The 2 Best Franchise Affiliate Programs

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But the great thing about franchise affiliate programs is you get the best of both – high-ticket AND recurring – which is drastically going to increase the amount of money you can earn.

So let’s do this!

2 Best Franchise Affiliate Programs

  1. Million Makers
  2. AnswerForce

1. Million Makers

With Million Makers, businesses not only have access to IT solutions but also to a wide range of other services that can aid in their growth both at home and abroad.

They have spent years perfecting their niche, and they have connections to some of the top business consultants, service providers, and lawyers in the world, so they can provide their clients with first-rate services and innovative solutions.

Through its partner and franchise opportunities, the company lets people all over the world work together to offer services like business consulting, legal and strategic advice, financial consulting, company formation, and much more.

They aid entrepreneurs in starting up a business, getting it established, growing that business, and keeping it going with their services. By taking part in their partnership, franchise, or referral programs, you can become a Million Makers affiliate for free. 

Franchisees and partner associates can both take advantage of the company’s partnership program, which also lets them get up to $2,000 in support to help them grow their businesses after making three successful sales.

To promote Million Makers’ services and bring in new clients, partners can hire people from within their own networks and employ both offline and online lead-generation techniques. 

Partners get 3% of their referrals’ income while also getting 2% of the revenue made by their direct referrals, and the number of team members allowed is limitless. 

As the partner’s team grows because of their direct referrals, the partner will continue to get 1% of the earnings of the team members.

Through their franchise model, they help their clients market and sell their services directly to customers while also providing them with the resources they need to get started in the business.

Affiliates, on the other hand, receive 3% of each referral’s profits, just like partners do. There is no cap on how many referrals an affiliate can bring in.

Partners, franchisees, and affiliates can use the company’s training materials, which include sample emails, banner ads, and other online marketing tools.

If necessary, Million Makers could also work directly with clients while keeping their names confidential. Their team of professionals can train, guide, and help you, your clients, or your staff succeed.

Their partnership program, which includes their affiliate/referral network, partner program, and franchise program, was created so that all business owners, professionals, or marketers may participate and benefit from the company’s growth and expansion.

Partnership programs are often used by marketers and influencers to earn commissions and bonuses, but they can also be used effectively by franchisees or business owners who want to grow their operations and add new services to what they already offer. 

You may start making money right away with no upfront costs, all while receiving a guaranteed monthly payment of your earnings from the previous month’s sales.

The minimum threshold is $20. If the earnings are less than $20, they are carried over to the following month. 

URL: Million Makers Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: Unknown

2. AnswerForce Franchise

AnswerForce offers services that save time for small businesses and franchise networks, such as live web chat, appointment scheduling, and answering phones around the clock.

Since 2003, hundreds of service firms have relied on AnswerForce virtual receptionists for help with message taking, lead capture and qualification, call transfers, and more.

Franchisees can use their business services, such as a branded voice that can be modified and kept consistent, message relay for support staff outside of office hours, real-time customer insights from call data, and much more.

AnswerForce belongs to the International Franchise Professionals Group and the International Franchise Association, and when a company or franchise signs on with AnswerForce, they collaborate with the company to develop a unique call script for the franchise. 

Their AnswerForce receptionists become an important part of the company’s or franchise’s workforce, answering phones around the clock. On average, a live receptionist answers the phone within two rings. 

AnswerForce makes it easier to run a business or franchise, and as customer satisfaction rises, so does lead conversion. The way calls are answered, recorded, and logged as tickets are also planned ahead of time. A call summary is received instantly once the call has ended. 

As of the time of this article’s publication, their Trustpilot rating of 4.9 is evidence of the high quality of their services and the satisfaction of their customers.

Moreover, you can earn $100 for each new franchise that signs up for their 24/7 live answering service. If a user signs up through your unique link and remains a customer for at least 90 days, you will receive $100.

URL: AnswerForce Franchise Affiliate Program 

Commission: $100

Payment: After 90 days

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Your Next Move

There you have it! You’ve got the cream of the crop when it comes to franchise affiliate programs.

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