16 Best Fitness Clothing Affiliate Programs Active In 2024

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Hi, fitness geeks and influencers!

There are so many ways you can make money if you create a fitness-based website.

With affiliate marketing you can recommend:

And of course – you can promote fitness clothing affiliate programs to earn commissions online every time you successfully generate a sale.

So here are our 16 gym and fitness clothing affiliate programs top picks you can join right now.

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16 Best Fitness Clothing Affiliate Programs

  1. Nike 
  2. Lululemon
  3. Ascend Sportswear
  4. dk active 
  5. Champion
  6. 3RD Rock 
  7. Sweaty Betty 
  8. Road Runner Sports 
  9. Love Fitness Apparel
  10. Alala 
  11. Under Armor 
  12. Everyday Yoga 
  13. Prep Sportswear
  14. Hanes
  15. Best in Variety
  16. Finish Line

1. Nike UK

Nike is the most recognised and distinct brand in the world of fitness or sportswear. Nike offers a wide collection of athletic clothing, footwear and equipment with its operations in more than 160 countries across the globe. 

Customers can get customised products from ‘Nike By You’. Well-known athletes and persons acknowledge the brand. The official Nike site welcomes around 7 million visitors every month. 

Nike runs an affiliate program that allows affiliates to partner up with one of the biggest and most renowned brands in the world. Affiliates can target vast audiences due to the wide catalogue. 

It offers competitive commission rates with regular news updates. The product feed is updated regularly to ensure that affiliates display the latest products.

Highlights of Nike UK Affiliate Program

  • Earn up to 7% commission on valid sales
  • 30 days cookie attribution period | 7 days cookie duration for cashback, discounts, and loyalty partners  
  • Managed by Awin – a credible third-party affiliate network
  • Real-time performance tracking with updated analytics and timely reporting
  • Automated product feed
  • Gifts for affiliate-run competitions and promotions
  • Complete range of category-specific affiliate banners
  • Frequent communications related to new products and offers 

URL: Nike UK Affiliate Program

Commission: Up To 7%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days (7 Days for Cashback, Loyalty, and Discount Partners)

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via Awin Affiliate Network) 

2. Lululemon

Lululemon is one of the biggest yoga-inspired, athletic apparel companies that incorporate a wide range of activewear clothing and accessories.

The store evolved two decades ago from a design and yoga studio. In the beginning, designs were made for women to wear during yoga. But today, they are more than just a yoga legging store. 

Their designers are athletes so all the designs are comfortable yet practical for yoga, cycling, running, training and other fitness pursuits for men or women. 

The site can work pretty well with any activewear or sports-based niche. Though, their affiliate program is not very refined as it is available in a few regions through Commission Factory. The official site offers an affiliate program and a creator network program managed by Awin. 

You may need to explore to find a suitable network program for your region. 

Highlights of Lululemon Affiliate Program

  • 7% commission for partner affiliates
  • 5% for loyalty sites
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • You can join the program via Commission Factory or Awin affiliate networks
  • High Average Order Value
  • Creative banner and marketing material
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely analytic updates and transparent reporting 
  • Open to custom marketing collaborations

URL for Media, Bloggers, and Editorial Publications (Awin): Lululemon Affiliate Program 

URL for Social Media Content Creators (Commission Factory): Lululemon Affiliate Program

Commission: 7%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly (Depends on which affiliate network you prefer) 

3. Ascend Sportswear

Ascend Sportswear is a cycling and running-focused site. They offer a variety of custom and standard items including jerseys, wind vests, thermal vests, wind jackets, thermal jackets, shirts, tops, bottoms, hipsters, bib shorts and tech-ts. 

Their cycling jerseys are made from the best materials and sewn under supervision to be durable. The prices that they offer are very competitive. 

Their main edge in the cycling niche is their offering to create custom-designed cycling tops to match your club or corporate colours. 

Their designers assist the customer to design their custom cycling jersey via a multi-step process. They ensure that the final design correlates with the customer’s idea that they had in their mind. 

It is a good addition to an activewear or fitness niche site as a cross-selling opportunity. But the program is ideal for cycling or running affiliate sites.

Highlights of Ascend Sportswear Affiliate Program

  • Earn 10% on retail apparel sales
  • Earn 5% on custom apparel sales
  • Get $10 per a custom apparel lead
  • 120 days cookie life
  • High order value – average expected sales commission on custom orders is $75
  • Easy-to-use personal control panel
  • Banner ads, links and coupon codes

URL: Ascend Sportswear Affiliate Program

Commission: Up To 10%

Cookie Duration: 120 Days

Payment Term: Monthly

4. dk active

dk active is an Australian-based site that provides activewear to keep you comfortable and cool. Their products are designed to cover your all fitness needs from taking your dog to a morning walk to beating your previous sprint record. 

Their focus is to design environmental-friendly apparel with sustainable business practices. The offerings are not too wide yet enough. Activewear is available in men, women, maternity and plus size options.

Although you may not find enough articles on this site to base your affiliate business on, still it can be a valuable addition if you are in search of a small and sustainable fitness gear affiliate program. 

They ship worldwide so you can target any audience from around the world. 

Highlights of dk active Affiliate Program

  • 5% commission
  • 30 days tracking period
  • Managed via Commission Factory – a credible affiliate network
  • Real-time performance tracking, transparent reporting, and timely analytic updates
  • Working with an environmentally conscious business
  • Generous offers for your audience
  • Supporting a local, Australian owned & operated business
  • Proudly support women through all phases of life

URL: dk active Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via Commission Factory) 

5. Champion

Champion has been the champ since 1919 and led the way in athletic wear. They offer the largest selection of men’s and women’s sportswear. 

On this site, you will find a full line of Champion sportswear that comprises t-shirts, pants, exercise shorts, innerwear, no-sweat sweats and a lot more. 

The brand’s mission is to make products responsibly to have minimum energy wastage. This makes it more appealing to eco-conscious customers. 

They hold pride in being the only apparel company that is selected twelve times as Energy Star Partner of the Year. 

You can also find multiple discount programs for military personnel, teachers and students.  

Highlights of Champion Affiliate Program

  • 4% flat commission on all sales
  • 7 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • Banners and marketing material available
  • Thousands of branded quality products
  • Regularly updated newsletter
  • Excellent brand recognition
  • Managed via Rakuten Marketing 
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely analytic updates, and transparent reporting

URL: Champion Affiliate Program

Commission: 4%

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Payment Term: Monthly

6. 3RD Rock

3RD rock produces and sells high-quality activewear that is uniquely designed for climbing, yoga and other activities. It is an eco-friendly climb wear brand whose goal is not only to help individuals perform well in their pursuits but also to cause no damage to the environment. 

They produce the best quality garments from materials that last longer. Their apparel is designed for fun and adventure activities. The making is always movement-inspired with ideal cuts to allow free movement and more comfort. 

They make mind-boggling prints about ongoing issues to highlight recent matters. The inks they use in printing are Oeko Tex-certified water-based phthalates-free inks. They only use organic cotton and reuse pre-loved fabrics. 

Highlights of 3RD Rock Affiliate Program

  • 10% commission on all sales
  • 20 days referral window (cookie attribution duration)
  • Affiliate program managed via credible and transparent software – Refersion
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely analytic updates, and transparent reporting
  • Access to marketing materials
  • Dedicated affiliate manager

URL: 3RD Rock Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 20 Days

Payment Term: Monthly

7. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty has been in the activewear market for around 2 decades with their styling from studio to street fashion. They offer products for women that are designed by women. Their objective is to make women confident and powerful with smart design and the finest materials. 

The site features an activity tab where you can choose to shop for running, workout, hiking, yoga, cycling, and skiing. Known for their technical and alluring style, they have been featured in the London Fashion Week. 

Sweaty Betty has 60 retail shops globally from London to Los Angeles that sell their popular range including tops, shorts, leggings, innerwear, sleepwear, swimwear, jumpsuits, pants, coats and jackets for women. 

In addition to that, they also offer accessories like bags, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, shoes, yoga mats and other fitness equipment. 

Their wide catalogue means you can promote as many products as you want to maximise your income. 

Highlights of Sweaty Betty Affiliate Program

  • You can receive up to 12% commission
  • High Average Order Value
  • Supply of aesthetic, fashion-forward banners 
  • The Sweaty Betty Foundation supports girls
  • A well-engaged team to answer your concerns
  • Fashion and fitness-packed newsletters

URL: Sweaty Betty Affiliate Program

Commission: Up To 12%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly

8. Road Runner Sports

Road Runner Sports claims to be the world’s largest running and walking store. The store has sporting and fitness apparel and shoes for men, women and children. 

Customers can find and shop their favourite brands as Road Runner Sports has partnered with all major brand names. 

The site can be promoted to a broader audience due to its wide collection. It can be used as an affiliate site for the sports, fitness or activewear niches. 

The affiliate program offered by Road Runner is easy-to-use and comes with dedicated support to assist you in placing promotional banners and affiliate links on your site. The earnings as an affiliate increase with an increase in the number of sales. 

Highlights of Road Runner Sports Affiliate Program

  • Competitive baseline commission of 6%
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Managed via Impact Radius Affiliate Network 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates
  • Higher commission for more sales
  • Special offers and discounts to increase traffic
  • Access to data feed to promote specific products
  • Customise with build-your-own link functionality
  • Choose from a variety of offers, banner sizes and links
  • Be successful with a dedicated affiliate team

URL: Road Runner Sports Affiliate Program

Commission: 6%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via Impact Radius) 

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9. Love Fitness Apparel 

Love Fitness Apparel is a Hawaii-based family-owned business. It provides a wide range of fitness apparel for women such as shorts, leggings, tank tops, shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, swimwear and other accessories. 

Customers can browse through their different collections to find the clothing that fulfils their requirements. The company is keen towards celebrating one-on-one relationships with customers. 

The uniqueness of their products is what stands out this brand. The pieces are hand silk-screened to allow inconsistencies and cool variations for each range.   

They participate in unique charity causes that visitors can learn about in their ‘Fighting for a Cause’ tab on the site. 

Highlights of Love Fitness Apparel Affiliate Program

  • 10% commission
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Feminine apparel and accessories
  • Affiliate condition to post 1x per week
  • Generous and engaging marketing material
  • Affiliate program managed through Refersion tracking software 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates

URL: Love Fitness Apparel Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly via PayPal

10. Alala

Alala is a luxury brand that not many people have heard about. They deal in activewear including tops, bottoms, outwear and other accessories. 

You can introduce Alala to your audience by letting them know the backstory of the brand. You may produce content to let them know what Alala is. 

You can promote several products including tights, sweats, shorts, skirts, body suits, tanks, tees, jackets, vests and more. 

Their ‘Uplift Affiliate Program’ is a program that is enhanced to increase affiliate earnings. They offer good commission-qualifying sales via affiliate links. 

The program works with a shared sale structure where it offers 20% discounts to your followers or friends. Meanwhile, you also make a 10% cash commission as an affiliate. 

Highlights of Alala Affiliate Program

  • 10% commission on all qualified sales
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life)
  • $180 average order value 
  • Exclusive discounts for affiliate buyers
  • Uplift Affiliate Program is partnered with ShareASale
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates
  • Exciting new product updates and opportunities for product gifting
  • Opportunities to earn more commissions

URL: Alala Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via ShareASale)

11. Under Armor

Under Armour is a well-known brand with an impressive product selection. The site allows visitors to shop by collection, category or type of sport which makes the browsing experience way easy. 

Their mission is to motivate athletes to become better via innovation, design and passion. The sportswear is well-designed to keep athletes cool and dry during practice or exercise. 

They offer a huge selection of activewear for men, women and children. The apparel is purposely made for sports like football, basketball, soccer, baseball and many others. The footwear section includes different types of shoes. 

Under Armour is a brand name that makes it more convenient to promote for any sportswear niche. The company also provides banner ads, links and other promotional materials. You can sign up at Awin affiliate marketing.

Highlights of Under Armour Affiliate Program

  • 8% commission on all sales 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • GBP70 average order size 
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Banner and text creative, updated monthly
  • Regularly updated comprehensive data feed
  • In-app tracking and the ability to earn commission on app sales
  • Frequent communications regarding new products, technologies & promotions
  • Credible third-party program host – Awin affiliate network 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates

URL: Under Armour Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts (Managed via Awin)

12. Everyday Yoga

The site offers clothing, yoga mats, props and accessories. You can also find meditation and home wellness products. 

Previously known as Yoga Outlet, Everyday Yoga has started offering yoga and meditation classes under the brand name ‘Practyce’. Customers can avail of a free trial subscription for one month with a purchase on Everyday Yoga.

The site has plenty of yoga clothing related to men, women and kids. The other products are also yoga specific, although the activewear apparel can fit under most fitness niche sites. 

Their Affiliate program offers a well-worth-it opportunity to earn commissions on yoga products where they offer two different affiliate payment options. 

Highlights of Everyday Yoga Affiliate Program

  • 8% cash commission on all sales
  • 10% store credit commission on all sales
  • 7 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • Credible third-party tracking software – Refersion  
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates
  • Wide variety of digital banners to put on your site
  • Early access to contests, promotions and sale opportunities

URL (8% Commission Option): Everyday Yoga Affiliate Program

URL (10% Store Credit Option): Everyday Yoga Affiliate Program

Commission: 8% Cash | 10% Store Credits

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts (Managed via Refersion Tracking Software)

13. Prep Sportswear

Prep Sportswear deals in athletic clothing and fan gear for high school, college, pro sports teams, vintage teams, little league teams, golf courses and race events. 

Their product lineup includes backpacks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and fleece blankets. You can use the search bar at the top to find relevant products. 

The products are mid-priced and customers can also avail the chance to raise money for a local sports team by creating a team store.  

They offer up to 25% off for customers who signup with their email addresses. They also offer a loyalty program for their customers. Their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale.

Highlights of Prep Sportswear Affiliate Program

  • 15% sales commission
  • Average Order Value of $67
  • Provide links and banners to place on your site 
  • Monthly newsletter updates and product announcements 
  • Affiliate bonuses on performance, first-time sales and network reach
  • Credible third-party program host – ShareASale affiliate network 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates

URL: Prep Sportswear Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via ShareASale) 

14. Hanes

Hanes provides a vast selection of activewear for men, women and children. Customers can avail of attractive promotions and sales on their site.  Their product lineup covers a huge variety from hoodies and sweatshirts to sleepwear and underwear. 

By signing up with their affiliate program you also sign up for affiliate programs of sister brands that include Playtex, Fan Shop and Just My Size. 

This brand and its sister brands are well known thus this reputation can help in getting more conversions. The affiliate program is managed by Rakuten. Although, commission rates offered are not attractive but automatic signup with other brands is an edge. 

Highlights of Hanes Affiliate Program

  • 4% commission on all commissionable products
  • 7 days referral window (cookie tracking duration) 
  • Program run by Rakuten Marketing 
  • Transparent real-time performance tracking with reliable reporting and timely analytic updates
  • 7-Day return policy and low return rates
  • Regularly updated newsletter
  • Covers products for men, women and children
  • Monthly payouts with just a $25 minimum withdrawal threshold

URL: Hanes Affiliate Program

Commission: 4%

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Payment Term: Monthly (Minimum Withdrawal Limit: $25)

15. Best in Variety

Best in Variety is an online retailer with a fair collection of sports capris, leggings, sweaters, tanks, tops, t-shirts and shorts. 

They have activewear clothing for both women and men with many plus-size options available as well. 

The site covers all basic activewear apparel to fulfil the needs, yet this may not be the ultimate site for your audience to find a range of diverse activewear. 

This retailer is not a household name so it would be new to your audience. This might result in fewer conversions due to the trust factor. You would need to create content to convince your specific audience to shop here. 

The good side is their ideal commission rate accompanied by a solid one-month cookie duration. This makes it a worth-it addition to your affiliate family. 

Highlights of Best in Variety Affiliate Program

  • A highly competitive base rate of 20% commission per sale
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • Free to join
  • In-house affiliate program
  • Exclusive access to affiliate-only offers and promotions
  • Marketing material and banners provided

URL: Best in Variety Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Not Mentioned

16. Finish Line

Finish Line offers a good collection of activewear and sportswear. It appears to be shoes focused site at first glance but they also sell full sporting outfits, clothing and other accessories. 

Their offerings include products from various big brands including The North Face, Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Brooks, Converse, Puma, Reebok and many others. 

They also have a decent range of fan-based offerings, for instance, replica baseball caps. The site displays an age filter to allow customers to browse products for a specific age group.  

The three attributes that they look for in affiliate partners are relevancy, passion and integrity. The site offers an affiliate program that you can avail of any fitness, sports, activewear and fashion-related niche. 

The program is managed by Rakuten LinkShare and there aren’t any other details disclosed as of now. The affiliates need to move ahead with their signup process to find out more.

Highlights of Finish Line Affiliate Program

  • 640+ stores across the U.S.
  • Association with dozens of brands
  • Affiliate program run by Rakuten LinkShare
  • Free to join
  • Dedicated team to answer queries
  • Engaging banner ads and other material for marketing

URL: Finish Line Affiliate Program

Commission: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via Rakuten LinkShare)

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