14 Best Stock Video Affiliate Programs in 2023 (High Commissions)

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If you’re looking for the very best stock video affiliate programs you’re at the right place!

If you’re looking for the best stock photo affiliate programs, on the other hand, tap here.

Here are the 14 video affiliate programs that offer the highest commission rates and offer a quality experience to your audience, so if you’re looking to add an income stream promoting video affiliate programs, you’re bound to find at least one here that you can run with.

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14 Best Stock Video Affiliate Programs

  1. MotionElements 
  2. Videvo 
  3. Pond5
  4. iStock (Getty Images) 
  5. Depositphotos 
  6. Videezy (Vecteezy) 
  7. Shutterstock
  8. Dreamstime
  9. Alamy
  10. Adobe
  11. Evanto Elements
  12. Canva
  13. ArtStation
  14. YayImages

1. MotionElements 

MotionElements is an online marketplace that hosts stock videos, after-effects, 3D models, music, and Apple Motion templates. It is Asia’s most popular microstock marketplace currently attracting thousands of video artists from all over the world. 

MotionElements licensing frees video creators from the complexities of commercial use of digital assets. As we write, this platform hosts more than 7 million stock videos, music, and templates. 

The MotionElements Unlimited Plan frees you from a separate licensing fee. The subscribers can opt for monthly as well as discounted annual payment plans. 

MotionElements Unlimited Plan: $16.5/month ($198 billed annually) 

  • Unlimited downloads 
  • Over 3 million stock elements for designers and video editors 
  • HD footage and animation 
  • Royalty-free license 
  • Premiere Pro, After Effects, SFX, Music, Apple Motion templates, and DaVinci Resolve 

Highlights of MotionElements Affiliate Program

  • 30% commission 
  • 365 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Copy-Paste-Ready HTML code for your website 
  • More than 7 million stock items 
  • Monthly payouts via Skrill (Moneybookers), PayPal, and Payoneer – $20 minimum threshold 
  • Customisable image banners, text links, Twitter player cards, embedded media players, and Favourites Box
  • Affiliate dashboard for real-time performance tracking 

URL: MotionElements Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% 

Cookie Duration: 365 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill aka Moneybookers – $20 minimum threshold 

2. Videvo

Videvo is on a mission to make stock videos more affordable for designers and video editors. The platform began its journey as a free stock video service. With time, the Videvo team added music tracks and sound effects to the catalogue. 

Currently, Videvo offers more than 500,000 premium stock items. However, this premium content comes from a selective and trusted group of content providers. The minimum resolution for Videvo stock videos is 1080p. You can find over 200,000 premium HD and 4K stock videos on this platform. 

Videvo Plus and Pro plans are available for annual and monthly subscriptions.

Videvo Plus: $12/month (billed annually) | $14.99/month (billed monthly) 

Videvo Pro: $20/month (billed annually) | $24.99/month (billed monthly) 

The Videvo Lite Plan is only available with monthly billing at $7.99 per month. 

Highlights of Videvo Affiliate Program 

  • 100% commission on the first payment of the monthly plan 
  • 20% commission of the upfront yearly payment of the annual plan 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie tracking duration) 
  • Hosted on trusted affiliate network – Impact Radius 
  • Monthly payouts 

URL: Videvo Affiliate Program

Commission: 100% (first monthly payment) | 20% (first annual payment) 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout (Managed by Impact Radius) 

3. Pond5

Pond5 is the go-to platform for storytellers and YouTubers. It lets you access stock videos to create compelling visuals for your stories. At the moment, Pond5 hosts more than 25 million stock videos in addition to patented visual search tools and editing software. 

The Pond5 Footage Plus Subscription is available with monthly and annual billing options. 

Pond5 Footage Plus (Monthly Subscription): $1999/month ($19.9/item)

Pond5 Footage Plus (Annual Subscription): $999/year ($8.32/item) 

  • 10 Downloads per month 
  • 4.2 million 4K and HD videos 
  • 1.7 million sound effects 
  • 1.5million music tracks 
  • 12 million 3D models, images, and AE templates 

Highlights of Pond5 Affiliate Program 

  • 20% commission 
  • 5% recurring commissions (for one year) 
  • 20% discount to new referrals (on their first order) 
  • Pond5 affiliate dashboard for real-time performance tracking 
  • $25 minimum withdrawal threshold 
  • Monthly payouts on the 15th of each month 

URL: Pond5 Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% (first time purchase) | 5% recurring for the first year 

Cookie Duration: Not Specified 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout – 15th of each month 

4. iStock (Getty Images) 

iStock does not need an introduction. The platform has been the industry leader for a couple of decades as the most trusted name hosting millions of licensed illustrations, vectors, videos, and stock photos. 

Creative designers, illustrators, and photographers prefer licensing their content through Getty. The platform enables them to generate significant income while sticking to their passion. 

iStock is the go-to platform for agencies, businesses, freelancers, designers, social media influencers, and digital marketers. If your blog, website, YouTube Channel, or social media page touches digital marketing, eCommerce, freelancing, vector art, or graphic designing, you must consider becoming an iStock Affiliate. 

Highlights of iStock Affiliate Program

  • Customisable API with illustrations, videos, and images 
  • Ready-to-use content, banners, and imagery 
  • 20% commission on the first-time purchase 
  • 10% commission on subsequent purchases by your referrals 
  • Regular discount codes and promotions 

URL: iStock / Getty Images Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% (first purchase) and 10% recurring 

Cookie Duration: Not specified 

Payment Term: Monthly 

5. Depositphotos 

Dmitry Sergeev launched Depositphotos in 2009 and it has now grown into a globally acknowledged microstock agency. 

Depositphotos hosts high-quality licensed vectors, graphics, stock photos and videos you can purchase for different online business and commercial activities. 

The platform hosts licensed digital visual assets created by expert designers and photographers from all over the world. 

Though the brand name might seem like the platform only offers stock photos, the reality is that Depositphotos hosts over 11 million high-quality stock videos in HD and 4K quality. 

Depositphotos subscription plans (monthly and yearly) are based on video downloads per month. You can opt for 5 up to 25 videos a month. 

  • 5 Videos a month: $17.8/video = $89
  • 10 videos a month: $14.9/video = $149
  • 25 videos a month: $9.56/video = $239 

You can also buy Depositphotos On-Demand based on the video quality. The prices rise with the rise in video quality from 240p to 1080p and 4K. 

Depositphotos is currently hosting over 234 million files for a client base in more than 192 countries. Their affiliate program has considerable potential if you run a website, YouTube Channel, blog, or social media page dealing with web design, web development, eCommerce, digital marketing, and graphics design. 

Highlights of Depositphotos Affiliate Program 

  • 40% commission on all first-time purchases 
  • 15% recurring commission on each subsequent purchase from your referrals
  • 180 days referral window (cookie life
  • Monthly payouts 
  • 18 months average customer lifetime 
  • Bonuses for top-performing affiliates 
  • Ready-to-use text links, banners, videos, and API widgets 
  • Real-time tracking via Tune Partner – a trusted platform 
  • Regular promo codes 

URL: Depositphotos Affiliate Program

Commission: 40% (each first purchase) plus 15% recurring 

Cookie Duration: 180 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout 

6. Videezy (Vecteezy) 

In 2007, Digital Designer Shawn Rubel established Vecteezy while he worked for an online retailer. He knew the challenges faced by designers and came up with the idea of offering them effective resources via an online outlet. 

Vecteezy offers licensed vector illustrations and stock photos through competitive and convenient subscription plans. 

Videezy is the stock video section hosted by Vecteezy. 

  • Yearly Unlimited Subscription: $4.5/month (billed annually)
  • Monthly Unlimited Subscription: $7/month (billed monthly) 

Highly affordable pricing makes Vecteezy a go-to stock photo platform for designing enthusiasts, web developers, and digital marketers. High conversion through competitive pricing becomes fairly attractive for affiliates. 

Highlights of Vecteezy Affiliate Program 

  • No minimum sales threshold 
  • 30% commission on each subscription 
  • Commission applies to both subscription types, yearly and monthly 
  • 45 days referral window (cookie tracking duration)
  • Monthly payouts 
  • Real-time performance tracking 
  • Trusted affiliate network – Impact Radius 

URL: Vecteezy Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% 

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payout 

7. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock is the global leader dealing in licensed stock photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, and music. The website has nearly 2 million customers from more than 150 countries. 

Shutterstock is the happy hunting ground for millions of creative professionals searching for high-quality stock images, music tracks, video clips, and innovative tools. 

Currently, Shutterstock hosts more than 1 billion items from over 1 million worldwide contributors. The Shutterstock image library alone has over 300 million images with over 200,000 new images coming each day. 

These convincing numbers are what all affiliate marketers dream about. Are your followers and readers come from freelancing, digital design, digital marketing, eCommerce, or visual art niche? If yes, Shutterstock Affiliate Program can help you generate daily commissions online

Highlights of Shutterstock Affiliate Program 

  • 20% commission on new customers’ purchase 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie tracking duration) 
  • API integration for optimal control and flexibility 
  • Complete range of promotional tools 
  • Customisable affiliate widgets and banners (ready-to-use in different languages) 
  • Exclusive promotions and coupon codes for affiliates 
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support Team 
  • Monthly payouts via e-Transfer and PayPal 
  • Reliable affiliate network – Impact Radius 

URL: Shutterstock Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (via PayPal / e-Transfer) 

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8. Dreamstime 

Dreamstime began its journey in 2000 – the same year of iStock’s birth. Like its cousin, Dreamstime also supplies licensed stock images and videos and operates as a community-based platform with contributors from all over the world. 

Dreamstime’s team of experts reviews all the content before approval. The platform brings in thousands of new stock photos each day. The number as of October 2022 are:

  • 45 million registered members 
  • 0.9 million contributors 
  • 195 million photos, videos, vectors, clipart, and illustrations 
  • 20 million per month unique visitors 

Once more, there is hardly a need for convincing words after looking at these numbers. Dreamstime Affiliate Program is yet another potentially profitable stream of passive income for you. 

Dreamstime has different pricing for its premium stock videos. It varies with video resolution, i.e., Web, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. The pricing plan for Dreamstime 4K stock videos is as follows:

  • $55 for One 4K video per month 
  • $265 for Five 4K videos per month
  • $500 for 10 4K videos per month 
  • $1189.99 for 25 4K videos per month 

Highlights of Dreamstime Affiliate Program 

  • 10% commission on each sale (for each referral up to 3 years) 
  • Commission is paid on revenue generated from both, buyers and contributors referred by you 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Withdraw your earnings whenever you want ($100 minimum withdrawal threshold) 
  • Real-time performance tracking 
  • Referral codes, banners, links, WordPress plugin, and badges are available 

URL: Dreamstime Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Withdrawal upon request ($100 minimum withdrawal threshold) 

9. Alamy 

Alamy is a popular stock image and video seller currently adding more than 100,000 new images each day. Agencies and photographers from 173 countries are currently selling their photos on this platform. 

Alamy started its journey in 2007 and is also known for its culture of donating funds for educational and medical research. The brand also actively participates in charitable work in developing regions. 

You can also generate some affiliate income by promoting Alamy. All you need is a website, YouTube Channel, blog, or social media page with a considerable audience. 

Highlights of Alamy Affiliate Program 

  • 10% recurring commission (first-time and subsequent purchases) 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Withdraw your affiliate earnings in your preferred currency 
  • Managed by Impact Radius – a reliable affiliate network 
  • Ready-to-use videos, banners, affiliate links, and promotional content 
  • Regular promotion updates 

URL: Alamy Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: 45 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts in your preferred currency (Managed by Impact Radius) 

10. Adobe 

Adobe is the second name for digital creative and visual art. All great things have the core element of creativity and this philosophy has driven global digital transformation led by Adobe. 

Millions across the globe depend on Adobe’s creative software including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and more. 

In addition to its impressive software catalogue, Adobe also offers premium stock videos and images to help creative minds work on their design projects. From freelancers to leading marketing experts, everyone relies on Adobe to get things done in the right way. 

Highlights of Adobe Affiliate Program 

  • 30 days referral window 
  • Ready-to-use promotional text links and banners for Adobe Express, Stock, Document Clod, and Creative Cloud 
  • Regular affiliate promotions 
  • Performance-based incentives 
  • New product feed and timely updates 
  • Real-time performance tracking and daily reporting 

Commission Structure for Document Cloud and Creative Cloud 

  • 85% commission (first month) on each monthly subscription 
  • 85% (first monthly payment) on each yearly subscription 
  • 8.33% (one-time first-year payment) on each yearly subscription 

Commission Structure for Adobe Stock 

  • $72 for each monthly subscription 
  • $72 for each yearly subscription billed monthly (commission paid for the first month)
  • 8.33% for each yearly subscription billed annually (first year)
  • 85% (first month) for 3x standard assets per month billed monthly 

URL: Adobe Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 85% | Up to $72 flat 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Not disclosed (Program managed by Partnerize) 

11. Evanto Elements 

Evanto Elements is a go-to platform for creative designers looking for unlimited downloads against one-time free. The platform offers a commercial license to its subscribers which applies to all items. 

Evanto hosts three globally acknowledged platforms namely Evanto Elements, Evanto PaceIt, and Evanto Market. It is one of the largest hosts of creative digital tools, talent, and assets. 

Evanto is a paradise for web designers always in search of exceptional templates, designs, and plugins. In addition to buying and selling creative web design solutions on Evanto, you can also hire freelance designers and learn new design skills. 

Evanto Elements Affiliate Program is a nice opportunity for affiliates linked to web development, design, freelancing, eCommerce, or digital marketing. The credible Impact Radius hosts the program with effective affiliate tools. 

Highlights of Evanto Affiliate Program

  • Up to $120 flat commission for each annual subscription 
  • Up to $60 flat commission for each monthly subscription 
  • Ideal for developers, designers, graphics students, and video creators 
  • 60 days referral window (cookie tracking duration) 
  • Impact Radius – reliable affiliate network 
  • Promotional tools and creatives available 
  • Real-time performance tracking 

URL: Evanto Elements Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $120 

Cookie Duration: 60 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly (Managed by Impact Radius) 

12. Canva 

Canva is a 2013 startup primarily as a publishing and design tool. The user-friendly interface made it a popular online editing platform. Today, Canva is a globally acclaimed host of stock photos, videos, elements, and audio files. 

With Canva, you do not have to pay for each licensed photo, video, or audio. It has subscription plans for exclusive access to premium content available in different libraries. 

As we write, Canva has more than 75 million premium photos, audio files, illustrations, and videos. Canva Pro membership is available at $54.99/year. 

Highlights of Canva Affiliate Program 

  • A globally acknowledged stock photo platform 
  • Up to $36 flat commission on each sale of a Canva Pro Subscription 
  • 30 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Promotional banners and ad templates available 
  • Convenient withdrawals via e-Transfer and PayPal 
  • Live chat support for affiliates 
  • How-to guide available 
  • Trusted affiliate network – Impact Radius 

URL: Canva Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $36 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Withdrawal upon request via e-Transfer and PayPal (Managed by Impact Radius)

13. ArtStation 

ArtStation offers powerful, effective, and simple solutions for anyone looking to optimise his or her portfolio. It offers high-resolution stock videos, photos, 306 Panos, clips, and Sktchfab and Marmoset 3D scenes. 

You can share your content and projects on ArtStation blogs. In addition, the analytics interface enables you to track the visitors to your portfolio. The best part is that you can sell your digital creations and prints on ArtStation and your own website simultaneously. 

ArtStation also promotes your content through its marketplace and notifies your followers every time you offer a new product. 

Highlights of ArtStation Affiliate Program 

  • 3% base commission on each sale 
  • 30 days referral window 
  • No application – no wait for approval
  • Real-time performance tracking and regular reporting 
  • More than 50 thousand products to promote 
  • Direct partnership with seller is allowed 

More Passive Income Opportunities on ArtStation 

ArtStation allows you to contact sellers directly. You can talk to them if you would like to promote their products. In this case, you can negotiate the commission percentage directly with the seller. This could be between 20% and 80% on each sale. 

If you are a creator and want to sell on ArtStation, you can do it while being an affiliate. This way will get your revenue as a contributor separately. On top of that, you can promote your own product and earn an affiliate commission. The combined earnings in this case are up to 95% of the sales. 

URL: ArtStation Affiliate Program

Commission: 3% 

Cookie Duration: 30 Days 

Payment Term: Not Specified 

14. YayImages 

A group of enthusiasts and passionate designers came up with the idea of simplifying the use of stock videos and images. They founded YayImages and later, Doublesix LLC acquired the startup in 2019. 

The platform has more than 12,500 contributors including artists and designers. YayImages now has over 11.5 million stock photos and vector illustrations.

They offer a couple of subscription plans: 

  1. Unlimited Plan at $8 per Month 
  • More than 200,000 HD videos 
  • Over 11.5 million items 
  • Over 10 million stock photos 
  • More than 2,50,000 vector illustrations 
  • Extended license 
  1. Lifetime Membership for $199
  • 10 daily downloads 
  • Entire collection of HD videos
  • Entire collection of stock photos 
  • Entire collection of vector illustrations 
  • No restrictions on future collections and updates  

Highlights of YayImages Affiliate Program 

  • 30% recurring commission 
  • 90 days referral window (cookie life) 
  • Managed by LinkMink 
  • Payouts via PayPal 
  • Promotional material available 
  • Real-time performance tracking 

URL: YayImages Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% 

Cookie Duration: 90 Days 

Payment Term: Monthly via PayPal (Managed by LinkMink)

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