21 Best Lead Generation Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying)

Simon is a former UK call-centre worker who has gone on to build several highly successful affiliate marketing businesses in various different niches & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. He has since relocated to Thailand & now teaches affiliate marketing to others through Commission Academy.

Lead generation affiliate programs are some of my favourite affiliate programs to promote online. Mainly because I love the high commissions and recurring commissions they generate.

So here is our list of top picks in the lead generation affiliate program space based on commission rates, conversion rates and overall product quality and value:

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21 Best Lead Generation Affiliate Programs

  1. Aweber
  2. SEMrush
  3. Shopify
  4. Sales Nexus
  5. Promo
  6. Lead power
  7. Lead pages
  8. Mailerlite
  9. Lead Advisors
  10. Leadpops
  11. Moonsend
  12. Aragon
  13. Lead Scrape
  14. Optinmonster
  15. Constant Contact
  16. Active Campaign
  17. Getresponse
  18. Builderall
  19. Sendinblue
  20. Convertkit
  21. Hubspot

1. AWeber 

AWeber is a digital marketing company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs become as successful as they hope to be. Their great products help start-ups and small business owners get more customers, find new leads, make more money, and strengthen relationships they already have.

AWeber has been around for more than 20 years, and its suite of marketing products—which includes email marketing, a landing page builder, email automation, e-commerce pages, web push notifications, and more—is both user-friendly and inexpensive. 

AWeber’s marketing software does at least 90% of the work for its customers. Also, affiliates who promote AWeber’s lead generation affiliate program can earn a standard 50% commission on all referrals made through their affiliate link. 

With your affiliate link, you can earn up to $6,000 per year when 50 people sign up for AWeber at $19.99 per month and keep their subscription active.

Affiliates of AWeber have access to an unlimited number of tools, such as articles and ads; content; newsletters; daily help and support from the team; and more.

With a cookie duration length of 12 months, this affiliate program is best for people who are passionate about digital marketing and those who are eager to help entrepreneurs succeed, as they already have AWeber’s target audience on their website.

URL: AWeber’s Affiliate Program 

Commission: 50%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 12 months

2. SEMrush 

SEMrush is a digital marketing company that helps its clients get more leads by offering SEO services.

SEMrush claims that its software has been used by over 10 million marketing professionals and 30% of Fortune 500 companies, while winning over 21 awards as the best SEO software suite. 

Their SEO software tools help businesses and users find local keywords, run technical SEO audits, track their SERP positions every day, and analyze any domain’s backlink profile.

SEMrush helps business owners get leads by giving them SEO and content marketing tools, marketing suites, market research, advertising, and social media tools. It’s basically a single interface that combines the functions of Google Trends, Moz, Hootsuite, SimilarWeb, and Moz Pro. 

Using SEMrush, their customers get access to over 22 billion keywords from over 130 countries; in-depth website audits based on 130+ checks; the ability to create and track PPC campaigns; the ability to draft, schedule, and post social media content; and so on.

With the SEMrush lead generation affiliate program, you can make up to $200 per person who signs up through your affiliate link. 

ShareASale oversees and administers its affiliate program for lead generation. For each referral that signs up, you earn $0.01 in commission and $200 per sale made through your affiliate link.

When you sign up, you will be provided with resources like landing pages, pre-made banners and links, SEMrush creatives, account managers, and more. The cookie lasts for 120 days.

URL: SEMrush Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to $200

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 120 days

3. Shopify 

Shopify helps entrepreneurs and business owners set up and run their online shops by harnessing the power of the Internet. 

Customers don’t need to know how to code to use their services because they offer a variety of templates that can be changed to include whatever marketing, social, and sales tools are needed to get leads and make a sale.

Site builders, online retail stores, e-commerce websites, domain names, themes, shopping carts, mobile commerce, dropshipping, free tools, business name generators, logo makers, and a whole lot more are just some of the many products that can be found in Shopify online stores.

You can build your brand and gain access to exclusive opportunities by becoming a member of the Shopify affiliate program, where you will earn $150 for every new user who signs up through your affiliate link.

However, you’ll not qualify for a commission if your referral starts a 14-day free trial. Impact is used by the Shopify Affiliate Program to process payments. Before you may withdraw money from Impact, there must be a $10 USD minimum balance. 

You can withdraw your commission balance and transfer it to a bank account or a PayPal account once you reach the minimum balance threshold. 

Affiliates have the option of receiving payment on a bi-weekly basis or when their balance reaches the specified threshold.

Shopify provides affiliates with webinars, automated funnels, content, lead magnets, performance insight, 24/7 customer support, and more, to help them get more referrals and make more money from them.

URL: Shopify Affiliate Program 

Commission: $150 per Sale

Payment: Bi-weekly 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Sales Nexus 

Sales Nexus is an online CRM, email marketing, and lead generation company that helps its customers make easier, faster, and more effective sales. 

They help their customers customize their business by creating emails, automating campaigns, and boosting their sales team productivity.

Customers can easily communicate with clients with their automated email and text messaging. They also offer services for building lists and getting leads, as well as automated sales and customer engagement.

Clients you send to Sales Nexus’ affiliate program, where they can get top-notch customer relationship management (CRM) software, lead generation services, and email marketing software, will pay you a commission. 

Their affiliate program is administered through Commission Junction and managed by AMWSO. For every customer sent to the Sales Nexus website from your affiliate link, you earn a $15 commission.

In order to help you bring in leads for them, they also give you support in the form of monthly newsletters, help with keywords for PPC campaigns, and high-quality content.

Sales Nexus also has affiliate programs for online CRM and email marketing. The cookie lasts for 90 days.

URL: Sales Nexus Affiliate Program 

Commission: $15

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

5. Promo 

Promo is a video advertising company with thousands of pre-made templates that can be modified with any brand’s colors, fonts, and logo.

They have taken the best features from their award-winning video maker and added access to more than 100 million high-quality images and videos from Getty Images and iStock. 

Their help in making engaging videos for marketing, social media, and product promotion can help a wide range of businesses. They claim to be the best option for giving their customers’ brands a voice. 

For example, Promo offers Facebook ads, Instagram story templates, YouTube templates, Instagram feed templates, and video makers to businesses of all sizes and types, which can aid in the goal of generating leads.

With Promo’s affiliate program for generating leads, you can earn 30% of all sales made through your unique link, plus keep tabs on your stats thanks to their 60-day cookie duration. They support regular monthly payments as well.

Affiliates can market products with the help of tools like video ads that the company provides.

URL: Promo Affiliate Program 

Commission: 30%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

6. Lead Power 

When it comes to network marketing, Lead Power is the go-to online lead generation company for personalized service. They have been providing network marketers with qualified leads for over 20 years. 

It is widely known as one of the best companies for getting new leads and is a top lead-generation company. They claim to be one of the biggest, most successful, and most well-known lead vendors, having provided leads for over 174,000 network marketers.

Customers can count on them to give them high-quality MLM and home-based business leads. They will only provide the most recent and useful leads to help build a long-lasting and successful business. 

Lead Power also gives its customers a custom user interface and an administrative hub where they can get leads and access their information at any time.

Affiliates can earn a 10% commission per lead by signing up for their program and promoting their services.

If an affiliate’s monthly commissions reach $250, payment is made on the 25th of the following month.

URL: Lead Power Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: 25th of Every month

Cookie Duration: Unknown

7. LeadPages

LeadPages is an online company that helps small businesses connect with their ideal customers and turn those connections into sales.

They do so by providing simple tools for creating websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, growing email subscriber lists, selling products and services, monitoring and optimizing performance through split testing, and more, 

When you promote LeadPages, you can earn up to 50% in commission through their affiliate program.

They handle all of the sales follow-up themselves, and they give you everything you need to bring in new customers, including a support team, promotions, free content, webinars, training videos, downloadable guides, social media posts, and email copy.

URL: Lead Pages Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 50%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

8. Mailerlite

With the help of Mailerlite’s digital marketing tools, business owners can grow their customer base and increase sales by generating more leads and attracting more customers through email marketing automation, landing pages, signup forms, and website automation.

They offer pre-made, editable web pages and newsletter templates with drag-and-drop editors that make it easy for customers to change the designs to fit their needs and the look of their brand.

When you refer customers to Mailerlite through their affiliate program, you can earn a 30% recurring commission on all purchases made through your unique referral link. 

This program is a good fit for affiliate marketers, marketing firms, bloggers, course designers, and business owners.

Payment will be made within 45 days of a claim if your current affiliate earnings are greater than $50. You will only get commission payments via PayPal.

The marketing materials, support team, and dashboard are all free, and you can even track your referrals with the help of the company.

URL: Mailerlite Affiliate Program 

Commission: 30% Recurring

Payment: Within 45 days 

Cookie Duration: 30 days 

9. Lead Advisors 

Lead Advisors is a digital marketing consultancy company located in Orange County, California. They are experts in all things related to the web, including content strategy, user experience research and mapping, website performance, search engine optimization, and more.

They also offer help with content marketing, paid advertising, user experience design, virtual assistance, search engine optimization, social media, B2B, e-commerce, and lead generation.

Affiliates can earn 20% when users sign up for the program for the first time and 10% on all subsequent sign-ups. Affiliates who bring in new business for the company are given a personal account manager who can help them with things like website development and customer retention. 

The company’s consistently engaging content brings in new visitors and potential customers, which helps the affiliate program.

URL: Lead Advisors Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10% – 20%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Unknown

10. Leadpops

Leadpops is a digital marketing agency that creates marketing systems, websites, and lead generation funnels for businesses, particularly in the real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries.

Their sales funnel software, called a “lead funnel,” is an all-in-one solution for generating new leads. By sending customers to Leadpops and generating leads for them through their affiliate lead generation program, you can earn up to a 20% monthly commission.

Affiliate marketing is a competitive business, but with the right creative assets, resources, and analytics tools, you can generate leads and make money for your business.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 10% on your first 100 sales, 15% on the next 101-500, and 20% on sales above 500.

URL: Leadpops Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10% – 20%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

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Moonsend is a digital marketing company that claims it makes “the easiest email marketing and automation software.” This software, among other things, sends perfect email campaigns to the intended recipients and makes sales for Moonsend’s clients.

All the advantages of email marketing are available, but the need to write code is eliminated. The drag-and-drop email builder, the ability for users to divide their mailing list into subsets, and the analytics it provides are its strongest points in terms of email marketing. 

Their email automation templates brag about a tracking and reporting system, a drag-and-drop automation editor, and tracking for both websites and users. With a drag-and-drop landing page builder and a lot of pre-made templates, it’s easy to change the look of the landing pages.

Affiliates who bring in new leads through the Moonsend Lead Generation Affiliate Program receive a 30% lifetime recurring commission.

Affiliates’ earnings per click (EPC) is less than $2. Moonsend’s affiliate program, on the other hand, has a 13%–15% conversion rate for on-site trials with a 90-day cookie duration. 

They help their affiliates market their products by giving them tools like unique banners and a reliable tracking system. 

Affiliates are paid monthly through PayPal or Stripe, and their commissions go up every time a customer they referred to Moonsend upgrades their purchase plan. 

The affiliate support team is also always available and ready to assist.

URL: Moonsend Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 40%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

12. Aragon

Aragon is one of the best pay-per-call networks and a performance advertising agency that has won many awards.

Aragon helps businesses get leads by giving them landing pages, content-site embeds, and other tools. These leads are then turned into customers.

As an affiliate, you can use their international and trending offers and lead generation services. Their dedicated account management team will help you optimize and scale your campaign.

A number of pay-per-call businesses can rely on the reliability and scale provided by Aragon. 

Unfortunately, there’s no information on their commission structures or how long their cookie durations last as these weren’t clearly stated on their website.

URL: Aragon Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Unknown

13. Leads Scrape

Leads Scrape is a digital marketing company that helps businesses and startups get leads and turn them into customers. 

Simply put, they help their clients generate leads in any field, find B2B companies in any industry, find new prospects, and incorporate them into their sales funnel.

All their customers have to do is choose a demographic and geographic area, and they’ll start getting leads right away. Lead generation is just one of many services they provide.

Joining the Leads Scrape affiliate program is free, and affiliates can earn commissions of up to 40% on sales made through their referral links.

When your account balance reaches $100 or more for the transactions from the previous month and at least 2 sales have been referred, payments are made manually on the last day of each month. 

They only use PayPal to pay their affiliates in US dollars. Their affiliates also have access to sophisticated tracking and reporting systems. 

URL: Lead Scrape Affiliate Program 

Commission: 40%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is a content marketing company that was started in 2013. More than 1.2 million websites use it to grow their subscriber lists, leads, and sales. Their services aid clients in converting and monetizing site visitors.

They have a 14-day money-back guarantee and help business owners turn visitors into buyers by providing them with pre-made campaign builder templates they can tweak to suit their own needs.

Optinmonster also has a behavioral automation engine that lets you target the most likely buyers and run split tests in real time to find out which strategies work best.

They also offer advanced analytics and insight tools, traffic redirection, page-level targeting, A/B testing, and lead capture forms.

Affiliates in the Optinmonster affiliate program earn a 20% commission on all subscriptions generated by their links. 

The referred account must be active for at least 37 days before an affiliate is eligible to receive a commission. Commissions are paid out once a month.

Affiliates can also expect assistance and promotional materials from the company to boost their referrals.

URL: Optinmonster Affiliate Program 

Commission: 20%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

15. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing company that helps small and medium-sized businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs increase their income by using the company’s powerful email marketing tools. 

Constant Contact has been in business for over 25 years and has helped countless business owners achieve their goals by streamlining their social media marketing and utilizing their list growth tools to expand their customer bases through the use of landing pages.

They aid in the creation of brand awareness, the discovery of new leads, the automation of email marketing, the optimization of online stores, the improvement of lead magnets, and the integration of lead pages.

By referring their audience to Constant Contact, affiliates can increase their earnings, and joining their affiliate program is free, 

If a customer signs up for a trial and then subscribes to a plan through your link, you will earn a $5 commission and a $105 commission for each one who pays for a new account. 

Payments for commissions are made each month. It may take up to 90 days for you to receive payment on a specific lead or paying customer, since there’s a locking period of one-month and ten-days.

Constant Contact gives its affiliates marketing materials, a support staff, and a tracking and reporting system to help them bring in more leads.

Affiliates need only add the provided links and ads to their own websites.

URL: Constant Contact Affiliate Program 

Commission: $105 

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

16. Active Campaign

Active Campaign helps its clients build and grow their customer bases by providing services like email marketing, marketing automation, and customer relationship management, among others.

They also offer tools that businesses can use to reach their target audiences, such as website and event tracking, landing pages, and web personalization.

Affiliates who participate in Active Campaign’s affiliate program can earn recurring revenue of 20-30% on a monthly basis. 

Affiliates get at least 20% of the subscription price paid by customers who sign up through their links. The longer their referrals stay customers, the more money they make.

Affiliates can use a free toolkit with graphics, webinars, business papers, and a dashboard to track their progress.

URL: Active Campaign Affiliate Program 

Commission: 20- 30%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: Unknown

17. GetResponse 

GetResponse is a comprehensive online marketing platform that provides its customers with powerful, streamlined tools to send emails, create websites, host webinars, and automate all of their marketing.

They offer inbound marketing solutions for small, medium, and large businesses, such as website creation, lead generation, email list building, audience engagement, and sales growth.

There are both free and paid resources available on GetResponse to assist business owners.

The GetResponse affiliate program offers two tiers of commission: a recurring 33% monthly commission through the Affiliate Recurring Program, and a one-time payment of $100 for each sale generated through an affiliate’s unique referral link through the Affiliate Bounty Program.

Their affiliates can use marketing tools, content, guides, reporting, and tracking tools, and get help when needed. All of these things help affiliates achieve greater success.

For affiliates in the recurring program, commissions are paid on the 20th of each month, and bounty program affiliates are paid within 30 days, after 60 days of sales verification. 

The minimum threshold for both affiliate payments is $50.

URL: Get Response Affiliate Program 

Commission: 33%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 120 Days

18. Builderall 

Builderall is a digital marketing platform that gives both experienced marketers and people who are just starting out cutting-edge marketing tools. 

Business owners, freelancers, affiliates, content creators, and marketers can use the company’s 1000+ features and 40+ tools and apps, such as WooCommerce, Mailing Boss, the Whatsapp automation tool, funnel builders, virtual assistants, and many more.

With the industry’s top digital marketing platform, they aid users in creating businesses; bringing new customers; automating promotion and marketing; and converting more leads.

Builderall also has a space where users can use these tools to educate themselves online through e-learning courses. It uses a two-tiered affiliate program to attract potential customers and turn them into paying members. 

There is the Builderall Customer/Affiliate tier, which grants instant Affiliation Approval upon purchasing any Builderall plan and gives a 30% commission on the sales the affiliates bring in. 

Affiliates in the second tier of the Builderall affiliate program can make money without purchasing any plans by promoting Builderall but will have to fill out their application form and wait for approval, which takes an average of 30 days.

Builderall gives you tips, tools, and a wide range of marketing materials to help you promote their products.

URL: Builderall Affiliate Program 

Commission: 30%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Unknown

19. Sendinblue

Email and SMS marketing, CRM, marketing automation, landing pages, signup forms, Facebook ads, and many more are just some of the marketing tools that can be found on Sendinblue, an online digital marketing platform that generates leads.

Interested participants may enroll in the Sendinblue affiliate program and earn commissions while promoting the many marketing tools they have to offer to help businesses and users generate leads.

When a user signs up through an affiliate link, the affiliate receives 5 euros ($5.90), and if that user goes on to purchase a subscription, the affiliate receives an additional 100 euros ($120).

As an affiliate, you will have access to Sendinblue’s helpful guidance, tools, and 90-day cookie duration to market their products.

URL: Sendinblue Affiliate Program 

Commission: €5 – €100

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

20. Convertkit 

Convertkit is a marketing tool utilized by content producers that aids in the easy expansion of their fan bases while earning money from their efforts. Albums, books, podcasts, and newsletter creators can all benefit from this marketing tool.

Customers can get more subscribers with their help by using the company’s aesthetically pleasing landing pages, signup forms, and link pages to promote their own businesses and increase brand awareness. Plus, they offer their clients digital products and subscription services. 

As an affiliate, for every lead you send to Convertkit, you’ll receive a 30% monthly recurring commission for 24 months.

Affiliates have access to tools like a training course taught by Pat Flynn (yes, that Pat Flynn), stock images and videos to use in their own content creation, webinars to use as a sales funnel, and an analytics dashboard to track their results.

URL: Convertkit Affiliate Program 

Commission: 30%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 90 days 

21. Hubspot 

Hubspot is a company that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers find new leads. It does this by using digital and content marketing strategies.

Hubspot uses a wide variety of software, including CRM, marketing, automation, meeting scheduling, customer feedback, and content management.

All these features help generate leads while cleaning and curating customer data, data sync, and data quality automation so that their systems and teams work better together.

Two types of affiliates participate in the Hubspot affiliate program: those who earn 15% per month and those who earn 100% of the first month’s revenue.

With a 90-day cookie duration period and promotional materials like blog posts, email newsletters, banner ads, and more, Hubspot is committed to the success of its affiliates. 

URL: Hubspot Affiliate Program 

Commission: 15% or 100%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Are Lead Generation Affiliate Programs Right For You?

With all these recurring lifetime commissions and big monthly subscriptions, lead generation (or internet marketing more broadly) is a fantastic affiliate niche to go into.

But before you start imagining how many customers you can refer to your favourite tool and how much you can earn in commissions, first think about all the groundwork you’ve got to put in.

You’ll need to create an affiliate marketing website, do a ton of keyword research and build your site out with helpful, high-quality content. You’ll need to get good at giving people effective calls to action and set up a sales system you can send your leads through. Maybe you’ll even want to start running a paid ads campaign on Facebook or YouTube.

The point is, that there are a lot of moving parts to this to consider. But we’re here to help.

Just sign up for our free training, and you’ll discover the four simple steps you need to build a high-income-generating affiliate marketing business in 2022.

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