10 Best New Mom Affiliate Programs (Parenting & Breastfeeding)

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Around 385,000 babies are born daily. In 2018, it is estimated that 267 births per minute or 4.5 births every second takes place on our planet earth.

Based on the above stats, it’s easy to see that there is an amazing opportunity to earn money as an affiliate marketer, by connecting the new moms with the services and the goods they need.

The Highest And Noblest Work In This Life Is That Of A Mother – Russell Marion Nelson

To help you get started as an affiliate in the new mom niche, we’ve listed the 10 best new mom affiliate programs below.

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10 Best New Mom Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Diaper Dabbler
  • Ecocentric Mom
  • Figure 8 Moms
  • Milk & Baby
  • Newborn Course
  • Nourisher
  • Sittercity
  • The Baby Manual
  • The Sleep Lady
  • Tiny Tags

1. Diaper Dabbler

Diaper Dabbler was founded in 2012 and they are located in Wisconsin.

Diaper Dabbler provides you with a variety package of diaper samples so that you can find the perfect diaper for your baby. You can take their diaper quiz to find the right diaper brand that suits your baby.

It has more than 20 brands of diapers that include eco-friendly, store brand and name brand diapers. Below you can find some of the diaper brands available with Diaper Dabbler.

  • Huggies
  • Pampers
  • Bambo Nature
  • ECO by Naty
  • Luvs
  • Babyganics
  • Hello Bello
  • Earth & Eden and more

Instead of buying the full diaper packs of each type with Diaper Dabbler, you can try different diaper brands via their sample packs. They provide free shipping on orders more than $45.

The minimum payout threshold ($1) and the affiliate cookie duration (120 days) are amazing news for affiliates. It will take 3 business days to review affiliate applications.

Affiliates earn a 10% commission. Payouts are only made via PayPal so having a PayPal account is a must. Clicks, Sales, and Payouts are tracked by Affiliatly (affiliate tracking software).

URLDiaper Dabbler Affiliate Program

Commission – 10%

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is just $1 and the commissions are paid via PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

2. Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom was founded by Richelle. They are providing mamas with organic, eco-friendly, and vegan products for self-care and pregnancy pampering.

They are offering month-to-month subscriptions for moms and babies up to age 4. Ecocentric Mom also offers single gift boxes (new eco-friendly) for women.

The Ecocentric Mom subscription box consists of something yummy, something pampering, something for baby, and something practical (they want to keep what’s inside a surprise).

They are featured in Momtastic, Pregnancy & Newborn, People, the Bump, and Green Child.

Ecocentric Mom’s average order value is $60 – $70. Its affiliate program is powered by the ShareASale affiliate network. As an affiliate, you can earn 4% to 12% in commission.

URLEcocentric Mom Affiliate Program

Commission – 4% to 12%

Payment – ShareASale’s affiliate commissions are paid monthly on the 20th of each month via Payoneer, check/cheque, direct deposit, and wire transfer. The minimum payment threshold is $50.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

3. Figure 8 Moms

Figure 8 Moms was founded in 2005 by 2 moms (Ying & Stephanie). In their words, Figure 8 Moms are one of America’s most established online boutiques for moms. It curates maternity, nursing, and after-baby collections.

You can shop with Figure 8 Moms by the below categories…

  • Maternity
  • Nursing
  • After Baby
  • Baby & Kids
  • Gift and more

It has a huge collection of maternity and nursing clothes. Figure 8 Moms offers a gift guide for new moms and it provides new mom gift ideas.

With a minimum purchase of $25, standard shipping within the United States is free. They also provide a full refund on the products returned within 30 days of receiving your order.

Affiliates earn a 10% commission on the sales they generate with Figure 8 Moms.

URLFigure 8 Moms Affiliate Program

Commission – 10%

Payment – Payments are made via Checks and the minimum payout threshold is $50.

Cookie Duration – 15 days

4. Milk & Baby

Milk & Baby was founded by two moms (Beth & Kim).

It offers labour bags (hospital must-haves), maternity clothes, nursing clothes, sleepwear, diaper bags, baby clothes, baby essentials, etc. It has huge collections for new moms.

Milk & Baby provides an option to pay via Afterpay for orders of value $35 to $1,000.

The benefit of the Afterpay payment method is… You can make your payment in 4 instalments automatically every 2 weeks without any interest and additional fees.

For affiliates having more than 20,000 social media followers, as long as you post the previous month’s items they will send 2-3 items of your choice a month.

For affiliates having more than 5,000 social media followers, as long as you post the previous month’s items they will send 2-3 items of your choice a month at a 40% discount.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 15% commission per sale.

URLMilk & Baby Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

5. Newborn Course

Based on their words, the Newborn Course is an innovative doctor-approved online parenting program. It consists of 19 modules with more than 20 hours of content.

The course is focused around…

  • Pregnancy
  • Nursery
  • Infant & Mother Care
  • Baby Gear

A full access subscription for 6 months to the Newborn Course will cost you $99.99.

They are offering a $10 affiliate sign-up bonus (a limited period offer – not sure how long it will be available).

While doing my research, in the affiliate program details it is mentioned that affiliates will receive $10 for each sale they generate. In their terms and conditions, it says affiliates will earn 20% commission per sale.

Once you become their affiliate you can just confirm the commission structure with them.

URLNewborn Course Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% or $10 for each sale you generate

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is $100 and payouts are made once per month, for the previous month. Commissions are paid via Check/Money Order or PayPal.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

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6. Nourisher

Nourisher was founded by Dina Carey and Nourisher formerly called Milkful. Nourisher bars help in boosting breast milk supply, building up nutrients for your growing baby, and nourishing your post-baby body.

Nourisher bars might boost milk supply after eating 1-2 bars a day for 1-2 days.

Some of the products offered by Nourisher are…

  • New Mom Starter Kit
  • Nursing Bars
  • Pre & Postnatal Bars
  • Lactation Bite Mix and more

They are offering a free trial. Nourishers bars are dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and egg free. Nourisher donates 1% of their profits to Every Mother Counts.

With Nourisher affiliates are paid with 3 tiers of commissions and they are…

  • Tier 1 – 0-10 Conversions (monthly) – 15% Commission
  • Tier 2 – 11-20 Conversions (monthly) – 20% Commission
  • Tier 3 – 21+ Conversions (monthly) – 25% Commission

Nourisher Affiliate Program is powered by Refersion (a performance marketing platform). It will take 5 business days to process your affiliate application.

URLNourisher Affiliate Program

Commission – 15% to 25%

Payment – Payments are paid via PayPal every week.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

7. Sittercity

Sittercity was launched in 2001 and they claim to be the first and largest digital platform for finding in-home care.

Sittercity helps parents (new moms) in finding the best sitters (babysitters) and nannies for their family who can take care of their kids when they are not available. Sittercity has made more than 400,000 connections every year.

With the help of Sittercity, you can find child, pet, and senior care. Also, you can find babysitting, pet sitting, child care, special care, and senior care jobs.

As a Sittercity affiliate, you can earn commission in 2 ways.

  1. When you sign up a new family for membership
  2. When you sign up a new sitter and he/she completes the registration

Sittercity’s affiliate program is powered by the Impact Radius affiliate network.

URLSittercity Affiliate Program

Commission – $30 per new paid membership

Payment – With Impact Radius payments are made via PayPal, direct transfer, or BACS.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

8. The Baby Manual

In their words, The Baby Manual helps in empowering new parents to thrive in parenthood. The Baby Manual was created by Oksana Korsakova and it’s a complete baby care course for new parents.

The course consists of breastfeeding class, baby care class, baby gear, finding childcare, etc.

The Baby Manual Course comes with a 30-day refund policy.

Below you can find the affiliate commission breakdown of The Baby Manual affiliate program.

  • 0 – 9 sales in a month – 20% commission
  • 10 – 29 sales in a month – 25% commission
  • 30 – 59 sales in a month – 30% commission
  • 60 – 99 sales in a month – 35% commission
  • 100+ sales in a month – 40% commission

You will earn a 2nd tier commission of 5% from your sub-affiliates. The average price of The Baby Manual program is $62, as an affiliate, you will earn $12 (20% commission) to 24 (40% commission) per sale based on your performance.

URLThe Baby Manual Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% to 40%

Payment – Commissions are paid via PayPal or check

Cookie Duration – 30 days

9. The Sleep Lady

The Sleep Lady was founded by Kim West and they are helping 1000s of people for more than 25 years. It is focused on gentle sleep and parenting solutions. 1 million lives have been transformed with the help of The Sleep Lady.

The Sleep Lady provides sleep coaching for parents of babies 6 months to children up to 6 years old. To make it simple, The Sleep Lady helps in coaching new moms to help their children to sleep well.

Its gentle sleep method has a 98% success rate.

It has 2 courses and they are…

  1. Babies in Cribs (6 months to 2.5 years)
  2. Children in Beds (2.5 years to 6 years)

With the help of The Sleep Lady, parents get all the required tools they need to help their children sleep longer and better. 

Commissions are withheld for 2 months to make sure there is no refund. They are paying a 10% commission.

URLThe Sleep Lady Affiliate Program

Commission – 10%

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is $50 and commissions are paid on the last day of the month. Affiliate commissions are paid via PayPal.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

10. Tiny Tags

Tiny Tags was founded by Melissa Clayton. They provide Tiny Tags necklaces to moms.

Tiny Tags has new mom gifts that include their best-selling mama necklaces and baby shower classics. As of this writing, Tiny Tags has 26 classics for new moms.

With Tiny Tags, you can shop for different types of necklaces, rings & earrings, chains & charms, bracelets & anklets and more.

Tiny Tags Affiliate Program is managed by the ShareASale affiliate network. At the moment this program is run by invitation only (you can contact their support).

Once you become a Tiny Tags Affiliate, they will disclose to you the affiliate commission percentage and the cookie duration.

URLTiny Tags Affiliate Program

Commission – Unlisted

Payment – The minimum payment threshold is $50. ShareASale’s affiliate commissions are paid monthly on the 20th of each month via Payoneer, direct deposit, check/cheque, and wire transfer.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

Earn Big With These 10 Best New Mom Affiliate Programs

The new mom affiliate niche is a booming niche for sure, yet despite its amazing potential it actually remains quite untapped since there are so many different products to promote.

You could go down the route of promoting educational material, nutrition, baby monitors or even sleeping aids & as you can likely now see from the list of affiliate programs above, there are some very good commission rates on offer.

This means that as an affiliate in the new mom niche, you could stand to make a lot of money.

But of course, finding an affiliate program is only the first step of the process. You then need to actually begin generating traffic to send through to your links if you want to actually make money.

The question is, how can you generate traffic? More importantly, how can you generate targeted traffic that will actually turn into sales?

The good news is that we have the answers in our free affiliate marketing crash course.

So if you haven’t done so, we highly recommend that you check out our free course for becoming an affiliate marketer before you leave.

But whatever you decide to do, we hope that our list of the best new mom affiliate programs above has helped you out & helped save you some time.

Of course, if you still happen to have any questions or comments then don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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