Can Guys Make Money Selling Feet Pics? You Might Be Surprised

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As I’ve been researching online money-making methods besides affiliate marketing, I recently stumbled across the concept of selling feet pics online.

Primarily, this is a concept in which women sell feet pictures & men pay for them… But I began wondering, can guys make money selling feet pics?

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I have no interest in doing this myself (LOL) as I’m very happy earning with affiliate marketing, but for the sake of curiosity, I decided to find out the answer once & for all.

So if you’ve been wondering the same thing, you can rest assured you’re in the right place to find out.

Can Guys Sell Pics of Feet?

Yes, guys can definitely sell pics of feet & there are plenty of places they can do it such as OnlyFans, InstaFeet & Feet Finder.

Despite it being a market primarily dominated by women, it’s certainly still possible for guys to sell pics of feet & the reason I know that is because I recently wrote this guide to selling feet pics online.

But given that it’s difficult enough for women, who have a larger audience of buyers (based on search volumes) to make money by selling feet pics, the chances of making money as a guy selling feet pics are slim to none.

So put the camera away, put your shoes back on, and try something like affiliate marketing instead.

For those determined to become part of the 1%, though, let’s take a look at the actual earnings they could potentially achieve if they manage to catch their big break as a foot pic seller.

How Much Can a Guy Make Selling Feet Pics?

I’ll start out by stressing once again that the average guy selling feet pics will struggle to make any money at all, unless he has an extraordinarly huge following.

But, there are indeed some guys out there making money selling feet pics (albeit few & far between).

The highest claimed-income figure I’ve been able to find from a guy selling feet pics was $4,000 per month, as reported by Republic World.

But there’s a reason that story is featured on the news, though, and that’s because it’s incredibly rare.

So, as opposed to seeing that as an opportunity to be able to earn, you should more see that as reality check as to how uncommon it is for guys to make money selling feet pics.

Even most women, who have a much larger audience of buyers (according to search volume data), struggle to earn money by selling feet pics.

Therefore, to answer the question, how much can a guy make selling feet pics, the numbers would probably look something like this:

  • 97% of guys: $0
  • 2% of guys: <$1,000
  • 1% of guys: <$4,000

So I wouldn’t give up the day job, just yet. Instead, as I mentioned a little further above, I’d recommend at looking into becoming an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate there’s no need to take pictures of your feet. You can simply connect people with the products or services they’re looking for & earn commissions for successful sales instead.

Where Can Guys Sell Feet Pics?

To sell feet pics safely you should stick to legitimate marketplaces like OnlyFans, InstaFeet & FeetFinder.

Of course, I can’t vouch for those platforms personally as I’ve never personally ventured in the world of selling feet pics but based on popularity, those seem to be the go-to platforms.

Remember, though, listing feet pics for sale doesn’t mean that you’ll start earning money. You’ll still need to promote account to generate sales.

As you can imagine, that’s always the part people find most difficult.

For example, you see lots of people getting excited when they hear how much the average person can earn on OnlyFans… But it still doesn’t come without hard work.

Taking the pictures themselves only takes a few minutes but marketing your account to generate sales will take up hours of your time.

So don’t be fooled by the thought of it being “easy money” because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

That brings me nicely to the next point.

Are Feet Pics Easy Money?

Absolutly not. In fact, given the competitiveness of the foot pic marketplace, selling feet pics is probably one of the most difficult ways to make money online.

Sure, taking pictures of your feet is easy. But what about promoting them?

Even trying to build up a following on social media with “normal” content can be difficult, let alone trying to build up a following to such a niche interest.

The other issue is that it’s also not really a method for making money that can ever provide you with passive income, because you’ll constantly need to be creating new content & growing your audience.

Whereas other methods, like affiliate marketing for example, can become passive over time giving you much more freedom in the long run.

A Better Alternative

The harsh reality is that selling feet pics is just a pipe dream. The average person will struggle to make any money at all by selling feet pics.

It’s certainly an attractive idea, the thought of being able to make money by simply taking pictures of your feet & posting them online but if it was so simple, everybody would be doing it.

And guess what? They’re not. They’re doing affiliate marketing instead.

That’s because affiliate marketing is without doubt the best business model for earning money on the side & as more people are finding out about it it’s becoming hugely popular.

So don’t waste time or effort trying to flog pics of your feet on the internet.

Take our free step-by-step affiliate marketing course instead & learn how you can earn money by connecting people with the products or services they’re looking for.

But whatever you do, I hope that this post was insightful for you & if you happen to have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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