7 Best Airsoft Affiliate Programs (To Shoot For Big Commissions)

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With the following 7 best airsoft affiliate programs, you can tap into an industry valued at roughly $1.75 billion.

And with these fantastic programs, you’ll also be able to recommend top-quality products that are required to enjoy airsoft, as well as their extensive inventories, making them easier to market to your audiences.

So let’s dive in & explore seven of the top-rated airsoft affiliate programs to help turn your website into an online commission-generating machine.

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1. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Website Screenshot

Bass Pro Shops is a household name when it comes to outdoor activities and sports. They are also one of the top affiliate programs you can choose due to their reputation.

They carry an assortment of airsoft gear, but the store is also an outdoorsman’s dream. You will find tools for boating, shooting, hunting, camping, fishing, and more.

For airsoft-specific items, they carry ammo, airsoft guns, and tactical gear. There is also a diverse collection of target practice equipment.

Another massive advantage of Bass Pro Shops’ inventory is that its products are more affordable than other retailers. Thanks to their competitive pricing, it will be much simpler to generate a higher number of leads.

As an affiliate, you will be signing up through Impact, the program’s platform. Affiliates can unlock plenty of great features, such as text links, banner ads, and pre-written articles. You will also be able to browse through various newsletters and gain access to management teams to help you get started.

URL: Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 5%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

2. Airgun Depot

Airgun Depot Website Screenshot

As the name suggests, Airgun Depot primarily specializes in airguns, but it also offers airsoft guns. You will find plenty of accessories, helping your readers build their first kit from scratch.

Some of the most notable brand names are carried in their online store as well, including:

  • RWS
  • Gamo
  • FX
  • Umarex
  • AirForce
  • Daisy
  • Benjamin

Shoppers will be able to sort through the airsoft equipment by their needs, making it easier to find the perfect rig. They can choose from pump guns, semi-automatics, bolt action airsoft guns, slide cocking models, and more.

Not to mention, every order benefits from a free 30-day no-hassle return policy.

As for the affiliate program, Airgun Depot helps make it easy for affiliates.

The program is run through AvantLink, ensuring you gain access to multiple marketing materials. After signing up, you will unlock promotional images, product information, and other essentials to post on your blogs and social.

With a 6% commission, it is not one of the most competitive programs available. However, their high-quality name-brand inventory is sure to convert leads.

URL: Airgun Depot Affiliate Program

Commission: 6%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Crosman

Crosman Website Screenshot

As another option for airsoft enthusiasts, Crosman has a competitive catalogue that boasts relatively reasonable prices. Aside from their diverse collection of airsoft equipment and guns, you will also find optics, archery equipment, and airguns.

Within their airsoft product lines, you will come across full kits, ammo, pistols, and even rifles.

Crosman stocks top airsoft brands, including Undead Apocalypse, Crosman Elite, Marines, and Game Face.

With these names under your wing, you’ll convert significantly more leads into sales and make a passive income with affiliate marketing.

Another huge benefit of the affiliate program with Crosman is its commission rates. Compared to other large-size retailers, this affiliate program offers a higher commission of 8%.

However, this commission is based on your sales number through your links. Also, the more sales you make, the more you can earn, with some affiliates getting up to 12% per order.

Like the other affiliate programs on this list, Crosman offers promotional materials. On the dashboard, you will find banner ads that you can embed on your site to help grab existing traffic.

URL: Crosman Affiliate Program

Commission: 8% – 12%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

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4. Airsoft Tiger 111 Hk

Airsoft Tiger 111 HK Website Screenshot

Affordability is key when it comes to recommending airsoft products to your site visitors and followers. Airsoft Tiger 111 Hk is one of the most affordable retailers you will come across online, offering reliable equipment and supplies.

On the site, customers can look at battery chargers, ammo, guns, combat gear, and even paintball guns.

What makes this brand one of the best is the number of promotions they frequently offer. Buyers will find flash deals, daily offers, and even free shipping on some items. The store also boasts worldwide shipping, helping you grab onto a significantly larger demographic.

Airsoft Tiger 111 Hk is one of the best pre-sale retailers for airsoft products. On the site, you can look at upcoming items and order them ahead of time. You’ll also love that they have one of the largest airsoft guns and related equipment selections.

As an affiliate, you will earn a base commission of 10%, but this can change depending on your referrals. The more referrals you make, the more you can earn over time.

All additional rewards will be turned into referral points, which can be redeemed for coupons or cash.

URL: Airsoft Tiger 111 Hk Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

5. Battlezone Airsoft UK

Battlezone Airsoft Website Screenshot

Working with independent retailers as an affiliate marketer can be highly beneficial. Not only will you be spreading awareness of your site but also help small businesses.

Battlezone Airsoft UK is one of the top independent airsoft guns and related equipment retailers. One of the largest advantages of their inventory is that they carry some of the hardest-to-find models online. They also have a collection of highly sought-after in-stock items that will appease your audience.

With Battlezone Airsoft UK, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re recommending the best to your readers as an added benefit. Every gun they carry has been tested in-house. With this process, they ensure every product on offer is of the highest quality.

Outside of airsoft guns, they also carry safety equipment, protective clothing, camo, gun parts, ammo, and more.

As an affiliate, you will quickly realize that marketing Battlezone Airsoft UK is simple, thanks to their exclusivity and allure. Additionally, they frequently have sales and closeout deals to help buyers get items for less.

URL: Battlezone Airsoft UK Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

6. Tactical Gears

Tactical Gears Website Screenshot

Tactical Gears’ affiliate program is run through ShareASale, a common platform for many other affiliate programs. You can have access to plenty of valuable marketing materials, such as coupons and discounts your audience will love.

They also feature a monthly affiliate newsletter, keeping you apprised of upcoming sales and deals to promote.

As a store, Tactical Gears carries an unprecedented number of products you will love to link to. They also specialize in modifications, helping airsoft lovers create a custom rig that suits their every need.

They offer everything from tactical gear and night vision goggles to training vests, headsets, and other essential accessories.

When searching for products, you can sort through the inventory by accessories, parts, apparel, or brand. There are also plenty of menu options to help you find specific types of items in their inventory.

Tactical Gears is best for customers because of their shipping, which is free throughout the United States.

It’s also important to note that the store offers worldwide shipping, although it’s not free and could require a minimum order. Regardless, you can generate more traffic through your affiliate links thanks to the extended shipping options.

URL: Tactical Gears Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

7. Andy’s Airsoft

Andy's Airsoft Website Screenshot

Andy’s Airsoft is a company owned by people who love the sport, making it a great resource for niche enthusiasts. Along with airsoft guns and equipment, they also carry unique items like airsoft launchers and grenades. With the help of their inventory, your readers can easily level up their airsoft events.

There are approximately 180 airsoft guns, 60 green gas guns, and 30 bolt and pump guns in their inventory. They also carry some of the more exclusive and luxurious items, with products reaching above $940 for true fans of the sport.

If your blog focuses more on airsoft accessories, there’s plenty to consider from Andy’s Airsoft. When browsing through their collection, you’ll find night vision goggles, gun scopes, sights, mags, and tactical vests.

One of the more unique offerings is their 3D printing service, which creates tailored gear for airsoft players to try. All you have to do is put through a print order for any modifications to receive a custom piece.

URL: Andy’s Airsoft Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

A Worthy Investment For Your Blog

Any one of these 7 best airsoft affiliate programs is sure to transform your airsoft blog into a hefty income generator by the end of the month.

With an assortment of top-tier products that you can recommend, your readers won’t have a hard time finding ideal items.

Also, each of these programs has competitive commission rates, making them worth the investment.

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