11 Best Virtual Reality Affiliate Programs For Unreal Commissions

Best Virtual Reality Affiliate Programs

The virtual reality market is exploding in popularity and creating a revolution in many sectors such as gaming, entertainment, education sector, architecture & planning sector, real estate (3D home tour) & instructional training, etc. In 2021, the virtual reality market was valued at $21.83 billion globally. It is expected to enlarge to a 15% compound … Read more

Do Affiliate Marketers Need a Business License?

Do Affiliate Marketers Need A Business License?

Quick Answer: Local laws differ greatly & whilst in some places a business license is not required, there are other towns/cities/states which may require a business license for affiliate marketing depending on how you operate. Our article below will help you to determine if you need a license. Affiliate marketing is one of the most … Read more

Should You Disable Right-Click On Your Website? (& Why Do Some Sites Do It?)

Should You Disable Right-Click?

Ever visited a website, right-clicked the page & saw a message saying something like “Right Click Is Disabled!“? Have you found yourself wondering, why is right-click disabled on some websites? And should you disable right-click on your own website? If so, you’ve landed in exactly the right place. In this blog post, I’m going to … Read more

8 Best Internet TV Affiliate Programs To Skyrocket Your Earnings

Internet TV Affiliate Programs

Throughout the mid-2010s, internet television became common in most households. Today, almost all the major broadcasters around the world are operating an internet television platform. Now, because of the increase in the number of online users, the usage of internet TV also keeps on increasing & so is the competition and demand. This means that … Read more

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe? The Dangers To Look Out For

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?

The dramatic rise of the internet as one of the global mediums for marketing has paved the way for new businesses and opportunities. Affiliate marketing has become among the most effective ways to increase sales while providing earning opportunities. That said, is affiliate marketing safe? Given its business model, this is a question that needs … Read more

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard For Beginners? (The Harsh Realities)

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard?

Affiliate marketing in its most simple form includes promoting products or services for third-party companies online in return for commissions that are paid out on successful sales. Some affiliate programs also pay marketers for leads, clicks, subscriptions, downloads, or free trials that they were able to push. And there are many people that claim they … Read more

6 Reasons You Should Never Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Can you do affiliate marketing without a website? Yes. But should you? No! Trying to do affiliate marketing without a website is like running on a treadmill in slippers. You’ll still burn calories but why handicap yourself for no reason? If you are serious about earning daily commissions online then you need a website and … Read more

Top 10 Common Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Should Avoid In 2022

Common affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

I’ve been making affiliate marketing mistakes for almost a decade now and yes, I’m guilty of making nearly every mistake on this list. Making mistakes is inevitable. It’s a part of life, especially when you’re mastering a new skill like launching a thriving affiliate business because you’re boldly stepping out into unfamiliar territory. And the … Read more

Is Wix Good For Affiliate Marketing? We DON’T Recommend It

Is Wix Good For Affiliate Marketing?

For many newcomers to affiliate marketing, Wix seems like a good option to get started with & it’s pretty easy to see why people are lured in. On the surface, Wix appears to be cheap & they seem to make it really, really easy to build websites. But is Wix actually good for affiliate marketing? … Read more