17 Best Boat And Yachts Affiliate Programs For Huge Commissions

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Yachts are glorious examples of the history, art, and romance of sailing. From yachting a luxury yacht in the very top waters to bareboat chartering a small sailboat in tropical regions, various yacht categories are available. 

Boat and yacht companies have realized this and have developed generous affiliate programs for affiliates who wish to promote their business or products online.

Whether you love boats and yachts and just want to share that with your audience of boat lovers, or you’re interested in finding the best boat and yachts affiliate programs to promote. You have come to the right place. 

There are a lot of boat and yacht affiliate programs out there, but which ones should you sign up with? This article will help you discover some of the best programs to aid with your search.

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17 Best Boat And Yachts Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in the following order:

  1. Boatbookings
  2. West Marine
  3. Classic Accessories 
  4. Wholesale Marine
  5. Yachtco
  6. Outdoorplay
  7. Seal Skin Covers
  8. Sea Eagle
  9. SailingEurope
  10. Marine Products
  11. Cabela’s
  12. Bass Pro Shops
  13. The House
  14. Cruise Direct
  15. Better Boat
  16. BoatUS
  17. BoatWorld

1. Boatbookings

Boatbookings Website Screenshot

Boatbookings offers corporate boats and yachts worldwide while providing world-class boats and yachts for vacations. For years, the company has increased its brand value and service excellence in the boats and yachts sector.

Boatbookings has yachts for every requirement and price. They offer bareboat and crewed yacht charters for any budgetโ€” their prices for both services and rental pricing range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. 

Their global network of Charter Brokers attends yacht exhibitions from the British Virgin Islands to Barcelona to find the best available boats and yachts, providing crewed yacht charter vacations, excursions, and experiences on Motor Yachts, Sailing Boats, Catamarans, and Gulets.

The Boatbookings team consists of talented and passionate travel and yachting specialists with unrivalled industry knowledge. With experiences ranging from yacht crew to digital start-up CEOs, they aim to provide excellent customer service to new and returning clients.

Boatbookings’s affiliate program provides convenient tracking, competitive commissions, long-lasting cookies, and additional commissions when return bookings are made.

You can earn by marketing your affiliate links, and when a site visitor clicks your link and charters a boat, you’ll receive a commission.

Their affiliate program starts with a 20% commission, which rises as you bring them more clients, and you can earn 10% on all returned bookings made in the future, i.e., 20% on new customers and 10% on returns.

Their affiliate acceptance is strict as only influencers with a large following are accepted; however, affiliates with established sites and a complementary consumer base are allowed to apply. 

Their starting net charter value to earn commission is 3,000 in the major currencies, and you must provide personal, website, social media, and promotional strategy information.

URL โ€“ Boatbookings Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 10% – 20%

Payment โ€“ Monthly

Cookie Duration โ€“ 30 days

2. West Marine

West Marine Website Screenshot

West Marine is the largest water sports retailer. They sell gear for fishing, boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, and other water sports, with more than 100,000 items in stock.

In 2011, West Marine opened the largest boating store in the US. This 50,000 sq. ft. store featured a vast assortment of footwear and casual and technical gear for boaters. Customers liked that they could buy everything they needed for a day on the lake in one place.

West Marine has more than 240 outlets in 38 states and Puerto Rico and an eCommerce website serving domestic, foreign, and professional consumers. West Marine’s success has been built on excellent customer service, selection, and quality. 

Their massive selection of products provides an avenue for affiliates to boost conversions. Affiliates can access their product data feed and creative content, which helps monitor progress and promote their items.

Their average order is $200, with Commission Junction hosting their affiliate program. The commission rate is based on the product category. 

URL โ€“ West Marine Affiliate Porgram 

Commission โ€“ 10%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 3 days

3. Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories Website Screenshot

Classic Accessories was founded in 1983 in Seattle, WA. Jacob Engelstein created seatbelt padding, driving wheel coverings, and fuzzy dice. Over three decades, the company has grown its product line and distribution. 

Classic Accessories offers a wide variety of products, creating high-quality outdoor covers, furnishings, and accessories. Outdoor furniture, cars, RVs, boats, UTVs, and other outdoor living items are covered. 

Their catalogue covers many categories and price points, and their brand’s quality, durability, and aesthetics have created a loyal customer base with an average order value of over $100. 

In the case where you want to diversify your affiliate program, this is an excellent option because you can recommend something different to your audience, in this context, high-quality boat coverings, furnishings, and accessories.

Classic Accessories Affiliate Program offers a 10% commission with a 60-day cookie. 

URL โ€“ Classic Accessories Affiliate Program

Commission โ€“10%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 60 days

4. Wholesale Marine

Wholesale Marine Website Screenshot

Wholesale Marine is a boater-built e-commerce store. Since 1979, they’ve offered boaters quality marine items at the lowest prices online, making their e-commerce store as user-friendly as possible.

Wholesale Marine sells high-quality, cheap boating items. Covers, parts, anchors, hooks, dock lines, fishing gear, engine components, accessories, extinguishers, and more are available.

Wholesale Marine offers over 150,000 SKUs providing practically everything a boater needs, except the boat. They also have fishing and water sports equipment for those who mix boating with pleasure.

Wholesale Marine’s affiliate program is based on Avantlink. All approved affiliate marketers receive banners, real-time analytics & insights, creatives, videos, guidelines, and swipes, along with a dedicated affiliate support team.

URL โ€“ Wholesale Marine Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 2-5%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 14 days

5. Yachtco

Yachtco Website Screenshot

Yachtco specializes in sailing vacations, boat sales, and management. They offer catamaran charters and mega yachts worldwide, with affordable booking, rental, and charter services while operating globally. 

They also have boats from Croatia, Italy, Greece, Spain, the Caribbean, France, Turkey, Maldives, Malta, Montenegro, the Philippines, Portugal, and Thailand. 

Sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, gulets, and yachts are available. Their yacht charters are bareboat, skippered, or crewed.

As a successful charter agency, they have connections with over 650 boat managers (fleet operators) and 13,000 yachts while connecting with more than 2200 yacht charter agencies. 

In 2014, Blackbird Group Ltd was started, which is the company that owns the website ‘Yachtco.’ Blackbird Group Ltd holds and manages brands like SkipperCity.com, where they provide sailing vacations. 

Blackbird Group has global partners, including boat owners, fleet operators, charter agencies, skippers, and hostesses. With 750 partners, they can offer 13,000 boats worldwide. 

To become an affiliate, you fill out a simple form, after which the company contacts you with rent and charter options after receiving your input. 

Yachtco’s affiliate program pays a 20% commission on each new customer. This affiliate program’s 1-year cookie duration is impressive, and affiliates are paid via bank transfer with commission tracking and reporting software made available.

URL โ€“ Yachtco Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 20%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 365 days

6. Outdoorplay

Outdoorplay Website Screenshot

Trujillo founded Outdoorplay in 1995. The firm began as a one-person kayak school in his garage, focused on customer service, teaching, and expertise. 

Outdoorplay in Hood River, Oregon, soon gained a dedicated customer base in the Northwest. Outdoorplay debuted online in 1998. 

They’ve become one of the country’s largest outdoor gear dealers with a dedicated crew. Their price-match guarantee ensures you receive the most fantastic bargain.

Outdoorplay has everything needed for outdoor fun while offering one of the best outdoor gear online. Tents and kayaks are included.

Their boat collection is impressive, from inflatable kayaks to rafts and boats. Customers can buy paddles, kayaks, boat trailers, lifejackets, rafting gear, and more.

They use AvantLink, like many other affiliate programs. Commission rates start low but rise with affiliate performance. With their dedicated customer base, they have a high conversion rate. 

While their commission rates start low, they have a high average order value compensating for it, and earning rates also increase with an increase in affiliate performance.

Top affiliates can earn up to 15% commission rates on each sale.

URL โ€“ Outdoorplay Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 8% 

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 120 days

7. Seal Skin Covers

Seal Skin Covers Website Screenshot

Seal Skin makes marine covers. Because they own the supply chain, they can ensure high-quality covers at reasonable pricing. 

Seal Skin Covers has sold auto and marine covers online since 2004, giving high-quality products and convenient shopping.

Their speciality is semi-custom covers which aim to provide a great fit at a great price. US orders ship free, and all product covers have a 10-year warranty. 

Seal Skin Covers makes ultra-tough, five-layer, weatherproof, waterproof covers for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Scooters, boats, biminis, and jet skis. 

They have a starting commission of 12%, which increases as you bring in more customers. They also offer free product samples and paid/sponsored content opportunities for auto/boating partners. 

Their custom covers are made from high-quality fabrics that offer long-lasting protectionโ€” durable, adequate, easy-to-install products which provide the best fit and value.

They have an average order value of $150 and a 5% conversion rate. Banners, text links, and exclusive offers are all sales aids made available in their program. 

URL โ€“  Seal Skin Covers Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ Up to 15%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 90 days

8. Sea Eagle

Seaeagle Website Screenshot

Sea Eagle is famous for making cheap alternatives to high-priced boats. They offer quality inflatable boats, SUPs, and kayaks at competitive prices; boats start at $299. They’ve been thriving since 1968.

Sea Eagle collaborated with AvantLink to make its affiliate programs easily accessible. They offer marketing tools and resources to boost conversions. The average order is $650, making commissions worthwhile.

Each year, they offer new models and enhance their advertising and promotional efforts to make Sea Eagle inflatable boats affordable. Their line-up now includes touring kayaks, SUPs, motor mount boats, and 25 HP transom boats. 

After years of introducing innovative and distinctive inflatable vessels, Sea Eagle has become synonymous with quality, affordability, reliability, and “one-on-one” customer service.

They fulfil orders within a day, and you can also use their promotions and unique material to market and earn commissions while also getting aid from them during this entire process as an affiliate.

All sales come with free shipping to the lower 48 states and a money return guarantee, with products having a three-year warranty.

URL โ€“  Sea Eagle Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 9%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 120 days

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9. SailingEurope

SailingEurope Website Screenshot

SailingEurope is a principal European Yacht Charter agency known for its professionalism, creativity, and quality. 12,000+ charter yachts in renowned sailing destinations like Croatia, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, and Cuba.

SailingEurope Group operates its fleet of catamarans and sailboats from Roga near Split and has an exceptional reputation for quality and professionalism.

Zagreb, a Croatia-based company, offers yacht charters and sailing vacations across Europe and promotes impressive holiday packages. Sailing Europe has offices in Munich, Germany, and Moscow, Russia. 

The founders spent time in Germany and the UK before bringing their business skills and Western standards to Croatia. 

Customers can rent yachts, motorboats, sailboats, gulets, and catamarans of various sizes and sail to the Caribbean, Atlantic, and other exotic areas.

You’ll have access to real-time statistics, banners, tracking tools, text links, ad creatives, a newsletter, and a dedicated affiliate program management team.

SailingEurope supports healthy living, sustainability, and a Mediterranean lifestyle. The minimum payout is 100 EUR.

URL โ€“  SailingEurope Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 50 EUR per sale

Payment โ€“ Monthly

Cookie Duration โ€“ Unknown

10. Marine Products

Marine Products Website Screenshot

Marine Products is one of the top US watersports and boat stores and a trusted company featured in some significant online magazines. 

Marine Products has won WSIA Dealer of the Year 4 times and Promotional Dealer of 2009. This distinction is awarded to dealers who excel in customer service, support the water sports business, encourage safe boating, and fund watersports events and clinics throughout the year.

Marine Products has boat components, marine hardware, life vests, etc. Their top-notch items make them among the top 5 US water sports dealers.

Marine Products offers everything boating-related, including high-quality boats, boating material, boat parts, surfing products, trailer components, and hundreds of other marine products.

With a $250 minimum order value, it may take time to generate good money, but their high-quality products fill that gap.

AvantLink manages the Marine Products affiliate program, which pays affiliates a 5% commission on orders.

Every year, they do business with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. They have one of the highest sales volumes in the industry.

You’ll have exclusive access to Marine Products’ tracking tools, marketing materials, etc. They also supply monthly creatives to boost click-through and conversion rates.

Marine Products is an excellent site for affiliates as it covers all boats’ elements, accessories, and usage. 

URL โ€“ Marine Products Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 5% 

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 30 days

11. Cabela’s

Cabela's Website Screenshot

Cabela’s features a great range of boats, supplies, and equipment. They’re the world’s largest mail-order and internet retailer; thus, their customer base is growing.

This boat affiliate program provides promotional material to run an effective affiliate marketing program. Cabela also offers free shipping for its products.

Impact Radius manages Cabela’s affiliate program, which pays up to 5% commission on sales. 

URL โ€“ Cabela’s Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 5% 

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 14 days

12. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Website Screenshot

Bass Pro Shops, a privately held company, merged with Cabela’s in a $4 billion deal in 2017.

Johnny Morris, a young angler, launched Bass Pro Shops in 1972 in 8 square feet of his father’s liquor store. As a famous naturalist to connects everyone with nature, he’s been called “the Walt Disney of the Outdoors.”

Bass Pro Shops, founded in 1972, sells national, local, and in-house-made products. They sell camping, hunting, fishing, and boating goods. Life jackets, marine electronics, towables, boat accessories, boats, trolling motors, etc., are also available.

This application provides product photos, descriptions, and reviews for your website. It allows you to showcase their product range and saves time writing material from scratch, as they provide you with pre-written affiliate content.

As an affiliate, you can use this to your advantage and increase click-through and conversion rates by including product descriptions, photos, and customer ratings from their websites.

URL โ€“ Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program 

Commission โ€“ 5% 

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 14 days

13. The House

The House Website Screenshot

The House is more of a water sports than a boating site, as they have an excellent selection of kayaks. They sell a wide range of water sports equipment. 

Their portfolio provides a large selection of water-based gear, wakeboards, boat paddles, men’s, women’s, and kid’s water sports gear, life vests, waterskis, kayaks, and towables.

The House has provided some of the greatest outdoor gear seen since 1982. 

At every stage, The House teaches, enriches, and invigorates its members to build a symbiotic interaction between cultures, sports, and lifestyles. Each product they sell has been researched, tested, and approved by the final user โ€” you!

Because of their members’ active lifestyles, The House in St. Paul, MN, stocks over 65,000 products and is one of the world’s leading outdoor gear merchants. 

Impact and AvantLink manage The Houses’ affiliate program, which pays 4 to 6% commission on approved sales. There’s free shipping on orders over $50 for most of their items.

The House has been in business for 39 years, offering riders the greatest gear. It is a terrific addition to any boating, water sports, or outdoor site for enthusiasts and amateurs.

URL โ€“ The House Affiliate Programs  

Commission โ€“ 4-6% 

Payment โ€“ Unknown 

Cookie Duration โ€“ 90 days

14. Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct Website Screenshot

Cruise Direct is a great cruise booking platform. The platform/website offers a variety of destinations and cruise lines.

CruiseDirect has made it easier to research, plan, and make bookings online by using live price and availability. 

They also deliver rich, inspiring content to help their clients make decisions while working with the best suppliers to ensure the lowest cruise prices.

Cruise Direct believes travel planning should be fun, not a chore. Live pricing and availability have made it easy to research, plan, and make bookings.

Their booking engine makes the whole process fast and seamless when booking a cabin.

They’ve won many awards, including North America’s top cruise travel agent in 2020 and the world’s top travel agent in the same years.

Affiliates receive 3% of all sales through CJ Affiliate while also getting banners, text ads, and search boxes for promotion.

URL โ€“ Cruise Direct Affiliate Program  

Commission โ€“ 3%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 45 days

15. Better Boat

Better Boat Website Screenshot

Better Boat is a firm that focuses on keeping your boat better. Better Boat offers high-quality boat care products and accessories. 

They make accessible all the gear needed to make boat maintenance easy with a 100% manufacturer money-back guarantee!

Cleaning boats is a must for anyone in the boats & yachts sector, and Better Boat enables (and simplifies) this for industry professionals. 

Better Boat’s products include boat detergents, cleaning tools, ropes and docking, teak and wood care, wax, and polish.

They’ve served more than 500,000 delighted customers, and you’ll earn consistent, sustainable commissions as an affiliate. 

The program offers generous commissions, advertising tools, assistance, and a 21-day cookie.

URL โ€“ Better Boat Affilate Program  

Commission โ€“ 12% 

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 21 days

16. BoatUS

BoatUS Website Screenshot

Richard Schwartz founded BoatUS in 1966 to represent recreational boaters. Their organization has over 500,000 dues-paying Members.

BoatUS insures billions of dollars worth of boats through GEICO, operates the largest on-water towing fleet โ€” TowBoatUS, represent boaters’ interests on Capitol Hill, provides financing for boat buyers, creates quality boat graphics and lettering, and publishes BoatUS Magazine.

BoatUS is THE BOAT OWNERS AUTO CLUBยฎ, giving members discounts through strategic relationships. They provide boating resources while offering maintenance, equipment, and safety advice. 

BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water offers online safety courses to make boating safe and water clean. They provide towing services, helpful boating information, off-water savings, and Capitol Hill representation.

Fill out a form and email it to their affiliate management team to join their program; that’s the only way to enter it right now.

Affiliates will be paid $10 to $30 per membership sale, and all other details will be revealed once approved. Affiliates will also get banners, links, and ad creatives.

Boat US’s legal and support services include towing, advocacy, mortgages, insurance, lettering, striping, and MMSI registration.

For their commission rates, $10 for basic membership, $20 for unlimited freshwater towing membership, $25 for unlimited saltwater or gold towing membership, and $5 added to any previous membership purchases for unlimited trailer assist services.

This affiliate program is perfect for all boating levels and needs. 

URL โ€“ BoatUS Affilate Program 

Commission โ€“ $10-$30 commission per membership sale

Payment โ€“ Monthly

Cookie Duration โ€“ Unknown

17. BoatWorld

Boatworld Website Screenshot

Boatworld is another all-encompassing boat-related site that deals with everything to do with boats, their bits, and their uses. 

BoatWorld sells boats, boating equipment/parts, and water sports products in the UK. Their affiliate program is intended for the UK audience.

Boatworld UK opened in 1969. Back then, Boatworld sold boating and water sports equipment by mail order. Since then, Boatworld has become a top online retailer for boating and water activities.

They stock inflatable boats, outboard engines, accessories, and larger sports boats. Their warehouses carry the latest water sports gear for family pleasure. They have an anchor, wetsuit, boat cover, and buoyancy aid for their customers.

They sell boats, boat accessories, boat coverings, fish finders, outboard motors, boat mirrors, kneeboards, helmets, pumps, gloves, wakeboard towers, ski vests, and anything you can name. ATV hand mittens, motorcycle saddlebags, side bags, and caravan covers are also available.

To join BoatWorld’s affiliate program, contact their support team. 5% commission on all sales, with a 30-day cookie life.

URL โ€“ BoatWorld Affiliate Program  

Commission โ€“ 5%

Payment โ€“ Unknown

Cookie Duration โ€“ 30 days

Earning Big With Boat And Yachts Affiliate Programs

When it comes to affiliate programs, boat and yacht ads can be an excellent way for you to make a living. The main reason is that boats and yachts are generally costly. If you have internet-based businesses related to the niche, then affiliate programs can help you to scale your profits. 

However, choosing the best boat and yachts affiliate programs to work with can be challenging. There are many factors that you need to consider before making your decision. 

Ideally, you want to look at factors such as payout percentage, commissions per sale, the product you will be promoting, and much more to determine which affiliate program is right for you. 

But hopefully, our list of the best boats & yachts affiliate programs above has helped you save some time.

Even with the best affiliate program, though, you still need traffic (people clicking on your links) to succeed.

Thankfully, the good news is that our free step-by-step affiliate marketing course walks you through the process of traffic generation & shows you how to begin getting clicks through to your affiliate links.

So if you haven’t yet done so, be sure to check it out before you leave.

And of course, if you happen to have any further questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave them below. We always love hearing from our readers.

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