6 Best Telescope Affiliate Programs For Colossal Earnings In 2024

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If you’re an avid stargazer you can earn big money promoting telescope affiliate programs online.

The global Telescope industry is serious business. In 2019 it was worth a stratospheric 1.1 billion and that’s set to reach $1.2 billion by 2027.

So as an affiliate marketer, it’s as clear as the night sky – there is a lot of money to be made in this niche! Tap into just 0.001% of this industry and you’ll become an affiliate millionaire.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our telescope affiliate program top picks. After hours of research, we’ve come up with the 6 best telescope affiliate programs you can promote to earn affiliate commissions.

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6 Best Telescope Affiliate Programs

  1. Orion Telescopes & Binoculars 
  2. Astroshop.eu 
  3. Adorama 
  4. B&H Photo Video 
  5. Levenhuk 
  6. OPT (Oceanside Photo & Telescope) 

1. Orion Telescopes & Binoculars (Telescope.com) 

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars has been selling telescopes directly to the end-user since 1975. Today, it has merged into an employee-owned company committed to the highest quality standards, customer care, and values. 

Telescope.com is Orion’s online store that offers a variety of telescopes for beginners, enthusiasts, students, scientists, researchers, and astronomy experts. 

Different brands are available on telescope.com from Dobsonian (entry-level) to Cassegrain (loved by experts). In addition, you can buy astrophotography accessories to optimise a telescope’s performance. The accessories include Barlow lenses, moon filters, telescope mounts, and more. 

Orion has everything for everyone interested in space and astronomy. The website even has a collection of star charts and astronomy books. 

Highlights of Orion Affiliate Program 

  • Free to join (however the application requires approval from Orion Team) 
  • Invites bloggers and website owners with medium or high traffic (related to astronomy, science, space, universe curiosity, etc.) 
  • Credible Affiliate Networks – Managed by LinkShare, Commission Junction, and Pepperjam 
  • Up to 8% sales commission 
  • Monthly payouts 
  • Low threshold – just 25$ (carries forward to the next month’s income if the earning is less than 25$)

URL: Orion Telescopes and Binoculars Affiliate Program

Commission: From 1% to 8% of the order value

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed by Commission Junction, Link Share, or Pepperjam) 

2. Astroshop.eu

Astroshop.eu has a mission of making telescopes and accessories available to everyone passionate about astronomy. The night sky, stars, and planets fascinate everyone but not all have yet experienced the majestic spectacles that a telescope shows.

Why Astroshop.eu?

  • A comprehensive range of astronomy products and optics from popular brands 
  • The largest astronomy warehouse in Europe 
  • Premium 24-hour delivery in Europe 
  • Buying guides and advice from experienced astronomers
  • Competitive pricing – direct import from the most credible brands 
  • One-stop store for anyone interested in science, space, the universe, stars, and astronomy exploration 
  • Products for everyone – from beginners to experts 

Highlights of Astoshop.eu Affiliate Program 

Astroshop.eu Affiliate Program has the potential of generating passive income if you have an astronomy or space-related social media page, website, or blog. 

  • 10% sales commission 
  • 30-Day referral window (cookie tracking duration
  • Custom banners – personal affiliate/partner area 
  • Real-time performance tracking 

URL: Astroshop.eu Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% on each sale 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout 

3. Adorama 

Adorama has been meeting the needs of creative minds since 1974. The company started its journey from New York City. Adorama is arguably the most popular one-stop shop dealing in all sorts of optics including telescopes, cameras, cinematography gear, lenses, and optical accessories. 

Today, Adorama is selling over 250,000 electronic products and has a massive customer base across the globe. Adorama Affiliate Program is available for influencers, bloggers, and website owners who have a considerable readership and following linked to optics, photography, astronomy, visual art, etc. 

Talking specifically about telescopes, Adorama falls short of nothing. The platform offers refractors, reflectors, and compound telescopes from many credible brands including but not limited to Baader Planetarium, iOptron, Sky-Watcher, Meade, Explore Scientific, and Celestron. Customers can select the right weight, size, and focal length to meet their requirements. 

Highlights of Adorama Affiliate Program 

  • Average order value of $500
  • Minimum 2% commission + incentives based on your performance 
  • 30-Day Referral Window (Cookie tracking time) 
  • Over 250,000 products 
  • Global shipping to over 250 countries 
  • Same Day (optional) shipping 
  • Consistent deals, promotions, and rebates 
  • Text links, buttons, and banners provided 
  • Deep-linking 
  • Real-time performance tracking

URL: Adorama Affiliate Program

Commission: 2% (Base) + incentives based on your performance 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly 

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4. B&H Photo Video 

B&H is an American retailer selling photography and video equipment since 1973. What Blimie & Herman co-founded 49 years ago has become an impressive brand with a massive worldwide customer base. 

In 2018, Consumer Reports named B&H the leading online retailer of consumer electronics. In 2019, Newsweek admired B&H’s customer service as one of the best in America. Moreover, Forbes mentioned B&H as the best medium-sized employer in the United States. 

Highlights of B&H Affiliate Program 

B&H Affiliate Program is a great opportunity if your blog, social media page, or website is focused on photography, visual art, video making, travelling or sightseeing, camping, astronomy, space and science, etc. B&H has a huge collection of telescopes, cameras, and lenses in addition to other electronic gear. 

  • 2% base commission on each sale (all products) + performance-based bonus 
  • 8% commission on each sale (over 3000 exclusive products) 
  • Custom links and affiliate marketing tools 
  • Consistent deals and promotions 
  • Highly credible name with a massive global customer base 

URL: B&H Affiliate Program

Commission: 2% minimum + performance-based bonus | 8% (exclusive 3000+ products) 

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly 

5. Levenhuk 

Levenhuk started its journey in 2002 in the United States and quickly earned fame, not in the U.S but also Europe and Canada. 

Levenhuk’s online store deals in optical equipment and accessories. The Levenhuk team claims to closely monitor and control the manufacturing process of the products it lists on its website. The company’s mission is to make high-end optical equipment accessible to everyone.  

Levenhuk offers a considerable range of optical equipment meeting the needs of different types of customers from enthusiasts to professionals. In addition to telescopes, Levenhuk also sells binoculars and microscopes. 

Highlights of Levenhuk Affiliate Program 

  • High commission %, i.e., 20% on each sale 
  • Effective measures against price war and dumping 
  • Huge product catalogue 
  • Best-selling products highlighted in each product line 
  • Banners and promotional material provided 

URL: Levenhuk Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout 

6. OPT (Oceanside Photo & Telescope) 

Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT) has been trusted by the world’s leading scientific institutions since 1947. It is the world’s leading provider of telescopes and astronomical equipment. 

Today, OPT is not only focused on scientists and professionals but has a lot on offer for amateurs and beginners. Access to high-end optical technology continues to contribute to the significant rise in sky-observing and space-observing hobbies. 

OPT Affiliate Program is available for bloggers, website owners, and influencers related to the field of optics, astronomy and space science. You can join this program from anywhere in the world. 

How Does OPT Affiliate Program Work?

  • It begins with the OPT Affiliate Registration Form 
  • The OPT affiliate team generally takes from 5 to 7 working days to review your form
  • Once approved, you will receive an email from OPT confirming approval of your application 
  • You earn a certain sales commission (the % is not specified since it varies from product to product) 
  • You receive your affiliate earnings via PayPal 
  • Minimum payout threshold is just 25$ (if your earnings are less than $25, it will be credited to your next month’s balance) 

URL: OPT Affiliate Program 

Commission: Not specified – Depends on the product and brand 

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout via PayPal (25$ minimum threshold) 

Conclusion: How To Maximise Your Affiliate Earnings

As you can see, there’s no shortage of telescope affiliate programs out there.

Still, earning affiliate commissions in the telescope niche is more than finding affiliate programs – you need to build a website, target the right keywords and create quality content consistently to make it big.

Sound like a lot of work?

Don’t worry, it is and it isn’t. It can actually be a fun and rewarding ride if you build an affiliate marketing business in the right way.

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