9 Best Call Centre Affiliate Programs To Kickstart 2023

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So if you’re just at the start of your journey and are looking for the best call centre affiliate programs, we’re here to help.

We have shortlisted the 9 best call centre affiliate programs you can join to generate more affiliate profits without breaking too much of a sweat. 

Here they are:

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9 Best Call Centre Affiliate Programs

  1. JustCall
  2. CloudTalk
  3. Nectar Desk
  4. CallHippo
  5. Chase Data
  6. Five9
  7. 8×8
  8. Dialer360
  9. Dial My Calls

1. JustCall

JustCall is contact centre software that provides the fastest solution to manage your phone support. It saves time by integrating an automatic dial system and boosts productivity by 300%. 

They provide you with new phone numbers across70+ nations. These numbers can be used to easily receive or make calls via their software.  

On average, an agent takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes after every call to dial in the next in the CRM. Here all calls are automatically logged into CRM whether made through the web or mobile device saving 100s of hours every month. 

They offer two partner programs. The affiliate program pays money to affiliate marketers for referring new customers. The second program called the technology partner program is for tech companies to integrate their applications with this platform. 

Highlights of JustCall Affiliate Program

  • Sales commission 20%
  • 45 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • Two different affiliate programs
  • Frequent training sessions
  • Transparent structure

URL: JustCall Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Payment Term: Weekly Payouts

2. CloudTalk

CloudTalk provides end-to-end solutions with workforce optimization, automation, digital analytics and engagement. This aids in increasing agent productivity and delivering feasible results. 

CloudTalk offers advanced analytics tools to assist you to improve communication with customers. Real-time analytics allow you to track the live performance of your agents. It also offers integrations with CRMs, Business tools and Helpdesks. 

You increase your customer satisfaction with CloudTalk. They have customizable solutions for almost everything from sales to customer service. 

They have a tier-based partner program that is categorised into Affiliates, Solution Providers and Resellers. Affiliates fall under the Bronze category, Solution providers fall under Silver and Gold depending upon their business scale, whereas Resellers are crowned with platinum. 

Highlights of CloudTalk Affiliate Program

  • 30% recurring commission (up to one year for each referral)
  • More opportunities for solution providers and resellers 
  • Access to marketing assets
  • No sales target or additional requirements

URL: CloudTalk Affiliate Program

Commission: 30%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly

3. Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk is cloud-based call centre software that offers a complete and budget-friendly SaaS solution to handle both inbound and outbound calls. 

The software comes with all the basic and advanced features. The agent’s performance metrics include availability, answering time, call recording or live listening and other alerts. 

The software does not involve any contracts or hidden fee charges so it can be set up within a few minutes. 

The company offers different partnership options. The main affiliate/referral program offers a 25% recurring sales commission. Other options include reseller partnerships and a white-label program. Visit the website to check the program comparison. 

They offer 24/7 chat and assistance you may contact the company to learn more about their affiliate programs. 

Highlights of Nectar Desk Affiliate Program

  • 25% commission for the referral program
  • Wide choice of flexible programs
  • Quick and efficient support
  • Lifetime cookie available
  • Cloud-based software

URL: Nectar Desk Affiliate Program

Commission: 25%

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

Payment Term: Not Disclosed 

4. CallHippo

It is a virtual phone system that provides VoIP business solutions for companies to run calls. The system aids in increasing agent productivity, monitoring team performance and lowering communication costs. 

CallHippo improves the sale capabilities of agents which result in more conversions. It also helps close deals faster via power dialer and click-to-dial.

It delivers a better experience with IVR and allows smart calling routing and live call monitoring. The complete process of buying numbers, adding users and then making the first call takes only 3 minutes to get done. You can also receive caller insights and identify the best prospects. 

They offer an affiliate program to help affiliates boost their earnings. The commission rate is generous and recurring with a nice cookie length. 

Highlights of CallHippo Affiliate Program

  • 20% recurring commission for every sale
  • 60 days cookie attribution period
  • Get actionable insights 
  • Trusted by world’s renowned companies
  • The system takes less than three minutes to set up

URL: CallHippo Affiliate Program

Commission: 20%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Payment Term: Monthly (via PayPal)

5. Chase Data

Chase Data provides software solutions for call centres. It is a modern replacement for outdated software programs that are not enough for your staff or customers. 

The Chase Data software program offers compliance management, call logging and recording, call routing, live chat and escalation management

It allows you to increase the productivity of call agents by monitoring their phone time. The tools share all vital data such as the number of contacts made with clients, leads generated, sales completed and call-to-call pauses. 

The interface is easy and refined thus the functionality would impress the staff. The operational costs also go down as there are minimum wastages and lags. 

Refer a client to benefit from Chase Data’s CCaaS software and earn as much as $1500 for every approved referral. Affiliates are paid after completion of a 30-min demonstration video. 

Highlights of Chase Data Affiliate Program

  • Earn up to $1500 per referral 
  • Good customer satisfaction rates
  • Refined user interface
  • All-in-one solution
  • Loaded with features  

URL: Chase Data Affiliate Program

Commission: Up To $1500

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Term: Monthly

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6. Five9

Individuals and organizations can use this cloud contact centre software. They tackle both inbound and outbound calls incorporated with workforce optimization and omnichannel features. Individual agents can monitor these communication sources.  

In addition, they also run a gamification process that helps the employees to enjoy work. This boosts their productivity level. 

Five9 also offers to outsource call centre agents. This enables small businesses to hire remote employees. They aim to transfer contact centres into customer engagement centres.

You may promote Five9 to contact centres or colleagues to earn a commission on license fees for up to 2 years. They also offer extra rewards with incentives and promotions for affiliate members. 

Highlights of Five9 Affiliate Program

  • 15% commission on referrals
  • Payouts on license fee for 2 years 
  • Incentives, promotions and rewards
  • Monthly payouts
  • Great conversion rates

URL: Five9 Affiliate Program

Commission:  Up To 12%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly

7. 8×8

At 8×8 they empower workforces around the world with their technology, so they can connect individuals and teams to work smarter and faster.

Customers can get the help that they need on the site by browsing through the services, products and resources. To search for anything on the site, simply click the search icon at the top of the page. The company offers cloud-based communication with services of contact centres, business phones, video conferencing and more. 

This contact centre offers omnichannel routing and many other great features including virtual agents and predictive dialers. The tools they offer also include call centre analytics and workforce and customer management.

The affiliate program allows the affiliates to earn a maximum of $15,000 per referral. 

Highlights of 8×8 Affiliate Program

  • Earn up to $15,000 per referral
  • Purchase account to become the part
  • Transparent tracking with real-time performance reporting and updated analytics
  • Easy-to-use
  • Earnings confirmed after 2 months of referral’s purchase

URL: 8×8 Affiliate Program

Commission:  Up To $15,000

Cookie Duration: Unspecified

Payment Term: Not Mentioned

8. Dialer360

Dialer360 is a 360-degree call centre dialer system. It comes with several packages where you can find the perfect fit for your business. 

Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer are the two most extensively used dialers. Other dialer programs include AI Dialer, Ringless Voicemail Dialer, Click-to-Call and Hosted PBX. 

The most substantial factors of Dialer360 are higher contact rate, fastest dialling, 99.99% up-time and 100% data protection. 

You can choose to go fully automated with voice recordings that give you calls in perfect accents. It can make customized calls in pre-recorded voices. 

The company offers an affiliate program where affiliates can earn a commission of $50 per month or referral based on the plan. The duration of their affiliate plan is one year.

Lowest-paid plan cannot earn a commission but when the customer upgrades to a higher-paid plan only then the affiliate would receive his commission. 

Highlights of Dialer360 Affiliate Program

  • $50 commission 
  • Recurring income for up to 12 months
  • Modern system
  • Trusted by over 300 businesses 

URL: Dialer360 Affiliate Program

Commission: $50

Cookie Duration: Not Mentioned

Payment Term: Monthly

9. DialMyCalls

DialMyCalls is a mass notification system that allows you to send bulk text messages, emails and even automated calls to complete the contact list. The software is available as an app on your mobile device. This makes it convenient to send notifications from anywhere. 

DialMyCalls can integrate notifications seamlessly into any system or application. You can easily create voice or text messages that are delivered without delay through API. They are running a free trial service where customers can send a message to 25 contacts of up to 30 seconds. 

Their affiliate program allows you to earn a certain percentage at every purchase made through your referral. Payouts are held twice a month. 

Highlights of DialMyCalls Affiliate Program

  • 15% lifetime recurring sales commission
  • Payouts twice a month via the preferred payment method
  • High average order value
  • Increasing lifetime revenue
  • Easy to access

URL: DialMyCalls Affiliate Program

Commission:  15%

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

Payment Term: Twice a Month 

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