5 Best Affiliate Network Affiliate Programs You Can Use In 2024 

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Knowing what affiliate network affiliate programs to promote is key.

That’s why we’ve whittled out the timewasters to give you the very best affiliate network affiliate programs for 2024 and beyond that you can start promoting anytime.

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5 Best Affiliate Network Affiliate Programs

  1. LeadDyno
  2. FlexOffers
  3. ShareASale
  4. AWIN
  5. PartnerStack 

1. LeadDyno

LeadDyno is a fast-growing affiliate network that started its journey in 2014. The platform has successfully tracked more than 162 million referrals in just 8 years. In 2021 alone, the platform generated affiliate sales of over $234 million for its merchants. 

LeadDyno’s user-friendly affiliate SaaS optimises the speed of payment and automation tracking procedures. It takes a few clicks to get things done and get real-time reports and analytics. Both merchants and affiliates make the most of the dedicated LeadDyno dashboard. 

The LeadDyno revshare program pays you 30% recurring for each successful subscription purchased by your referred merchant. The subscription starts at $49/month with LeadDyno Starter Plan. It means that you are going to earn at least $14.7 on each sale. 

Highlights of LeadDyno Affiliate Program 

  • 30% lifetime recurring commission for each referred merchant’s subscription 
  • 1-year cookie life 
  • Safe monthly payouts via PayPal 

Affiliate Income Potential 

Most merchants would love to begin with the starter plan ($49/month). So your minimum LeadDyno affiliate income per month will be: 

  • $14.7/month (1 referral per month) 
  • $73.5/month (5 referrals per month) 
  • $147/month (10 referrals per month)
  • $367.5/month (25 referrals per month)
  • $735/month (50 referrals per month)
  • $1470/month (100 referrals per month) 

and there is no cap… 

URL: LeadDyno Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring 

Cookie Duration: 365 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly via PayPal 

2. FlexOffers 

FlexOffers currently hosts more than 10,000 advertisers including more than 65 agencies and networks. It is essentially a network of networks. FlexOffers is a service-packed platform offering technology, payment solutions, affiliate links, and customer support. 

You can earn affiliate commission from FlexOffers by joining its FelxRev-Share program. It is a performance-based program that pays you higher with a higher monthly sales volume. 

FlexOffers invites you to promote the platform to bring in more content creators and influencers. You will then be able to share revenue generated by your referrals. You can track the sales volume and performance of your approved referrals. You can bring in as many publishers and affiliates as you like since this program imposes no upper limit. 

Highlights of FlexOffers FlexRev-Share Program 

  • Share revenue generated by your referrals 
  • Real-time performance tracking and revenue monitoring 
  • Performance-based commission – you can reach up to 50% 
  • No limit on the number of affiliates you can bring in 

URL: FlexOffers FelxRev-Share Program

Commission: Performance-based – No specific number is specified 

Cookie Duration: Not Applicable – Lifetime revenue share from each referral 

Payment Term: Not Disclosed 

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3. ShareASale

ShareASale is the most popular affiliate network in North America. The platform started in 2000 as an affiliate solution provider for businesses. AWIN – one of the largest affiliate networks – acquired ShareASale in 2017. 

Today, the network hosts over 21,200 advertisers and 241,000 publishers. As an affiliate, you can select the best brands from virtually all industries to earn performance-based commissions. In 2021, ShareASale generated sales of $194 million. 

Vloggers, influencers, bloggers, and website owners see ShareASale as a highly reliable platform with fair win-win policies for merchants and publishers. 

Highlights of ShareASale Affiliate Program 

  • $150 for each merchant signup 
  • $30 for each affiliate signup 
  • 60 days cookie duration 

Program Terms 

  • $150 for merchant signup is credited to your account when your referred merchant’s program sticks to the platform for 6 months or the network fee generated reaches $100 (whatever condition is met first) 
  • $30 for affiliate signup is credited to your account when your referred affiliate’s earnings on the platform reach $20. 

Signup for further details! 

URL: ShareASale Merchant Signup  | ShareASale Affiliate Signup 

Commission: $150 (merchant signup) | $30 (affiliate signup) 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout


AWIN is the mThink 2022 CPS Network award winner. The platform emerged in 2017 as it made highlights with the acquisition of ShareASale. AWIN itself is the coalition of London-based Affiliate Window and Berlin-based zanox. The history of Affiliate Windows and zanox is full of awards for high-end affiliate marketing innovative technologies and services. 

Highlights of AWIN Affiliate Program 

  • £30 for each affiliate (publisher) signup 
  • 30 days referral window (attribution period) 

It is a simple program for all AWIN affiliates. However, your earnings are credited only after your referred affiliate receives his or her first affiliate payment on AWIN. 

Please note that AWIN Affiliate Program does not credit you for referring to your own accounts. 

Signup for more details. 

URL: AWIN Affiliate Signup 

Commission: £30

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout 

5. PartnerStack 

PartnerStack believes in the power of working together for faster growth. The story began when 4 college students failed to pay for their college education and decided to build a collaboration software and successfully pitched it to non-profits. 

To scale the SaaS business, PartnerStack joins hands with thousands of active promoters. The platform follows the conventional structure of affiliate networking. You can join as an affiliate to promote different brands or simply promote your own business by joining as a merchant. 

PartnerStack offers two Partner Programs – Affiliate Partners and Referral Partners. 

PartnerStack Affiliate Partners Program 

  • Promote PartnerStack to businesses using your affiliate links 
  • Get 15% commission on each referral’s purchases for the first year

PartnerStack Referral Partners Program 

  • Promote PartnerStack to potential customers through direct leads 
  • Access to the details of each deal 
  • 15% commission on your referral’s purchases (for the first year) 

URL: PartnerStack Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified 

Payment Term: Monthly 

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