10 Best Shapewear Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers & Influencers

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Women want to feel feminine and confident while they wear the perfect outfits and look great in all of their photos. But given that many women lead extremely busy lifestyles, they often forget about diet and exercise or simply don’t have the time to keep on top of it.

As a result, a lot of women are turning to shapewear as an important part of their outfits to fix this problem. However, finding good quality shapewear can be tough, especially if you’re searching for something modern or trendy since there are so many options out there today. 

This means that as an affiliate, there’s an opportunity for you to earn money by connecting people with the shapewear they’re looking for & to help you get started, we’ve listed the 10 best shapewear affiliate programs below.

So let’s dive right in & get to them.

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10 Best Shapewear Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. Shapellx
  2. Shapersfit
  3. MeMoi
  4. ContourMD
  5. DM Shapewear
  6. Triumph
  7. Sculptshe
  8. Wacoal America
  9. Leonisa
  10. HauteFlair

1. Shapellx

Shapellx Website Screenshot

Shapellx is well-known for its unwavering support of body positivity and its ability to create shapewear that looks great on women of all shapes and sizes.

Since it started out as a small store in California, US, in October 2019, the company has grown to become a world leader in the shapewear industry.

In the United States, Shapellx is one of the most popular brands in direct-to-consumer shapewear. They believe that women should have full control over their bodies, their sense of self-worth, and their clothing choices, which they show in their carefully put-together collections.

Shapellx’s line of shapewear and bodysuits is made to fit a wide range of sizes while still giving every woman a smooth, form-fitting silhouette that makes her feel good in her own skin.

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on sales with a 30-day cookie monitoring period and an average sale value of $80.

URL: Shapellx Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Shapersfit

Shapersfit Website Screenshot

Tatiana Zuluaga, a young mother who likes fitness and looks, started Shapersfit.com so that women and men could have access to resources that would help them live happier, healthier lives that are focused on fitness.

Shoppers looking for post-surgery compression clothing, women’s shapewear, waist trainers, men’s compression wear, and more will find it all and more at Shapersfit.com.

Shapersfit.com is based in Miami, Florida, and its goal is to give customers access to the best possible selection of items that have all been made to the highest quality standards.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you can do so through the FlexOffers.com Affiliate Network. You will receive 15% of any sales made by customers you refer to them through your website, plus they will also provide you with extra, exclusive commission offers in exchange for even more exposure for their brand.

They offer promotional codes that can be redeemed by customers for discounts or freebies, as well as creative content that may be included on your website. 

In addition, they provide you with widgets for individual products that you can place anywhere on your site and have visitors click through to the shopping cart, which will help with increasing your conversion rate.

Payments to publishers are made every month by FlexOffers, with NET 60 terms. The Advance Payment service lets you get paid early for a fee.

Payments will be made earlier than the standard NET 60 terms if you are a qualifying publisher and have been approved for Advance Payments through FlexOffers.

There is a $1,000 minimum balance for wire transfer payments and a $25 minimum balance for checks, local bank transfers, PayPal, and eChecks before commissions can be issued to publishers.

URL: Shapersfit Affiliate Program 

Commission: 15%

Payment: NET 60

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. MeMoi

MeMoi Website Screenshot

That MeMoi is a family-run company is something they take great pride in. Their founder got his start as a technician, and for over 60 years they have been making apparel for women.

MeMoi has everyone covered when it comes to looking great in one’s body. They have established themselves as a go-to for a wide variety of apparel, from socks and activewear to shapewear and even loungewear.

Their average sale value is $60, and during the holidays, it becomes much higher. Because of this healthy profit margin, MeMoi is able to provide a 10% commission to affiliates.

Any affiliate who needs special marketing materials to help promote their products will get them for free from the company.

URL: MeMoi Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: Unknown

4. ContourMD

ContourMD Website Screenshot

ContourMD is pleased to provide high-quality compression garments with insightful features that help users get the best possible outcomes in the least amount of time while reducing potential side effects and risks.

They aim to make everyone, regardless of body type, feel and look their best by providing compression and recovery garments, as well as figure-enhancing products.

Since 1983, this BBB-accredited firm has been serving as the go-to provider for compression and recovery wear in the United States. 

At their headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, they use traditional sewing techniques to make their compression wear, shapewear, and surgical recovery garments.

If you’re interested in promoting ContourMD’s products and growing your monthly revenue through passive means, their affiliate program is a great way to do it.

When you sign up for the ContourMD Affiliate Program, you’ll get a unique discount code, an affiliate link, and other marketing tools to help you promote their products and earn commissions.

If the customers you refer buy their recovery products, compression garments, and shapewear within 60 days, you’ll get a commission. You should expect to hear back from them in 2 business days after submitting their form.

To get more details about their program, you may get in touch with their sales team.

URL: ContourMD Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 60 days

5. DM Shapewear

DMShapewear Website Screenshot

Dominican Mulatto is a lot more than a shapewear label from Colombia. It’s a go-to place to buy premium apparel, body wear, and jeans from some of the world’s most innovative designers.

The goal of Dominican Mulatto is to give women more power by making them feel beautiful. It hopes to inspire women all across the world to be role models of confidence and beauty.

Whether you want to show off your curves in a pair of jeans or a form-fitting dress, DM Shapewear has a wide range of options for any body type.

People who wear seamless body shapewear say that it makes their daily lives easier and more satisfying in areas like posture, clothing comfort, enhancing curves, flattening the stomach, and making the bust look better.

Their internal fabrics include high-quality lycra spandex, making them stretchy, soft, and comfy. Because it moves so smoothly over the skin, it also makes it easier for shapewear to fit.

Commissions for shapewear are $15; jeans are $25; and waist trainers are $10, all with a 30-day cookie duration.

URL: DM Shapewear Affiliate Program 

Commission: $15 per order

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

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6. Triumph

Triumph Website Screenshot

Triumph has become a global powerhouse in the lingerie and underwear industry, with a presence in more than 120 countries and close to 50 sales organizations.

Since Triumph was founded for women, they have a deep understanding of what it means to create beautiful, perfected apparel for women of all body types.

The company designs, manufactures and distributes apparel, shapewear, loungewear, and swimwear under the Triumph and sloggi labels to retailers, online marketplaces, and wholesalers.

Since its founding in 1886, Triumph has combined superior quality with an unparalleled fit and the most modern style.

The affiliate program is managed by Commission Factory, a top affiliate network in Australia, and gives a 10% commission on sales with an average order value of $110 AUD.

URL: Triumph Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Sculptshe

Sculptshe Website Screenshot

Sculptshe is a company that makes shapewear, bodysuits, waist trainers, and compression garments for women who have had surgery or given birth. 

It is dedicated to providing women with shapewear of the highest quality to bring out the best in each woman’s inherent sensuality and poise.

They have the most advanced technology and the best infrastructure, which makes them the best choice for making high-quality fabrics. Their clothing is innovative in terms of style, manufacturing, and fabric.

They work hard to make the best clothes possible and help customers find the perfect solution to meet their individual needs and goals.

They are currently looking for websites with high-quality content to become partners with. In exchange for promoting their site and products, partners can earn commissions and bonuses.

Through the Shareasale affiliate platform, they pay a 12% commission to affiliates who use their banners, logos, and text links to promote their products and services.

They have a generous 30-day cookie tracking period and an average order value of $80.

URL: Sculptshe Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 12%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Wacoal America

Wacoal America Website Screenshot

Wacoal is dedicated to making bras for modern women that are comfortable, flattering, and functional.

This is why the b.tempt’d line of lingerie is always stylish and attractive without sacrificing quality or comfort, and why they have bras in sizes ranging from A to I cups.

This means they provide bras that use innovative techniques and are designed for actual women. All of their underwear is made from high-quality materials, fits well, and has modern, attractive patterns.

They also stock and sell a variety of undergarments, including shapers, pants, and lingerie. All textiles are guaranteed to be of the highest quality because they are sourced, inspected, and tested thoroughly.

In addition, they offer a staff of fit experts who have assisted numerous ladies in discovering the perfect combination of flattering fit and fashionable flair.

Since more than 30 years ago, Wacoal has been the brand of choice for women who want apparel that looks good, lasts a long time, and is comfortable to wear. 

Outside of the design studio, they are also involved in the community. They help raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. 

Each time a customer receives a free bra fitting and goes on to buy a bra from Wacoal or b.tempt’d, the company gives $5 to Susan G. Komen.

Both Wacoal America and b.tempt’d have products included in this affiliate program, and they provide a 30-day cookie duration and a commission rate of up to 10% on each sale.

To join ShareASale and the Wacoal Affiliate program, simply fill out the application form on their site.

As soon as your request is reviewed, they will provide you with the Wacoal America and b.tempt’d logos, banners, and links.

URL: Wacoal America Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Leonisa

Leonisa Website Screenshot

Leonisa is a clothing brand based in Colombia that produces and sells lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, underwear, and activewear for both men and women.

Since its start in 1956, Leonisa has been focused on making cutting-edge, high-end designs that show off and celebrate a woman’s inner beauty.

This Colombian company has been around for more than 60 years and caters to women’s undergarments.

Shapewear for postpartum and postsurgery recovery, push-up bras, and athletic underwear are just a few of the more specialized collections of women’s underwear that are available.

By becoming an affiliate, you can earn commissions starting at 8% while also becoming a part of the best-selling brand in 9 countries.

Commission Junction will keep tabs on your clicks and earnings, and after you sign up for their affiliate program, banner ads, text links, and a data feed with Leonisa’s products are at your disposal.

URL: Leonisa Affiliate Program 

Commission: 8%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. HauteFlair

Hauteflair Website Screenshot

HauteFlair is an online store that sells high-end lingerie and underwear for women. It is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and chooses its products from a wide range of new and established designer lingerie labels.

From full-body shapewear to delicate lace bodysuits, HauteFlair has everything customers may need. Lingerie such as bras, swimwear, and shapewear can be found on their website.

They have more than fifty highly skilled and experienced workers in the United States and are quickly becoming a market leader in the luxury lingerie industry.

Unlike many similar businesses, they don’t have a physical storefront but instead only sell their wares online. Customers can shop from the comfort of their own homes, knowing they have access to all of their products and the best ones.

Their goal is to provide their consumers with a wide variety of high-quality underwear; therefore, they have collections from over fifteen different luxury lingerie designers, thereby boosting the beauty and self-esteem of every lady who shops at their store. 

The HauteFlair Affiliate Program offers a 10% flat rate commission on all sales (with the chance to earn up to 25% depending on how well the affiliate does) and a 90-day cookie to track the success of each referral.

URL: HauteFlair Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Monthly

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Earning Big With Shapewear Affiliate Programs

The interest in shapewear has grown rapidly over the past years as more & more women have started striving to look better in public & seek more “likes” on social media.

And whilst there may be varying opinions as to whether it’s right or wrong, one thing is for sure & that is that the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

This means that as an affiliate, there is huge potential for you to earn lots of money by promoting the shapewear affiliate programs that we’ve listed above.

Heck, you could even find yourself getting rich as an affiliate from this one niche alone.

But the key to success is not the affiliate program (though that does help), it’s the traffic. To succeed, you need to be able to generate high volumes of laser-targeted traffic.

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But either way, whether you decide to check out our training or not, we hope that this list of the best shapewear affiliate programs has helped you out & saved you some time.

And of course, if you happen to have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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