18 Best Travel Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Travel & Earn As a Travel Blogger)

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Making money online has never been easier for travel bloggers.

Because there is so much terrain to cover, new destinations will need exposure through countless promotional mediums (such as blogs, social media, etc)… And as the sheer number of wonderful places continuously emerge, the online community will always welcome information from firsthand experiences.

Did you know that you can monetize sharing information and experiences from your travel exploits?

Well, not all income-generating websites have highly competitive rates but below you will find only the best travel affiliate programs to arm with you the products you can promote to create a steady income stream for yourself.

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Why Choose The Travel Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Choosing an affiliate marketing niche can be as complicated as being overloaded with too much information or as simple as narrowing down your interests.

Since you’re already here, you’re probably an avid traveller, and you have chosen to share and monetize your globetrotting experiences. If you have yet to decide whether to get into a travel niche, consider the following reasons.

You can certainly make lots of money in the travel niche. People like to travel, and the tons of information you can provide will certainly help others accomplish their travel goals. A successful travel blog will entice people to travel and help you earn commissions from travel products and service providers.

The travel niche in itself encompasses a myriad of sub-niches, such as architectural heritage tourism, voluntourism, food tourism, mountaineering, scuba diving, and surfing.

While travelling is already a hobby, an exact reason for travelling will tailor your goals and gather a specific group of people from the market.

Simply put, whatever travel-related hobbies you want to pursue, there will always be a market for you.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs of 2024

The internet is so diluted with travel-related affiliate programs. You can find thousands of websites to feature your travel experiences, but only a few hundred have a reputation for helping your blogs gain some traction.

In addition, travel affiliate programs vary in their parent company’s products and services. We can narrow the list down to 18 programs to help your search less tedious. No matter the path you choose to take, the following list showcases the best travel affiliate programs you can work with online today.

Expedia Group Affiliate Program

Expedia Website Screenshot

Expedia is a large online company with a vast network of multinational companies under its umbrella. It has a wide selection of products ranging from vacation rentals, packages, flights, cruises, hotels, attractions, and activities. They also partner with other companies like Vrbo, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Ebookers.

Using the Expedia Affiliate Program, you can earn competitive commissions from 2% to 6% through your travel blogs. Since Expedia gives you access to its expansive product inventory, you can get your website to drive conversions using the program’s centralized, customizable tools. These tools enable you to create banners that match your website, make tracking links for easy routing, and inspire exploration with widgets.

A drawback with Expedia is its short cookie duration of seven days. Nevertheless, the program allows around 80 bucks of earnings for clicks accumulated in seven days. This earnings-per-click (EPC) metric shows that the website can produce plenty of affiliate income.

Agoda Partner Program

Agoda Website Screenshot

Like Expedia, Agoda offers a wide range of travel products, including hotels, homes, private stays, flights, and leisure activities. It covers the most stunning places and showcases the many activities a traveller can do in such destinations. Furthermore, its offerings vary for all traveller types, including solo, family, small-group, leisure, and business travellers.

Unlike other travel affiliate programs, the Agoda Partner Program focuses on travel bloggers instead of social media influencers. It enables you to monetize the traffic on your website using its free-to-use tools, multilingual platform, and easy platform setup. Moreover, it has higher commission rates of 7% and a substantial cookie duration of 30 days.

However, the program requires a stand-alone traffic-generating website. As a result, any applicant should be a bonafide travel blogger with creative content to entice travel-service-seeking individuals.

Kayak Affiliate Network

Kayak Website Screenshot

Like Expedia, Kayak is a mother company to several other large brands in the travel industry, including HotelsCombined, Momondo, and Cheapflights. Consequently, the Kayak Affiliate Network effectively functions for its affiliates. This network can give you access to several travel affiliate programs with just a single enlistment.

A constant 50 percent commission from its programs seems enticing, and the cookie lifetime for its generated traffic is set at 30 days. However, a drawback of getting commissions from Kayak is you need to earn a minimum of $500 to get a payout.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner Website Screenshot

If you’re looking to promote the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals, the Skyscanner Affiliate Program is another wide-reaching platform for you. It delivers access to over a thousand travel providers using 35 languages across 60 major destinations.

Like Agoda, Skyscanner keeps cookies from clicks for 30 days. However, the company pays a commission on exits from their website to partner sites. Affiliates will receive a 50 percent revenue share from traffic sent to partner websites.

Travala Affiliate Partner Program

Travala Website Screenshot

Joining the Travala Affiliate Partner Program means directing online traffic to acquire bookings for accommodations, including hotels, vacation rentals, villas, and resorts. Travala offers more than two million options for accommodations, and the company even supplies sources of flights and destination activities.

For every successful booking from traffic sent to the website, a Travala Partner earns a 5% commission from the cost of each product. The good thing with Travala is that any traffic from your website will have a 90-day cookie window for receiving commissions.

Booking.com Partner Program

Booking.com Website Screenshot

Being one of the most popular travel comparison websites on the web, Booking.com seamlessly connects millions of travellers with memorable experiences. It offers a wide range of bookings for accommodations, flights, attractions, and land transportation.

Compared to other websites, Booking.com’s strength lies within its relationship with its partners, effectively removing substantial booking fees. Due to the brand strength and product scale, the Booking.com Partner Program sits among the most popular platforms for travel affiliates.

The program offers variable commission rates depending on the number of successful bookings your website can generate in a month. For 50 bookings or less, you will receive a commission that is 25 percent of what Booking.com receives from property owners. Your commissions from Booking.com will increase in 5% increments when you generate 51-150, 151-500, and 501 or more bookings per month, respectively.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Tripadvisor Website Screenshot

If you want online traffic to gain access to more reviews related to your travel blogs, you might want to enlist in the Tripadvisor Affiliate Program. While it offers a 50% commission on successful bookings with accommodations partners, you can earn without successful bookings. As long as you send clicks to Tripadvisor and those clicks land onto hotel booking partners, you will also gain some earnings per click.

However, income generation through the 50 percent payout is only for accommodation bookings. Tripadvisor does not offer commissions on tourist attractions, flights, restaurants, or vacation rentals.

Hotels.com Affiliate Program

Hotels.com Website Screenshot

Hotels.com features a vast portfolio of more than a million destination properties across 200 countries. You may send traffic to this website by promoting a luxury resort or a modest B-and-B, and you can end up earning 4% from successful bookings using an EPC of seven days.

However, the Hotels.com Affiliate Program courses many of its affiliates through third-party marketing providers, such as Commission Junction, DCM Network, and Affiliate Window. As a result, this program is not as accessible as those from other brands.

Hostelworld Affiliate Program

Hostelworld Website Screenshot

Unlike the broad range of travel products Agoda, Expedia, and Booking.com, hostels and travel experiences are the focus of Hostelworld. Nevertheless, Hostelworld is also a large travel booking platform, and it offers the Hostelworld Affiliate Program for travel bloggers.

Travel affiliates can earn as much as 40% of the deposits for bookings made within 30 days of the first click through this platform. The program bases the percentage of an affiliate’s commissions on a Cost Per Action (CPA) model.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Network

Travelpayouts Website Screenshot

Compared to individual affiliate programs offered by specific brands, Travelpayouts is an affiliate network, which means it offers various travel affiliate programs on one website. It encompasses flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, activities, and insurance packages, all in one place.

Travelpayouts is a CPA affiliate marketing domain, which means the platform is all about generating leads. As such, affiliate commissions and cookie lifetimes vary depending on the transactions.

Viator Partner Program

Viator Website Screenshot

For many travel enthusiasts, their focus is all about attractions, things to do, and incomparable experiences. With Viator, you can access events and be physically present on the dot. Joining the Viator Partner Program means earning commissions on unique things to do in specific destinations.

For each successful booking from traffic generated from your website, you can earn an 8% commission. Plus, the cookie lifetime of clicks can stay up to 30 days.

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Klook Affiliate Program

Klook Website Screenshot

Like Viator, Klook is a leading provider of services for finding things to do in numerous destinations around the globe. However, it also provides bookings for land transportation and places to stay.

Joining the Klook Affiliate Program means discussing your business and listings with a Klook representative. After some deliberation, you can expect to get into a commission fee agreement in the range of 15 to 25 percent.

GetYourGuide Partner Program

GetYourGuide Website Screenshot

While GetYourGuide is a travel agency, it can help you make the most of your next trip with its vast online marketplace for tour guides and excursions. In a way, it is similar to Tripadvisor since it provides thousands of resources for various travel-related activities.

Cookie lifetime and commissions through the GetYourGuide Partner Program are the same as those with Viator.

G Adventures Affiliate Program

G Adventures Website Screenshot

If you are an adventure travel blogger, the G Adventures Affiliate Program might be just what you need. Since G Adventures is a leading promoter of small group travels, it narrows down its target market to a more specific niche. Since most adventure travels are once-in-a-lifetime trips, small group bookings usually come at premium prices.

G Adventures rewards a 6% commission to affiliates for all confirmed sales, with an average order value of 2,600 US dollars. This company also allows 90-day cookies to aid conversions from directed traffic. Like Hotels.com, G Adventures uses Commission Junction to track and attribute each transaction.

Take Walks Affiliate Program

Take Walks Website Screenshot

Take Walks is similar to G Adventures in the sense that it focuses on tour booking services for small groups of travellers. However, instead of adventures in the great outdoors, Take Walks focuses on touring the world’s most popular city destinations.

While its bookings aren’t necessarily cheap, commissions through the Take Walks Affiliate Program can reach a whopping 15% per booking. However, there is no accurate cookie lifetime for generated traffic to the site.

Plum Guide Affiliate Program

Plumb Guide Website Screenshot

Plum Guide is another unique travel brand with a very specific niche. Instead of marketing millions of variable-type accommodations for travellers, it offers bookings for the world’s finest homes.

While bookings on this website are not cheap, there is a large market for its niche. Travel affiliates joining the Plum Guide Affiliate Program earn 7% on every sale. Additionally, successful bookings convert from traffic up to a cookie period of 90 days.

Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

Lonely Planet Website Screenshot

Whereas many affiliate programs offer travel bookings for destinations and travel plans, Lonely Planet is a vast resource of travel books, eBooks, and guides. Being a travel blogger, you can provide your readers with more information about Lonely Planet products.

The Lonely Planet Affiliate Program provides a high average conversion rate of 12% for travel guides. In addition, travel affiliates can gain 15% of transaction fees for every printed or online material sold.

Boatbookings Charter Yacht Partner and Affiliate Program

Boatbookings Website Screenshot

If you are passionate about yachts and boats, Boatbookings is an excellent niche brand for you. With them, you can experience trending charter destinations and share your experiences while earning money.

If you just want to generate income without spending too much, Boatbookings honours client introductions through the Boatbookings Charter Yacht Affiliate Program. This program offers up to 10% in commissions for referrals, with cookies lasting up to 30 days.

Travel Equipment Niche

While many travel brands focus on destinations, accommodations, activities, and guides, some specialize in travel equipment. Travel bloggers who like to talk about specific items required for travelling can earn using their affiliate platforms.

Here are some examples:

Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associates Website Screenshot

Since Amazon is the world’s largest one-stop marketplace for all things under the sun, it also has a sheer size of listings for travel-related products. From luggage and electronics to apparel, Amazon has it all. The Amazon Associates Program enables travel affiliates to gain commissions from product sales referrals.

However, Amazon is not so generous with commissions. Affiliate earnings vary depending on the products, and cookie retention is only up to 24 hours. Nevertheless, generating traffic to Amazon is one of the most popular and biggest affiliate programs out there.

Osprey Affiliate Program

Osprey Website Screenshot

If you want to promote quality travel gear, Osprey is one of your go-to brands. The Osprey Affiliate Program offers an 8% base commission, and cookies stay on their website for up to 30 days.

REI Affiliate Program

REI Website Screenshot

Recreational Equipment Incorporated is another venue for travel affiliates to promote outdoor and travel gear. With the REI Affiliate Program, affiliates can earn as much as 5% for every sale, given the purchase occurs within a 15-day cookie window.

Travel Insurance Niche

Another sub-niche within the travel industry is travel insurance sales, and many travellers pay well to ensure travel safety. The following list contains some travel affiliate programs offered by some of the most prominent travel insurance providers:

Earning While You Travel Is Possible

As you can see, there is no scarcity of travel affiliate programs for generating income while you enjoy your travels. However, launching a travel blog does not necessarily equate to passive income.

You need to learn how to be an affiliate marketer, and you need to give it some time and effort.

Build your travel website into something interesting, but don’t forget to incorporate keyword-researched strategies so you can compete with the already-established travel bloggers.

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