Is Wix Good For Affiliate Marketing? We DON’T Recommend It

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For many newcomers to affiliate marketing, Wix seems like a good option to get started with & it’s pretty easy to see why people are lured in.

On the surface, Wix appears to be cheap & they seem to make it really, really easy to build websites.

But is Wix actually good for affiliate marketing? And does Wix even allow affiliate marketing?

Well, the short answer is Wix does technically allow affiliate links, but as you’ll soon see, it’s NOT good for affiliate marketing & in this blog post we’re going to explain why.

Plus, we’re also going to explain how Wix could prove to be a very costly mistake indeed.

First, though, we’ll start with the basics (just in case you’ve landed here without knowing what Wix actually is).

What Is Wix?

Wix, in short, is a website builder. This means that you can sign up to Wix & use their tool to create your very own fully-functioning website.

And credit where it’s due, as a website builder, Wix is actually pretty good.

Well, if you’re just looking for an easy way to create a website that looks “pretty”, that is.

But if you’re looking to build a website that will actually see success & result in you earning big money from affiliate marketing

Wix isn’t so great.

And we’ll explain the reasons why we believe Wix isn’t good for affiliate marketing below but before we do, we should probably answer the all-important question.

Does Wix Allow Affiliate Marketing?

Wix does allow affiliate links to be used on its websites meaning that if you’re an affiliate looking to promote products via a Wix website, that is allowed.

But Wix doesn’t provide any facility for product creators selling products via Wix to create their own affiliate program & recruit affiliates to increase sales.

So, does Wix allow affiliate marketing? Yes, but only if you’re looking to promote other people’s products.

But even though Wix allows affiliate links we still don’t believe it to be a good platform for affiliate marketing & below, we’ll explain some of the reasons why.

The Disadvantages of Wix

As you’re likely aware, there are no shortcuts to success. Wix may make building “pretty-looking” websites easy, but that comes at a cost to your success.

Here are some of the disadvantages you’ll face if you use the Wix website builder:

Lack of Website Templates

Wix boasts that it offers a whopping 500+ website templates on its homepage as one of the main selling points but in reality, this isn’t a lot of templates when you compare it to their closest competitors.

WordPress, for example, provides you with access to over 31,000+ templates & not only that, but WordPress allows full customization of the templates with no restrictions.

That brings us to our next point.

You’ll Face Restrictions

Wix offers a lot of customization options, but ultimately, in comparison to its competitors, it is highly restrictive.

This means that if you want to start making your website a bit more bespoke & offering some custom features you’ll likely find out that what you want to achieve simply isn’t possible on Wix.

Very Few Plugins (Apps)

Wix likes to boast that it offers over 200+ plugins (or apps, as they call them) that you can use to enhance the functionality of your website.

And at a glance, this sounds like a lot.

But again if you compare it to their closest rival, WordPress, which offers over 59,000+ plugins, it’s pitiful.

And if you couple this with the fact that as we’ve just previously mentioned, their platform is heavily restrictive, you’ll find you can’t do a great deal with your website in terms of bespoke customization.

Hard To Get Traffic (Visitors)

To make money as an affiliate you need visitors coming to your pages & clicking on your links. Traffic (visitors) is the lifeblood of any online business.

Wix, however, makes getting traffic much more difficult than it needs to be & therefore as an affiliate marketer you will struggle to gain momentum.

As to why Wix makes getting traffic, well that’s an entire blog post on its own (which we hope to write at some point), but for now, just know that it does.

You’ll Be Trapped Into Paying For Wix FOREVER

Wix is very clever. They make their websites super-easy to build but impossible to move, meaning you’ll be trapped into paying for Wix forever.

Unless you want to completely rebuild your website from scratch, that is.

So this means that if you find a cheaper web hosting deal or if Wix increases their prices, you won’t be able to move… You’ll be stuck with them.

Whereas if you used an alternative, such as WordPress, you’d be able to move freely without any cost.

And this is one of the biggest kickers with Wix websites, which in our opinion almost makes them a con.

This brings us onto…

Is Wix Good For Affiliate Marketing?

The short answer is no, Wix is not good for affiliate marketing. It’s good for building small, “pretty-looking” websites but that’s about it.

If you’re actually looking to build a thriving online business then Wix shouldn’t be the platform of choice.

After all, why would you want to risk building your entire business on a platform that essentially “locks you in” & prevents you from being able to move to other hosts?

It doesn’t make sense.

But as you can see from the list of Wix disadvantages above, that’s not the only issue. There are lots of issues with Wix & even more than what we’ve listed above.

It’s just, in our opinion, not a good platform for building a website that actually generates traffic.

And FYI, we have no financial motive (or any other “hidden motive”) to steer you away from Wix.

In fact, Wix actually has a lucrative affiliate program that would reward us handsomely if we recommended it.

We just want to help you to avoid what could potentially turn out to be a very costly mistake.

And the proof is in the pudding because if Wix worked, we’d be using it… And we aren’t. 😊

Is There a Better Alternative To Wix?

Yes, there is – the better alternative to Wix is WordPress (and we’re referring to the self-hosted, NOT

  • Wix offers 500+ templates, WordPress offers 31,000+
  • Wix offers 200+ plugins (apps), WordPress offers 59,000+
  • Wix makes it impossible to change hosting, WordPress can be moved freely

And probably the best comparison is the fact that Wix powers 3.4% of the internet whilst WordPress powers over 64.1% of the internet.

So it’s easy to see which is the clear winner.

And FYI, this website right here is built on WordPress. We wouldn’t touch Wix with a bargepole.

Plus, the good news is that if you’d like to learn how to build a WordPress website for affiliate marketing then you can check out our free affiliate marketing course because that’s exactly what we teach.

Wrapping It Up

It pains us every time we hear that somebody has opted to use Wix for affiliate marketing as we know that it’s ultimately going to result in failure.

You see, whilst Wix does admittedly make things easier at the beginning, the downfall is that it makes things much harder in the long run.

And when we say much harder, we really mean it.

In fact, over my 10+ years as an affiliate marketer, I don’t believe I’ve personally come across one single successful affiliate website that was hosted on Wix.

To me, that says a lot… And it further affirms why you shouldn’t use Wix for affiliate marketing.

As mentioned above, the best alternative to Wix for affiliate marketing is WordPress & the good news is we show you exactly how to set it up & use it for affiliate marketing in our free training course.

So if you haven’t done so already, definitely be sure to check it out before you leave.

And of course, if you happen to have any additional questions or comments then feel free to leave them below.

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