16 Best Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Top Paying)

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Every year, whether it be for personal taxes or business, millions of people all around the world need to prepare their taxes & file their accounts.

So, as an affiliate, this gives you a huge opportunity to earn commissions because you can get rewarded for connecting people with tax preparation tools or services.

And to help you do exactly that, we’ve listed the best tax preparation affiliate programs below.

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Best Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. TurboTax
  2. Keeper (keepertax.com)
  3. FreeTaxUSA
  4. E-file
  5. TaxExtension
  6. TaxSlayer
  7. CoinLedger
  8. CoinLedeger
  9. Quaderno
  10. OnLine Taxes
  11. TaxCE.com
  12. FileYourTaxes
  13. Tax Goddess
  14. Tax Hive
  15. MyExpatTaxes
  16. TaxBack.com


TurboTax, offered by Intuit, is a widely used and trusted online tax preparation software that simplifies filing taxes for individuals and businesses. It provides a user-friendly platform for taxpayers to input their financial information, offering step-by-step guidance and ensuring accurate calculations. With various versions tailored to different needs, TurboTax helps users maximise deductions and credits while ensuring compliance with tax laws. Additionally, it offers e-filing options for a convenient and efficient tax-filing experience, making it a popular choice for those seeking a hassle-free way to complete their tax returns.

TurboTax Pricing

  • Local Pro (Federal): $150- $1000
  • Hand your taxes off (Federal): $219-$1000
  • Do your taxes (Federal): $0-$219

Highlights of the TurboTax Affiliate Program

  • 15% sales commission (applies to the referred online purchase of TurboTax State or Federal Product)
  • Recurring commission for up to 5 purchases of your referral
  • 7 days cookie life
  • Marketing creatives and promotional tools are available
  • Reliable tracking software
  • Transparent and interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 1905878)

URL: TurboTax Affiliate Program | Signup via Commission Junction

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts with Standard Action Locking Period (After 10th of Each Month for the Actions Occurred in the Previous Month) | Commission Junction Takes Care of the Affiliate Payments

2. Keeper (keepertax.com)

Keeper Tax is an innovative online platform designed to simplify tax management for freelancers, independent contractors, and self-employed individuals. Unlike traditional tax software, Keeper specialises in helping users effortlessly track and organise their business expenses, maximise deductions, and prepare for tax season with ease.

Keeper Tax stands out by offering a user-friendly mobile app that allows users to snap photos of receipts and invoices, which are then automatically categorised and stored for future reference. The platform also employs cutting-edge technology to identify potential deductions and tax write-offs, ensuring users minimise their tax liability while staying compliant with tax regulations. With its intuitive interface and proactive approach to tax management, Keeper Tax is a valuable tool for anyone navigating the complexities of self-employment and freelance work.

Highlights of the Keepertax.com Affiliate Program

  • Up to $20 per referral
  • Third-party affiliate partner – Integrated with Tune Partner Marketing Platform
  • Reliable tracking and user-friendly reporting dashboard
  • Quick and easy link generation
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts via direct bank transfer

URL: Keeper Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $20 per Referral

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Bank Transfer


FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation platform operating since 2001. It offers free federal tax filing services for individuals, making it an attractive choice for those looking to maximise their tax savings. With its intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance, users can easily enter their financial information, and the platform will calculate their tax liability accurately.

FreeTaxUSA covers a wide range of tax situations, including self-employment income, investment income, and more. It also provides options for state tax filing, though a nominal fee may apply for state returns.

FreeTaxUSA Pricing

  • Deluxe Service: $7.99
  • Small Business Owners (State): $14.99
  • 1099 Tax (State): $14.99

Highlights of the FreeTaxUSA Affiliate Program

  • 15% lifetime recurring commission
  • 90 days cookie life
  • Access to banners, text links, and regularly updated marketing material
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Globally acknowledged tracking software
  • User-friendly affiliate dashboard with access to real-time reporting
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 4526117)

URL: FreeTaxUSA Affiliate Program | Signup via Commission Junction

Commission: 15% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts with Standard Action Locking Period (After 10th of Each Month for the Actions Occurred in the Previous Month) | Commission Junction Takes Care of the Affiliate Payments


Since its foundation in 1998 TaxAct claims to have helped over 90 million tax fillers through its tax preparation services. The company offers several downloadable do-it-yourself and online Tax filing options for individual taxpayers, tax professionals and businesses. They offer personalised help from experts at a nominal cost. There are specific packages for customers according to their needs and preferences.

TaxAct Pricing

  • Deluxe: $50.95
  • Premier: $75.95
  • Self-Employed: $99.95

Highlights of the TaxAct Affiliate Program

  • 15% sales commission
  • 45 days cookie duration
  • Affiliate-exclusive promotions
  • Text links and engaging banners
  • $55.55 Average Order Value
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • VIP commissions available for top performers
  • Third-party tracking software
  • Real-time reporting via an interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 4110283)

URL: TaxAct Affiliate Program | Signup via Commission Junction

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts with Standard Action Locking Period (After 10th of Each Month for the Actions Occurred in the Previous Month) | Commission Junction Takes Care of the Affiliate Payments

5. E-file

Founded in 2013, E-file is an online platform that provides state and federal Tax preparation services to individuals, businesses and tax professionals. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, guiding taxpayers through the necessary steps to complete their filings accurately.

E-file.com provides various tax software options, including free and paid versions, catering to a wide range of tax situations. Users can conveniently e-file their returns, receive quick refunds, and access helpful customer support.

With robust security measures in place, E-file.com ensures the confidentiality and safety of users’ financial information, making it a convenient and reliable choice for hassle-free tax preparation and filing.

E-file Pricing

  • File Your E-file.com Tax Extension: $24.99
  • State Taxes + Free Federal Return*: $29.99

Highlights of the E-file Affiliate Program

  • 40% base commission (Revenue Share)
  • $1.4 for each referred free filing
  • 120 days cookie life
  • CPA commission is available upon request
  • Performance-based incentives and rewards
  • Co-branded landing pages
  • Regularly updated banners, marketing content, and text links
  • Credible third-party tracking software
  • 24/7 access to the reporting dashboard
  • Dedicated affiliate management team
  • Integrated with AWIN (Merchant ID: 6636) and Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 4355234)

URL: E-file Affiliate Program | Signup via AWIN | Signup via Commission Junction

Commission: 40% Revenue Share | $1.4 (Free Filing)

Cookie Duration: 120 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts | Payments are Managed through the Partner Affiliate Networks (AWIN and Commission Junction)

6. TaxExtension

Operating since 1997, TaxExtension.com is a considerably user-friendly solution for filing taxes online. It offers a quick and straightforward way to request an extension for your tax deadline, providing you with an extra six months to get your finances in order.

Whether you are an individual or a business, TaxExtension can help you avoid late filing penalties and reduce stress during tax season. With a secure and easy-to-use interface, it is a convenient resource for those who need a little extra time to ensure their tax returns are accurate and complete.

TaxExtension Pricing

  • Individuals — File IRS Form 4868 Online: £29.95
  • Businesses — File IRS Form 7004 Online: £34.95

Highlights of the TaxExtension Affiliate Program

  • 25% sales commission
  • Affiliate-exclusive offers
  • Engaging marketing content
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts
  • Third-party tracking and real-time performance reporting
  • Integrated with LinkConnector

URL: Tax Extension Affiliate Program | Signup via LinkConnector

Commission: 25%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Cheque


The parent TaxSlayer company was founded in 1955 helping American taxpayers to file their taxes confidently. TaxSlayer software was launched in 1998 for individual filers. The company offers a range of helpful features to file taxes easily and quickly such as step-by-step guidance, free unlimited support over email and phone calls, Ask A Tax Pro, Zero Pocket fee, maximum refund guaranteed, Audit defence, etc.

TaxSlayer Pricing

  • Classic: $34.95
  • Premium: $54.95
  • Self-Employed: $64.95

Highlights of the TaxSlayer Affiliate Program

  • 17% sales commission
  • $3 flat commission per referred free e-file
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Regularly updated and optimised ads, banners, and marketing creative
  • Optimised and actively managed landing pages
  • Globally acknowledged affiliate partner network – Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 5273914)
  • Dedicated affiliate support team

URL: TaxSlayer Affiliate Program | Signup via Commission Junction

Commission: 17% | $3 per Free e-File

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts with Standard Action Locking Period (After 10th of Each Month for the Actions Occurred in the Previous Month) | Commission Junction Takes Care of the Affiliate Payments


Lucas Wyland, David Kemmerer, and Mitchell Cookson founded CoinLedger in 2018 while forming automated trading systems which capitalised arbitrage among other crypto exchanges. During the process, they experienced difficulties with crypto transaction reporting, leading to the formation of their own Cryptocurrency Tax Software.

CoinLedger helps in calculating tax and quickly and easily. Its various features include exporting wallet and exchange transactions, generating tax reports and saving money. The company’s software integrates directly with customers’ favourite platforms to import transactions easily while you’re trading, buying NFTs or earning interest.

CoinLedger Pricing

  • Hobbyist 100 Transactions: $49
  • Investor 1,000 Transactions: $99
  • Unlimited 3,000+ Transactions: $199+

Highlights of the CoinLedger Affiliate Program

  • 25% lifetime recurring commission
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Access to engaging marketing content
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts via PayPal with just a $30 minimum threshold
  • Quick and easy application process with high approval rate

URL: CoinLedger Affiliate Program

Commission: 25% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: You Can Request for Withdrawal Once a Month | Payments are Processed via PayPal | $30 Minimum Threshold

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9. Quaderno

Inspired by Luca Pacioli’s book on accounting, the founders of Quaderno came up with an easy-to-use tax management tool. Along with that, other features include calculations, registration to returns and reporting.

Quaderno maps the obligations and tax liabilities in a lot of jurisdictions worldwide while supporting 14000 tax jurisdictions. Customers just need to enter data for filing any tax or returns. The company also offers free trials on their website handling sales tax, GST and VAT worldwide.

Quaderno Pricing

  • GROWTH up to 2,500 Transactions per month and 10 registered jurisdictions: €149 / month
  • BUSINESS Up to 1,000 transactions per month & 5 registered jurisdictions: €99 / month
  • STARTUP Up to 250 transactions per month & 3 registered jurisdictions: €49 / month

Highlights of the Quaderno Affiliate Program

  • 30% sales commission recurring for up to 24 months
  • Access to the library of marketing content including logos
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Quick and easy application process with high approval rate
  • Paid advertising is allowed to the specific landing pages (prior permission is required to link the Quaderno website to your ads)

URL: Quaderno Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% Recurring for up to 24 Months

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Quarterly Payouts in January, April, July, and October | Payments are Processed via Wise or PayPal | $100 Minimum Threshold

10.OnLine Taxes

William White founded OnLine Taxes (OLT) in 1999 after bagging over two decades of experience in public accounting and computer programming. The platform is a web-based tax preparation software that helps in filing state taxes and federal taxes online.

OnLine Taxes is a free file program with an alliance with IRS Internal Revenue Service and tax software providers. IRS offers many taxpayers a free filing option for which the customer’s income must have been $73000 in the 2022 Tax year.

The company also claims 100% accuracy in calculations before submission of Tax Returns to the IRS. OLT also has a premium version that provides customers with additional support including phone, audit support, live chat and year-over-year comparison.

OnLine Taxes Pricing

  • FEDERAL FREE EDITION State Tax: $9.95
  • PREMIUM EDITION State Tax: $7.95

Highlights of the OnLine Taxes (OLT) Affiliate Program

  • Affiliates get $2 per referred paid e-file
  • Access to the text links and regularly updated banners
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Simple and easy application process with a high approval rate (you only need to have a website)

URL: OnLine Taxes Affiliate Program

Commission: $2 per Referral

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Commissions are Paid Twice During April (15th and 30th) and Once a Month till October | $16 Minimum Threshold (8 Referred Paid e-Files)


TaxCE.com is a promising online resource for tax professionals and individuals seeking to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of tax regulations and rules. This platform offers a wide range of Continuing Education (CE) courses, meticulously designed to ensure tax professionals maintain their credentials and stay informed about the latest tax laws and changes.

With a user-friendly interface, TaxCE makes it easy to access high-quality courses, complete them at your own pace, and earn CE credits. Whether you’re a tax expert looking to fulfil your educational requirements or someone eager to enhance your tax knowledge, TaxCE.com is a reliable and convenient source for tax education.

TaxCE Pricing

  • Ethics for Tax Advisers; Review of Circular 230: $10
  • Oregon 30-Hour Complete CE Course: $59
  • California 20-Hour Tax Preparer CE Updates: $55

Highlights of the TaxCE.com Affiliate Program

  • 15% sales commission
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • 15% cashback on your own purchase
  • Hassle-free payouts via PayPal
  • User-friendly reporting dashboard
  • Access to links and engaging marketing content

URL: TaxCE Affiliate Program

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal


FileYourTaxes was founded in 1996 in Southern California. The journey started from a small family-owned business that grew into a Tax practice technology company. The company’s major services involve helping individuals with payroll tax, business tax, information returns and other tax filings.

FielYourTaxes has partnered with the California Board of Equalisers BOE for the development of the first online sales Tax filings based on XML and the creation of the California Franchise Board Customer Service Number CSN.

The company also provides free e-filing and federal TAX return services for legal residents and qualified US citizens with AGI of $6000-$69,000 and for citizens older than 65 years.

FileYourTaxes Pricing

  • Tax Return Construction – Most Returns: $55.00
  • Tax Return Construction (If ordered at the same time as Federal Return): $50.00
  • Flip-to-Paper Return Fee $15.00

Highlights of the FileYourTaxes Affiliate Program

  • Tier-based program offering competitive revenue share commission structure
  • Custom links for your website
  • Co-branding with logos is allowed from Tier-2 to Tier-4
  • Tier-3 lets you issue coupons and customise pricing
  • Tier-4 is the private label solution with full control over pricing and website and you can remove the FileYourTaxes branding from the integrated solutions
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Access to the library of marketing assets

Please note that only Tier-1 is free to join. Higher tiers require registration fees.

URL: FileYourTaxes Affiliate Program

Commission: Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

13. Tax Goddess

Shauna A. Wekherlien founded Tax Goddess in 2004. It is a unique online platform for tax and financial services led by the experienced and knowledgeable “Tax Goddess” herself, Shauna Wekherlien. The platform offers a refreshing perspective on taxes and finance.

Whether you’re an individual seeking tax assistance or a small business owner looking to navigate complex financial matters, TaxGoddess.com provides expert guidance with a friendly and relatable approach.

Tax Goddess specialises in tax planning, preparation, and problem-solving, all while fostering a supportive and educational environment for clients.

Highlights of the Tax Goddess Affiliate Program

  • $250 commission for each referred Tax Return Client, Bookkeeping Client, and closed Drop My Taxes Program
  • $1000 for each referred Strategic Tax Coaching Program
  • Opportunity to promote other promising product lines
  • Videos, images, and flyers are available upon request
  • Weekly commission payments credited to your bank account
  • Direct communication with the affiliate management team as well as with Shauna Wekherlien
  • Custom scheduling links for affiliates and their clients to ensure quick response

URL: Tax Goddess Affiliate Program

Commission: $250 to $1000 per Referral

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Weekly Payouts via Bank Transfer

14. Tax Hive

Tax Hive is an online platform that provides strategic tax planning services to individuals and businesses. They offer a specific business tax plan tailored to the needs of the customer’s business which can help to save money on taxes.

Tax Hive also provides a 25+ page tactical tax plan named Triple Check Tax Plan™ with step-by-step guidelines to save more money in business. There is a money-back guarantee if tax savings are not at least equal to the purchase price of the plan.

Every customer gets a customised pricing of tax saving plans such as for $1000 annual gross revenue, the Tax Hive plan pricing is:

  • Tax Plan Pro: $2850/year
  • Business Tax Package Pro: $2340/year
  • X-Panding: $275/ Month

Highlights of the Tax Hive Affiliate Program

  • Your commission is $100 to $250 for each qualified referral
  • Ideal for bloggers, freelancers, and review sites
  • Access to the library of marketing creative and promotional assets including ready-to-use email copies, webinars, banners, and ads
  • Kevin O’Leary & Tax Hive co-branded links
  • Affiliate-exclusive promotions
  • Simple and quick application form and a high approval rate

URL: Tax Hive Affiliate Program

Commission: $100 to $250

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts


Nathalie Goldstein, Markus Finster and Joachim Niederreiter co-founded MyExpatTaxes in 2018 to help US citizens living abroad file their US Taxes. The company offers a variety of services including free tax estimation, professional help, 100% tax Compliance and many more.

MyExpatTaxes has a premium version where they offer a 30-minute call with a tax professional who helps prepare your tax file along with bank statements and financial statements.

MyExpatTaxes Pricing

  • DO-IT-YOURSELF Standard: $166
  • EXPERT SUPPORT Pro­fes­sional: $300
  • CATCH UP & GET FULLY TAX COMPLIANT Stream­lining: $825

Highlights of the MyExpatTaxes Affiliate Program

  • 10% sales commission
  • Access to regularly updated marketing tips, strategies, and tax information
  • User-friendly affiliate dashboard with transparent reporting about link performance, conversions, and commission earnings
  • Ready-to-use marketing content and creative
  • Direct access to the MyExpatTaxes marketing team
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts via PayPal

URL: MyExpatTaxes Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via PayPal

16. TaxBack.com

Terry Clune launched TaxBack in 1996 intending to help individuals file taxes. With over 35 offices in 20 countries worldwide, Tax Back has filled more than a million tax returns to date. Customers are required to register with TaxBack before they get started and fill up a questionnaire. After that a member of their team will contact back for details and to file taxes.

After filing the Tax, the company sends back any refunds due straight to the customer’s bank accounts. TaxBack also provides an SF service portal for the applicants to upload their documents. Their other services include 24-hour live chat support, a free refund estimator, a maximum tax refund guarantee and many more.

TaxBack.com Pricing

  • Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN): $150
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): $200

Highlights of the TaxBack.com Affiliate Program

  • Competitive sales commission for each referred customer
  • Negotiable agreement for qualified affiliate applicants
  • Engaging marketing content including videos, widgets, animated banners, and articles
  • Customised content for your website is available upon request
  • Dedicated affiliate management team
  • Reliable tracking and periodic reports
  • Ideal for visa sponsors, bloggers, travel agents, tax return and refund service providers, and financial advisors

URL: TaxBack.com Affiliate Program

Commission: Negotiable

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Negotiable

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But, overall, whatever you decide to do, I just hope that this list of tax preparation affiliate programs was helpful & I hope you were able to find a program to suit your requirements.

Of course, if you happen to have any further questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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