9 Best Telemarketing Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying)

Best Telemarketing Affiliate Programs

In 2022, the estimated market size measured by revenue of the United States Telemarketing and Call Centers was $27.2 billion. The annualized market size growth between 2017-2022 of the United States Telemarketing and Call Centers has grown by 1.6% per year and it is expected to increase by 1.9% in 2022. As an affiliate marketer, … Read more

Can You Become a Millionaire From Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Millionaire

A common trend we’ve noticed when people look to start an online business is that they do it because they want to become a millionaire. But can you actually make a million with affiliate marketing? In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at exactly that & we’re going to look at the … Read more

Are Digital Products Better For Affiliate Marketing? We Uncover The Truth

Digital Products VS Physical Products

As an affiliate, you’ll hear people claiming that digital products are better for affiliate marketing because they (typically) offer higher commission rates. But is it really true? Are digital products really better for affiliate marketing? And if they are, should you only promote digital products? Well, the good news is that those are precisely the … Read more

Who Are The Top Amazon Affiliate Earners? (+ Website Examples)

Top Amazon Affiliate Earners

Amazon Associates is typically the first-choice affiliate program for many new affiliate marketers & it’s also the one we recommend getting started with first, too. But as a new Amazon affiliate, there are likely many questions whizzing around in your mind, for example; How much can you earn as an Amazon affiliate? Who are the … Read more

15 Best Laundry Affiliate Programs (Products, Services & Appliances)

Best Laundry Affiliate Programs

Laundry is more than just washing clothes and other fabrics. It also includes their drying and ironing.  There are millions of people who do laundry every single day, and with this number of potential customers, it’s clear that there are a lot of opportunities for affiliate marketers who are interested in taking advantage of these … Read more

What Is MunchEye? (& How Can You Make Money With It?)

What Is MunchEye?

If you’ve begun your affiliate marketing journey or started researching how to get started then MunchEye is a website that you’ve likely stumbled across. It refers to itself as “the eye of IM launches” but of course, that doesn’t really give much away. So what exactly is MunchEye? And more importantly, can you make money … Read more

What Is The ClickBank Platinum Award? The Platinum Program Explained

ClickBank Platinum Award

If you’ve been binging on affiliate marketing videos then there’s a high chance that at some point you’ll have likely come across the ClickBank platinum award. Many affiliate marketers who promote products through ClickBank showcase this award in their videos as a way to highlight their success. But what exactly is the ClickBank platinum award? … Read more