15 Best Organic Food Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Top Paying)

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As more and more people switch to using organic food, this presents a fantastic opportunity for all affiliates in the organic food niche.

You can connect people with organic food suppliers & earn handsome commissions on any of the sales that you manage to generate.

And to help you do exactly that, we’ve listed the best organic food affiliate programs below.

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Best Organic Food Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. Vital Choice 
  2. Wise Choice Market 
  3. Healthy Goods 
  4. Walgreens 
  5. Powbab
  6. Kimera Koffee 
  7. Wedderspoon Organic 
  8. Organic Baby Food Shop
  9. iHerb 
  10. Vega Protein
  11. Naked Nutrition 
  12. Sunwarrior 
  13. RAW Nutritional
  14. The Pant Era
  15. Ground-Based Nutrition 

1. Vital Choice 

Jim McCann, the man behind this successful online organic food and floral gift store started his venture almost half a century ago from a small weeded patch of land outside his home. Today, Vital Choice is the world’s leading floral gift and organic food provider on the internet. FLOWERS.COM was Jim’s major success which contributed the most to his reputation as a public speaker, philanthropist, and accomplished author. 

Here is your chance to succeed as an affiliate by promoting Vital Choice’s certified sustainably sourced seafood, gluten-free diets, Whole30, Keto, and Paleo diets. Other Vital Choice organic products include pasture-raised grass-fed meat and fresh fruit gift baskets, seasonings, and vinegar. 

Highlights of the Vital Choice Affiliate Program

  • 3% sales commission 
  • 7 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • $15 flat reward for each referred Vital Box Subscription 
  • $175 Average Order Vale 
  • High conversion rate and loyal customer base 
  • Integrated with Impact Radius Affiliate Network 
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting 
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 

URL: Vital Choice Affiliate Program

Commission: 3% | $15 Flat (Referred Vital Box Subscription) 

Cookie Duration: 7 Days  

Payment Term: Monthly via Impact Radius  

2. Wise Choice Market 

Simon Gorman founded Wise Choice Market over a decade ago with a mission to deliver nutrient-dense organic and fermented food to potential customers. The brand has come a long way since December 2010. Simon mainly focuses on keeping traditional food preparation methods alive while producing healthy food for his customers. 

You can buy various nutrient-rich food items including raw cheese, cooking fats, fermented vegetables, bone broth, and seafood. In addition to traditional food items, Wise Choice Market also offers Paleo-specific food items. 

Wise Choice Affiliate Program invites affiliate partners specializing in Paleo, organic food, GAPS, Weston A Price, nourishing traditions, traditional cooking, or nutritional therapy. 

Highlights of the Wise Choice Affiliate Program 

  • 10% sales commission 
  • Over $100 Average Order Value 
  • Access to marketing creatives and promotional assets 
  • ShareASale Affiliate Network Partner 
  • Dashboard for real-time performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting 
  • Hassle-free payouts through ShareASale 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 

URL: Wise Choice Market Affiliate Program | Signup via ShareASale

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via ShareASale 

3. Healthy Goods 

Healthy Goods started as a health optimisation brand focusing on nutrition-rich medicines and later diverted its focus to organic food, superfood, whole food and nutrition supplements. Today, they call themselves the “Functional Nutrition” brand. 

Healthy Goods online store has a comprehensive range of products listed in various categories. In addition to organic and superfood, they offer nutrition supplements in the following categories:

  • Blood Sugar
  • Thyroid & Adrenal 
  • Bone & Joints 
  • Brain and Nerve 
  • Cardiovascular
  • Cell Salts
  • Hair, Skin, & Nail 
  • Healthy Aging
  • Healthy Fats & Oils 

and the list goes on…  

Highlights of the Healthy Goods Affiliate Program 

  • 10% to 15% sales commission 
  • 45 days referral window (cookie life)
  • Access to marketing creatives and banners 
  • Performance tracking dashboard 

Note: Healthy Goods partnered with CJ Affiliate Network until 2022. However, they are no more hosting their affiliate program with CJ. Make sure to visit the official Healthy Goods Affiliate page for the updated terms and conditions. 

URL: Healthy Goods Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% to 15% 

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts 

4. Walgreens 

Walgreens is one of the top-rated US-based companies dealing in health and wellness. It started its journey from Chicago in 1901 – over 120 years which include 36 years in a row with record earnings and sales in the industry. Just one Fortune 500 company has ever managed to match this record. 

Despite being over 100 years old, Walgreens does not stick to the conventions. User-friendly website interface, mobile App, and highly interactive navigations and support make things super easy for potential customers. More than 60,000 SKUs include a rich stock of organic food ranging from organic chocolates to whole milk.

However, the price of Walgreens organic products ranges between $3 to $15 and just 2% sales commission means you need to have a considerable number of potential buyers from your followers. 

Highlights of the Walgreens Affiliate Program 

  • 2% sales commission 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie attribution period) 
  • Access to banners, creatives, and promotional tools 
  • Dedicated performance tracking dashboard for reporting and insights 
  • Commission Junction Affiliate Network Partner 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 

URL: Walgreens Affiliate Program

Commission: 2% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Commission Junction (CJ)

5. powbab 

powbab is an inspirational success story of Tina Chan – CEO and founder of the brand who did not accept defeat even during the toughest of times watching herself sitting in a wheelchair.  

powbab is primarily a health-optimisation brand focusing on superfoods. Their product line features a considerable stock of various organic products. Their product categories include ancient grains, wholefood, dried whole fruit, nuts, supplement bites, and organic powders. However, they also offer supplements to support immunity, joint health, skincare, liver health, etc.  

powbab was the first brand to introduce Baobab products in the United States backed by certifications from Non-GMO Project, USDA Organic, and Socially Responsible and Fair Trade. However, today powbab offers more than just Baobab products. In addition, the powbab blog keeps you updated about healthy living and healthy eating with its impressive recipes. 

Highlights of the powbab Affiliate Program 

  • 15% sales commission
  • 60 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Reliable tracking via Refersion 
  • Performance tracking dashboard with timely and transparent reporting and insights 
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal 
  • Free T-Shirt upon completing the first 15 referred sales 
  • Free powbab tote bag upon completing the first 30 referred sales 
  • Affiliate exclusive promo codes 
  • Marketing creatives and promotional tools 

URL: powbab Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal (Managed by Refersion) 

6. Kimera Koffee 

Kimera Koffee is an initiative from a bunch of like-minded friends looking to do something to make a difference in the lives of others. So they came up with this idea of producing and selling what they call “organic coffee infused with brain vitamins” – Kimera Koffee primarily meant to optimise cognition. 

The idea is to make things easier for people who are fond of coffee and also intake brain vitamins separately. Why not combine both? The answer to the question brought about the foundation of this brand. 

Kimera Koffee is a neat and minimal online store selling coffee and stackers at the moment, along with a few bundles. Pricing ranges between $20 to $125. And let’s not forget that Kimera Koffee has also joined hands with World Animal Protection – an animal welfare organisation dedicated to animal care in different regions, including disaster-struck areas. 

Highlights of the Kimera Koffee Affiliate Program 

  • 20% sales commission 
  • 60 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Credible third-party tracking with Refersion 
  • Dashboard for performance tracking and reporting 
  • Hassle-free payouts via PayPal 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 

URL: Kimera Koffee Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

Payment Term: Within 5 to 15 Days of Sales Conversion | Credited to Your PayPal by Refersion 

7. Wedderspoon Organic 

Lake Wakatipu’s crystal-clear water, along with the mesmerising mountains, is what Wedderspoon Organic inspires while producing Manuka honey – the product around which the brand is built. They take pride in partnering with expert Kiwi honey extractors who have kept the tradition alive for centuries. 

Their product line includes Manuka honey, organic supplements, and apple cider. The price ranges from $9 to $70. 

Highlights of the Wedderspoon Organic Affiliate Program

  • 10% sales commission
  • 10% discount code for affiliates 
  • Access to pre-launch product details 
  • Welcome kit for affiliates 
  • Opportunity to be featured on the social media pages of Wedderspoon 
  • ShareASale Affiliate Network Partner 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 
  • Performance-tracking dashboard 

URL: Wedderspoon Organic Affiliate Program | Apply via ShareASale 

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via ShareASale

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8. Organic Baby Food Shop 

Organic Baby Food Shop claims to offer tested and safe organic formula for your baby’s health. They even claim that their formula is unique and you cannot find anything like it in the United States – in fact, they say it is impossible. 

Organic Baby Food Shop sells organic formulas prepared from free-range goats and cows raised only in certified and approved biodynamic organic farms. Their formulas include HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert and are priced between $25 to $40 per box. 

They claim to offer these formulas at the lowest prices – prices that are competitive with the European markets. With shipping offices in New Jersey, California, Texas, and Illinois, Organ Baby Food Shop offers free shipping across the United States. 

Highlights of the Organic Baby Food Shop Affiliate Program

  • 10% sales commission 
  • In-house tracking software 
  • Easy signup process 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 

URL: Organic Baby Food Shop Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts 

9. iHerb 

iHerb envisions convenient access to organic foods, wellness and health-optimising nootropics, and supplements from anywhere in the world. The brand started its journey in 1996 and has become one of the most traffic-attracting one-stop supplement platforms on the internet today. 

Sticking to its mission, iHerb currently delivers to over 185 countries and supports 38 payment gateways and 86 currencies. You can select from 16 languages on the iHerb website to carefully read products’ details, descriptions, and guides without a language barrier. 

iHerb SKU register has crossed 30,000 products of late, and none of these products is supplied through any third-party seller. iHerb hosts an impressive returning traffic size of over 11 million. It has become a huge global brand with 2,400 employees and temperature-controlled fulfilment centres in 8 regions. 

Highlights of the iHerb Affiliate Program 

  • 5% sales commission 
  • 1% sales commission for coupon partners (top performers can get higher rates)
  • 7 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • A truly global company serving over 185 countries 
  • High conversion rates 
  • Over 30,000 products featuring over 1200 brands 
  • Access to advanced tracking, creative assets, detailed reports, coupons, and weekly promo updates 
  • Loyalty, coupon, comparison, review, and content sites are acceptable 
  • Monthly payouts – 15th of every month 
  • Access to updated analytics and conversion tracking compatible with multiple devices (no support for cross-platform tracking) 
  • Integration with Partnerize 

URL: iHerb Affiliate Program | Signup via Partnerize

Commission: 5% 

Cookie Duration: 7 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts – 15th of Each Month 

10. Vega Protein

It is a plant-based nutrition company that sells daily nutrition, sports nutrition and functional wellness products. They do not hide their ingredients as they are completely organic with no artificial flavours, preservatives or sweeteners and are highly beneficial for your health. 

Their whole product line-up contains approved vitamins, minerals, fibre, probiotics and other useful ingredients made out of plants. Protein and Greens and Vega Sport Premium are two of their top-seller plant-based protein powders. 

They offer a dedicated tab on their site that has excessive information regarding plant-based living and wellness. You can also find some good plant-based recipes here. 

They offer an affiliate program which is ideal for sites focusing on health, fitness or vegetarian living. Affiliates would have an edge to make extra money on repeated purchases within the cookie period. 

Highlights of the Vega Protein Affiliate Program

  • 10% sales commission 
  • VIP commissions for top-performing affiliates 
  • 60 days referral window (cookie attribution period) 
  • Average order size of $78
  • ShareASale Affiliate Network Partner 
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager and support 
  • Access to marketing creatives, banners and text links
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting 

URL: Vega Protein Affiliate Program | Signup via ShareASale

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via ShareASale

11. Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition offers a good collection of protein powders, protein bars, sports nutrition and other supplements. These quality products are specially formulated with only the purest ingredients and are free from additives and fillers. 

As the name suggests that they are ‘transparent’ about what they sell to let the customers know what exactly they are consuming. 

Their protein powders include grass-fed whey protein powder, casein protein powder, chocolate protein powder, vanilla protein powder, and their all-new whey isolate protein powder. 

You can also find other stuff like meal replacement shakes and vegan protein supplements on their site. The website also has a ‘Recipes and Guides’ tab to find top protein recipes and popular articles. 

Highlights of the Naked Nutrition Affiliate Program

  • 10% sales commission 
  • 60 days referral window (cookie attribution period) 
  • ShareASale Affiliate Network Partner 
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager
  • Access to banners and marketing creatives 
  • Real-time performance tracking, transparent reporting, and timely insights 

URL: Naked Nutrition Affiliate Program I Signup via ShareASale

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via ShareASale

12. Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior offers plant-based protein powders and superfoods. They aim to make products that taste good while keeping them all organic. They are on a mission to help consumers perform at their optimum and live life to the fullest.  

The products that they sell are composed of high-quality, plant-based ingredients, and they do taste amazing. They are gluten-free, SOY-free, diary-free and Non-GMO. 

The site has a reasonable collection of protein powders. You may also find Protein Warrior Blend, Clean Keto Protein peptides and Clean Greens and Protein. 

The best thing about this company is that it uses recyclable materials to pack its products. Sunwarrior Affiliate Program is integrated with the Impact Radius affiliate network. 

Highlights of the Sunwarrior Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Integrated with Impact Radius 
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting 
  • Monthly payouts 
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 

URL: Sunwarrior Affiliate Program | Signup via Impact Radius 

Commission: 5% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Impact Radius 

13. RAW Nutritional

RAW Nutritional was founded in 2017. It offers products that are organic, vegan, soy-free and eco-friendly. The motive of the company is to bring taste to the vegan protein market.  

They are striving to provide the best and finest quality superfoods to enhance health and boost energy in consumers. The company offers a flavour pact for its protein powders to make sure that they taste good. 

The punch line of RAW Nutritional is that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This can attract the audience when promoting their products as an affiliate. Furthermore, you get a permanent discount for personal use as an affiliate.

Highlights of the RAW Nutritional Affiliate Program

  • Up to 15% commission on each sale
  • Permanent exclusive discount for affiliates (personal use only) 
  • Access to the 24/7 performance tracking dashboard 
  • Average order size of $100
  • Performance-based commission incentives 
  • Gift incentives for consumers
  • Access to marketing creatives and banners (upon request) 
  • Integrated with Affiliatly tracking software for credible third-party tracking 

URL: RAW Nutritional Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 15%

Cookie Duration: Unspecified

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts 

14. The Plant Era

The Plant Era was formed by Nicholas Orsini. Since his cycling trip across America in 2015, he was not satisfied with most sport nutrition options. Thus, after the research and trial for 9 months, he finally found the product that he had always wanted. 

Since the production started, The Plant Era aimed to innovate and develop to enhance performance and improve health. The products are well composed to boost your productivity despite the odds that are on the way.

Their protein powders are vegan, which means that there are no animal products. All protein comes directly from plants such as grains, seeds and nuts. The Plant Era helps transfer motivation to the people questing for their dreams.

They are looking for newsletters or blogs that focus on healthy living, sports and exercise, fitness, diet and a green or vegan lifestyle. You can promote their products to your audience and earn the highest commission from their affiliate program.

Highlights of The Plant Era Affiliate Program

  • 25% base sales commission
  • VIP commissions for top-performing affiliates 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager
  • Access to marketing creatives and assets 
  • Reliable performance tracking 

Affiliates are also paid for return orders (however, they did not clarify how and upon what terms, so this statement on their official website seems fishy) 

URL: The Plant Era Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts 

15. Ground-Based Nutrition

The founder of the company, Charles C. Weller, has been a practising attorney in the health and fitness industry for over two decades. 

The Ketogenic diet normally refers to animal products as they provide the best low-carb diet. Ground-Based Nutrition holds pride in having the world’s first ‘Plant-Based’ Ketogenic product lineup. 

They want individuals at every level, whether they are fighters or occupied proficients, to accomplish well-being and health. They offer high-quality organic protein supplements that are best in taste too. 

Their products are 100% natural and organic with no artificial sweeteners, colours, additives or man-made synthetic chemicals. The products are great to promote if you work in the keto niche. 

They provide tools, custom banners and designs for your social outlets.  The customers of Ground-Based Nutrition are athletes, vegetarians, professionals and health-conscious consumers.

Highlights of the Ground-Based Nutrition Affiliate Program

  • 10% to 20% base sales commission 
  • 580 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • 20% discount (personalised promo) code for your followers 
  • Bi-weekly automatic payouts via PayPal 
  • Integrated with Refersion 
  • Reliable performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting
  • Dedicated affiliate support team 
  • Early access to upcoming products and promotions 
  • Access to Keto content 
  • Social media shoutouts 

Commission Tiers 

  • 10% sales commission on up to $1000 lifetime sales 
  • 15% sales commission on $1000 to $5000 lifetime sales 
  • 20% sales commission on more than $5000 lifetime sales

URL: Ground-Based Nutrition Affiliate Program | Signup via Refersion 

Commission: 10% to 20% 

Cookie Duration: 580 Days

Payment Term: Automatic Bi-weekly Payouts via PayPal

Earning Big As An Affiliate In The Organic Food Niche

As mentioned at the start of this page, the organic food niche is growing rapidly as more & more people begin to learn the benefits of using organic food.

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But overall, we hope that this list of organic food affiliate programs has helped you out & we hope that you were able to find a program to suit your needs.

Of course, if you happen to have any additional questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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