9 Best Go-Karting Affiliate Programs For Speedy Commissions

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Go-karting is an exciting sport that has been around for quite a while now, as racing has always been a major part of the motorsport industry and today it is one of the most popular sports not only in America but also throughout the world.

Go-karts may trace their origins back to 1956, when Art Ingels created the first of their kind in Los Angeles. Most professional kart races happen on smaller tracks, but some are held on full-sized motorsport circuits.

This go-karting industry is a big one, with lots of affiliate programs in it. We’ve put together a list of the best go-karting affiliate programs that we could find. In this article, we will go through the top 9 go-karting affiliate programs to help you find the one that’s right for you.

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9 Best Go-Karting Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. TopRacingShop
  2. Demon Tweeks
  3. Digital Motorsports
  4. Karting Nation
  5. Maxpeedingrods
  6. RevZilla
  7. MotoSport 
  8. Twisted Throttle
  9. Gokarts USA

1. TopRacingShop

TopRacingShop Website Screenshot

For all types of racers, TopRacingShop.com has everything they may possibly need. They sell and ship all sorts of racing gear worldwide, even for go-karts, including gloves, racewear, car parts, protective vests, helmets, and more.

Anyone who wants to make money by recommending TopRacingShop.com’s products can sign up for their Affiliate Program. When you sign up to be a partner, they’ll give you a unique referral link that you can use to refer people to their store and earn commissions.  

This program is ideal if you have a sports-related website, forum, or blog, or if you simply have a large network of friends to whom you can recommend products via e-mail or social media.

Thereafter, you’ll earn 5% of the total price of every sale made by anyone who uses your link to make a purchase. Additionally, if the customer makes another purchase within 60 days, you’ll earn a 5% commission on yet another purchase.

To join their affiliate program, you have to make an account on their website and send an email to [email protected]. Upon receiving their response, you will be given access to their affiliate program’s panel. 

From that page, you can look at a full report of everything your referrals did, such as the pages they visited and the products they bought.

You’ll also have access to an online banner maker for your website, in addition to your unique referral link. Once your balance exceeds 100 PLN, they’ll transfer the funds to your bank account. Also, the saved-up funds can be used to buy anything from their store.

URL: TopRacingShop Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Payment: When the threshold of 100 PLN is met

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Demon Tweeks

DemonTweeks Website Screenshot

Since 1971, Demon Tweeks has been in business, and they strive to give their customers one of the largest and most unique collections of motorsport, performance, and motorcycle products in the world.

Demon Tweeks stands out from the competition because the team has years of hands-on racing experience. This lets them teach, help, and guide both customers and other racers through the exciting, all-consuming, and adrenaline-filled world of motorsport.

Their love of racing extends beyond the track, and they’ve developed a full line of high-quality accessories and components to make racers look and perform great.

Racewear, kart wear, seats and accessories, wheels, helmets, tyre bags, kart parts, and much more are just some of the many pieces of racing gear they provide.

Anyone planning to take part in an organized karting championship or competition will benefit greatly from investing in a full set of gear that meets the standards set by the CIK and the FIA.

In contrast to traditional racewear, karting suits, boots, and gloves do not need to be fireproof. Instead, the most important thing that all karting apparel must have is to be resistant to abrasion.

Because they are so sure of the quality of the products they sell, they not only stock what they think are the best brands in motorsport, but they also use those brands when preparing, racing, and doing maintenance work on their own vehicles.

Demon Tweeks has a wide range of products, so if you become an affiliate for them, you can promote the sub-niche that fits your audience best.

Affiliates who promote products with coupons and deals get a 1% commission, while those who promote products with rich content and cashback get a 4% commission.

You will get a commission for every successful order you send to this site and during holidays and special events, your commission rate will go up to match the higher demand.

URL: Demon Tweeks Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 4%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Digital Motorsports

Digital Motorsports Website Screenshot

The Virtual Race Academy (VRA), which is in the middle of the Mondello Park International Racing Circuit, is Ireland’s most advanced racing simulation centre. It was opened in 2018 by two motorsports fans and experienced competitors.

When it comes to Digital Motorsports, they focus on the karting, drifting, rallying, and circuit racing fields. From individual driving simulations to e-sport championships and driver training to simulator components, they cover it all.

Digital Motorsports has a lot of simulator accessories for racers, as well as steering wheels, pedal sets, seats, and more. They build and design tracks, cars, and software solutions as part of their service to the simulator market. 

The technology they use in their driving simulator centre is state-of-the-art, which makes the driving experience very real and fun. The Virtual Race Academy’s simulator centre also works no matter the weather or noise level.

They use their real-world racing experience and adapt it to the virtual world so that their racing simulations and solutions are as real and interesting as possible. 

Becoming an affiliate is easy. After signing up, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link with a commission of up to 3% on sales you generate. By default, the minimum commission payment is €100, which is paid via EFT.

URL: Digital Motorsports Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 3%

Payment: When the threshold of €100 is met

Cookie Duration: Unknown

4. Karting Nation

Karting Nation Website Screenshot

If your audience has ever wanted to feel the rush of speed while racing around a track, Karting Nation is the place to go with over 74 locations across the country.

They take great pride in being the largest karting network in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and they have a team of karting enthusiasts that work tirelessly to ensure that their customers get the best karting experience possible.

Since 1998, they’ve been turning inexperienced drivers into seasoned pros with a range of event packages, including ones for stag, hen, birthday, and corporate events. Why go somewhere else when you can select between indoor and outdoor tracks and gas and electric go-karts at their locations?

This program is good for people who want to learn more about the great outdoors, sports, and new things. Their affiliate program gives you a lot of ways to link to their different brands. This lets you make money from your site while also giving your visitors interesting and useful content.

You can earn a percentage of the sales made from click-throughs simply by including links and banners on your website. Once you’ve signed up for their affiliate program, they’ll provide you with customized banners and links to direct customers to their websites, where they can then make bookings.

You will earn a commission for each successful booking, and you can monitor your clicks, sales, and earnings in real time with the use of your account.

One perk of being an affiliate is having access to 23 different brands’ link and banner options, as well as more than 300 different adverts to use within your online account.

As thousands of customers book every week, you have a great opportunity to earn a commission on bookings and gift vouchers, with payment made to your online account just 3 days after the booking date.

URL: Karting Nation Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: 3 days after the booking date

Cookie Duration: Unknown

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5. Maxpeedingrods

Maxpeedingrods Website Screenshot

Since its start in 2006, Maxpeedingrods has worked relentlessly to come up with new products and ways of doing things that make driving better for its customers.

In 2009, MaXpeedingrods added warehouses and branches in the United States, Thailand, and Hong Kong. This gave the company a presence in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

Maxpeedingrods is happy to announce that it has received the TÜV ISO9001-2015 Quality Certification for the Design and Manufacturing of Shock Absorbers, Connecting Rods, and Chassis Hardware for Automobiles. With over 30 distribution centres in strategic locations, they can guarantee prompt order delivery.

Some of their almost 2000 products are parts for go-karts, like the carburettor, steering wheel, gearbox, brake, clutch, etc., and everyone who is interested in performance can receive what they require at any given time thanks to them.

With an average order value of $180 and a 60-day cookie, their affiliate program pays out an 8% commission on all sales, and affiliates get paid via PayPal for the current month on the 10th of the following month.

URL: Maxpeedingrods Affiliate Program 

Commission: 8%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 60 days

6. RevZilla

Revzilla Website Screenshot

In 2007, a group of passionate motorcyclists started a company called RevZilla with the intention of providing the greatest possible buying experience to fellow enthusiasts.

They set numerous records, won numerous awards, and most importantly, kept hundreds of thousands of riders, both novice and experienced, safe over the decade.

They sell a wide range of racing gear, from protective gear to tires, and now that they’re a part of the Comoto Family of Brands, RevZilla’s commitment to riders, the industry, and the local community hasn’t changed.

When it comes to websites providing motorcycle gear and parts, RevZilla is well aware that offering a wide variety of products with a focus on the needs of riders is standard practice. 

They stand out from their competitors because they are open and honest with their customers and provide various product offerings.

This affiliate program gives up to a 7% commission on sales with cookies that last for a duration of 14 days.

URL: RevZilla Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 7%

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie Duration: 14 days

7. MotoSport

MotoSport Website Screenshot

Since it opened in 1999, MotoSport continues to lead the power sports industry in terms of customer satisfaction, product variety, quality, and expert knowledge. 

It is the undisputed leader in the motorcycle parts and accessories industry because they have the best prices and the best customer service. When your site visitors shop with them online, they will also have access to a huge selection of the best brands of parts and clothing.

With MotoSports’s low prices and wide range of products, customers can easily order anything from rare OEM parts to the most advanced motorcycle helmet on the market and have it sent to their homes within a few days.

MotoSport has teamed up with a number of suppliers to make sure that the products they sell to their customers are of good quality and priced competitively. 

On the MotoSport team, there are both professionals and everyday riders. Together, they try to give everyone the best products and customer service they can.

To give back to the community and foster growth in the sport, they proudly sponsor hundreds of amateur and pro riders around the United States and numerous organizations and racing series.

Joining the MotoSport.com affiliate program will help you expand your customer base, increase your revenue, and drive more traffic to your site. 

When you sign up as a MotoSport Affiliate, you’ll be working with one of the most well-known names in the power sports industry, giving you and your site instant credibility and a boost in traffic and revenue.

You stand to earn a commission of up to 5% on each sale when you recommend customers to MotoSport.

URL: MotoSport Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Unknown

8. Twisted Throttle

Twisted Throttle Website Screenshot

The mission of Twisted Throttle is to give customers in the United States and Canada the finest riding experience possible by providing the best products, the best purchase experience, and the best technical assistance in the power sports industry.

Customers at Twisted Throttle know they are getting only the best products from the best manufacturers. In addition to keeping vehicles running and making sure they have everything they need, they also offer protection and lighting.

Joining their program is free, and affiliates can make up to 9% commission and receive commission payments on a monthly basis with a minimum withdrawal of $50.

You can earn commissions on sales made within 30 days of the initial click with this program, making it ideal for content creators with a large audience in the United States and Canada who focus on the motorcycle industry.

People who don’t have web traffic but have a physical location that fits the niche can also join. Since each request is handled on its own, you should send them an email to talk about the details of your position.

URL: Twisted Throttle Affiliate Program 

Commission: 9%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Gokarts USA

GoKarts USA Website Screenshot

GoKartsUSA is a leading American manufacturer and distributor of powersport vehicles. Since 1961, many of their items have been manufactured in the United States.

With over 450 models and over 21,000 parts, customers can find everything from go-karts to minibikes to gears and parts.

What this means is that they will be there for customers if and when they require post-sales assistance, such as customer service, technical support, or replacement parts.

To ensure that only the best items make it into their product range, they put each one through rigorous performance and quality assurance testing.

Affiliates can earn commission rates of 2–4% in addition to freebies, discounts, and other perks for referring new customers, coupled with a 2% customer discount and an average ticket price of $2,500.

URL: Gokarts USA Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 4%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Earning Big As An Affiliate In The Go-Kart Niche

With more & more people taking up go-karting as a sport there’s never been a better time to get into the go-kart niche as an affiliate.

From go-karts themselves to clothing, components & even go-kart experience days there’s plenty for you to promote to your audience.

And as you can see from the list of go-karting affiliate programs, there are several programs willing to pay fantastic commission rates.

But of course, the key is being able to generate traffic. To make big money as a go-karting affiliate, you need to be able to drive lots of traffic through to your offers.

And more importantly, it needs to be targeted traffic.

The good news though is that our free step-by-step affiliate marketing training shows you exactly how to do it. So if you haven’t yet checked it out, we highly recommend you do so before you leave.

But either way, we hope that our list of go-karting affiliate programs has helped you out & saved you some time. If you do also happen to have any additional questions or comments then don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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