8 Best Origami Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Highest Commissions)

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Origami is a hobby that’s enjoyed by people all around the world & it can be a great affiliate niche to break into – especially since there’s low competition.

All you need to do is recommend origami-related products or services & you can earn commissions from successful sales as an affiliate marketer.

And to help you do exactly that, we’ve listed the best origami affiliate programs below.

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Best Origami Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. Origami-sop.com
  2. Paper Source
  3. Printed.com
  4. Paper House
  5. Cards and Pockets
  6. Jackson’s
  7. A Cherry on Top Crafts
  8. Ryman

1. Origami-shop.com

Origami-shop.com is a well-established online store that specializes in origami paper, books, and other accessories for origami enthusiasts. The company has been in business since 2004 and was founded by a French origami enthusiast named Nicolas Terry and has a reputation for providing premium goods and top-notch customer support.

They offer a wide variety of origami paper in different colours, sizes, and textures, including speciality papers like metallic and patterned papers. They also offer origami books, instructional DVDs, and tools like folding rulers and bone folders. Another aspect of Origami-shop’s reputation is its commitment to customer service. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products, and customers can return or exchange items within 14 days of purchase.

The company also provides detailed product descriptions and photos on its website, as well as helpful tips and tutorials for beginners. Customer reviews on the website and other online platforms are positive.

Highlights of the Origami-shop.com Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Affiliate-exclusive free sample for affiliates for honest review and opinion
  • Updated marketing materials
  • 14 days exchange policy
  • Transparent performance tracking and reporting

The downside of this affiliate program is that the payouts are credited every 6 months with 5 Euros minimum threshold.

URL: Origami-shop.com Affiliate Program

Commission:  5%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Every 6 Months via PayPal or Bank Transfer | Euro 5 Minimum Threshold

2. Paper Source

Paper Source is a well-known American retailer that specialises in stationery, gifts, and crafts supplies. They also offer custom printing services for wedding invitations, business cards, and other personalised products. This 2013 startup has grown into a successful online retailer. Paper Source is an environmentally conscious brand with most of its products made from 100% recycled material.

Paper Source partners with CJ Affiliate Network for credible third-party tracking.

Highlights of the Paper Source Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life)
  • Reliable products, 100% recycled material
  • Bonus commission for outstanding performance
  • Promotional materials, including engaging banners, links, and logo
  • Integrated with Commission Junction
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager and support team

URL: Paper Source Affiliate Program | Signup via CJ

Commission:  5%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts through Commission Junction

3. Printed.com

Printed.com is an online printing company that offers a range of print products, including business cards, flyers, banners, and brochures. In an attempt to make the most of their experience in the printing industry, Nicholas Green and Michael Bride co-founded Printed.com in 2011 with a mission to offer a user-friendly and affordable online platform for high-quality printing.

By 2014, it had become one of the UK’s leading online printing companies, offering innovative products like luxury business cards with environmentally friendly options. Grafenia acquired Printed.com in 2017 and contributed a lot to its recent expansion.

The business is still dedicated to providing top-notch printing services while reducing its environmental effect by using eco-friendly products and sustainable business methods.

Highlights of the Printed.com Affiliate Program

  • Competitive sales commissions (disclosed upon joining)
  • 45 days referral window (cookie life)
  • Reliable Performance tracking through Rakuten Advertising / LinkShare
  • Access to promotional assets, tools and customised marketing creatives
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager and support team

URL: Printed.com Affiliate Program

Commission:  Pay Per Sale Commission

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts through Rakuten Advertising / LinkShare

4. Paper House

Paper House – a 1983 startup – is a leading producer of high-quality, creative paper products such as scrapbooking paper, stickers, and other paper crafts. Paper House started as a small family-owned business, specialising in greeting cards and other paper products. However, they soon realised the growing demand for creative paper products and shifted their focus to producing high-quality, innovative designs for scrapbooking and other paper crafts.

Paper House expanded its product line to stickers, embellishments, and other accessories. The website currently ships to over 40 countries. They continue to innovate and create new designs, inspiring crafters and scrapbookers to bring their creative ideas to life.

Highlights of the Paper House Affiliate Program

  • 10% to 15% performance-based sales commission
  • $50 Average Order Value
  • Provides tutorials and reviews
  • Dedicated affiliate manager and support team
  • Access to engaging marketing creatives

URL: Paper House Affiliate Program I Signup via ShareASale

Commission:  10% to 15%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts through ShareASale

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5. Cards and Pockets

Card and Pockets is a family-owned business that specialises in cardstock, envelopes, and other paper products for DIY invitations, cards, and paper crafts. Since 2003, Cards and Pockets have grown into a popular online retailer among designers, printers, and DIY enthusiasts.

However, they soon expanded their product line to laser-cut printing, cardstock, envelopes, and other paper products in different colours, textures, and finishing. They continue to innovate and provide high-quality paper products that inspire creativity and help people bring their ideas to life.

Highlights of the Cards and Pockets Affiliate Program

  • 7.5% sales commission
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life)
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal with a $50 minimum threshold
  • Dedicated affiliate manager and support team
  • Transparent performance tracking

Cards and Pockets are revisiting its affiliate terms and conditions, and you might have to wait until they start accepting new registration. Please keep checking their affiliate page for the latest updates.

URL: (currently unavailable – please read note above)

Commission:  7.5%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal | $50 Minimum Threshold

6. Jackson’s

Jackson’s is a London-based art and supplies working since 2001. It provides a wide range of art materials to artists worldwide. Jackson’s team includes practising artists who understand that every artist has unique requirements. They regularly search for new products from top artisan makers around the world and are always open to suggestions for new additions to their inventory.

Jackson’s products are made in collaboration with its customers, and the staff works closely with trusted manufacturers to ensure product quality. Jackson’s has set up a warehouse in Adelaide making faster and more affordable delivery possible across Australia.

Highlights of the Jackson’s Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission
  • 10% discount on the first order
  • Hassle-free payouts via Bank Account or PayPal with just a ÂŁ15 minimum payout threshold
  • Access to promotional materials
  • Dedicated affiliate support team

URL: Jackson’s Affiliate Program

Commission:  5%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed`

Payment Term: Payouts Credited to Your PayPal or Bank Account | ÂŁ15 Minimum Threshold

7. A Cherry On Top Crafts

Cherry On Top Crafts is a family-owned and operated company that offers a variety of high-quality crafting supplies for various art projects. The company was established in 2013 and has since become a trusted brand among crafters at all levels. The history of Cherry on Top Crafts is rooted in the passion for traditional crafting.

The founders, a mother-daughter duo, had a shared love for all things handmade and began selling their creations on Etsy. Soon, they realised the need to expand their business and began sourcing materials for other crafters. Over time, they developed a reputation for providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Today, Cherry on Top Crafts offers crafts supplies, including paper, stamps, stencils, ink pads, and embellishments. They are particularly known for their selection of unique and hard-to-find products that can add a special touch to any crafting project. From scrapbooking to card-making, mixed media to art journaling, Cherry on Top Crafts has something for every type of crafter.

Highlights of the A Cherry On Top Crafts Affiliate Program

  • Pay Per Sale commission structure
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • 50,000 unique SKUs and updated data feed
  • Access to marketing creatives and engaging banners
  • Integrated with ShareASale
  • Dashboard for reliable performance tracking
  • Provides quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager and support team

URL: A Cherry ON top Crafts Affiliate Program | Signup via ShareASale

Commission: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts through ShareASale

8. Ryman

Since 1893, Ryman Stationery has been providing essential stationery items and expert product knowledge to customers in London and beyond. With over 120 years of experience, Ryman has become a trusted source for a comprehensive range of stationery and office supplies, including writing equipment, paper, filing solutions, printers, office furniture, and tech products. Their expanded storage range has proven to be popular with customers who want to declutter and organize their homes.

Ryman provides business accounts and unique student discounts. Ryman has more than 200 locations and an online store. Their unequalled product knowledge, range, and service, together with their commitment to supplying the very best products, make Ryman a dependable choice for all of your stationery needs.

Highlights of the Ryman Affiliate Program

  • 3% sales commission
  • 30 days referral window (cookie attribution period)
  • High conversion rates
  • Regularly updated product feed
  • Access to banners and marketing graphics
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager and support team
  • Integrated with AWIN
  • Real-time performance tracking, transparent reporting, and timely insights

URL: Ryman Affiliate Program | Signup via AWIN

Commission:  3%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts through AWIN

Earning Big As An Affiliate In The Origami Niche

After browsing through the list of affiliate programs above, you might have found yourself amazed at just how much you can earn in this affiliate niche.

Whilst it may seem like a low-cost hobby on the surface, origami enthusiasts can spend, on average, quite a lot of money on their craft.

So this means there is potential for you to earn good money as an affiliate in the origami niche.

However, finding an affiliate program is only the first step in the process. To actually make money, you need to know how to generate traffic.

Thankfully, our free affiliate marketing training shows you step-by-step how you can create traffic for any affiliate niche, including the origami niche.

So if you’d like to achieve massive success as an affiliate in this niche, we recommend you sign up for our free training before you leave.

But whatever you do, we hope that this list of origami affiliate programs has helped you out & we hope that you were able to find a program to suit your needs.

If you have any further questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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