Top 10 Best Mentorship Affiliate Programs To Earn With In 2024

Simon is a former UK call-centre worker who has gone on to build several highly successful affiliate marketing businesses in various different niches & become officially recognized as a Super Affiliate by the world's largest affiliate marketing training platform. He has since relocated to Thailand & now teaches affiliate marketing to others through Commission Academy.

Learning how to do affiliate marketing is essential to your online success.

As is joining the right affiliate programs and promoting the right products.

That’s why we’ve come up with the top 10 best mentorship affiliate programs in 2024 based on legitimacy, value for customers, affiliate terms, and profit potential. 

Here they are (in no particular order):

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10 Best Mentorship Affiliate Programs

  1. MentorCruise
  2. Tripaneer
  3. Coursera 
  4. Driven By 
  5. Remote Chess Academy (RCA)
  7. Udemy
  8. Natural Wellness Academy
  9. EcomXFactor 
  10. Brain Tracy

1. MentorCruise

MentorCruise has a mission of making mentorship accessible, more effective and fairer to everyone. The platform connects certified mentors and students in a win-win environment. 

You simply need to browse through the list of mentors in the selected category and select the one that fits your requirements. They call their students Mentees – guys looking for expert training in high-demanding professional skills. Most of the mentees are freelancers looking to improve their portfolios to win more projects on different freelance marketplaces. 

MentorCruise Affiliate Program is suitable for anyone with a blog, website, YouTube Channel, or social media page related to the gig economy, freelancing, professional skill-building, training, or mentorship. 

Refer MentorCruise to students (Mentees) and earn a commission for each successful enrolment. However, this mentorship affiliate program applies to Mentees’ enrollment only. They do not award for bringing mentors. 

Highlights of MentorCruise Affiliate Program 

  • 10% per month commission for each successful referral (as long as your referral sticks to the course and pays a monthly fee) 
  • Exclusive access to the marketing content feed and material 
  • Performance-based ash bonuses, discounts, and swag packages 
  • Monthly payout 
  • Nearly 75% conversion rate 
  • $150/month average order value 
  • Exclusive opportunity for the top-performing affiliate to negotiate commission structure

URL: MentorCruise Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: Not specified 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout

2. Tripaneer 

Tripaneer is a 2013 startup that has grown into a credible name for travellers and pleasure seekers. They are on a mission of enriching people’s lives with memorable training experiences from yoga to surfing. 

Today, Tripaneer has over 200 trainers in 25 countries. The platform offers over 17,500 travel packages you can choose from. On average, Tripaneer currently gets 1000 customers a month. 

Tripaneer lets you book Surf Camps, Horse Riding Holidays, Yoga Teacher Training, Culinary Vacations, Meditation Retreats, All Safaris, Yoga Retreats, Motorcycle Tours, Martial Arts, Cycling Holidays, Ranch Vacations, etc. 

Tripaneer Affiliate Program is ideal for you if you have a considerable audience from the travel and recreation niche. 

Highlights of Tripaneer Affiliate Program 

  • Performance-based commission structure starting at 35% on each sale 
  • 14 days referral window (cookie life
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal or direct deposit 
  • High order value 
  • Fast-growing brand 

Tripaneer Affiliate Commission Structure

  • Up to 50 referrals per month – 35% 
  • From 51 to 100 referrals per month: 40% 
  • From 101 to 250 referrals per month: 45% 
  • Over 250 referrals per month: 50% 

URL: Tripaneer Affiliate Program

Commission: 35% to 50% 

Cookie Duration: 14 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (PayPal or direct deposit) 

3. Coursera

Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller co-founded Coursera in 2012. They envision a world where everyone living anywhere can transform their lives through effective learning. 

Their certified online courses are accessible to everybody in the world. In addition, Coursera also offers degrees from the world’s leading universities and certified courses from leading companies. 

In 2021, Coursera’s got the B Corp certification which means that the platform is now legally responsible for making a positive social impact by eliminating barriers to top-quality education. 

Over 7000 businesses, government institutes, and campuses have joined Coursera and the platform has taught and trained over 107 million students so far. 

Over 275 leading companies and universities are currently Coursera’s partners.  

Coursera Affiliate Program Highlights 

  • A credible name with over 4000 courses 
  • From 15% to 45% commission 
  • Hosted on Impact Radius affiliate network 
  • Text links and customised banners depending on your desired format 
  • Real-time traffic tracking 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Regular performance-based bonuses 
  • Weekly newsletter 
  • Access to daily updates and product feed 

Coursera Affiliate Commission Structure 

  • Courses with One Time Fee: 20% 
  • Guided Project with One Time Fee: 20% 
  • Specialisation Project with One Time Fee: 45% 
  • Annual Subscription (Coursera Plus): 15% 
  • Monthly Subscription (Coursera plus): 45% 
  • Subscription-based Professional Certificate: 45% 
  • Subscription-based Specialisation: 45% 

URL: Coursera Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% to 45%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed by Impact Radius) 

4. Driven By 

With their mission to help people enjoy more inspiration-driven fulfilling lives, Diondra Filicetti founded Driven By in 2017. She does not want people to do all the hard work only to find no real happiness. She herself compromised her dreams at every stage and got a good job but still missed the happiness she always desired for. 

This realisation inspired Diondra to find a way to choose the promising path to real happiness. Schools do not teach this! Diondra concluded that the path to happiness runs along our drives and passions. 

Driven By offers multiple mentorship programs including:

  • One-on-One Sessions 
  • Personal Development Courses 
  • Driven By Workshops 
  • Driven By Events 
  • Driven By Community Seminars 

Driven By Affiliate Program 

Currently, this affiliate program accepts applicants from the United States and Canada. The highlights of the program are: 

  • 30% commission on each sale 
  • $2 (CAD) for each sale of the Driven By Self Awareness Toolkit 
  • Discount code is allowed 
  • Monthly payouts with a $50 (CAD) minimum threshold (paid via PayPal) 
  • Top-performing super affiliates become a Driven By Ambassadors member to enjoy exclusive benefits 

URL: Driven By Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified 

Payment Term: Monthly – CAD 50 minimum withdrawal threshold (Supports PayPal only) 

5. Remote Chess Academy (RCA) 

Grand Master Igor Smirnov founded the Remote Chess Academy which is currently offering 65 interactive courses. So far, RCA has trained more than 65000 students who enrolled from over 190 countries. 

GM Igor Smirnov has multiple achievements under his belt including the International Master title at the age of just 13. He also stood first in the 2009 Kasparov Cup and received the award from Garry Kasparov.

In addition to being the Grand Master, Smirnov also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. 

Here are the hot-selling RCA courses with prices: 

  • GM Igor Smirnov’s Super Pack: $997 
  • The Grandmaster’s Secrets: $57
  • The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding: $139
  • RCA Beginners Package: $72 
  • Middlegame Expert Package: $90
  • Winning The Middlegame: $119

Keeping these prices in mind, the RCA Affiliate Program is a promising opportunity for successful affiliate marketers with a chess-loving audience. 

Highlights of Remote Chess Academy Affiliate Program 

  • 50% commission on each sale 
  • 180 days referral window (cookie tracking) 
  • Promotional banners, videos, and links available 
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal 

You must put the RCA Affiliate Disclosure when promoting the Remote Chess Academy as an affiliate. 

URL: Remote Chess Academy Affiliate Program

Commission: 50% 

Cookie Duration: 180 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (You must have a PayPal account) 

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6. is the world’s biggest online platform with a complete range of features including online gaming, free and paid tutorials, chess content, tournament updates, and much more. 

Erik and Jay founded in 2005 and today it is the go-to platform not only for chess enthusiasts but also for the likes of Magnus Carlson. You can easily call it the globally recognised chess community with an acknowledged players’ rating system. 

Highlights of Affiliate Program 

  • 15% commission when your referral upgrades to a premium membership 
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal 
  • 15% commission when your referral renews premium membership 
  • Top-performing affiliates can apply for the Partner Level to enjoy private commission negotiation, high commissions, and exclusive fan club 
  • Promotional material provided 

Make sure to add the Affiliate Disclosure when sharing your affiliate link.  

URL: Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified 

Payment Term: Monthly (PayPal account is required) 

7. Udemy 

Udemy hardly needs an introduction. It has something for anyone looking to optimise certain skillset or learn in-demand skills from scratch. It is currently the go-to platform for most freelancers trying to improve their CVs and portfolios. 

The professional environment opens doors to new skillset and Udemy is the preferred destination for students and professionals looking to learn emerging skills well ahead of time. 

Today, the most in-demand Udemy courses are: 

  • Python, Machine Learning, and Web Development (for developers) 
  • SQL, PMP, and Financial Analysis (for business professionals) 
  • Ethical Hacking, AWS Certification, and Cybersecurity (for Software and IT professionals) 
  • Graphic Design, Vector Drawing/Illustration, and Photoshop (for freelance graphics designers) 

Highlights of Udemy Affiliate Program 

  • 10% commission on each sale 
  • A huge course library covering almost all in-demand skills 
  • Affiliate-exclusive promotions 
  • Custom and course-specific links, deep linking, and site-wide links 
  • Promotional tools and assets available 
  • Real-time performance tracking 
  • 7 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Commission negotiation for affiliates driving more than $5,000 monthly sales 

The Downside of Udemy Affiliate Program 

  • Cookie duration is short – just 7 days 
  • At the moment, Udemy does not acknowledge referrals making a purchase through its Android and iOS mobile apps. 
  • However, if your referral makes a purchase from the mobile version or Udemy website, you will get the commission 

Make sure to select the right region for Rakuten’s Merchant ID while applying for the Udemy Affiliate Program. 

URL: Udemy Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: 7 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed by Rakuten) 

8. Natural Wellness Academy 

Dr LJ Rose founded Natural Wellness Academy in 2013. This online personal mentorship focuses on making nature students capable of improving people’s all-around health. 

Natural Wellness Academy has served students from more than 20 countries so far and its growth rate is now accelerating. Their most famous certifications are:

  • Essential Hypnotherapy Skills 
  • Holistic Health and Life Coaching 
  • Mind Dynamics Life Coach 
  • Cannabis Coach 
  • Past Life Regressionist 
  • Spiritual Wellness Specialist 
  • Sacred Journey Facilitator 
  • Mind-Gut Guru 
  • Nature Therapy Guide 
  • Spectrum Solutions Specialist 
  • Essential Effective Coaching 

Highlights of Nature Wellness Academy Affiliate Program 

  • Flat commission – up to $150 for each sale 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie tracking) 
  • Regular payouts via PayPal (every 45 days) 

Nature Wellness Academy Affiliate Commission for Each Course 

  • Nature Therapy Guide Certification: $50 
  • Spiritual Wellness Specialist: $100 
  • Mind Dynamics Life Coach: $100
  • Gut Heath Specialist: $100 
  • Cannabis Coaching Certification: $150
  • Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification: $150

URL: Natural Wellness Academy Affiliate Program

Commission: From $50 to $150 flat commission 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Payouts every 45 days (Requires PayPal) 

9. EcomXFactor

Industry-acclaimed Yaron Been has introduced EcomXFactor mentoring and coaching program. It is a comprehensive eCommerce coaching platform with the following features: 

  • 1-On-1 Sessions
  • Learn and implement industry-leading tactics and methods to scale your eCom store 
  • Theory, revision, weekly evaluation, analysis, and goal setting 
  • Daily reporting and analysis to keep your eCom store’s growth on track 
  • Skype Availability 
  • Leads and connections with qualified virtual assistants, marketers, and trusted suppliers 
  • Store customisation from cost-efficient Shopify experts 
  • Graphic designers and copywriters for improved ads and funnels 

Highlights of EcomXFactor Affiliate Program 

  • 40% of the monthly subscription fee (paid monthly for the first 12 months or as long as your referral sticks to the course) 
  • Promotional tools available 
  • Exclusive EcomXFactor affiliate advertisements targeting your referrals 
  • Bonus for top-performing affiliates 
  • Monthly payouts to your PayPal account 

URL: EcomXFactor Affiliate Program

Commission: 40% 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified 

Payment Term: Monthly (Supports only PayPal) 

10. Brain Tracy 

Brain Tracy is a famous consultant and speaker with extensive experience. His mission is to help people achieve their business or personal goals using simple methods that generate quick results. 

Over the past 3 decades, Brain Tracy has conducted over 5000 seminars and talks in over 70 countries including Canada and the United States. Over 5 million people have attended his addresses. Over 1000 companies have consulted Tracy for guidance. 

Brain has written, researched, and studied in the fields of business, psychology, history, economics, and philosophy. More than 70 of Brain’s books have been translated into multiple languages. 

The Psychology of Achievement is Brain’s most appreciated best-seller translated into 28 languages. Brain Tracy offers coaching in the following fields:

  • Personal Development 
  • Business Training 
  • Sales Training 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Time Management 
  • Book Writing 
  • Public Speaking 

Highlights of Brain Tracy Affiliate Program 

  • 20% commission on each sale 
  • 120 days referral window (cookie tracking) 
  • Monthly payouts – 15th of each month ($100 minimum threshold) 
  • Promotion tools are available 
  • Globally acclaimed mentor 


You need to generate at least 2 sales per month to get your commission. However, they approve self-purchase as a valid referral but it is only good for you if you are also interested in purchasing Brain’s courses or books. 

URL: Brain Tracy Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Length: 120 days 

Payment Term: Monthly 

Joining Mentorship Affiliate Programs Is Easy

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  • Build your affiliate website
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  • Create content to drive buyer-ready traffic
  • And promote the right products

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