11 Best Massage Chairs Affiliate Programs For Relaxing Revenue

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Are you looking for massage chairs affiliate programs? If so, then you’ve landed in the right place. 

Many massage chairs are available in the market, and each is designed to provide a different kind of massage depending upon the materials used and the shape. 

However, certain products are gaining popularity due to their features and benefits. Companies are now providing affiliate programs to offer these products to get worldwide recognition and support.

So without further ado, let’s dive into these affiliate programs.

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11 Best Massage Chairs Affiliate Programs

The programs are listed in the following order:

  1. Massage Warehouse
  2. D. Core 
  3. Snailax 
  4. iZen
  5. Spafinder
  6. Positive Posture
  7. Furniture For Life
  8. Prime Massage Chairs
  9. Massage Naturals
  10. Panasonic
  11. Massage Chair Deals

1. Massage Warehouse

Massage Warehouse Website Screenshot

Massage Warehouse is one of the few online stores where you can find relaxing massage equipment like portable massage tables, chairs, oil lotions, massage linens, and cleaning products. 

Massage Warehouse carries top-rated brands like MassageFX, NRG, EarthLite, Biotone, Therapro, etc. Massage, chiropractic, spa, and physical therapy equipment suppliers are available at Massage Warehouse while offering a selection of products for their customers.

Massage Warehouse believes touch can heal spontaneously, and this belief pushes them to promote the expansion of therapeutic massage and the healing efforts of Massage Therapists.

Their objective is to help Massage therapists directly, Chiropractors, PT Estheticians, and Consumers while providing solutions and relief to as many anxious, tense, and in pain people.

Massage Warehouse is experienced and has built its customer base trust for over ten years, supplying quality massage items at fair pricing and educating Massage Therapists to keep them informed.

With their goal of offering affordable and quality items, they also provide a refund if an item doesn’t match their customers’ expectations within 30 days of purchase. Customers can get more details on their returns page.

They also provide a price-match guarantee, meaning they’ll refund/match the difference if the same product is found cheaper elsewhere.

This offer is viable 30 days from the purchase, which applies to domestic orders only, and pricing matches based on competitors’ MAP compliance. 

Yazing hosts Massage Warehouse’s affiliate program. You’ll earn a 3% commission on approved sales, and the program’s network won’t charge a fee when you get paid. 

You’ll also have access to coupons, banners, and affiliate support.

URLMassage Warehouse Affiliate Program 

Commission – 3% 

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

2. D. Core

D. Core Website Screenshot

D. Core combines the experience of renowned therapist Dr. Izawa with creative engineering and nature-inspired Japanese design to build healing shiatsu deep tissue massage chairs.

These massage chairs combine knowledge, current technology, and traditional aesthetic elegance. D.Core is the final guide to a luxurious massage experience, where Japanese design meets unique therapeutic technology.

D. Core’s worldview begins with firm regard for the natural, nuanced, and polished, with designs inspired by Japanese art’s harmonious lines and black walnut wood.

Their quality craftsmanship and subtle eye make D.Core massage chairs a stunning addition to any modern home. D.Core is based on the discoveries of Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa and proper Shiatsu therapy. 

Their proprietary 3D+ TrueShiatsu Action simulates a massage therapist’s finger structure and organic movements. At the same time, the Cirrus model’s Wave Arrays use oscillating rollers to treat forearm and calf-deep tissue.

With chairs formed by Japan’s natural beauty and massage methods founded in the country’s rich history in human health, D.Core offers a complete line of luxury massage chairs that connect the past to the future.

URL D. Core Affiliate Program 

Commission – 8% 

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

3. Snailax

Snailax Website Screenshot

Snailax offers non-invasive products to rebuild and rejuvenate muscles, aches, and pains. 

Their health and personal care products target specific body parts, including the head, neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, and foot, and have specialized functions (massaging, cooling, heating) to meet customers’ needs.

Snailax has excellent massage goods, from massage chairs to foot massagers and healed pillows providing maximum relaxation and comfort.

This affiliate program offers a 10% commission and a 30-day tracking cookie. 

URLSnailax Affiliate Program 

Commission – 10% 

Payment – Weekly

Cookie Duration – 30 days

4.  iZen

iZen Website Screenshot

Ownership of iZen by Innovative provides state-of-the-art wellness products that are professional-grade and designed for homes. 

Innovative has over 20 years of industry experience operating a global portfolio of assets, including 10,000+ Relax & Recharge commercial massage chairs offering over 2.5 million messages monthly.

They know what works to relieve tension, soothe pain, and speed muscle recovery. Their knowledge and experience have helped them build a whole line of massage chairs and equipment, providing a boutique/curated line of industry-leading massage chairs and equipment.

iZen is committed to improving the quality of life through a comprehensive understanding of the human body. Their products duplicate massage techniques, boosting immune systems, improving sleep and circulation, and rejuvenating both physically and emotionally. 

Their collection of top-rated massage chairs includes The Aspen, The Destin, and, The Newport. High-end Aspen massage chairs have the latest massage technologies. Three massage treatments employing adjustable rollers and zero gravity can eliminate your aches.

The Destin is a tiny massage chair with four shiatsu auto programs and calf rollers which can be used as a home lounger to create customers’ massages to relieve midday tension.

The Newport massage chair offers relaxation and deep-tissue therapy. Adjustable rollers, leg rests, compression airbags, and L-track provide full-body coverage. Bluetooth lets you stream music or TV while you relax.

Their goods are well-designed and reasonably priced, which will help you make money. Their home massage chairs cost $1,600-$6,200 with a one-year components guarantee and a three-year service agreement.

Small massagers designed to relieve neck, back, and shoulder discomfort ship free with orders over $150 and have been combined to improve average order size. All referral orders from $150 to $6,200 earn 10% commission, with products priced up to 40% less.

URLiZen Affiliate program 

Commission – 10% 

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

5. Spafinder

Spafinder Website Screenshot

Spafinder is a website committed to helping individuals find and share their pathways to wellbeing. This program is excellent in the massage niche, even though it isn’t directly related to massage chairs.

Spafinder connects millions with wellness providers worldwide. The company sells spa, wellness, and beauty gift cards, linking customers to resorts, fitness studios, and wellness practitioners.

It distributes gift cards through retail, online, corporate, incentive, and loyalty programs.

Spafinder debuted online 15 years ago and continues to dominate the beauty and wellness business. 

Spafinder’s partner network includes world-famous spas that pioneered the concept, working with Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Six Senses. It was acquired by global financial technology business Blackhawk Network in September 2016. 

Their network comprises thousands of day spa and fitness partners like Elements and Hand and Stone. Spafinder partners provide week-long wellness retreats and day spa treatments for couples, brides, families, and many others. 

You can partner with Spafinder, but you’ll need a Rakuten account for the affiliate program. You get 6% of gift card sales as an affiliate and 40 days to convert a visitor. 

Their affiliate management team will aid any issues and optimize marketing efforts, and they also offer exceptional and seasonal promotions to enhance sales and conversion rates.

Creative materials and promo materials will be provided.

URL –  Spafinder Affiliate Program

Commission – 6% rev share

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 40 days

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6. Positive Posture

Positive Posture Website Screenshot

Positive Posture has spent years researching, testing, and refining every recliner, chair, and sleep system, which are finely crafted with high quality and developed for lifelong wellness and style. 

Positive Posture sells massage chairs, beds, and zero gravity recliners to calm customers as they prioritize comfort and function. 

Positive Posture has been in business for a long time and offers a 30-day free trial (terms and conditions apply) so clients can sample their goods risk-free.

From their Boulder, Colorado headquarters, they develop inspired concepts to improve how you work, relax, and sleep because they believe when furniture is carefully devised, it can boost one’s health and happiness.

They work with award-winning designers, ergonomists, and wellness specialists to provide their customers with the best products.

To join Positive Posture’s affiliate program, visit their sign-up page and fill out an interest form. Once an affiliate manager authorizes your application, you can start marketing their products. 

You earn an 8% commission on qualified or authorized sales with a 30 days cookie window. As a partner, you’ll receive an affiliate kit so you may advertise the products successfully, which benefits you and the company.

URL –  Positive Posture Affiliate Program 

Commission – 8% 

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

7. Furniture For Life

Furniture For Life Website Screenshot

Furniture For life sells stylish, comfortable, and healthy home furnishings. They carry massage chairs, zero gravity recliners, ergonomic office chairs, and hybrid mattresses from OHCO, Positive Posture, Panasonic, D.Core, Varier, and others.

Cliff Levin has been associated with massage chairs since 1996 and has 25 years of health and wellness experience. He’s well-versed in their massage chairs and other things. 

Furniture For Life is a proud provider of the world’s best massage chairs thanks to Cliff’s experience of the industry. Furniture For life knows what makes a massage chair the best and offers stylish, comfy furniture. 

They guarantee that anything you buy from them will increase your comfort, reduce stress, boost your wellness, and brighten your days. 

Furniture For Life’s focus on product quality and customer service ensures you’re in good hands throughout and after purchase. Everything they sell meets global standards and has the industry’s best warranties.

All products are massage related, and like positive Posture, you may join this affiliate program on their official site. 

URL –  Furniture For Life Affiliate Program 

Commission – 8% 

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

8. Prime Massage Chairs

Prime Massage Chairs Website Screenshot

Prime Massage Chairs specializes in high-quality massage chairs, with a mission to be the most customer-focused brand in massage chairs.

Prime Massage Chairs sells massage chairs from tens of companies. Bookstone, Daiwa, Infinity, Inner Balance, Human Touch, Kyota, etc. 

They’re an Ohio family business and only offer an online store for now, which helps them keep expenses down so that they can provide factory-direct prices, rapid shipping, and world-class customer service via phone, email, and live chat. 

As a supplier’s authorized dealer, they ship from their warehouses with the lowest prices guaranteed. They also offer fast, free shipping, no taxes in most states, and easy returns of products. Their six-month competitive price guarantee also ensures their low rates online.

Their in-house affiliate program offers 5% off referral sales, with an AOV of $3500, which means you can earn $175 on each referral and sale with guaranteed payment made after 90 days, and the minimum payout is $25. 

URLPrime Massage Chairs Affiliate Program 

Commission – 5% 

Payment – 90 days after-sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

9. Massage Naturals

Massage Naturals Website Screenshot

Massage Naturals offers spas, resorts, chiropractors, and therapists high-quality, affordable massage products. They sell lotions, creams, body treatments, portable massage tables, massage chairs, and massage linens, to mention a few.

Massage Naturals is a Utah company. Dennis Frederick launched All Together Enterprises as a diaper service in 1990. In 2001, they started making massage table sheets and face cradles. 

Since then, they’ve provided US-made and imported massage goods. In 2004, they moved to a new office and warehouse where local customers may shop. 

In 2005, www.Massage-Linen.com was launched to sell massage items online. The website was changed to www.massagenaturals.com in 2007 to better serve massage clients.

Massage Naturals uses ShareASale to handle its affiliate program. They offer a great conversion rate with an average order from $2.50 to several thousand, while shipping orders in one business day and with less than 1% backorders. 

Affiliates stand to benefit from working with a reputable massage firm. They aim to exceed customer expectations, which is evident in their products’ comfort, service, and on-time delivery, and in the quality of their products.

URLMassage Naturals Affiliate Program 

Commission – 10% of net sales

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

10. Panasonic

Panasonic Website Screenshot

Panasonic has focused on “people’s lives” since its founding in 1918, making “people” the centre of its efforts. Future goods, systems, and services based on their unique electronics technology will include consumer electronics, industrial devices, building items, and housing.

They provide massage chairs ranging from MA73 and MAJ7. The MA73 is the next iteration of Panasonic’s RealPro Ultra 3D mechanism, bringing a lifelike premium massage experience to your home. This chair can recline and provide a professional massage with its hidden leg and arm massage devices. 

The MA73 increases the number of automatic massage and stretching programs, doubles the number of massage movements and adds dual-zone arm kneading. 

Ceramic foot heaters add relaxation to reflexology treatments. Precision body scanning measures over 1000 acupoints and uses a pressure sensing system to personalize customers’ experience. 

The MAJ7’s richness goes beyond appearances as every stitch and detail is top-quality. The MAJ7’s luxury-car-inspired cross-stitching hides superior precision technology. It’s what makes the chair rejuvenating and relaxing.

The MAJ7’s Real Pro Ultra is the latest iteration, boosting power and finesse. Real Pro Ultra senses body pressure 100 times per second to detect muscle tightness and customize clients’ massage.

Panasonic released an electromagnetic massager in 1935. Since then, they’ve innovated to deliver a better experience. They have an affiliate commission of 8% on all sales made. 

Currently, they are only working with affiliates in the US and Canada.


Commission – 8% 

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

11. Massage Chair Deals

Massage Chair Deals Website Screenshot

Massage Chairs Deals sells high-quality massage chairs online. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, quality products, and a customer-first approach in Chicago, United States.

Their standard delivery is free, and their products have no sales tax for their customers in the United States, except for Illinois residents. 

Massage Chairs Deals has products/chairs from top companies like Titan Chairs, Osaki, Infinite, Apex, etc. Amazingly, they sell chairs at a competitive cost. 

Hundreds of chair models seem to have identical attributes and selecting a model may seem complicated, but Massage Chairs Deals assists customers cut through the clutter and offer their expert advice, helping them choose a massage chair based on real-life experiences. 

Interested customers can also find the right massage chair by reading Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide to get started and book a schedule through contact or chat. 

Once customers know the key features to look for, they can filter through their items, as Massage Chairs Deals also provides a chart comparing all of their chairs.

You can join the Massage Chair Deals affiliate program on their official website. Every qualified sale will earn you a 7% commission rate. 

URLMassage Chair Deals Affiliate Program 

Commission – 7%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

Earning Big With Massage Affiliate Programs

The message chair niche is booming at the moment & it looks like its upward trend is set to continue into the future, giving affiliates a great opportunity to make money.

As a result of the continuous growth and development of technology in these massaging chairs, many manufacturers have been competing with each other to create more advanced products that focus on perfecting their functionality.

This means that not only is the industry seeing growth, but there are now more (and better) products that you can promote, as well as more massage chair affiliate programs overall.

The key to success lies in being able to generate targeted traffic.

And the good news is that our free affiliate marketing course shows you the exact steps required to make it happen, as well as the steps to scale your business to new heights.

So if you’re looking to earn big as an affiliate in the massage chair niche, or any other niche for that matter, do be sure to check it out before you leave.

And of course, if you happen to have any additional questions or comments feel free to leave them below. We always love hearing from our readers.

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