Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Being On Camera?

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Dale is a former electrician that has since gone on to generate over $1 million in all-time affiliate commissions & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. Alongside running his own affiliate marketing empire, he now also teaches affiliate marketing to others through the Commission Academy platform.

Over the years we’ve taught affiliate marketing through our free training course, we’ve noticed a common concern for new affiliate marketers.

And that concern is that they’re worried that in order to succeed with affiliate marketing & make good money, they’ll need to get in front of the camera.

But is it true? Do you really have to make videos to succeed as an affiliate? Or can you do affiliate marketing without being on camera?

If that’s something that you’ve been wondering, then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out.

On this page, we’ll not only explain why you don’t need to get in front of the camera, but we’ll also share how you can potentially make millions as an affiliate without ever showing your face.

So let’s dive right in & get to it.

Do You Have To Get In Front Of A Camera To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

The short answer is no, you don’t. There is absolutely no requirement for you to get on camera in order to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Heck, I did affiliate marketing full-time for 10+ years before I recorded a single video… And I only started recording videos because I wanted to teach affiliate marketing to others through our free Commission Academy training course.

During that period, I earned well in excess of $1,000,000 without recording so much as 1 single video.

So why do some affiliate marketers record videos if they don’t need to?

Well, it’s simply a case of personal preference. You see, affiliate marketing is all about generating traffic & getting people to click on your affiliate links.

And as you can imagine, there are many ways that you could do this.

You could…

  • Record & publish videos to sites like YouTube or TikTok
  • Create written content (like this blog post) & get it ranked in search engines
  • Or spend money on paid advertising
  • …etc

As to which one is best – well, there is no real winner. They’re all equal in their own right & they’re all very powerful means of generating traffic.

You could generate just as much traffic by only producing written content as you could by only producing video content… But people often prefer one method over the other.

For example, when it comes to myself – I prefer writing. And although I do record some videos, I generally find it much easier to create written content.

Whereas many other people are the opposite, and they prefer creating videos over written content.

And then you have the folks who like to mix it up & produce both written content along with video content (which, realistically, is the most ideal approach).

So this brings me to the next point…

Can You Make As Much Money As An Affiliate Without Getting On Camera?

Yes, the good news is that you can indeed make just as much money as an affiliate marketer without getting on camera.

And whilst video can be a great way to generate additional traffic, there are some people who actually earn more without doing video at all.


Well, because generally, the video platforms that people publish on (such as YouTube, TikTok & Instagram, etc) can be pretty darn distracting.

So, often when people go down the route of creating videos for affiliate marketing, they end up getting distracted by those platforms & becoming less productive.

Whereas when you’re simply creating written content or managing paid ads, you can be much more laser-focused on your tasks & avoid any potential distractions.

Of course, this isn’t the case with everyone, though. There are some people who can easily avoid the distractions on those platforms & get on with their work effectively – but it’s safe to say those people are few & far between.

Ultimately, though, the point I want to make clear here is that you can indeed make just as much money by solely creating written content as you could by solely creating videos.

The reason people tend to create both written content & videos isn’t generally to make more money. It’s usually done to diversify their traffic.

This way, by diversifying their traffic, they can create a more stable source of revenue because if something happens to one traffic source, they will still have another to fall back on.

For example, if they violated YouTube’s terms accidentally & got banned, they wouldn’t lose their entire business because they’d be able to rely on the traffic from their written content or paid advertisements to continue generating an income.

And before I conclude, so there’s also one other last point I want to make.

You Can Succeed At Video Without Showing Your Face

The reality is that whilst it’s generally best to show your face when recording videos to truly connect with your audience, it’s absolutely not a requirement.

In fact, there are many YouTubers and TikTokers (and video creators on other platforms) who’ve built hugely successful affiliate marketing businesses without ever showing their faces.

You see, not wanting to show your face doesn’t mean that you can create videos at all.

You could simply create animated storyboard videos & record a voiceover… Or if you didn’t even want to record your voice, you could use a simple text-to-speech tool.

So even if you don’t want to get in front of the camera & show your face, there is still potential for you to make money as an affiliate on YouTube & TikTok, etc.

To highlight this, one of the channels I watch (Real Engineering) has over 3.87 million subscribers & out of hundreds of videos, I’ve only ever seen the creator show his face once.

Real Engineering YouTube Channel

And with each video averaging millions of views, the creator is certainly making BIG money as an affiliate.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let a fear of getting on camera hold you back from getting started as an affiliate.

With our free affiliate marketing course, you can learn step-by-step how you can build a thriving affiliate business & generate commissions without ever having to get in front of the camera at all.

Affiliate marketing opens you up to such great benefits, such as:

  • Time freedom
  • Location freedom
  • Money freedom

And there are many methods that you can utilize to generate traffic & earn commissions aside from creating & publishing videos.

As mentioned towards the beginning of this page, I didn’t create a single video for over 10 years & still managed to earn over 1 million dollars in commissions.

The only reason I forced myself to get in front of the camera was to share what I learned with others through the free Commission Academy affiliate marketing course.

So if you haven’t yet done so & you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketer without getting on camera, be sure to sign up for our free training.

But overall, I hope that this post helped you understand that it’s possible to make money as an affiliate without showing your face & if you happen to have any extra questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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