12 Best Business Loan Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Top Paying)

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Because of the ease of starting a business online, there are now more new businesses launching than ever before meaning that the demand for business loans has increased dramatically.

And this is good news for affiliate marketers because, as an affiliate marketer, you can connect businesses with the business loans that they’re looking for & earn commissions in return.

So, to help you do exactly that, we’ve listed the best business loan affiliate programs below.

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Best Business Loan Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. Capalona
  2. GoKapital
  3. Uplyft Capital
  4. OnDeck
  5. National Funding
  6. National Business Capital
  7. Business Credit And Capital
  8. Next (next-financing.com)
  9. FundingPilot
  10. Bluevine
  11. QuickBridge
  12. Lendio

1. Capalona

Capalona is a British financial intermediary that specialises in connecting businesses with various funding solutions. Their mission is to assist businesses in securing the capital they need to grow and thrive. Capalona offers a wide range of financial products and services tailored to the unique business needs across different industries.

One of Capalona’s primary offerings is business loans. They work with a network of trusted lenders, enabling them to provide businesses with access to flexible and competitive loan options. Whether a company requires funds for expansion, working capital, or to finance specific projects, Capalona aims to match them with the most suitable lending solutions.

In addition to business loans, Capalona also offers invoice financing, merchant cash advances, and asset finance services. They pride themselves on their commitment to transparency, offering guidance and support throughout the funding process. With a user-friendly website and a team of financial experts, Capalona is a valuable partner for businesses seeking financial assistance in the UK market.

Highlights of the Capalona Business Loans Affiliate Program

  • 50% commission (percentage of Capalona profit)
  • Ideal for partners willing to promote Capalona to their audience in the UK
  • Dedicated affiliate account manager
  • User-friendly affiliate dashboard
  • Library of marketing assets is available
  • Seamless site integration with customised branding

URL: Capalona Affiliate Program

Commission: 50% Profit Share

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

2. GoKapital

GoKapital offers clients a streamlined pathway to secure swift business loans. Their expertise extends across diverse industries, empowering entrepreneurs with tailored commercial lending solutions to foster business growth. GoKapital is committed to supporting companies led by women, Latinos, and veterans, providing rapid working capital.

GoKapital delivers financing for acquisitions or cash-out refinancing on existing properties. Their simplified lending process presents an array of superior financing options compared to conventional banking, ensuring accessibility to the capital needed for business expansion and success. Some of the services they offered:

  • Business Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Equipment Financing
  • Invoice Factoring
  • SBA Loans
  • Lines of Credit

Highlights of the GoKapital Affiliate Program

  • Competitive sales commission
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts via direct deposit
  • Affiliate training about launching campaigns and integrating marketing assets

GoKapital has two programs: the Broker Referral Program and the Affiliate Program.

Following are the commission tiers for each program:

Referred FundingAffiliate CommissionBroker Commission
Revenue-Based Business Loan – Merchant Cash Program2%6%
Business Term Loan0.5%2.5%
SBA 7-A Loans0.5%1%
Equipment Leasing1%4%
Personal – Start-Up Loan1%3%
Commercial Mortgages0.25%2%
Hard Money Real Estate Loan0.25%2%
Business Line of Credit0.5%2.5%

URL: GoKapital Affiliate Program

Commission: 0.25% to 2% (Affiliate) | 1% to 6% (Broker)

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Payments are Made on the 1st and the 15th of Each Month via Direct Deposit or Standard Mail (Money Transfer Option is Available Upon Request)

3. Uplyft Capital

Uplyft Capital has a mission to provide small businesses with access to vital capital. This merchant cash advance company distinguishes itself from traditional bank loans. Their unwavering focus is on customer success, and their deeply-held values guide their journey. Over 90% of applicants secure funding with a streamlined application process.

UpLyft Capital’s operational approach centres on leading-edge technology, giving precedence to customers within the approval process. They provide reliable funding solutions to a broad spectrum of enterprises and showcase their unwavering commitment to nurturing business expansion. UpLyft Capital also provides a range of services and products aimed at supporting small businesses, including:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Business Funding Solutions
  • Streamlined Application Process
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Diverse Industry Support
  • Commitment to Business Growth

Highlights of the Uplyft Capital Affiliate Program

  • Affiliates get $200 per lead during the first month of their collaboration with Uplyft Capital
  • 30 days cookie life
  • Customised commission is negotiated after the first month (primarily depending on your performance during the first month)
  • Dedicated affiliate manager and support team
  • Trusted third-party tracking software
  • 24/7 access to the reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Impact Radius affiliate network

The Uplyft Capital affiliate program is not currently open for ISO brokers.

URL: Uplyft Capital Affiliate Program

Commission: $200 per Lead (First Month) | Customised Contract (After the First Month)

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through Impact Radius | Payments are made via PayPal or Wire Transfer on the 15th of 1st of Each Month

4. OnDeck

OnDeck is known for small business loans and the provision of essential financing for entrepreneurs to initiate, manage, and expand their enterprises. They present two loan choices: a term loan and a line of credit focusing on meeting distinct business requirements. OnDeck stands out by providing swift funding coupled with personalised guidance from its team of loan advisors.

Their streamlined application procedure ensures faster funding compared to traditional banking institutions. OnDeck’s term loan is secured by a general lien on business assets and they offer flexibility and deliver lump-sum funding repaid through regular instalments, making it an adaptable financing solution for businesses. The services they offer include:

  • Term Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Rapid Funding
  • Business Expansion
  • Working capital loans
  • Small Business Administration

Highlights of the OnDeck Affiliate Program

  • 2% sales commission for each referred closed loan
  • 60 days cookie life | Last click credit policy
  • Access to the library of creative assets, text links, and banner ads
  • Credible tracking platform
  • 24/7 access to the support team
  • Scalable analytics through a transparent reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Impact Radius

URL: OnDeck Affiliate Program | Signup via Impact Radius

Commission: 2% (Referred Closed Loan)

Cookie Duration: 60 Days | Last Click Credit Policy

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts on the 15th of Each Month | Payments are Managed through Impact Radius

5. National Funding

National Funding is a business funding company with a rich history of collaboration across numerous communities and industries. Their mission revolves around nurturing small business owners to achieve prosperity. National Funding is one of the nation’s largest private lenders of small business funding.

They stand out with their goal-driven approach, which elevates them to a distinguished position in the world of privately owned businesses. National Funding’s influence extends across the nation, providing a wide range of financial services and products to support the growth and success of the small business community.

  • Business Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Business Loans for Bad Credit
  • Unsecured Business Loans

Highlights of the National Funding Affiliate Program

  • 3% sales commission
  • 60 days cookie duration (from clicks) and 90 days cookie duration (from parent action)
  • Considerable partner lending capacity from $5000 to $400k
  • Performance-based rewards and incentives
  • Multiple payment gateways from which you can select to receive your commissions
  • Globally acknowledged tracking platform – Impact Radius
  • User-friendly reporting dashboard

URL: National Funding Affiliate Program | Signup via Impact Radius

Commission: 3%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days (From Clicks) | 90 Days (From Parent Action)

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through Impact Radius | Actions are Locked on the 5th of Each Month | Payments are Made on the Next Business Day after the Actions are Locked

6. National Business Capital

National Business Capital helps business proprietors discover, contrast, and secure highly competitive financing alternatives. The company’s commitment to nurturing relationships is evident through its vast network of over 75 lending partners, ensuring successful approvals.

Their mission revolves around fostering business expansion by strategically deploying capital to exploit opportunities and enhance investment returns. National Business Capital’s proficiency in delivering scalability ensures that clients consistently encounter financing solutions customised to their requirements. The products and services they offer include:

  • Business Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • SBA Loans
  • Invoice Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Startup Funding
  • Equipment Financing
  • Business Credit Building
  • Debt Consolidation

Highlights of the National Business Capital Affiliate Program

  • Competitive sales commission
  • Co-branded Application through which your followers can apply for the loan
  • Marketing creative library with timely updated advertising material
  • 24/7 access to the affiliate portal to track and manage your pipeline and analyse the results of different campaigns
  • Profession marketing team to help with campaigns, strategies, and conversion optimisation
  • Access to the business finance advisor and partner relationship manager

National Business Capital offers a Partner Program and an Affiliate Program for which the commissions and terms are slightly different and negotiable.

URL: National Business Capital Affiliate Program

Commission: Negotiable Commission Depending on the Program Type You Apply For

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

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7. Business Credit And Capital

Business Credit And Capital offers attractive funding solutions to retail, restaurant, and service businesses across the nation. They are also apart from other business loan affiliate programs and offer swift, low-documentation merchant cash advances, catering to businesses with less-than-perfect credit.

Business Credit And Capital often fund transactions within 48 hours, providing creative solutions that go beyond traditional bank services like cash advances. Their commitment to expedient and flexible financing options distinguishes them as a valuable partner for businesses seeking rapid financial support. The services they offer include:

  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Retail Financing
  • Restaurant Financing
  • Service Business Funding
  • Fast Funding
  • Creative Financial Solutions

Highlights of the Business Credit And Capital Affiliate Program

  • 15% commission
  • Performance-based rewards
  • Fast and smooth processing of tailored financing solutions for your referrals
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Promotional content and marketing tools

URL: Business Credit And Capital Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

8. Next (next-financing.com)

Next-Financing is an automated financing platform designed for optimal performance and empowers applicants with multiple lending choices for their businesses. They introduce a groundbreaking Micro-Term Loan, catering to business owners seeking swift capital, impeccable terms, and a hassle-free application and approval process.

Next-Financing plays a pivotal role in product management, inventory maintenance, and ensuring sufficient cash flow, fostering seamless business operations and robust sales figures. Its commitment to enhancing financial options for businesses sets Next-Capital apart as a vital resource for entrepreneurs. Next-Financing offers a range of products and services designed to meet the financial needs of businesses:

  • Working Capital/Advance
  • Inventory Loan
  • Term Loan
  • Micro-Term Loan
  • Line of Credit
  • Business Loan/Advance Consolidation
  • SBA Bridge Loan
  • Equipment Financing

Highlights of the Next-Financing Affiliate Program

  • 20% to 50% commission (percentage of the profit made by Next-Financing)
  • Ideal for financing influencers, sales organisations, and individual agents
  • Ready-to-use websites for affiliates
  • Access to the library of promotional content
  • Dedicated affiliate support team

URL: Next-Financing Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% to 50% (Profit Sharing)

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

9. FundingPilot

FundingPilot offers business lending programs tailored to various industries, granting swift access to essential business capital. FundingPilot is known for its fast and effective financing procedure, and it treats each funding request with the highest level of respect and confidentiality, fostering a partnership-based relationship.

Their Business Loans primarily consider the monthly revenue generated by the business, ensuring a financing solution aligned with unique financial circumstances. FundingPilot stands as a dependable ally in the pursuit of business financial needs across diverse industries with a commitment to seamless and respectful funding assistance. They provide a range of services to support businesses in their financial needs and growth:

  • Business Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Revenue-Based Financing
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Asset-Based Lending

Highlights of the FundingPilot Affiliate Program

  • Option to join as a referral partner or a broker partner
  • Referral partners can promote all funding programs
  • Broker partners can promote only products related to real estate
  • Competitive Pay Per Lead commission for Referral Partners
  • Reliable tracking and reporting
  • Dedicated affiliate support team

URL: FundingPilot Affiliate Program

Commission: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

10. Bluevine

Bluevine provides multiple financing solutions for small business owners and has garnered recognition for its industry-leading technology and status as a top workplace. Their executive team boasts extensive experience and unwavering dedication to transforming the landscape of financial services for small businesses.

Bluevine’s core values underpin every endeavour, driving a commitment to positive impact. They offer dependable support services that are consistently available to small businesses, from self-guided resources to expert assistance from real individuals. Bluevine’s holistic approach ensures accessibility and comprehensive support, reaffirming its mission to empower small businesses in the financial realm. Bluevine offers a range of financial services and solutions to the needs of small businesses:

  • Invoice Factoring
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Term Loans
  • Business Checking Account
  • Online Banking Services

Highlights of the Bluevine Affiliate Program

  • Competitive commission of $50 to $200 per Lead
  • Ideal for content publishers, accountants, ISOs, technology experts, and insurance carriers
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Credible tracking and reporting

URL: Bluevine Affiliate Program

Commission: $50 to $200 per Lead

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts | One Month Locking Period

11. QuickBridge

QuickBridge aids small businesses in securing the financing required to seize new opportunities and sustain consistent cash flow. Their small business loans are strategically crafted to match the cadence of business operations within America’s largest lending marketplace.

QuickBridge specialises in delivering small business loans tailored for rapid working capital accessibility, whether it’s an emergency loan or a short-term expansion loan. Their goal is to provide more intelligent finance options to company owners through a proprietary lending platform and a distinct culture centred on principles of honesty and professionalism. QuickBridge offers a range of financial products and services tailored to the needs of small businesses:

  • Small Business Loans
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Revenue-Based Financing
  • Restaurant Business Loans
  • Trucking Business Loans
  • Healthcare Business Loans
  • Poultry Farm Loans

Highlights of the QuickBridge Affiliate Program

  • Distinct programs: Sales Partnership and Referral Partner
  • The Sales Partnership program is ideal for sales organisations and brokers
  • The Referral Partner program is ideal for accounting experts, individual advisors, real estate experts and financing influencers
  • Real-time performance reporting
  • Competitive commissions (negotiable)
  • Support from industry-leading sales professionals

URL: QuickBridge Affiliate Program

Commission: Negotiable

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

12. Lendio

Lendio is among the most promising platforms promoting small businesses through the provision of financing solutions. The business collaborates with 75+ financial institutions and has successfully funded 300,000 loans. Lendio aims to facilitate a smooth transition between customers and their loan marketplace and is positioned perfectly to assist small business proprietors in securing vital capital for their diverse needs.

Lendio boasts a dynamic ecosystem of imaginative and forward-thinking collaborators as a partner-focused entity. Their commitment is evident in the recognition and rewards they bestow upon partners who consistently pursue excellence. They also provide a diverse range of products and services, which include:

  • Loan Marketplace
  • Business Loans
  • Funding Assistance
  • Seamless Transition
  • Partner-Centric Approach
  • Recognition and Rewards

Highlights of the Lendio Affiliate Program

  • Custom landing pages, API, and embedded loan applications
  • A team of industry experts available for support and help with integrations, promotional strategies and sales optimisation
  • Secure affiliate dashboard for real-time reporting and performance analysis
  • Performance-based rewards, competitive sales commission, and hassle-free payouts

URL: Lendio Affiliate Program

Commission: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

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If you have any further questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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