5 Best Yoga Affiliate Programs For Relaxing Revenue

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Yoga has come a long way over the past 5+ years. There was a time when it was no more than a hobby for those who travelled to or spent time in India.

But now with yoga studios popping out almost everywhere, people are itching to find the best yoga affiliate programs to take advantage of his rapidly expanding market… Especially as yoga has now become a way of life for many.

Whether you own a yoga studio, are selling yoga products, or both, these affiliate programs can provide the income boost you need to take your venture to the next level.

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5 Best Yoga Affiliate Programs

There are tons to explore in the yoga niche, and these proven-and-tested affiliate programs should open your eyes to the many ways you can make money from the practice.

1. YogaDownload

Yoga Download Website Screenshot

A top resource for all things Yoga, including music and classes in fitness, pilates, and meditation, YogaDownload never lets anyone down. Beginner or expert, the site always has something for you.

So far, they’ve been doing great at fulfilling their mission of making yoga accessible and affordable to all.

YogaDownload stands out for its convenience, variety, affordability, and quality. Not to mention, they offer tons of free classes that can run for as long as 20 minutes. That should be enough time for some to pick up some valuable tips and lessons.

Affiliates can earn $12 commissions on sales. The cookie duration is 90 days.

ShareASale manages the affiliate program and offers a wide assortment of attention-grabbing banners and unique links to post on social media, your personal or business blog, site, and newsletters.

There are also free coupons, sales notifications, and tracking tools affiliates can use to succeed.

In their commitment to helping you succeed, the company has created unique tools to help affiliates better monetize their blog or website. These include VigLink and SkimLink, among others.

URL: YogaDownload Affiliate Program

Commission: 12% to 30%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

2. Yoga Club Affiliate Program

Yoga Club Website Screenshot

This is basically a subscription box for mind and body enthusiasts. Considering the huge amount of money yoga practitioners and fans are willing to shell out on yoga-related products, it’s a great idea.

The “subscription box” strategy has gotten old in some niches, but it has worked out amazingly for Yoga Club and its affiliates.

The EPC is also worth noting. It amounts to $194 for 30 days, which means numerous transactions take place. The commission of 15 percent is also well above the standard of five to 10 percent paid by other programs.

The customers also seem happy about this based on the number of five-star reviews the site has gotten.

Yoga Club is loved by many because of its partnerships with trusted brands like Beyond Yoga, Manduka, View Active, and Teeki. Customers get goodies from each in their monthly yoga box; isn’t that amazing?

Promoting a brand that’s already established means you won’t need to do more than post and ask people to share. People already trust the company, so it shouldn’t be that hard to spur them into action.

You’ll find that promoting the brand is worth it because of their unique products, reasonably fat commission rate, and sumptuous $194 EPC.

URL: Yoga Club Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

3. Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga Website Screenshot

In 1998, Barefoot Yoga started providing top-tier eco-friendly yoga products to their customers.

They are industry leaders and innovators responsible for creating the first yoga mat bag, Indian rosewood blocks, and bamboo blocks. They should also be thanked for bringing the first authentic Mysore practice rugs to America.

Barefoot Yoga has over 2000 yoga studios across the globe, so they’re pretty well-known.

They pay affiliates 10 percent commissions on all qualified sales and have several thousands of products to promote.

These guys have been at this game longer than most and know what it takes to keep customers and affiliates happy. Aside from being experts at monitoring product availability, they are also well-versed in identifying and analyzing conversion rate trends to ensure a win-win situation for all parties.

ShareASale manages its affiliate program where affiliates are provided with various unique links, promotional images, and banners to get their site out there.

URL: Barefoot Yoga Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

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4. Manduka Affiliate Program

Manduka Website Screenshot

The brand stands as a testament that a simple concept can transform into a million-dollar business overnight. That’s what happened to former-architect Peter Sterios, who, in 1997, created the first version of the yoga mat we use today or the better model of the one used during that time.

This comfy, stable-black yoga mat changed how Peter and his students practised yoga. He then sent a few samples to some of the most influential yogis of the time, and Manduka grew from there.

Manduka has expanded its product range to include a vast assortment of towels, designer apparel, blocks, bolsters, straps, cleaning products, and bags. There are many reasons to promote Manduka products, and the fact that they’ve sold millions of mats in as many as 100 different countries is one of them.

That tells you people trust them and that they’re likely here to stay.

They also use natural and/or renewable materials to create most of their products, which appeals to an increasingly expanding market of consumers who are conscious of living sustainably.

Their commission rate isn’t anything to write home about, but the brand’s popularity should more than make up for this. Then, there’s the lifetime guarantee of Manduka’s Pro Mats, which indicates their strong belief in their products.

URL: Manduka Affiliate Program

Commission: 6% base commission, but it can be as high as 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

5. Yoga Burn Affiliate Program

Yoga Burn Website Screenshot

This is more a digital product than a physical one, so it’s a bit different from the others.

Still, the Yoga Burn program offered by Clickbank Marketplace is an offer you may not want to let pass. It is aimed predominantly at women who want to get and stay in shape without pumping iron or going crazy on the treadmill.

People love it when they’re told there’s an “easier” way to achieve their health and fitness goals. And the Yoga Burn program does so so cleverly.

The program uses something called “dynamic sequencing,” or in other words, increasing the intensity and difficulty level of the movements as one gets slimmer and fitter.

Of course, by the time you’re supposed to perform these moves, your mind and body will already be ready for them. So, yes, we say that’s definitely easier than the weight-lifting route.

Yoga Burn and Yoga Burn X2 are the two separate offers promoted by the website. Customers gain immediate access to a digital download, but they are also mailed a physical product if they choose the X2.

So, how well do these products fare as far as conversions?

The “Clickbank Gravity” score of Yoga Burn sits at 56.67, with an average sale value of $14. That means affiliates who are promoting it are making money.

Its average rebill is at 17 percent, which shows potential for recurring income. Did you know Yoga Burn once celebrated one of their super affiliates earning as much as a million dollars in a week?

They didn’t disclose the details as to how this was achieved, but the tactic is still a good one.

URL: Yoga Burn Affiliate Program

Commission: $14 per sale

Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

Over to You

That brings our evaluation of the five best yoga affiliate programs to an end. These are programs where affiliates were already raking in decent commissions, or better.

Should you decide to promote a program not included on this list, feel free to do so. But before you rush off to start your own niche site, understand that this market is highly competitive.

While there is potential to earn big from it, you need to put in the hard work and creativity necessary to come up with a unique selling proposition that stands out and converts.

But the good news is that if you are ready to dive in & get going then our free affiliate marketing crash course will show you step-by-step the quickest way to get started.

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