16 Best Fishing Affiliate Programs For 2024 (To Catch Big Commissions)

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Fishing has increasingly become a popular hobby and skill, especially for those who enjoy countless hours in the great outdoors. With its popularity, the fishing niche has a large potential for becoming a lucrative endeavour.

With the best fishing affiliate programs on offer online, you can take your passion for fishing as your affiliate marketing niche and turn it into a lucrative online income.

If you’re an avid angler learning the ropes of becoming an affiliate marketer, you have come to the right place.

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Monetizing Recreational and Sport Fishing

While the fishing industry primarily refers to the economic activity of growing, catching, processing, and transporting fish, it also encompasses recreational and sport fishing. Industrial fishing involves large boats and heavy equipment, whereas the fishing sport and hobby pertain to personal gear and skills.

If you have been practising recreational or sport fishing, you would know that a lot of money goes into purchasing fishing equipment. To be a fishing affiliate marketer means sharing in the profits of online fishing product retailers. No matter your audience’s method or style of fishing, you can always generate income from the purchases they make online.

All you have to do is diversify your fishing product promotions by enlisting in the top fishing affiliate programs that are already up for grabs.

Best Fishing Affiliate Programs of 2024

There are many fishing affiliate programs available online, but not all of them provide the best sources of commissions. Additionally, some programs are unique since they offer entirely different product inventories than others. The trick to choosing the right program for a worthwhile setup is to align your options with your specific fishing passions.

Fishing Gear

First and foremost in fishing affiliate programs is the fishing gear category. With these programs, you will be promoting much of the primary equipment used in all types and styles of fishing.

Pro Tackle Solutions

Pro Tackle Solutions Website Screenshot

Your audiences can find fishing rods, lines, reels, baits, apparel, and many other fishing accessories on Pro Tackle Solutions. This company ships to over 185 countries, which means you can reach a larger audience.

Before directing your readers there, be sure to apply for the Pro Tackle Solutions Affiliate Program and make sure you have an affiliate disclosure as doing so ensures that every purchase directed from your blog secures a commission of 8 percent for you. This affiliate program keeps your traffic cookies for 30 days.

Epic Fly Rods

Epic Fly Rods Website Screenshot

Initially known as the Swift Fly Fishing Company, Epic Fly Rods deals in fishing rods, kits, blanks, reels, lines, flies, and related accessories. Today, it is a trusted brand by hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn from promoting their products by joining the Epic Fly Fishing Affiliate Program. It offers a standard commission rate of 10 percent from sales made to customers who click your links within 60 days of their purchase.

However, we like that any purchase made after the 60-day cookie period still generates commission in the form of store credit.


Piscifun Website Screenshot

Piscifun products include spinning fishing reels, bait casters, fly reels, rods, and fishing lines. Since it is a relatively new company, it offers highly competitive affiliate commissions and an extended 2-month cookie lifespan.

Online marketers can join the Piscifun Affiliate Program and earn commissions between 13 and 16 percent of total product sales.

Okuma Fishing

Okuma Fishing Website Screenshot

Okuma Fishing is one of the best manufacturers of quality fishing reels and rods for all fishing types and styles in the Asian market. ShareASale manages Okuma Fishing’s affiliate program and offers a 5% commission within a 30-day lifespan.

Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box Website Screenshot

The Lucky Tackle Box provides a unique approach to learning the different fishing lures and eventually catching more fish. Unlike other fishing gear brands, each Lucky Tackle Box comes to your doorstep monthly, containing seasonal-themed baits, lures, tackle, and accessories. To put it simply, buying into the company requires a monthly subscription.

Online partners enlisting in the Lucky Tackle Box Affiliate Program will earn a fixed commission of 6.50 dollars for each referred subscription.


Rapala Website Screenshot

Since 1936, Rapala has been the fishing world’s favourite fishing lure brand. However, its inventory includes knives, tools, and accessories that anglers from 140 countries trust up to this day. FlexOffers handles Rapala’s affiliate program for all its commissionable fishing gear.

Commissions can go as high as 6% for each purchase from generated traffic, and the cookies last for 30 days.

Fishing Apparel

Another category under the fishing affiliate programs list focuses on apparel a hobbyist can equip themselves with while fishing. Since fishing involves the great outdoors, you might also need to promote all-weather and UV-protective clothing.

Hook and Tackle

Hook And Tackle Website Screenshot

Although it carries the hook and tackle in its name, it does not sell fishing rods, lines, hooks, and bait. Instead, it manufactures performance fishing shirts, apparel, and protective accessories.

If you want to promote practical fashion for fishing, the Hook and Tackle Affiliates Program offers 8% in commissions for click-through sales. Like Pro Tackle Solutions, this website retains its cookies for a month.

SA Fishing Co.

SA Fishing Website Screenshot

SA Fishing is a large fishing apparel supplier for men, women, and kids. Its products include protective clothing, headwear, eyewear, and gloves.

This company shares its profits through the SA Brand Ambassador Program. It offers a commission of 10% on all sales, and it retains cookie information for a 30-day duration.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear Website Screenshot

Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors will have stumbled upon quality outdoor apparel from Columbia Sportswear. This company has an entire department for performance fishing gear, and it has a plethora of offerings for men, women, and children.

Every Columbia Sportswear Affiliate Program member can earn up to 8% commissions for sales referred through their websites. However, Columbia reserves a 21-day lifespan for all traffic cookies.

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Combo Retailers

You don’t have to stick to companies that only sell a specific set of products to earn income. Some options effectively function as one-stop shops for recreational fishing, and here are some examples.

Maxcatch Fishing

Maxcatch Fishing Website Screenshot

At Maxcatch Fishing, you can find all the fishing gear you could need, except for boats. They offer fishing tools, accessories, and apparel, and all their products are linkable through their affiliate program.

Enlisting in the Maxcatch Fishing Affiliate Program provides partners with a 5% commission on successful referred purchases. It is lower than the commissions available from other programs, and the cookie window for purchases is unclear.

Fishing Tackle and Bait

Fishing Tackle And Bait Website Screenshot

Like Maxcatch Fishing, Fishing Tackle and Bait is an online angling warehouse with an inventory containing almost all things fishing-related. Furthermore, it offers online marketers the Fishing Tackle and Bait Affiliate Program. It provides commissions of 5% for each purchase made within the 30-day window.

Trident Fly Fishing

Trident Fly Fishing Website Screenshot

Trident Fly Fishing is an online combo retailer, but its products comprise fly-fishing-related equipment. It offers fly rods, fly reels, lines, leaders, tippets, wading gear, flies, and fly tying accessories. It also sells fishing packs, bags, vests, and clothing.

Being a Trident Fly Fishing affiliate is pretty rewarding, as the program offers a commission of 10% on all sales. In addition, the program features an insane cookie life of 60 days.


Tackle Direct Website Screenshot

TackleDirect tags itself as the world’s premier fishing outfitter and has a vast product inventory containing over 50,000 unique fishing products from top manufacturers.

Its inventory includes marine electronics, boat components, safety and survival gear, trolling equipment, and trailering equipment. Additionally, it subdivides its other products into saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing tools, and it even has a whole department for apparel.

TackleDirect’s Affiliate Program offers up to 6% commission rates but does not disclose its cookie lifetime.

Other Combo Retailers Offering Affiliate Programs

If you need to promote more retailers offering combo deals, we haven’t quite covered everything available on the internet. Nevertheless, we have already listed the top-grossing fishing affiliate programs. Use the following companies for your other listings if the list above is insufficient.

Fishing Destinations

Promoting fishing charters is also another good way to generate income for your fishing blog or website. Since not all enthusiast anglers have easy access to fishing destinations, they will be looking for the best fishing sites.


FishingBooker Website Screenshot

With FishingBooker, you can link your readers to the nearest available fishing charters wherever they may be on the planet. It offers several categories for booking, such as well-known fishing sites, target species, fishing styles, and geographical location.

The FishingBooker Affiliate Program features up to 9% in commissions, and it keeps cookies for an extended 90-day duration.


Boatsetter Website Screenshot

While some anglers enjoy coastline and riverbank fishing, others prefer catching fish in open waters. For such a recreation, boats are a necessity. Boatsetter is a boat rental company that features more than 17,000 rentable boats across 600 locations.

Boatsetter affiliate marketers can earn a 30-dollar commission for every referral that results in a request for a boat rental. The last click from the affiliate’s website should be within 30 days of the introduction for Boatsetter to release the commission.

Earning Through Fishing Affiliate Programs

As long as there are fish in the wild, the best fishing affiliate programs will remain profitable. Since it is a specific niche, it is quite easy to reach out to the right audience and start generating passive income.

Nevertheless, it pays to understand how earning commissions works. With such knowledge, you can optimize your fishing blogs and websites to generate the most traffic to build your income base.

The good news is that our free affiliate marketing crash course shows you exactly how to do that.

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