia is open all year, customers can set up their first tandem skydive whenever it works for them. If the weather cooperates, they can continue working all through the winter.

Once a person has successfully booked their tandem skydive or bought a valid gift voucher, the following steps will be taken. After reserving a tandem skydiving date, the user’s information will be added to Skydive Croatia’s system a day or two before the jump.

The company will call them to confirm their attendance and go over any last-minute details, such as the exact location of the skydive, the place where they will be picked up, the time they need to be at the jump site, and any changes that need to be made because of weather or other factors.

Users have two ways to get there, and one of them depends on where they are skydiving. They can either drive themselves to the drop zone or use the Skydive Croatia pickup service, which is very convenient.

When clients arrive at the drop zone, they will be met by a member of the Skydive Croatia staff, who will introduce them to the instructors and help them fill out the brief paperwork and waivers required for the jump.

The instructor will assist users in getting ready for the jump about 20 minutes before they board the plane. They must put on the tandem system, which will safely connect them to the instructor and tandem parachute; find the right size skydiving suits (if necessary), and find the right skydiving goggles.

If users have selected and paid for one of their video services, Skydiving Croatia will email them a download link a few days after their skydive so that they may access their video and photos.

The Skydive Croatia affiliate program is good for webmasters, bloggers, and people with a lot of followers on social media. It gives you a great chance to make more money by working with them and putting their advertising banners on your websites or social media pages.

They give a 10% commission to all affiliates based on the actual price of a tandem skydive.

When people click on the banner you’ve placed on your website or chosen content, they’ll be taken to their website. By clicking this link, you may see how many of your referrals have booked a skydive with Skydive Croatia.

If the visitor clicks the link, a cookie will be placed on their computer or mobile device and remain there for 7 days. For the referral to work, the user must book the skydive or buy a gift voucher within 7 days of clicking on your link or seeing your banner.

Your bank account will be credited after each successful sale. Earnings from affiliate marketing can be put toward your own tandem skydive, either immediately or after you’ve saved enough money to pay for it.

URL: Skydive Croatia Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: After every successful sale 

Cookie Duration: 7 days

2. Jump This

Jump This is a UK-based provider of outdoor services. They offer skydiving and bungee jumping in 21 of the best places in the UK and Ireland. This has made them a big name in these extreme sports.

They believe that life should be lived with a sense of humor and that there is always room for relaxation and refreshment. The 25 years they’ve spent working in the field have made them professionals at what they do.

They started in 1998, and their entire team has been working nonstop ever since to expand the Jump This network so that as many people as possible can enjoy the thrill of their adventures.

Tandem skydiving and bungee jumping are already thrilling activities, but now people can get in on the action with special packages for stag and hen parties, corporate events, and even birthdays.

All of their clients are assured to have a thrilling and exciting time with them. They also take precautions to ensure the safety of their clients.

They take great pride in being the industry standard and claim to have served hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Customers may rest certain that their bungee jumping and skydiving adventures are in safe hands with these professionals.

Cities like London, Birmingham, Windsor, Cambridge, Bedford, Brighton, Peterborough, Salisbury, and so on are among their many venues. Vouchers can be redeemed for a variety of experiences, such as an indoor skydive, a tandem skydive, a bungee jump, etc. Their gift cards come with free delivery and have a 12-month expiration date.

Jump Affiliates who share the program’s enthusiasm for adventure, the outdoors, and sports can earn commissions by referring others to the site. 

You can make more money from your website by partnering with their brands through their affiliate program. You can do this while giving your audience useful content.

When you sign up for their program, they’ll give you bespoke banners and links to direct customers to their site to make reservations. They’ll also keep tabs on all the inquiries, and when a booking is made through you, you’ll get a commission.

Each affiliate is given access to a personal dashboard where they can monitor their clicks, sales, and earnings in real-time.

URL: Jump This Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: 3 days after the booking date

Cookie Duration: Unknown

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3. Amazon

Amazon is an online store where you can find anything from books to electronics or outdoor products. It has been in business since 1994, when founder Jeff Bezos started selling books online. Amazon is the biggest online store in the world, with millions of customers shopping there every day.

The company sells almost everything under the sun—including skydiving gear. Skydiving enthusiasts can buy gear from Amazon to help them get into the air, including parachutes and harnesses. The company also sells safety equipment like goggles and helmets, as well as accessories like emergency kits or emergency radios.

The main reason people use this site is because of its huge selection. They have a lot of suppliers that are willing to provide good-quality items at cheap prices.

Another reason people like Amazon is because of its customer service. They are very friendly and helpful when it comes to queries related to their products and services.

The Amazon affiliate program offers affiliates the opportunity to promote their skydiving products, they provide all kinds of equipment and accessories for skydiving such as parachutes, wingsuits, helmets, etc.

Amazon offers both standard and special discounts on skydiving gear through its affiliate program. Affiliates receive a commission when they sell products through their link on Amazon.com after clicking through from their website or blog post about sky diving (the link must be clicked from within the body of content). 

We suggest that you use organic SEO techniques so that people can easily find your page by typing “skydiving” into Google’s search bar. 

If you want to make money by promoting a product related to this sport, then Amazon is a perfect choice, as it offers an affiliate program for every kind of product related to skydiving.

URL: Amazon Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

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