6 Best Netball Affiliate Programs In 2024 To Net Commissions

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Whether you want to become an affiliate marketer or you’re looking to score higher commissions, promoting netball products and netball affiliate programs is a smart way to do it.

There are so many affiliate programs to choose from you could make money promoting netball gear, online courses, events and more. The possibilities are endless!

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To help you get started, we’ve shortlisted the top 6 netball affiliate programs you can join right now so you can make money selling other people’s products online.

Here they are, in no particular order: 

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6 Best Netball Affiliate Programs

  1. COAST 2 COAST (C2C) 
  2. ASICS 
  3. Sport Inc
  4. Sportitude
  6. Disa Sports 


C2C started its journey in 1988 intending to supply the best sportswear to basketball teams in Australia.  The dream was based on the finest quality manufacturing as well as supply for every game such as basketball, netball etc.

This is how C2C gained amazing popularity in a very short period and made it to many WorldCup events. After that, C2C started manufacturing for the netball league also with mindblowing creativity and a tremendous team of experts.

The company is now producing everything related to sports kits such as uniforms, socks, training tights, hoodies for supporters and many more.

Highlights of the C2C Affiliate Program 

  • 5% commission for selling each uniform (Australian Affiliates)
  • Payouts on the 15th of each month after the quarterly ends via bank transfer or PayPal 
  • Email of bills before payments
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Must be an active member of any sports club or association
  • Terms and conditions vary for non-Australian affiliates 

Benefits of the C2C Affiliate Program

  • Customizable branding templates 
  • Referral links
  • Unique promotional content and many more

URL: COAST 2 COAST (C2C) Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5% (for Australian Affiliates)

Cookie Duration: Disclosed during the Application Process

Payment Term: Monthly- 15th Of Each Month via Bank Transfer Or Paypal 


ASICS is an Australian brand that was founded in 1949 and continued its journey towards success. They have all kinds of shoes for sports enthusiasts whether for the Olympics or just for a walk.

Now ASICS is one of the leading brands of shoes but is also manufacturing injury-protective pieces of equipment. The brand is a go-to solution for every runner or athlete whenever it comes to a choice of shoes.

ASICS has also entered the business of sponsorship and is the official shoe supplier of many Olympic teams. A lot of athletes, as well as teams, have won several sports contests wearing ASICS.

Highlights of the ASICS Affiliate Program

  • 10% base commission 
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • 45 days validation window 
  • Managed by Commission Factory
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking and reporting via timely analytics updates
  • Mobile-optimized websites along with promotional links

URL: ASICS Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10% base commission

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts (Managed via Commission Factory) 

3. Sport Inc

Sport Inc is an online platform that consists of every sport-related product.

They have all the high-end products of multiple brands such as Adidas,  Admiral, Alfa and many more.

Sport Inc is famous for its amazing customer care network, and wide as well as a unique range of products. It is a one-stop solution for fitness equipment as well as sports products for netball, basketball and many other sports. 

Highlights of the Sport Inc Affiliate Program 

  • 10% commission 
  • Affiliate toolbar – links to Twitter and Facebook
  • Direct links to specific product pages 
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal only 
  • Real-time performance tracking with reports about orders, earnings, trends, payment history, tracking ID summary, and link-type 

URL: Sport Inc Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly via PayPal Only

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4. Sportitude

Sportitude is an e-commerce site which believes in building an attitude towards sports.

Its primary goal is to motivate its customers through its finest quality product line of all famous brands.

The website has everything that a client asks for whether it’s a beginner or an experienced one. The website has enlisted sportswear, shoes, accessories and other equipment in separate bars to ease the search. 

Highlights of the Sportitude Affiliate Program 

  • 7% sales commission 
  • 30 days referral tracking window (cookie life)
  • $156 average order value 
  • Monthly payouts  
  • Credible third-party program managers – You can join via Commission Factory or Rakuten LinkShare 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking and reporting via timely analytics updates
  • Promo codes for affiliates

URL (Commission Factory): Sportitude Affiliate Program

URL (Sportitude Affiliate Page): Sportitude Affiliate Program 

Commission: 7% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts (Managed By Rakuten LinkShare and Commission Factory)

5. INTERSPORT Australia 

INTERSPORT are a group of retailers located in Australia with more than 70 stores. The brand has begun its journey of success in 2014 only with 37 stores but gradually it turned into a chain of sports businesses.

These stores are considered the heart of all sports-related products whether it’s netball shoes, uniforms or other accessories. 

The Aussies are leading all of these stores with a massive range of product lines. INTERSPORT has all famous brands such as Puma, Champion, Mizuno, etc and products for both genders and every age group. 

Highlights of the INTERSPORT Australia Affiliate Program 

  • 5% commission 
  • 30 days referral tracking window (cookie life)
  • $140 average order value
  • Banners and marketing creatives available 
  • Credible online and instore 
  • Custom marketing collaborations are welcome 
  • Timely product updates and access to the data feed 
  • Mobile-optimised website 
  • Regular promotions 
  • Credible third-party program host – Commission Factory Affiliate Network 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking and reporting via timely analytics updates
  • Monthly payouts 

URL: INTERSPORT Australia Affiliate Program

Commission: 5% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payout (Managed via Commission Factory)

6. Disa Sports

Disa Sports was established in 1998 with a very small stock and a few sports balls.

Initially, they only had a few kinds of balls such as netballs, soccer balls and others but now they are manufacturing netball outfits, rugby shorts, customized netballs and many more.

This small-scale business has now turned into a well-known name in the sports business industry with every sport-related product. 

Highlights of the Disa Sports Affiliate Program 

  • 5% commission 
  • Payouts via bank transfer, PayPal and cheque
  • Credible brand covering a variety of sports including Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, and more
  • A huge range of products from various popular brands 

URL: Disa Sports Affiliate Program

Commission: 5% 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly via Bank Transfer, PayPal And Cheque

Netball Affiliate Programs: Next Steps

These 6 netball affiliate programs alone give you so many ways to bank commissions in the netball niche.

But that’s just the start.

You could also promote:

The key to your success as an affiliate marketer is driving as much buyer-ready traffic as possible to your website and getting your affiliate links clicked so you make commissions daily.

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