14 Best Vaping Affiliate Programs For Big Commissions In 2024 

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The vaping industry is worth a massive 18 billion and is growing 30% year on year.

Love it or hate it, vaping is a trend that is on the up and up.

And that can only mean one thing…

Promoting vaping affiliate programs is a golden opportunity you can exploit to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

So let’s take a look at the best vaping affiliate programs out there so you can start cashing in.

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14 Best Vaping Affiliate Programs

Following are the top 14 vaping affiliate programs in 2024 that we have shortlisted based on credibility, affiliate management team, commission percentage, and earning potential. 

  1. Central Vapors 
  2. VaporFi
  3. Atmos 
  4. CSVAPE 
  5. DaVinci Vaporizer 
  6. Verdict Vapors 
  7. Breazy
  8. Vapor.com
  9. VaporDNA 
  10. Slick Vapes 
  11. CBDfx 
  12. Ejuices.com
  13. Omura
  14. Flair Vapor 

1. Central Vapors 

Central Vapors deals in ejuice liquids and vape products. They claim to sell exclusively formulated ejuice liquids featuring certified and pure flavour extracts. 

Highest Commission Percentages 

Central Vapes Affiliate Program pays between 25% and 40% sales commission. It is impressive considering the 30$-45$ average order value. 

  • First Order Commission: 30% 
  • Commission on each sale: Up to 25% 
  • Deal-Specific Commission: Up to 40% 

If you have a vaping, lifestyle, or culture-related blog or website with considerable traffic, Central Vapors Affiliate Program is a nice earning opportunity for you. 

Key Benefits 

  • Constant testing and improvement of marketing material
  • Up to 40% sales commission  
  • Extensive product range 
  • Fast-growing brand 
  • Text links and banner ads 
  • Rewards and bonuses for top-performing affiliates
  • Reliable affiliate program network (Share-A-Sale)

URL: Central Vapors Affiliate Program 

Commission: From 25% to 40% 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly Payout (Managed by Share-A-Sale) 

2. VaporFi 

With a mission of offering an extensive variety of vape products to novice and experienced vapers, VaporFi collaborates with the International Vapour Group Inc. 

VaporFi sells vape tanks, mods, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and e-juices, etc. They have their FDA-registered e-juice laboratory and it is the major selling point for any affiliate marketer looking to make some extra cash through a reliable vaping affiliate program. 

Highlights of VaporFi Affiliate Program

  • 20% sales commission for VaporFi e-juice (lifetime residual)
  • 15% sales commission for VaporFi hardware (cartridges, starter kits, and accessories, etc.)
  • 10% commission on sales of third-party devices (made by other brands) 
  • An impressive 365-Day Cookie Duration 
  • Text links and engaging banners 
  • Commission also paid for recurring orders and monthly refills 
  • Extra commission for auto-ship orders from your customers who are VaporFi Home Delivery Members

Colleague Referral Program 

VaporFi Affiliate Program also features a 2-tier colleague referral program that pays you 5% of the sales (order value) generated by each VaporFi Affiliate you have recruited. 

URL: VaporFi Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 20% 

Cookie Duration: 365 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly payments via PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer, or Net 15

3. Atmos 

Atmos made a mark in the vaping industry by introducing innovative one-of-a-kind products. They currently offer vaporizers, vape pens, dry herbs, and some unique accessories. 

Atmos products are known for their consistent quality and durability. Each Atmos product comes with a 5-year warranty. 

How Does Atmos Affiliate Program Work?

  • Upon joining the program, you will receive animated banners and text links you can post on your social media, blog, email campaign, and website
  • Atmos tracks referrals from your platforms for a 45-Day Cookie duration. 
  • Any purchases from your referrals generate a commission of 20% of the order value. 
  • Your earnings are credited to your PayPal account every month. 

Tapfiliate manages Atmos Affiliate Program. The program gives its affiliates access to user-friendly publishing tools, text links, and a library featuring attractive animated banners. 

URL: Atmos Affiliate Program 

Commission: 20% 

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly via PayPal 


CSVAPE entered the vaping industry in 2013 to promote the vape lifestyle as an alternative to the unhealthy tobacco smoking habit. 

The CSVAPE team realises the responsibility of introducing healthier alternatives that could contribute to minimising the 5 million worldwide deaths caused by tobacco smoking. 

Share-A-Sale hosts CSVAPE Affiliate Program. You can sign up in minutes and receive text links and banners for efficient marketing. Salient advantages of the program are:

  • 48.64$ average order value 
  • Cookie Duration of 90 days 
  • 20% sales commission 
  • New product and offer updates via a monthly newsletter 
  • promotion-based coupon offers 

CSVAPE products are known for their competitive pricing. They include vape hardware, accessories, and e-liquids. CSVAPE Affiliate Program is a potentially profitable opportunity for affiliates with considerable followers and readers. It is a fast-growing industry with still plenty of growth potential across the globe. 

URL: CSVAPE Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% on each sale 

Cookie Duration: 90 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly – Managed by Share-A-Sale 

5. DaVinci Vaporizer

Leonardo da Vinci, the most famous inventor of all time, inspired Cortney Smith to establish DaVinci Tech in 2011. The company began with a mission of redirecting the world’s imagination. They focused on consistent innovation advancing one step closer to perfection. 

DaVinci Vaporizer team has been working hard to constantly advance towards perfection in vaping and cannabis industry. They focus on meticulous engineering, creative design, and out-of-the-box solutions. 

DaVinci IQ and DaVinci Classic have been the iconic products of the brand. Their team has highly experienced designers and manufacturers. They aim at creating the most advanced vaping products that highlight innovation, purity, and better control.  

Why Join DaVinci Vaporizer Affiliate Program?

  • Customers are more likely to buy directly from the manufacturer instead of the wholesaler 
  • Manufacturer’s warranty optimises conversion ratio 
  • 15% sales commission 
  • 30-Day referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Monthly payouts through direct deposit or a cheque (Whatever you prefer) 
  • Additional commission from the sales generated by your recruits (affiliates who join through your links) 

URL: DaVinci Vaporizer Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly Payout (Direct Deposit / Cheque) 

6. Verdict Vapors 

Verdict Vapors sells E-Liquids from four brands known for their exclusive fine-craft vape juice. 

You can join Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program for free by signing up with the Share-A-Sale affiliate manager. All you need is a blog, website, or social media platform linked to the vape culture. You will get a 15% sales commission from Verdict Vapors and receive your earnings every month.  

Key Features of Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program 

  • A fast-growing online brand targeting one of the fastest-growing industries
  • Verdict Vapors offers pre-taste samples before placing large orders
  • Regular deals and discount offers 

However, the downside is that Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program is not currently providing customised banners or other marketing tools. At least they did not mention it anywhere. We might see something from them in the future. 

URL: Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program 

Commission: 15% on each sale 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly (Managed by Share-A-Sale) 

7. Breazy

Breazy offers almost everything vaping enthusiasts look for from e-juices to starter kits. 

In addition to their own products, Breazy also hosts a bunch of vaping brands offering e-cigarettes, hardware, accessories, vape mods, starter kits, and e-juices. 

Breazy focuses on customers’ freedom of choice through a dedicated and seamless shopping experience. 

What Makes Breazy Affiliate Program Promising? 

  • Gives affiliates access to banners, newsletters and links 
  • Advanced reporting and tracking with the trusted Share-A-Sale and Pepperjam affiliate managers (You are free to select the one you like) 
  • Competitive pricing and a comprehensive product range 
  • 1% of Breazy’s net revenue goes to charity 
  • On average, one Breazy customer makes 20 annual purchases 
  • The average order value ranges from 100$ to 150$ 
  • Up to 10% sales commission 
  • 30-Day link referral window (Cookie Tracking) 
  • Regular sales promotions and free ground shipping for Breazy Affiliates 

URL: Breazy Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 10% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly Payouts (Managed by Pepperjam and ShareASale) 

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8. Vapor.com 

Vapor.com is the authorised CBD, vaporizer, and smoking accessories from credible brands including Santa Cruz Shredder, Bloom Farms, and Storz & Bickel.  

This online store is known for its market-leading innovating vape, herb concentration, and smoking accessories. You can buy from classic beakers to the latest portable vaporizers. 

In addition to credible products, Vapor.com offers user-friendly resources and guidelines for beginners. The store updates its stock regularly with attractive discounts and deals. 

What Makes Vaper.com Affiliate Program Potentially Profitable? 

  • Comprehensive product range from credible brands 
  • Access to promotional content, banners, and images for your blog, website, and social media platforms
  • 200$ average order value 
  • Up to 20% sales commission 
  • Sales commission on repeat purchases from your existing referrals. However, the commission drops by 5% in this case. 
  • 30-Day referral window (cookie tracking) 
  • Regular promotions and new product updates with integration links 
  • Hosted by Impact Affiliate Manager

Commission Breakdown 

  • VIBES Products: 20% of the first order (15% of repeat purchase)
  • EYCE Products: 20% of the first order (15% of repeat purchase) 
  • All other products: 12% of the first order (7% of repeat purchase) 

URL: Vapor.com Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 20% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly Payouts (Managed by Impact Affiliate Manager) 

9. VaporDNA 

VaporDNA has been selling e-liquids, electronic cigarettes, and vape accessories since 2013. The brand offers a significant range of products at competitive prices and an impressive 45-day refund policy. 

VaporDNA team takes pride in its customer service and product quality. Their product range features some credible names including Wismec Reux Tanks, iJoy EXO RBAs, and SMOK Alien Kits. The products include RDAs, Box Mods, Sub-Ohm Tanks, and starter kits. 

The e-liquid product line features well-known names including ANML, The Milkman, Naked 100, and The Merge. 

Highlights of VaporDNA Affiliate Program 

  • Select from two distinct affiliate programs 
  • From 65$ to 85$ average order value (varies with seasons) 
  • From 10% to 20% sales commission (increases with your performance) 
  • 30-Day referral window (cookie tracking) 
  • Impressive conversion rates 
  • Regular newsletters 
  • 45-Day refund policy 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Automatic monthly payouts 
  • CJ and Share-A-Sale Affiliate Managers (select the one you like) 
  • Ranked among the top 50 Power Rank Merchants on Share-A-Sale 

URL: VaporDNA Affiliate Program

Commission: Starts at 10% on each sale. Increases up to 20% with improved performance

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Terms: Monthly payouts (Share-A-Sale / CJ Affiliate Manager) 

10. Slick Vapes 

Slick Vapes team claims to have built its store with the purpose of offering deals no other platform could offer so far. And they exclusively take pride in their Slick Deals for Vapes. In addition, they offer exclusive deals to their subscribers. 

This store guarantees 100% authentic products with no hint of knock-offs and counterfeits. However, some products have passed their quality tests to match the OEM counterpart. They categorise these products as Generic and are backed by the Slick Vapes warranty.

Slick Vapes Affiliate Program is open for affiliate marketers who have a following and readership of vaping community. They pay affiliate commissions on sales of all products on their platform. Some of the brands you can see on Slick Vapes include DaVinci, Dr. Dabber, Firefly, Atmos, Puffco, Arizer, GPEN Grenco Science, Magical Butter, #This Thing Rips, Santa Cruz Grinder, 510 EVOD Batteries, Cali Crusher, Storz & Bickel, KandyPens, Pax, and Volcano Vaporizer. 

Slick Vapes Affiliate Program Highlights 

  • Products from industry-leading brands 
  • Guidelines on marketing strategies 
  • Text links and custom banners 
  • Starting at 10% commission on each sale
  • Bonus PPS commission up to 15% 
  • Coupons sites are also allowed (Commission % reduces if most of the traffic is coming from coupon pages) 

URL: Slick Vapes Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% to 15% 

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout

11. CBDfx

With a mission of delivering the purest, finest, and highly effective CBD products, Jameson Rodgers and Ali Esmaili cofounded CBDfx in 2014. They claim to offer carefully crafted all-organic products with an exceptional seed-to-sale CBD experience. 

Ali and Jameson believe that everybody should have a chance to make the most of the healthy-friendly and healing benefits of CBD. The venture took off in San Fernando Valley and has today become the world’s second-largest private CBD company. CBDfx is hosting over 100 employees. 

CBDfx offers high-quality broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD-isolate solutions made from organic ingredients. 

CBDfx Affiliate Program is managed by RevOffers. You can apply as an affiliate to start making a 20% sales commission. The program has a 30-Day Referral Window – cookie tracking duration. 

URL: CBDfx Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout (Managed by RevOffers)

12. Ejuices.com

This venture kicked off in 2013 in Southern California. Impressive success and significant expansion landed ejuice.com in Las Vegas. The website sells vaping accessories and ejuices at competitive prices and with attractive deal promotions.

The same-day shipping in some locations has contributed a lot to ejuices’ success. Now, ejuices.com invites vape publishers and marketers to join hands as ejuice.com affiliates. Interested influencers and vaping geeks can sign up to receive custom banners and text links. 

Highlights of ejuices.com Affiliate Program 

  • 45-Day cookie duration 
  • 53.34$ average order value 
  • 10% sales commission 
  • $94.58 EPC (per 100 clicks) 
  • Customised banners and text links 
  • Industry-leading one-stop online store for vaping community 
  • Regular promotions on hot deals 
  • Integrated with Share-A-Sale Affiliate Network 
  • Monthly payouts 
  • Real-time reporting 

URL: ejuices.com Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% on each sale 

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout (Managed by Share-A-Sale)

13. Omura

Omura is known for its exceptional extraction technology featuring an exclusive air batch and convection oven system. The design keeps the flower from direct contact with the heat source. A flower stick pulls heat inside the oven towards the flower. No burning of flowers means no smoke and no harsh taste. 

The SC Labs (Southern California) tested the Omura Series 1. and conclude that 94% of cannabinoids are vaporised by the innovative system. 

How Does Omura Affiliate Program Work? 

You can become a part of the Omura Affiliate Program by filling out a simple form. Their team will review and respond within 24 hours. After filling out the form, you must complete the W-9 form and submit it to the email provided by the Omura team. 

Once the Omura team approves you as an affiliate, it will serve you with affiliate banners and links. The 90-day referral window is pretty impressive considering the fact that most vaping affiliate programs have a 30 to 45-Day cookie duration. Each successful affiliate sale earns you 10% of the order value. 

The payout term is a bit tricky when described in words. However, the following example explains it clearly:

Suppose your application is approved on any day of September, your first payout will be due on the first of November. After that, all payouts are released every month. 

URL: Omura Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie Duration: 90 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly 

14. Flair Vapor

Flair Vapor was established in 2011 by a team of E-cig experts. The company aims at producing high-quality vaping products with industry-standard compliance. The team is committed to the safety and health of vapers and strives hard to implement all safety standards. 

Flair Vapors encourages and supports eco-friendly recycling programs. Its mission is to serve adult smokers with healthy alternatives and promote a smoke-free environment. 

Flair Vapors Affiliate Program invites everyone interested in spreading awareness about healthy alternatives to smoking and the importance of a smoke-free community. In addition to spreading a healthy and eco-friendly message, you will earn an impressive 25% sales commission. 

Highlights of Flair Vapors Affiliate Program 

  • 25% commission on each sale 
  • Cookie duration is now increased to 30 Days 
  • Primary focus on safe vaping accessories such as reliable batteries 
  • Considerable product range from hardware to flavours 
  • Control over product quality – Flair Vapors closely monitor the standards and quality of the products they manufacture 
  • Regular newsletters 
  • Managed by Share-A-Sale Network and automatic monthly payouts 

URL: Flair Vapor Affiliate Program

Commission: 25% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days Payment Term: Monthly Payout (Managed by Share-A-Sale)

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