6 Best Public Speaking Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying In 2024)

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The public speaking niche is an excellent yet still relatively untapped affiliate niche.

And what’s even better is that due to social media & more people gaining influence (and audiences), the niche is growing faster than ever.

So to help you break into the public speaking niche & earn commissions by promoting relevant products or services, we’ve put together a list of public speaking affiliate programs below.

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Best Public Speaking Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. VirtualSpeech 
  2. Amazing Public Speaking 
  3. Mindvalley 
  4. Airmeet
  5. B-Speak! 
  6. Genius Speakers 

1. VirtualSpeech

The award-winning soft skills training platform, VirtualSpeech concentrates on communication skills like public speaking, sales, and leadership. Universities and Fortune 500 firms worldwide, such as Vodafone and Imperial College Business School are among VirtualSpeech clients. Through interactive practice tasks, VirtualSpeech has assisted over 300,000 users in over 125 countries in honing their talents. It has been talked about by Forbes, BBC, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post.

VirtualSpeech Pricing 

  • For Individuals: $45 per month | $399 per year (First 3 Months are Free) 
  • For Small Teams or Businesses: $399 per year (for each learner) 

Highlights of the VirtualSpeech Affiliate Program

  • 30% recurring sales commissions on referred monthly or annual subscriptions 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal 
  • Access to marketing creatives and promotional assets, including high-resolution images of the VirtualSpeech learning platform, exercises, and VR scenarios
  • Regular updates about the new features and courses 

URL: VirtualSpeech Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% Recurring 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly payouts via PayPal 

2. Amazing Public Speaking

Amazing Public Speaking is a training platform dedicated to making everyone able to deliver engaging presentations. Consider this platform if you want to become a paid professional speaker or a public speaking trainer. 

The website is pretty simple, with a long list of offers in addition to the audio and video catalogue and articles. The platform claims to be the host of the most extensive collection of public speaking training videos. All this content and access to the discussion forum are available for the paid members. They claim to be the suitable option for anyone who wants to become a:

  • Professional speaking coach or trainer  
  • Public speaker
  • Speaking consultant 

…and other professionals, including business executives, authors, and toastmasters who want to improve their public speaking skills. 

Highlights of the Amazing Public Speaking Affiliate Program 

  • Up to 50% sales commission 
  • Recurring commissions as long as your referrals keep their membership 
  • Timely and transparent reporting and performance tracking 
  • Monthly payouts 

URL: Amazing Public Speaking Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 50% (Recurring) 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts 

3. Mindvalley

This is arguably among the best online platforms you should check for personal development and grooming – mental, physical, as well as professional. 

Mindvalley collaborates with those who share the enthusiasm for disseminating education that transforms lives and advances humanity. It can be a highly rewarding step up for the business, mind, and soul to become a Mindvalley partner. 

The most illustrious professors in the world collaborate with Mindvalley to catalyse profound change in the students. In exchange, Mindvalley is interested in how you scale your brand to genuinely bring about change as well. Mindvalley has a media ecosystem that reaches millions of people across numerous channels. Thanks to a dedicated marketing team and in-house production.

Mindvalley Subscription Pricing 

  • $59 per Month 
  • $299 per Year 

MindValley Affiliate Program is hosted on AWIN, Rakuten/LinkShare at 20% commission. These platforms provide a universal tracking link. However, if you join their product-specific program on the Cake Performance Tracking Software, you will get a 30% commission for the specific subscription you want to promote. 

Highlights of the Mindvalley Affiliate Program 

  • 30% product-specific sales commission on CAKE 
  • 20% commission on AWIN and Rakuten/LinkShare 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • More than 20 premium quests and courses 
  • Mindvalley runs retargeting campaigns for you without charging anything 
  • Dedicated affiliate manager 
  • $300 average order value 
  • Real-time performance tracking, transparent reporting and timely insights 
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal with a $100 minimum threshold 

URL: Mindvalley Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% (CAKE) | 20% (AWIN and Rakuten/LinkShare) 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts on the 15th of Each Month via PayPal | $100 Minimum Threshold

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4. Airmeet

Airmeet is a fast-paced hybrid platform for hosting virtual events. It allows the handling of both large and small-scale events along with audience discussions and workspace. Airmeet’s incredible experience delivers everything according to the requirements of organisers for a vast range of events rather than just focusing on conferences. Airmeet makes sure all the channels are maintained precisely. The platform also lets you share content through videos, animations, as well as emails. 

Airmeet hosts all the events in an exclusive virtual ballroom you can customise for seating arrangements and appearance as per your requirements. 

Following are some of the most promising features:

  • AirStudio – Branded event experience 
  • AX360 – Connect event attendees 
  • AirControl – Manage event workflows through this powerful dashboard
  • AirIntel – Optimise revenue and conversions using insights 
  • AirCare: 27/7 customer support with white glove services and helpful onboarding 

Highlights of the Airmeet Affiliate Program 

  • 30% revenue share 
  • Recurring commissions and exclusive discounted pricing 
  • Performance-based incentives 
  • 4.65 G2 Overall Rating and 8.4/10 NPS score 
  • Personalised training with customised onboarding, demonstrations, and support 
  • Fast-growing hybrid industry 

URL: Airmeet Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% Recurring 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

5. B-Speak!

Speak! Language Center is a globally renowned education service serving individuals, business schools, and businesses. This Virginia-based company specialises in conversational language courses featuring one-on-one training sessions in 22 languages. 

B-Speak! is an initiative of Speak! Language Center that offers multiple English language courses, including the popular 5-hour Public Speaking Course for $395. The course helps you build confidence for public speaking to deliver impressive presentations. The features are: 

  • Perfect use of voice, gestures and body language
  • Improve pronunciation of English words 
  • Minimise fillers 
  • Structure, compose, and deliver engaging content with confidence 

Other B-Speak! hot selling courses are: 

  • B-Speak! Master Course for Business School for $375 (4 Monthly Payments | 30 Hours) 
  • B-Speak! Individual Coaching for $500 (2 Monthly Payments | 20 Hours) 

Highlights of the B-Speak! Affiliate Program 

  • Commission % is negotiated during the application procedure 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Dedicated affiliate portal 
  • Performance tracking and reporting 
  • Monthly payouts through your preferred payment method

URL: B-Speak! Affiliate Program 

Commission: Not Disclosed 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts 

6. Genius Speakers

Genius Speakers is a popular online training platform operating from India. Abhishek Gupta founded this website a few years back and has impressed hundreds of non-native speakers from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. You can also make money by promoting this 60-Day public speaking/communication skills course in non-native regions. 

Highlights of the Genius Speakers Affiliate Program

  • Up to 40% sales commission
  • 60 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Access to marketing creatives and promotional tools 
  • Monthly payouts via bank transfer 
  • Access to performance tracking dashboard 
  • How-to guide, video training, and ad templates for affiliates 

URL: Genius Speakers Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 40% 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Bank Transfer

Earning Big As An Affiliate In The Public Speaking Niche

There’s no doubt about it, the public speaking niche is a fantastic affiliate niche to break into & hopefully, the list of public speaking affiliate programs on this page will help you to do exactly that.

But finding success in an affiliate niche is more than just finding a good affiliate program. It’s also about understanding how to generate targeted, consistent traffic.

After all, you need to be able to send people to the products or services that you’re promoting to be able to make money.

And thankfully, the good news is that our free affiliate marketing training course teaches you exactly how to do it.

In our step-by-step training, you’ll discover some of the best methods for generating traffic & you’ll learn how to convert the highest number of clicks into sales.

So if you haven’t yet done so, be sure to sign up for our free training before you leave.

But whatever you decide to do, we hope that you found the list on this page helpful & we hope that you managed to find an affiliate program to suit your needs.

Of course, if you have any additional questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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