11 Best Sports Injury Recovery Affiliate Programs (High EPC)

Sports Injury Recovery Affiliate Programs

In the U.S alone, over 3.5 million sports injuries happen each year. And when we get an injury that leaves us unable to participate in the sports that we’re passionate about and love the most, it can feel like a crushing blow. For many injured athletes, sitting on the bench and watching the game is … Read more

9 Best Taxi Affiliate Programs To Drive Conversions Up

Taxi Affiliate Programs

The list of the best taxi affiliate programs below will help you connect your visitors with first-rate services. These days, private-hire transportation is more & more in demand. Therefore, taxis and similar private car services will always be in style. There are different types of taxi affiliate programs offering a variety of advantages. Tapping on … Read more

10 Best Alternative Medicine Affiliate Programs For Healthy Commissions

Alternative Medicine Affiliate Programs

In 2019, the alternative medicines market was valued at $62.33 billion. By 2026, it is expected to reach $293.56 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.6% over the forecast period. It’s clear that after the coronavirus pandemic, people are more concerned about taking care of their health and the interest in alternative … Read more

13 Best Autoresponder Affiliate Programs (With Recurring Commissions

Best Autoresponder Affiliate Programs

By 2023, e-mail marketing revenue is expected to cross $10 billion. There are 4.14 billion e-mail users worldwide and 319.6 billion e-mails are sent and received per day (globally). That’s the reason experts have been saying… Although email marketing was started in the 1970s, the fame goes up year after year and decade after decade. … Read more

How Can You Tell If a Link Is an Affiliate Link?

How To Tell If a Link Is An Affiliate Link

If you’re new to affiliate marketing (or just a curious person in general) then you may have found yourself checking out websites or social media posts & wondering if they contain affiliate links. But the question is, how can you tell if a link is an affiliate link? Meaning, how can you tell the difference … Read more

14 Best Acne Affiliate Programs With Big Commissions

Best Acne Affiliate Programs

It’s estimated that acne affects 9.4% of the worldwide population and it’s the 8th most prevalent disease globally So, looking at the above stats, we probably don’t need to explain the huge demand for acne products. The reality is that many people are suffering from acne problems & and because of acne many people are … Read more

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing? (And How To Increase It)

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing?

Once you get started with affiliate marketing, you’ll come across several terms that seem too straightforward but actually mean more than how they sound. EPC or Earnings Per Click is one of those. It is a metric showing an affiliate link’s potential earning power. Thus, it’s not surprising that most beginning affiliate marketers, even experienced … Read more

9 Best Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs To Dress Up Your Business

Mens Clothing Affiliate Programs

Now that you’ve successfully drawn substantial traffic to your fashion blog you might be wondering, what are the next steps to actually begin generating income? Well, you can consider using any of the following best men’s clothing affiliate programs to rake in more money for your business. After all, commissions in the men’s fashion niche … Read more

11 Best Streamer Affiliate Programs For Twitch & More

Best Streamer Affiliate Programs

Streaming came into the limelight and became popular in the 2010s and originally started out on YouTube but recently, sites like Twitch have massively increased the popularity of streaming and taken it to new levels. Some streaming channels like Ninja (Richard Blevins), auronplay, Rubius and more are making millions. As you’d therefore expect, many people … Read more