9 Best Abseiling Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Huge Commissions)

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Abseiling is a hobby reserved for the bold & daring, but it’s also a great niche for affiliates interested in promoting abseiling-related products or experiences.

Finding abseiling affiliate programs with high commissions, however, is easier said than done.

The good news, though, is that we’ve done the hard work for you & done exactly that. We’ve searched the web to find the best abseiling affiliate programs available & listed them all below.

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Best Abseiling Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. SunnySports 
  2. tradeINN
  4. Moosejaw
  5. Black Diamond 
  6. MEC Mountain Equipment Company 
  7. Backcountry 
  9. REI CO-OP

1. SunnySports

SunnySports is an online retailer dealing in products and gear related to outdoor activities. The company offers a wide range of affordable products, making it very attractive for outdoor gear or apparel consumers. SunnySports has many retail stores across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Japan. 

The chain’s products include climbing gear, athletic shoes, clothing and equipment for kids and adults. SunnySports also offers several private-label brands, including Reebok, Wilson, Adidas, Puma, and many more. The company has always strived to provide its customers with excellent customer service, which is why it has maintained a very loyal consumer base throughout all these years.

Highlights of the SunnySports Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life)
  • Transparent third-party performance tracking and reporting 
  • Program managed via Impact Radius affiliate network 
  • Links and banners are available 
  • free shipping on orders over $25
  • 60-120 days return policy
  • Monthly payouts

URL: SunnySports Affiliate Program

Commission:  5%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Method: Monthly (Managed via Impact Radius)

2. tradeINN

tradeINN operates from Spain and delivers orders in 190 countries. This online brand was born due to a great passion for sports and its culture, which is reflected in the company’s DNA. The Trade Inn team comprises more than 500 employees representing 15 nationalities, who work with many partners from all over the world to offer excellent service to their customers. 

They have more than 20 million customers worldwide, which means they can involve them in this project by providing them with unique benefits and services that will make their lives easier through their platform. They offer a great selection of products that cover all sporting equipment, shoes and accessories needs. They offer a wide range of brands, such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, and New Balance. They aim to make Trade Inn the best place to buy quality sports products online at competitive prices. 

Highlights of the tradeINN Affiliate Program:

  • Join the affiliate program for free
  • Pay Per Sale commissions 
  • A popular brand with customers across the globe 
  • easy return policy: free return by PayPal
  • easy access to official banners, text links and a data feed

URL:  tradeINN Affiliate Program

Commission: Depends on product categories 

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed 

Payment Terms: monthly payouts via PayPal


LD Mountain Centre, founded in 1966, is dedicated to making your escape at the weekend more enjoyable. At LD, they have a vast selection of equipment for people to choose from, including snowboards, skis, and snowshoes. Their inventory is constantly changing as new and old products wear out. They also carry travel equipment for all seasons. 

They also have a wide range of clothing, including outerwear, pants and shirts. The store also sells various travel items, including luggage, backpacks, and camping gear. They have a staff to help people with equipment rentals, snowboard rentals, and travel gear rentals. 

Their staff is trained in various skills, including snowboarding, hiking, and filming equipment rentals. It is the perfect place to find everything film producers, broadcasting, and contractors need for their next film or TV project, whether they are shooting a movie on location or just taking an adventure trip with friends. 

Highlights of the LD MOUNTAIN CENTRE Affiliate Program

  • Up to 10% sales commission
  • detailed product feeds with an extensive data set
  • strong conversion rate and average order value
  • partnership with Visual soft Affiliates and utilize Patnerize technology
  • Transparent performance tracking and timely reporting via third-party software 
  • free delivery on orders of above £50.00
  • regular affiliate bounces and incentives
  • 10% student discount
  • free professional boot fitting services


Commission: Up to 10% 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

Payment Terms: Monthly Payouts via PayPal, Opayo, and Bank Transfer 

4. Moosejaw

Moosejaw is a leading retailer of outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories. They are passionate about providing the best products, customer service and shopping experience. Moosejaw is a company that has been around for over 30 years; offers a wide variety of outdoor gear and accessories. They provide products passed through many tests before being released to the public. 

Their outdoor gear knowledge team offers high-quality products at affordable prices! They have also partnered with other companies such as LL Bean, Eddie Bauer and North Face to offer customers even more options when it comes to outdoor gear.

After so many years of conference meetings with heads and world personages or magicians, the Moosejaw affiliate program came into being to help people to earn lots of money by making companies, teams and associations or websites. 

Highlights of the Moosejaw Affiliate Program

  • Up to 6% performance-based sales commission 
  • 15 days referral window (cookie tracking duration)
  • 20% off on the total price item
  • free join an affiliate program
  • a broad inventory of premium outdoor attire and gear
  • daily updated product feeds
  • In stores, sales have commission and promotions
  • provide free shipping on orders above $49
  • Managed via Impact Radius Affiliate Network 
  • Transparent third-party tracking and timely reporting 

URL:  Moosejaw Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 6% 

Cookie Duration: 15 Days

Payment Terms: Monthly Payouts 

5. Black Diamond

The passion for revolution deviates from the way that they follow mountain sports. Its legacy starts with the courtyard hammer and anvil and continues till today, striking milestones with innovative ideas and equipment. This transformation begins from the world’s first wire gate carabiner to the jet force airbag packs.

Black Diamond is an outdoor gear company that has been making climbing equipment since 1965. The Chouinard Equipment Company founded the company and took over in 1989 when it changed its name to Black Diamond. In 2001, Black Diamond moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where it is based today. Black Diamond’s products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. 

The company focuses on developing durable, high-quality equipment that encourages exploration and adventure while providing safety and protection from the elements. They have been at the forefront of innovation in climbing technology since their beginning and continue to produce innovative products for climbers today. The enthusiasm remains the same, and they continue to serve vague sports equipment they promote. 

Highlights of the Black Diamond Affiliate Program:

  • 7% sales commission for content creators and non-coupon sites 
  • 2% sales commission for coupon or deals sites 
  • Performance-based commission incentives 
  • 30 days of referral window
  • Transparent reporting, timely insights, and real-time performance tracking 
  • Third-party tracking software 
  • Monthly payouts via multiple payment options 
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Managed via AvantLink

URL: Black Diamond Affiliate Program

Commission: 7%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Terms:  Monthly PayPal, MasterCard and Bank transfer, American Express, VISA

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6. MEC Mountain Equipment Company 

MEC Mountain Equipment Company Ltd. Is devoted to supporting and promoting outdoor activities. They offer a range of products and services that cover the entire scope of adventure sports, from hiking to kayaking, camping to climbing. The Rocksolid guarantee promises to provide people with the best service possible. That’s why they offer a warranty on all of the equipment. 

The Rocksolid Guarantee and price protection eliminate unexpected expenses at the end of the season. people will receive discounts for snow grooming and servicing their bike/ski equipment. People can also get the same great products they have come to expect from Mountain Equipment Company at a discount if they are a business community member. Once people affiliate with this community from their website, they earn money or commission with every purchase made by the people they refer. 

Highlights of the MEC Affiliate Program

  • 6% sales commission 
  • 14 days referral window (cookie duration) 
  • Over $200 average order value 
  • Free shipping on $50+ orders 
  • All MEC items are guaranteed, and you can still return online purchases to any MEC local store in Canada 
  • High conversion rates 
  • 30-Day price match guarantee 
  • Transparent reporting, timely insights, and real-time performance tracking 
  • Managed via AvantLink Affiliate Network 

URL:  MEC Affiliate Program

Commission: 6% 

Cookie Duration: 14 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed via AvantLink) 

7. Backcountry

Backcountry began its journey in 1996 with two guys getting back into the mountains after a long hiatus. The roots were humble; the emphasis was high. They saw an opportunity to create a company focused on providing the best outdoor gear. They wanted to bring the outdoors inside and show people what it was like to be out there. 

They have been growing ever since…and now they are over 1,500 employees! Their customers are from all walks of life: campers to climbers, backpackers to skiers, hikers to hunters…and many others. They offer great products at affordable prices because they know that everyone has something they love about being outside – camping, climbing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, or hunting – so they want those things for everyone else too!

Highlights of the Backcountry Affiliate Program

  • 8% sales commission 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • 15% off on the first order for new customers 
  • Banners, texts, and links are available with easy access to the data feed 
  • dedicated team to answer any queries
  • Monthly newsletters and timely updates about product promotions 
  • Managed by Impact Radius and AvantLink Affiliate Networks 
  • Real-time performance tracking, transparent insights, and timely reporting 
  • Monthly payouts 
  • Complete and regularly updated SKU (new and existing) data feed 

URL (Impact Radius): Backcountry Affiliate Program 

URL (Avant Link): Backcountry Affiliate Program

Commission: 8%

Cookie duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts (Managed via Impact Radius and AvantLink Affiliate Networks) 


Bergfreunde is an international company with 320 employees committed to providing the best shopping experience. Bergfreunde has a network of 17 branches worldwide. The company’s website offers customers access to over 1,000 different brands and over 5,000 products. They offer customized customer service and tailor-made advice on all aspects of hiking, climbing and backpacking. Their goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience. 

Bergfreunde offers free shipping on orders over €50. They offer a wide range of products from renowned brands like Petzl, Salewa, Black Diamond and MSR. Our team is committed to providing the best possible shopping experience. Their motto is, “we are here to help whenever you need us”.

Highlights of the BERGFREUNDE Affiliate program:

  • 7% sales commission 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie duration)
  • monthly payouts with just €25 minimum threshold  
  • 100-Day return policy
  • more than 140,000 items are in stock
  • free delivery of orders above €50
  • periodic partner newsletter
  • easy application process
  • wide market area to choose 

URL:  BERGFREUNDE Affiliate Program

Commission: 7%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term:  Monthly Via PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard (€25 Minimum Threshold)


REI CO-OP is the world’s largest outdoor store and wants to help people find the right gear for their next adventure. Their online store carries everything from hiking boots to tents to sleeping bags. They also have a large selection of camping gear, fishing equipment and much more. 

They offer a wide range of brands from top manufacturers like Patagonia and Marmot, specializing in outdoor recreation. All these brands offer high-quality products that will last for years without breaking down or losing value. They also carry a variety of other brands such as Columbia Sportswear, North Face, Smart wool and others who offer similar quality products at competitive pricing levels. They believe that being an outdoor enthusiast is not just about getting out on the trail or in nature but also about enjoying all aspects of life as an active participant in society. 

Highlights of the REI CO-OP Affiliate Program

  • 5% sales commission 
  • 15 days referral window (cookie tracking duration) 
  • Over $120 average order value 
  • High conversion rates with free shipping on orders over $50 
  • All 144 REI CO-OP stores accept returns of online purchases 
  • Regular promotions and discounts 
  • Real-time performance tracking, timely insights, and transparent reporting 
  • Credible affiliate partner – AvantLink Affiliate Network 

URL: REI CO-OP Affiliate Program

Commission: 5% 

Cookie Duration: 15 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts (Managed via AvantLink)

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