13 Best Flight Booking Affiliate Programs For Sky-High Earnings

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In 2018, 82% of all travel bookings around the globe took place without human interaction. 83% of United States adults want to book their trips online & it is estimated that 700 million people will make a flight booking online by 2023.

In 2021, the online travel booking industry generated more than $800 billion in revenue.

And by 2026, the projected market volume of the flight segment is $0.73tn (trillion), with it also being estimated that by 2026, 87% of the total revenue will be generated through online sales.

So as an affiliate marketer reading the above stats, you can likely see the huge potential in the flight booking niche. There is a lot of money to be made by helping people with their flight bookings.

And to help you get started, we’ve listed the 13 best flight booking affiliate programs below.

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13 Best Flight Booking Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Booking.com
  • Cheapflights
  • CheapOair
  • Expedia
  • JetRadar
  • Kayak
  • Kiwi.com
  • OneTravel
  • Skyscanner
  • Travelstart
  • Tripadvisor
  • Wego
  • Yatra.com

1. Booking.com

Booking Website Screenshot

Booking.com was established in 1996 and they are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s a part of Booking Holdings Inc.

Its mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. Booking.com’s main focus is on offering accommodation (from homes to hotels) and it has more than 28 million accommodation listings.

You know what… Daily more than 1,550,000 room nights have been booked with Booking.com.

You can compare and book flights (international & domestic flights), stays, and car rentals with ease. You can book multi-city, round-trip, and one-way flights.

The benefits of booking flights with Booking.com are…

  • You can book tickets in advance (up to one year before)
  • No hidden charges
  • Flexible tickets (you can change your flight with the same airline)

With Booking.com there are no administrative charges or booking charges.

More than 12,500 affiliates are promoting Booking.com. Once you reached the minimum payout threshold of 100 EUR, your commissions will be paid after 3 weeks (on the 3rd Friday of the month).

Booking.com manages its affiliate program in-house. Below you can find its affiliate commission breakdown.

  • Monthly 0 – 50 Stayed Bookings – 25%
  • Monthly 51 – 150 Stayed Bookings – 30%
  • Monthly 151 – 500 Stayed Bookings – 35%
  • Monthly 501 Or More Stayed Bookings – 40%

For your information, there is also a further breakdown of 15%, 17%, and 20% based on the commission paid by the accommodations to Booking.com.

URLBooking.com Affiliate Program

Commission – 15% – 40%

Payment – The minimum payment threshold is 100 EUR. Commissions are paid via direct bank transfer or paid via PayPal.

Cookie Duration – To track the reservations they do not make use of cookies. They always look at whether the AID (Affiliate ID) is present in the new sessions.

2. Cheapflights

Cheapflights Website Screenshot

Cheapflights was founded in 1996. Cheapflights is a global flight search & travel deals website managed by KAYAK.

In short, it’s a travel comparison site. Cheapflights.com gets 120+ million unique visitors per year and it has more than 10 million subscribers.

Cheapflights helps you in searching and comparing the best flight, car rental, hotel room, and vacation package.

Through their “Travel tips & news” tab you get helpful insights on the below topics…

  • Travel Tips
  • Travel Inspiration
  • Travel News
  • Airport Guides
  • Airport News

The Cheapflights affiliate program is managed by the CJ (Commission Junction) affiliate network. They pay their affiliates for each user’s click out (pay-per-click – PPC) below is the breakdown…

  • Desktop & Tablet – $0.45 Per Click-Out
  • Mobile – $0.25 Per Click-Out

If you get your traffic from outside the United States, you can join their Cheapflights Global affiliate program in WebGains.

URLCheapflights Affiliate Program

Commission – $0.25 to 0.45 per click

Payment – With CJ (Commission Junction) the minimum payout threshold is $100 for checks and $50 for direct deposit. Payments are made twice a month and they pay via Payoneer, direct deposit, & checks.

Cookie Duration – 30 minutes

3. CheapOair

CheapOair Website Screenshot

CheapOair was launched in 2005. It provides flight tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, vacations, and cruises.

CheapOair pays more than $500,000 monthly to its affiliates. They also provide incentives for high-volume bookings.

They help affiliates increase their sales via their newsletters which provide information on their timely promotions.

Below is the flight booking commission breakdown…

  • Monthly 0 – 200 Sales – $8 Per Sale
  • Monthly 201 – 500 Sales – $9 Per Sale
  • Monthly 501+ Sales – $10 Per Sale

You might be thinking when you will earn up to $35 commission, that’s for the sales made on the vacation packages (501+ monthly sales).

As an affiliate with CheapOair, you can earn commission on flight, car, hotel, insurance and vacation package bookings. It has a different commission breakdown for each category.

You can join the CheapOair affiliate program through the LinkShare, CJ (Commission Junction), and Impact Radius affiliate networks.

CheapOair travel blog provides helpful resources on travel.

URLCheapOair Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to $35 per booking

Payment – It varies depending on the affiliate network you joined the CheapOair affiliate program.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

4. Expedia

Expedia Website Screenshot

Expedia.com was founded in 1996. Its mission is to power global travel for everyone, everywhere. With the help of Expedia, you will not only find the right trip but you will also get the best value every time.

Expedia product inventory includes more than 500 airlines (You can book 500+ airlines through Expedia), 175+ car rentals, and more than 1 million hotels and properties.

Expedia has more than 200 travel sites in 70+ countries. More than 3 million properties can be booked through Expedia.

Expedia helps travellers to plan and book…

  • Flights
  • Vacation Packages
  • Rental Cars
  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Activities
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Attraction & Services

Expedia affiliate program is powered by their partner network Partnerize. As an affiliate, you can earn up to 6% with Expedia. You can find the affiliate commission structure below…

  • Flights – $2
  • Packages – 2%
  • Cars – 2%
  • Hotels – 3%
  • Ground Transfers – 5%
  • Activities – 5%
  • Cruises – 6%

Expedia provides their affiliates with banners, deep links, search widgets, and package deals widgets.

URLExpedia Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to 6%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 7 days

5. Jetradar

Jetradar Website Screenshot

Jetradar claims to be the flight search engine and they are headquartered in Phuket, Thailand. They help you in finding cheap flights by searching & comparing from 1044 airlines and dozens of travel sites.

Jetradar helps you in finding…

  • Cheap Airline Tickets
  • Best Price Hotel Deals & Discounts
  • Car Rentals

You can book round-trips, one-way, and multi-city flights with Jetradar.

With Jetradar you can earn up to 70% commission and it depends on the monthly Jetradar revenue you generate. They have 2 slabs of commission and you can find the breakdown below…

  • Less Than $3,500 Monthly Jetradar Revenue – 60% Commission
  • More Than $3,500 Monthly Jetradar Revenue – 70% Commission

You will also receive a 5% referral commission from your sub-affiliates with no cap. Affiliates are provided with banners, search boxes, private branding (white-label service) solution, and web services API.

You can join the Jetradar affiliate program by signing up with the travelpayouts.com affiliate network.

URLJetradar Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to 70%

Payment – Affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal, Bank transfer, Webmoney, ePayments, and Yandex.Money.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

6. Kayak

Kayak Website Screenshot

Kayak was launched in 2004 and in 2013 they were acquired by Booking Holdings Inc. Booking Holdings is called the world’s leader in online travel.

Kayak helps in finding the best deal on flights, rental cars, hotels (more than 2 million properties worldwide), trains & buses, and holiday packages.

Kayak has more than 26 international offices, 60+ international sites, 7 brands managed, and provides support in 20+ languages.

More than 6 billion annual travel searches are made using Kayak. With Kayak you can book a one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flights.

Based on their words… The Kayak affiliate network is the world’s first meta-search affiliate network for travel.

Kayak’s affiliate program is managed in-house. Affiliates are provided with the search box, deep links, white-label, widgets, and API. As an affiliate, you can earn 50% commissions on bookings, clicks, and ad revenue.

More than 15,000 affiliates are promoting Kayak and they have paid annual affiliate earnings of $76+ million in commissions.

URLKayak Affiliate Program

Commission – 50% of net revenue

Payment – Affiliate commissions are paid monthly via bank transfers and PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is $500 for bank transfers. For Australian residents using the HotelsCombined brand and for current HotelsCombined brand affiliates using the PayPal payment method, the minimum payout threshold is $100.

Cookie Duration – 30 minutes

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7. Kiwi.com

Kiwi Website Screenshot

Kiwi.com was founded in 2012 (formerly skypicker.com) by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi and they are headquartered in Brno, Czechia. Kiwi.com was founded by travellers, for travellers.

In 2019, Kiwi.com’s turnover is €1.3 billion and you will realize that Kiwi.com is one of the fastest growing companies in the world (there is no doubt about that).

Kiwi.com helps in finding cheap travel options. You can find cheap flight tickets, rental cars, and hotels. The average number of seats sold per day is 40,000.

It provides virtual interlining for airlines. You might ask, what’s virtual interlining? In their words, making transport providers connect even when the companies don’t work together.

Travellers can protect their trips from unexpected carrier changes by joining the Kiwi.com guarantee.

They provide affiliates with brandable widgets, deep links, and tools to help them earn more money with ease. As a Kiwi.com affiliate, you can earn a 3% commission on everything you sell.

URLKiwi.com Affiliate Program

Commission – 3%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

8. OneTravel

OneTravel Website Screenshot

OneTravel is a travel website, it was founded in the mid-nineties in Pennsylvania. It provides flight tickets, rental cars, cruises, hotel rooms, and vacation packages.

You can compare and book flights with more than 500 airlines. They also promise “Price Match”.

You can join the OneTravel affiliate program via CJ (Commission Junction) and LinkShare affiliate networks. Its affiliate application process is simple so that you can start earning affiliate commissions within 24 hours.

Below is the flight booking commission breakdown of the OneTravel affiliate program…

  • Monthly 0 – 200 Sales Volume – $8 Per Sale
  • Monthly 201 – 500 Sales Volume – $9 Per Sale
  • Monthly 501+ Sales Volume – $10 Per Sale

You can also earn from the flight insurance bookings and the commission breakdown is…

  • Monthly 0 – 100 Sales Volume – $5 Per Insurance Sale
  • Monthly 101 – 250 Sales Volume – $6 Per Insurance Sale
  • Monthly 251+ Sales Volume – $7 Per Insurance Sale

You can find the commission breakdown for hotels, cars, and vacation packages on their affiliate sign-up page (you can find it below).

They provide incentives for high-volume bookings and their newsletters come with promotions which will boost your affiliate sales. As an affiliate, you will also receive banners (top converting), email content, and links from them.

URLOneTravel Affiliate Program

Commission – $5 to $35 per sale

Payment – It varies depending on the affiliate network you joined the OneTravel affiliate program.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

9. Skyscanner

Skyscanner Website Screenshot

Skyscanner was launched in 2003 and it started as a flight price comparison site. Its mission is to provide travellers with helpful insights that make travel simple.

You can find cheap flights and hotels with the help of Skyscanner.

Skyscanner has more than 40 international sites in 35 languages. It provides more than 1,200 travel providers (flights, cars, & hotels). Skyscanner website and app get 100 million unique visitors a month.

Skyscanner runs its affiliate program through the Impact Radius affiliate network. Skyscanner affiliates are provided with banners, travel search widgets, and text links. You can also apply for their Flights API if you are an established business.

You can earn a 20% commission on every item you sell and the affiliate cookie duration last for 30 days.

URLSkyscanner Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – With Impact Radius, payments are made via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

10. Travelstart

Travelstart Website Screenshot

In their words, Travelstart is Africa’s leading online travel agency and they are based in Cape Town. It’s an online booking platform that helps people to search, compare and book the cheapest flight tickets with the best airlines.

You can book cheap flights, rent cars, and find stays with Travelstart. You can book one-way flights, multi-city, and return flights.

The Travelstart affiliate program is managed by the Impact Radius affiliate network.

Travelstart provides its affiliates with Iframe code, GIF banners, search banners, XML feeds, text links, and weekly banner kits with special deals. It also provides a white-labelled system.

As an affiliate, you can earn $6 to $8 per item sale and you can find the breakdown below…

  • Go Domestic Category – $6 Per Item
  • Go International Category – $8 Per Item

Its training guides tab provides a lot of helpful information such as…

  • Affiliate Account Guide
  • How To Build Affiliate Tracking Links
  • How To Get Banners From Your Affiliate Account
  • How To Update Banking Details And Pay-out Preferences
  • How To Pull The Iframe Code From Your Account

URLTravelstart Affiliate Program

Commission – $6 – $8 per travel sale

Payment – Commissions are paid every month within the 1st 10 working days of the month. Affiliate commissions are paid directly to your bank account.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

11. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor Website Screenshot

Tripadvisor claims to be the world’s largest travel site. You can find cheap flights and airline tickets with Tripadvisor. You can book one-way, round trip, and multi-city flights with them.

By using FlyScore, you can book the best flights. Tripadvisor helps you to save time, money, and even sanity on flight tickets.

Every month nearly 463 million travellers are using Tripadvisor and it’s available in 49 markets offering support in 29 different languages.

With Tripadvisor, you can also book hotels, restaurants, rental cars, holiday homes, package holidays, vacation rentals, things to do (activities), and cruises.

Regardless of whether your users book or not, you will get paid for the user’s click-out.

The Tripadvisor affiliate program is powered by the Commission Junction affiliate network. You can earn a minimum of 50% with Tripadvisor. The sad thing is…

Currently, the Tripadvisor affiliate program is paying commission for hotel bookings only and soon (shortly) they may extend it to other services (that’s the reason we have included Tripadvisor in this list).

However, you earn a 50% commission on hotels.

URLTripadvisor Affiliate Program

Commission – 50%

Payment – With CJ (Commission Junction) the minimum payout threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for checks. Payments are made twice a month and they pay via Payoneer, direct deposit, & checks.

Cookie Duration – 14 days

12. Wego

Wego Website Screenshot

Wego was established in 2005. Its mission is to help people discover the real value of travel. Millions of people are using Wego every month to find the best travel deals.

In their words, they are a meta-search engine and they are the largest online travel marketplace in Asia Pacific, North Africa, and the Middle East.

With the help of Wego, you can find the best deals on flights, hotels, trains, and activities. You can book one-way, multi-city, and round-trip flights with them.

Wego manages its affiliate program through the Admitad affiliate network. As an affiliate, you can commission on the completed bookings.

The commission on flight ticket booking varies depending on the travel provider you book and the agreement between the travel suppliers and Wego. The commission percentage for hotel bookings is 3%.

URLWego Affiliate Program

Commission – 3% for hotels & commission varies for flight bookings

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

13. Yatra.com

Yatra Website Screenshot

Yatra was founded in August 2006 and they are based in Gurugram, India. They are one of India’s leading online travel companies. Since its launch, more than 7 million customers used its travel-related services.

Yatra means “Journey” in the Hindi language! Its mission is to create happy travellers.

With Yatra, you can book…

  • Flights
  • Holiday packages
  • Domestic and international hotel bookings
  • Cruises
  • In city activities
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Homestays and
  • Inter-city and point-to-point cabs

They are claiming to offer a highly competitive commission for their affiliates on successful bookings. However, to receive more details and to register with their affiliate program you need to contact them directly.

The affiliate cookie duration lasts for 30 days and they are stating that you can start earning affiliate commissions within a few minutes of your approval.

You can contact them via [email protected]. Yatra.com runs its affiliate program in-house.

URLYatra.com Affiliate Program

Commission – Unlisted

Payment – Unlisted

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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