20 Best Eco-Friendly Affiliate Programs (Green & Sustainable)

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As more and more people strive to lessen their impact on the environment, both individuals and businesses are responding by making greener, more eco-friendly options.

35% of people who took the 2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey said they bought sustainable products on purpose to protect the environment, and 37% said they looked for products with eco-friendly packaging.

With the environment being such a crucial factor in the current economy, it’s only fitting that we examine some of the top affiliate programs that focus on being green.

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20 Best Eco-Friendly Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. Going Green Solutions
  2. ECOlunchbox
  3. Hello Green
  4. Tesla Solar Roof
  5. Protect the Planet
  6. The Natural Baby Company
  7. Richsoil
  8. Eat Cleaner 
  9. Allbirds
  10. The Green Tower Project 
  11. Love Goodly
  12. Eartheasy
  13. Earthlove
  14. Biome
  15. Food Huggers
  16. My Cleaning Products 
  17. Teemill
  18. Just Nutritive
  19. The Ultimate Green Store
  20. EcoVessel 

1. Going Green Solutions

Going Green Solutions is a company with a fascinating history, shaped by its founders’ commitment to eco-friendly home products and the exciting potential of biodegradable catering ware. 

Their primary focus is on making eco-friendly choices simple for everyone to implement in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

They put all of their products through a rigorous verification process, so customers can shop with confidence. 

Gifts, eco-kitchen and eco-lifestyle items, cleaning supplies, catering supplies, and much more are all available from this company.

Going Green Solutions has a typical affiliate program with a 10% commission rate and a 30-day tracking cookie. 

As an affiliate, you’ll get 10% of whatever your referred customer buys from them within 30 days.

Your commissions will be tracked automatically by the affiliate programme, and after 30 days you can cash them out via PayPal.

URL: Going Green Solutions Affiliate Program  

Commission: 10%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. ECOlunchbox

ECOlunchbox is a for-profit company with a social objective that employs the free market to help individuals become more self-reliant in their efforts to minimise their use of plastic.

In 2008, Sandra Harris, a California eco-mom, created the organisation intending to help others learn to live without using disposable plastic. 

The founder of the company wanted to create stainless steel and silicone bento boxes, bags, and food containers that didn’t use any plastic. 

ECOlunchbox was made with the idea that a simple meal could be the start of a positive change, while their main goals are to be financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

More than 900,000 ECOlunchboxes have been sold since the company’s inception, and each year the ECOlunchbox community prevents millions of trash bags (mostly plastic) from being thrown away by choosing to use the company’s reusable lunch containers instead.

Thanks to their lunch containers, tens of thousands of families no longer have to use plastic for their lunches. 

They hope that by giving people eco-friendly lunch containers and accessories, they can help them green their lunchtime habits and eventually get them to stop using plastic altogether.

Stainless steel containers, cotton, and plastic-free silicone are just a few of the conventional and non-toxic materials that go into making this durable, plastic-free lunchware range.

Through their affiliate programme hosted by Share A Sale, they can provide website and blog owners with a fantastic opportunity to earn money while also doing good for the environment.

Blogs and websites that focus on green living, green consumer products, environmental news, healthy eating, vegetarian cooking, raising children, etc. will have the most success with their affiliate programme.

At the present moment, you can earn 5% of all sales made through the company.

URL: ECOlunchbox Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

3. Hello Green 

Hello Green is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Their products are eco-friendly and simple to recycle because they are tested to eliminate waste, BPA, and phthalates.

They’re an Australian family-run business with a mission to educate and motivate people to make healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.

Hello Green supplies customers with safe, non-toxic, and practically useful alternatives to the disposable and plastic products that have overloaded store shelves and marine ecosystems. 

You can find anything from natural body care to green cleaning supplies to kitchen tools to beverage containers to reusable bags among their wares.

They are willing to work with other marketers and affiliates to promote their products. 

The affiliate program offers generous payouts for every purchase made with your affiliate link and a 30-day tracking cookie.

If you’re ready to get started, just fill out their simple application form and you’ll have access to a variety of promotional tools like banner ads, text links, and more.

Payments are made monthly and deposited into your bank or PayPal account.

URL: Hello Green Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla does not need an introduction. The company’s founders are a group of engineers who believe that people shouldn’t have to make sacrifices to switch to electric automobiles.

Tesla now manufactures not only fully electric automobiles but also sustainable energy generation and storage solutions that can be scaled indefinitely. 

In Tesla’s view, the sooner the world abandons its reliance on fossil fuels and embraces a future with zero emissions, the better.

In addition to producing the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Solar Roof, Tesla has developed a comprehensive sustainable energy ecosystem that allows individuals, businesses, and utilities to control their renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption.

By making its goods more widely available at lower prices, Tesla is hastening the spread of environmentally friendly modes of transportation and renewable energy sources.

Though each component—electric vehicles, batteries, and renewable energy generation and storage—already exists, their combined efficacy is enhanced.

Its mission is to provide cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and facilitate the spread of Tesla owners’ enthusiasm and experience. 

Affiliates can earn rewards by encouraging their friends and family to make the switch to sustainable energy by purchasing products from Tesla through their referral links.

The Solar Roof and Solar Panel order types are currently eligible for the referral programme, with your referral link being your ticket to earning rewards for referring purchases of Solar Roof and Solar Panels.

You can’t add referrals to an order that’s already been placed, and you won’t get your reward until the energy system is approved to operate.

When family and friends use your referral link to make a purchase, you and they will each receive $300 once the system has been installed and is operational.

To start earning rewards for sharing your referral link, you’ll need to download the Tesla app.

Promoting this programme is encouraged through the use of YouTube channels, informational and fan websites, and social media sharing.

Referral Program terms and conditions are subject to change or termination at any moment and take note that orders for automobiles are not eligible for commissions.

URL: Tesla Solar Roof Affiliate Program  

Commission: $300 per Sale

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

5. Protect the Planet

When it comes to recycled and eco-friendly gifts, no one does it better than Protect the Planet. Among environmentally conscious shoppers, they’ve quickly emerged as the market leader in home and garden supplies. 

Protecttheplanet.co.uk started more than a decade ago to give environmentally conscious customers a platform to make ethical purchases.

They are a top retailer of eco-friendly goods and gift sets, and there are hundreds of items to choose from. All of their products are reusable, renewable, ethically produced, organic, and recyclable. 

They give to 1% for the Planet and One Tree Planted, two worldwide environmental organisations, and in addition to donating 1% of all sales to environmental initiatives across the world, the company also plants a tree for every five reviews it receives. 

This allows customers to not only buy great eco-friendly gifts but also contribute to important environmental causes all across the world.

This eco affiliate programme is perfect for you if your website’s visitors are interested in eco-friendly products, beautiful ethical homewares, gardening products, recycled/natural products, or eco gifts.

Protect the Planet affiliates qualify for a 5% commission on every sale, with access to personalised banners. They have a low £10 payout threshold and can pay out via PayPal or BACS.

URL: Protect the Planet Affiliate Program  

Commission: 5%

Payment: Daily

Cookie Duration: Unknown 

6. The Natural Baby Company

Cloth diapers, wraps, feeding supplies, toys, and more can all be found in one convenient location at The Natural Baby Company.

At The Natural Baby Company, they want to make sure all parents in the world have access to safe, effective, and eco-friendly items for their babies. 

Its mission is to educate its customers and employees so that they may have a positive effect on the world through natural parenting.

Kim Ormsby founded The Natural Baby Company in 2008 to provide parents with solutions to the common challenges they confront when caring for their babies.

The Natural Baby Company was a smashing success, especially after the release of GroVia in 2009; GroVia is a modern, environmentally friendly diapering system.

They carry high-quality cloth diaper manufacturers like GroVia and their current diaper options, which range from all-in-ones to hybrid shells to toddler trainers, represent the pinnacle of eco-friendly ease.

Visitors may find anything from bottles to sippy cups, breastfeeding equipment to baby food-making tools to storage containers for one’s baby’s lunch.

In addition, they have a wide selection of eco-friendly and sustainable toys from well-known manufacturers, including Grimm’s, Grapat, and Haba.

Even infant health and wellness can benefit from using items that are gentler on the environment. Popular lines such as Legendairy, Shea Moisture, and Nosefrida, among others, supply a wide variety of all-natural cosmetics, sunscreen, bath toys, and towels.

It’s possible to promote both The Natural Baby Company and GroVia in the same ShareASale-managed affiliate program. 

Additionally, they give commission payments and grant users access to marketing resources with high conversion rates, resulting in a typical sale of roughly $100.

With a 180-day tracking period, The Natural Baby Company pays out a 10% commission on each sale.

URL: The Natural Baby Company Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 180 days

7. Richsoil

Here at Richsoil, visitors may find a variety of permaculture supplies and videos. There is a large and growing market for organic gardening and permaculture supplies made by the average consumer.

The term “permaculture” refers to a method of gardening and agricultural production that makes use of the earth’s native ecosystems and its inherent resilience. 

The owner of Rich Soil is a seasoned professional with a wealth of knowledge in the gardening industry who is eager to share his insights with others.

Yes, he maintains a publicly accessible blog where curious readers can find numerous free educational resources. For someone who cares about being environmentally friendly, this method is revolutionary.

They can also buy videos and DVDs with lessons that are more in-depth and tailored to their needs. 

Everything you’ll find here is based on permaculture, the practice of designing one’s garden, one’s house, and one’s way of life following patterns found in nature.

The nice thing about permaculture is that it can be marketed to almost any audience, from those interested in frugal living and the green movement to those interested in gardening, homesteading, DIY, and alternative lifestyles.

And there are countless more; if you run a blog, you probably have a way to sell your followers on one of these items or services.

You can make money and do good by promoting this affiliate programme, which offers innovative, state-of-the-art items in the environmentally conscious market.

Affiliates can earn 40% of all sales and have access to free resources to help them create high-quality content.

URL: Richsoil Affiliate Program  

Commission: 40%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

8. Eat Cleaner 

Eat Cleaner was established in 2010, and three years later, after receiving its patent, it began making substantial efforts to market its in-lab-tested products. 

For the simple reason that everyone should be able to eat the foods that are meant for good health without worrying about whether or not they will spoil, they became committed to assisting customers in enjoying cleaner, safer, longer-lasting fresh food.

Consumers, merchants, and restaurants may all benefit from Eat Cleaner’s extensive suite of products and services designed to increase food safety and prolong product shelf life.

Fruit acids and antioxidants found in Eat Cleaner help keep produce fresh for up to five times longer than without it. In addition to keeping edible food out of landfills, this can save families over $500 annually.

This extensive line of food-grade, biodegradable, and safe solutions can be used for more than just cleaning fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to removing wax, pesticide residues, and soil from commercially and organically grown produce, there is no better option than the patented, all-natural Produce Wash System. 

So, in addition to saving money and time, users are also doing their part to help the environment by cutting down on trash. 

Eat Cleaner donates a portion of its profits to organisations that support children’s health, families, and well-being.

Creative resources are also now available to affiliates, and among the many free materials available at the library are a white paper on food safety, recipes, podcasts, and more. 

On top of that, affiliates receive access to Eat Cleaner’s extensive library of marketing materials and tools and get a whopping 17% commission on each sale they generate.

URL: Eat Cleaner Affiliate Program 

Commission: 17%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

9. Allbirds

Tim Brown, a native of New Zealand, has always known about the remarkable properties of merino wool. Naturally inquisitive, he wondered why this amazing and renewable resource was being underutilised in the shoe business. 

After years of study and experimentation, Tim finally partnered with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert, and together they created an innovative wool fabric developed for use in footwear. 

What came out of their collaboration was not only a new subset of footwear influenced by natural materials but also a guiding principle to always make things better than they were before.

The footwear business frequently disregards natural materials in favour of synthetic ones because of their lower costs. However, natural and functional materials are used to create the most comfortable shoes in the world.

As a B Corp, Allbird operates uniquely while considering the environmental impact alongside the financial benefits. Their designs are minimal, with no distracting logos or unnecessary embellishments. 

Allbird uses a wide variety of materials in its manufacturing process, including wool, tree, sugar, and Trino®. They rethought shoe packaging entirely, creating a box/bag/mailer combo out of 90% recyclable material.

Incorporating wool into their manufacturing process results in a 60% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional synthetic shoe materials, as there are around six times as many sheep as people in New Zealand. 

ZQ Merino is only one of the industry leaders they collaborate with to guarantee ethical practices in farming, land management, and animal care in the production of their wool.

Because of their certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®, users are rest assured that they only use materials that adhere to stringent standards designed to safeguard forests and the wildlife and people who depend on them.

Using a closed-loop, eco-friendly production method and renewable fibre, they’ve created a material that is better for the planet than conventional textiles while still being highly functional.

Allbirds shoelaces are created from one plastic bottle, and the boxes they come in are made from 90% recycled cardboard. They also make use of materials like castor bean oil, recycled plastic and cardboard.

Impact is the host site for this affiliate programme, which provides a 15% commission and a 15-day cookie.

URL: Allbirds Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 15%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: 15 days

10. The Green Tower Project 

The first Garden Tower Project kicked off on Kickstarter on the 19th of April, 2012. The original idea behind the project was to supply people all across the world with healthy, environmentally friendly food produce.

Users can grow their nutritious food with The Green Tower Project, a small business dedicated to changing the future of food sustainability and ensuring food security.

Natural technology is used by the Garden Tower to supercharge modern container gardening, simplifying the process of growing food vertically on a patio or balcony. 

Kitchen leftovers may also be turned into organic vegetables with the help of the Garden Tower, which is the only planter system that incorporates composting and nutrient recycling.

They offer a 16% commission on sales and a 15% bonus on commissions earned from affiliates introduced by you for the lifetime of your account, both of which can be earned through their affiliate programme.

You don’t need a website to join their programme; they’ll let you market their products via email and social media instead, and you’ll make money off of both direct sales and referrals forever.

They sell for an average of $359 and generate a commission of up to $57.44 for each item sold.

URL: The Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program

Commission: 16%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

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11. Love Goodly 

The goal behind the creation of Love Goodly was to facilitate the purchase of wellness-oriented products for women. 

They’re looking to do two things: provide safer products and make them easy to find for their clients at affordable prices.

Up to 70% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bodies, and the average woman uses 168 chemicals in her skincare routine every day.

All of the brands they stock adhere to similar ideals, such as being organic, non-GMO, and eco-friendly, and they never use any ingredients that are harmful to humans.

Donations are made to charity with every purchase, and the items in their box range from cosmetics and skincare to fashion and home decor accents, and even the occasional healthy snack or wellness product. 

Usually, the total value of everything in a box is over $75, while they allow their customers to purchase a la carte from their web store.

You may become a part of the effort to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle by joining the Love Goodly affiliate program and introducing visitors to the finest natural and green brands.

Eco-friendly, subscription box reviews, healthy lifestyles, beauty, fashion, and wellness are just some of the areas they’re interested in finding affiliates in. 

In addition to their marketing materials, such as banners and text links, affiliates also have access to a variety of tracking and reporting features, as well as monthly rewards. 

You can promote their subscription boxes and other products in the online store while earning an 8% commission on orders with a 45-day cookie period.

URL: Love Goodly Affiliate Program 

Commission: 8%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: 45 days

12. Eartheasy

Eartheasy is a family-run company that has been in business since 2000 and has locations in both the United States and Canada.

The main goal of the company is to sell products that encourage people to live more sustainably. 

This is done to help educate and inspire people about the need to protect the environment and the many benefits of living a simpler, less materialistic life.

They look for suppliers who share their beliefs and are actively bettering the world and fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects with TerraPass as a partner.

In collaboration with the Trees for the Future Foundation, each purchase makes a difference by planting a tree.

Among Eartheasy’s many niche markets are those concentrated on home and garden, green home, the great outdoors, health and wellness, travel, solar energy, and more.

Different types of customers shop at Eartheasy.com because of the wide variety of brands and items available. 

A 10% commission is paid to Eartheasy affiliates for content sites while their average order value is $200 with a cookie life of 90 days. 

URL: Eartheasy Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 90 days

13. Earthlove

Like the aforementioned “Love Goodly,” this is a shop that allows users to buy various eco-friendly products online. 

Since its inception in 2018, Earthlove has fostered a lovely community of people dedicated to improving their quality of life without jeopardising the earth.

From there, Earthlove emerged as a channel through which individuals all across the world could get information, motivation, and solutions from environmentally conscious companies.

Earthlove was founded to make the best eco-conscious brands more widely available and affordable. 

In each season’s Earthlove box, subscribers will find up to ten eco-friendly products designed to help them live a more sustainable, healthy, and earth-honouring lifestyle. 

Also, each season, it lends its support to a new environmental cause that fights to preserve our planet’s natural habitats. 

The mission of Earthlove is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and adopt a more ecological way of life while directing them toward the most beneficial eco-wellness goods available so that you may use them guilt-free and contribute to a more peaceful coexistence with the planet.

These products are made from organic materials, don’t contain palm oil, are certified fair trade (or transparent direct trade), have little to no packaging waste, are cruelty-free, and so much more.

They stock a variety of eco-friendly companies in many different product categories, such as syrups, books, wellness, cosmetics, outdoor gear, gardening supplies, and accessories.

Your website needs to be unique, well-designed, and rich with inspirational content to get accepted into its affiliate programme. Together with ShareASale, they offer a free and simple affiliate programme for their customers.

Earthlove’s affiliate programme provides an 8% commission on store sales, a 2% commission on coupon websites, $5 per subscription or gift box, and a 30-day cookie window.

Affiliates also receive a newsletter with information on upcoming sales and promotions, as well as regularly updated material, banners, and discounts.

Commissions are paid out monthly once a threshold of $50 has been reached with a $90+ average order value.

As a bonus, bloggers and other online influencers can participate in Earthlove’s tiered affiliate program and win a free box after generating just three sales.

URL: Earthlove Affiliate Program 

Commission: 8%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Biome

The mission of Biome is to ensure that future generations can enjoy Earth’s natural beauty in a safe and healthy setting.

Since 2003, they’ve been fixated on resolving environmental issues and researching products for green-washing, hidden toxins, and questionable components.

Biome is widely regarded as Australia’s most trusted and respected cruelty-free, toxic-free, ethical eco-retailer, with each of its products being thoroughly examined and verified to be secure and environmentally friendly. 

Natural skincare, zero-waste reusables, food and health products, gifts, and more can all be found here. 

Their ingredient and material requirements are more stringent than any other green store, and they guarantee that all of their products are free of palm oil.

Affiliates can earn a 15% commission on new customers for the first 30 days after they sign up; a 10% commission on new customers after that; and a 7% commission on returning customers thanks to their 30-day tracking cookie.

They also have a high average order value, which bodes well for commissions, special offers, full product data feeds, and a wide selection of banners.

URL: Biome Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 15%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Food Huggers 

Food Huggers develops tools that simplify the implementation of eco-friendly habits at home. Their products and services help consumers adopt eco-friendly routines that are also enjoyable.

In 2013, Food Huggers was funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $184,000 by more than 5,100 backers.

Since then, their reusable food savers have been distributed from New Jersey to New Zealand. Along with expanding geographically, the Food Huggers crew has evolved into a savvy and welcoming collection of individuals from all over the world who are committed to cutting down on food waste and normalising sustainable lifestyles.

The company’s goal is to aid clients in taking steps to produce less garbage at home. Food Huggers’ designs are high-quality, reusable alternatives to disposable plastics that help users keep their food fresh at home.

Over 1,500 happy customers have given Food Huggers a perfect review. Real Simple, Oprah’s Magazine, Dwell, Fast Company, BuzzFeed, and The Huffington Post have also featured their products.

Worldwide, wasted food accounts for a significant portion of the waste in landfills, and reducing the wasteful disposal of edibles can lighten the load on landfills.

It costs the typical American family of four around $1600 per year due to wasted food, and the economy of our homes and neighbourhoods benefits from reduced financial waste.

Their goods have a lifetime guarantee and may be used repeatedly, eliminating the need for consumers to purchase and dispose of numerous rolls of disposable plastic wrap, bags, and foil.

Many households may benefit from guidance on how to cut down on their plastic and food waste in the kitchen, with Food Huggers preventing perfectly good fruits and vegetables from going to waste by extending their shelf life.

As a group, Food Huggers know full well they can’t possibly discover them all. Because of this, they have established an affiliate programme to facilitate collaboration.

You may promote Food Huggers and earn a 15% commission while also giving your audience a 10% discount.

In addition to the 30-day cookie, they provide a library of fresh banners and other creative elements.

URL: Food Huggers Affiliate Program 

Commissions: 15% 

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. My Cleaning Products 

MyCleaningProducts.com offers both high-converting niche products and one-of-a-kind eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

While many household cleaning solutions are effective, some of them contain harmful chemicals and emit these harmful chemicals into the air. 

However, MyCleaningProducts offers a vast selection of cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment, effective, and efficient.

Cleaning, pest control, health and beauty, and other industries all benefit from the innovative solutions their team has developed through tireless testing and brainstorming. They also provide supplies for floors, laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen.

In general, orders from businesses tend to be between $500 and $5,000, while those from consumers tend to be between $150 and $300. With an average order value of $300, converting them at a 30% commission rate is a breeze.

As an affiliate, promotional emails with unique content, discounts, and redeemable codes are made available for use in your marketing campaigns.

URL: MyCleaningProducts Affiliate Program  

Commission: 30%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. Teemill

Teemill is a UK platform that supports people in launching sustainable brands. There are no barriers to entry, and anyone may set up a store and start selling their designs.

It only uses eco-friendly materials and renewable energy to print and ship these products, and since it’s free to use, anyone in the world can now have their own online shop to show off their design skills.

Every item is created with sustainable practices in mind, from raw materials to the use of renewable energy to packaging that is plant-based rather than plastic.

The circular concept, in which products are meant to be returned and remanufactured once they’ve worn out, has drawn in some of the world’s greatest firms.

It’s easy to see why it’s become the most exciting print-on-demand platform in the UK; the service has received thousands of 5-star ratings, has won many international awards for sustainability, and is continually adding new features.

They loaded it up with tools that can be used by anyone in any industry to expand their brand. This is an unusual affiliate programme in that it rewards participants for promoting an environmentally friendly and free good/service.

The Teemill affiliate programme is perfect for you if you and your audience have an interest in sustainable, eco-friendly, and upcycled clothing.

Affiliates that send customers to Teemill are rewarded handsomely for their efforts. If a user signs up and then opens a store and begins making sales, you’ll receive £10.

As the company puts it, “Teemill is free, and the model makes it a potential game changer for affiliates—instead of selling, affiliates get compensated to give away something that makes people money.” 

When you sign up for a free partner account, you’ll have access to a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and resources on the affiliate platform. 

Banners of various sizes to fit your website or social media pages are available for download, and a simple graphic editor is available at no cost to let you create banners that are uniquely tailored to your target demographic.

The affiliate programme also includes a handy tracker for keeping tabs on how many of your referred users have signed up and begun making sales. Because of this, you can fine-tune your sales process and know that the people you’re referring to for specific cohorts are the right ones.

The Teemill affiliate programme is user-friendly and a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in affiliate marketing, as marketers of all levels are welcome to participate. 

You will receive 1% of any future revenue generated by the store you referred to for items sold, regardless of whether or not you attract any new sign-ups to the platform.

URL: Teemil Affiliate Program   

Commissions: £10 per Sign Up

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: Unknown 

18. Just Nutritive

For over a decade, the company formerly known as Just Natural has developed and perfected products that are kind to hair and skin.

They are a women-owned enterprise with a mission to promote healthier lifestyles as a means to improve appearance, as every one of their items is 100% USA-made. 

To guarantee that their products are always fresh, pure, and high-quality, they exclusively employ the highest-quality plant-based ingredients and extracts to reap nature’s benefits.

Just Nutritive avoids using synthetic ingredients like silicone and fragrances while making sure its products are both effective and environmentally friendly. There are no sulfates, chlorides, or parabens in any of their products.

These high-quality hair and skin care products contain over 250 natural components rich in vitamins to restore the user’s hair and skin health with over 140 products for customers to choose from.

Using ShareASale, Just Nutritive manages its affiliate programme and provides access to creatives, banners, product feeds, and payment processing. 

Their average order size is $75, with a commission rate of 30%.

URL: Just Nutritive Affiliate Program 

Commission: 30%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 90 days

19. The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store is the go-to online store for eco-friendly consumers, with a wide variety of high-quality items for the home and family.

In addition to an extensive selection of gifts, users may tailor their purchasing experience by making a wishlist or a registry for a particular event.

Their goal is to sell items that are superior in quality, as they understand the value of eco-friendly methods of production and social responsibility. 

They sell eco-friendly products that don’t harm the environment or the health of their customers, which are natural, organic, recyclable, and humanely produced.

The finest green products in all the most popular categories are available at the Ultimate Green Store, where customers can find not only the eco-friendly items they use every day but also furniture, clothing, and solar products.

Through the Share-A-Sale platform, The Ultimate Green Store is happy to provide affiliates with the chance to make a commission on sales. 

Any clicks through your website or social media posts will now earn you a commission. Signing up is quick, easy, and secure!

Affiliates who place a banner ad for Ultimate Green Store on their sites are eligible for a 10% commission on all sales made as a result of the ad’s exposure (gift registry sales excluded). 

Banners and ad buttons, both animated and non-animated, come in a wide range of sizes and file kinds while providing 24/7 real-time tracking and reporting.

When clicked, the banner will take visitors to a special subscription page where your referrals can be monitored.

URL: The Ultimate Green Store Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie Duration: 60 days

20. EcoVessel 

EcoVessel produces high-quality, stylish, and functional insulated stainless steel water bottles, mugs, tumblers, and growlers. 

At EcoVessel, they’re inspired by a passion for adventure and a respect for the environment. So, they manufacture reusable, insulated drinkware with cutting-edge style and unmatched functionality. 

These products are both sleek and stylish and will keep your beverage hot or cold for hours. Users have the choice to significantly cut down on the number of plastic water bottles they use by using the EcoVessel vessels. 

Their website features information about stainless steel water bottles for kids and adults, both in bulk and in customised forms. 

Plastic harms the environment, and this company is doing its part to encourage everyone to use it less. 

Since joining 1% for the Planet, they have given 5% of all online sales to charities that focus on protecting the environment. 

They are prepared to work together with affiliates and other outside parties to promote their products with affiliates earning a standard 10% commission on all orders with their 30-day tracking cookie.

They have an average order value of about $45, while they donate a portion of each sale to a group that works to protect the environment with free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

URL: EcoVessel Affiliate Program  

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

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