22 Best Musical Instrument Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying)

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There are millions of people who love music and playing instruments. However, most of them don’t own their instruments. Some even begin with a hobby to learn but end up stopping midway. 

Affiliate programs have become increasingly popular for businesses to advertise their products and services, such as musical instruments and online lessons. With thousands of affiliate programs, it can be difficult for companies to choose the right one.

As with any product or service, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ affiliate program. Different affiliates have different requirements for making money and deciding which affiliate network works best.

Many people aren’t aware of some of these programs, so we decided to bring to you 22 of the best musical instrument affiliate programs so you can learn everything you need to know about them.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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22 Best Musical Instrument Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs are listed in the following order:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. JamPlay 
  3. Fender Play 
  4. Legacy Learning Systems
  5. Gear4Music 
  6. Playground Sessions 
  7. The Music Stand
  8. World Music Supply
  9. Sam Ash 
  10. Guitar Center 
  11. Musician’s Friend 
  12. Pianoforall
  13. Sweetwater
  14. Thomann 
  15. Fiddlershop 
  16. Guitar Tricks 
  17. Flowkey 
  18. Reverb
  19. Orangewood 
  20. Piano in 21 Days
  21. zZounds
  22. Rocket Piano

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Website Screenshot

Amazon Associates is an online marketplace where you can find almost everything. They have an extensive catalogue of products that can help you promote your brand or website as an affiliate partner.

It is a division of Amazon that offers affiliate programs for many different industries. The best part about this affiliate program is that you can promote products from other companies and make money from them.

Luckily, Amazon sells almost everything in every industry, and luckily they also have a catalogue for musical instruments. 

Their items range from as low as $5 to as high as $1500. Music sheets, guitars, stands, and pianos are just a few of the products they have in this industry.

However, their commission rate is lower than other related affiliate programs, with a 3% commission rate on musical instruments and a 24-hour cookie duration. 

Commissions are deposited 60 days after the end of the month.

URL: Amazon Associates Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3% 

Payment: 60 days

Cookie duration: 24 hours

2. JamPlay

JamPlay Website Screenshot

JamPlay teaches guitar and bass with 130+ artist instructors with over 5000 years of combined experience, learning from world-class guitarists. 

JamPlay has given as much attention to its conversion rate as it does to its music educators. With thousands of online guitar lessons for all skill levels, learning tools, and progress tracking, JamPlay has everything users need to start learning guitar today. 

A JamPlay membership gives students access to hundreds of guitar courses and song lessons by choosing a monthly or annual subscription, as a handful of their popular courses can be purchased individually.

With over 450 guitar courses, 9347 guitar lessons, 137 instructors, almost 400 song lessons, and more than 20 music genres, JamPlay is one of the best places for anyone to ignite their journey as a guitarist.

Unlike traditional “learn quick” offerings, they offer continuing guitar lessons. JamPlay content works on users’ favourite devices and supports all platforms (iOS, Android, and Amazon) while providing specific video controls, including slow motion, a/b looping, bookmarking, and progress tracking.

They have served more than 500,000 students and have an A+ BBB rating and a 9.5/10 TrustPilot rating. With over a thousand lessons across genres and skill levels. 

They produce new classes, so there’s always further information to study and practice.

When a new customer buys a membership within 120 days of clicking your affiliate link, you’ll get $40 — even if they use a half-off coupon for a $20 one-month membership.

URL: JamPlay Affiliate Program 

Commission: $40/sale 

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 120 days

3. Gear4Music

Gear 4 Music Website Screenshot

Gear 4 Music sells all the main instruments and accessories, carrying 60,000 products from 900 brands online. It was founded in 2003 and has over 1 million active customers. 

Gear 4 Music offers low prices on Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Fender, Ibanez, Alesis, Behringer, and Gibson gear, as well as its musical instruments and equipment, offering customers options.

Gear 4 Music sells musical equipment; guitars, drums, pianos, keyboards, symphonic instruments, DJ gear, stage gear, and studio gear.

They have everything from starter guitars to pro microphones, amps, violins, electronic drum kits, and PA systems. 

They offer thousands of accessories in addition to instruments and equipment. You may buy orchestral instruments for rock ‘n’ roll, including digital pianos, saxophones, and cellos, plus recording and studio equipment in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, and the UK. 

Electric guitars start at £69, drum kits at £159.99, PA systems at £149, and other music technology from £50 to £10,000.

Awin, TradeDoubler, and Affiliate Future are affiliate networks with commissions ranging from 3.5% to 5% for each sale and a 30-day cookie window. 

Affiliates earn 5% on Gear 4 Music-branded items and 3.5% on everything else. 

Their average order value is $180, and having a high conversion is achievable with their number of brands and items in place. Expensive instruments offset low commission rates.

URL: Gear4Music Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3.5% – 5%

Payment: Unknown 

Cookie duration: 30 days 

4. Fender Play

Fender Play Website Screenshot

Fender Play is an industry leader and a well-known music brand, trusted by individuals who want to learn to play the guitar. 

Many top musicians utilize their guitars, which are among the world’s best. They’ve also produced a guitar “guided curriculum.”

Fender, founded in Southern California, has a global influence from studio to stage. Everyone from beginners to world-renowned performers has used Fender instruments, amps, and accessories, making the brand a cultural icon. 

Fender’s reach exceeds instruments and accessories, including unique digital experiences that spark creative creation and assist players at every stage. 

Fender began in a small California workshop nearly 70 years ago. Leo Fender, a radio repairman and inventor began making musical instruments by repairing his friends’ amps. 

This affiliate program isn’t about selling Fender guitars and amps; it’s about promoting Fender Play. 

Fender Play members have spent 30,000 hours on the curriculum, which has a 4.8 app store rating.

From classic tunes to the latest hits, anyone can learn to play thousands of songs in their extensive library. 

Students learn through bite-sized lessons from expert instructors, with 3000+ lessons.

The chord challenge and backing tracks allow students to build speed as they practice switching between chords and improve rhythm skills while giving the feeling of jamming with a band.

Fender can be picky regarding who gets into their affiliate program. Commission rates are assigned independently for successful applicants.

They’re guitar specialists, so their guides and lessons can be trusted. 

URL: Fender Play Affiliate Program 

Commission: Based on approval 

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: Unknown

5. Legacy Learning Systems

Legacy Learning Systems Website Screenshot

Legacy Learning Systems was founded to provide high-quality training courses to serious learners in the comfort of their homes. 

Their programs are valuable and educational, offering complete, comprehensive music lessons. 

Music lessons were first while teaching drums, piano, and guitar. They’ve also recently added photography, dance, and painting courses.

Some of their top courses are Guitar Setup & Maintenance, Blues Guitar, and Fingerstyle Guitar.

Affiliates receive a 20% commission for sales. The average order value is $43, and the company has a lifetime tracking cookie, which serves as an advantage.

URL: Legacy Learning Systems Affiliate Program 

Commission: 20%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: Lifetime

6. Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions Website Screenshot

Playground Sessions are a group of dedicated artists who believe technology can help us share music with the world. 

This team builds dynamic, easy-to-use, and engaging products with revolutionary technology and musical knowledge that will make practising and playing easy.

The 28-time Grammy winner Quincy Jones co-created the Playground Sessions virtual piano app with David Sides and Harry Connick, Jr.

Playground Sessions aren’t only music lessons. Virtual sheet music and keyboard bundles are available.

Playground Sessions offer many revenue potentials. Keyboard sales and membership renewals earn 5% commission, while memberships, songs/lessons, and gift codes earn up to 20% depending on affiliate tier level.

Anyone who wants to promote Playground Sessions and get rewarded can join the affiliate program.

Each affiliate’s commission rate depends on his tier. Everyone starts at Level 1 upon signing up. After creating affiliate links and making sales, you’ll be upgraded based on sales thresholds. 

Affiliates who refer to less than $500 in monthly sales get as high as 15% in sales based on product promotion; those who refer to more than $3,000 earn as high as 20%.

URL: Playground Sessions Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%–20%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 90 days 

7. The Music Stand

The Music Stand Website Screenshot

The Music Stand exists for music lovers who want to display, wear, listen to, or play great music. 

Since 1976, this internet store has offered music and music-themed merchandise.

They sell clothing, t-shirts, accessories, musical instruments, posters, home and garden decor, jewellery, and teaching materials.

Their affiliate program has a 10% commission rate and a 30-day cookie.

URL: The Music Stand Affiliate Program 

Commission: 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 30 days

8. World Music Supply

World Music Supply Website Screenshot

World Music Supply sells musical instruments, accessories, and professional audio equipment. 

World Music Supply has been selling guitars, drums, studio, stage, and DJ equipment since 1993. They sell cheap instruments while offering free shipping.

Their assortment of professional instruments and equipment will appeal to many professionals while showcasing popular styles and brands. 

They also provide used items for those on a budget. 

Every equipment sale earns affiliates a 5% commission.

URL: World Music Supply Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: Unknown

9. Sam Ash

Sam Ash Website Screenshot

Sam Ash is America’s largest family-owned musical instrument store. Founded in 1924, it stocks more than 50,000 products, including DJ equipment, studio sets, and recording software for music makers.

It offers high-quality musical instruments at affordable prices, which every music lover would love. You can promote various products to musicians, DJs, music fans, and anyone wishing to play an instrument.

Sam Ash provides acoustic and electric guitars, basses, drums, amplifiers, keyboards, microphones, band & symphonic instruments, DJ gear, studio setups, electronics, and recording software. 

Due to taxes, Sam Ash doesn’t accept affiliates from Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina, or Rhode Island.

LinkShare is in charge of the Sam Ash affiliate program. This program offers a 10% commission on every sale and has a 30-day cookie. 

By promoting SamAsh, your audience can access the world’s most extensive online musical instrument collection. 

Sam Ash pays 3% per transaction on gift cards, 5% on music gear, and 8% for music affiliates who drive $10,000 or more per month.

Live chat on the website also boosts conversion rates.

URL: Sam Ash Affiliate Program 

Commission: 3% – 8%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 30 days

10. Guitar Center

Guitar Center Website Screenshot

GuitarCenter is the best place to find all your gear. They have offered the best guitars for over 60 years, selling over 40,000 products and having 260 retail stores across the country. 

They offer instruments and gear to guitarists, DJs, and music fans. Guitars, basses, drums, studio equipment, keyboards, amplifiers, PA systems, mics, workstations, recording software, and DJ equipment are among the products made available.

The store also sells secondhand and vintage items, while making lessons available. Guitar Center’s books and media make it easy to learn how to play.

The Weekly Workshops Series and Recording Made Easy classes are free for all skill levels. Guitar Center has what customers need, whether they’re just starting or are professional musicians.

GC also offers recording help, and Automatic Studio powers its online recording studio. In 5-7 business days, they can produce your song idea. 

They claim to have the world’s most extensive collection of music gear, from headphones to symphony instruments. It’s good to note that some of their new products are exclusive only to their online store.

The Guitar Center affiliate program, managed by Impact, gives affiliates access to special deals and promotions with their array of products. They also add new products on their website weekly, with affiliates earning 5% on every sale.

Guitar Center offers same-day pickup and free shipping on thousands of products. When available products are ordered from Guitar Center, they are shipped between 2 and 5 working days via standard ground shipping. 

Guitar Center has a strong network earning score, having one of the cheapest online stores for US musical instruments.

Commissions are paid out once they exceed $25, and payment is made at the end of the corresponding month. 

Their products range from as little as $5 for guitar strings to $50,000 for recording studios.

Guitar Center is committed to helping users find the right gear for their band, ensemble, or music venue with their team of experienced musicians. 

URL: Guitar Center Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5% 

Payment: Monthly 

Cookie duration: 30 days 

11. Musician’s Friend

Musician's Friend Website Screenshot

Ron and DeAnna Eastman were newly married and founded Musician’s Friend in 1983 after borrowing $5,000 from their parents to start their business in a California garage. 

After a while, they moved to a dairy barn in Southern Oregon as their business grew.

Today, the award-winning dealer has multiple locations to provide quick delivery and excellent customer service. Their HQ is in Westlake Village, CA.

Musician’s Friend boasts over 85,000 unique music products and 1.7 million items, making it one of the world’s largest online music stores.

They sell many musical instruments and equipment. Their website contains instruments, sound-mixing, and playing gear, making new and used guitars, keyboards, drums, amps, percussion, DJ gear, lighting, mixing, and more available.

The shop offers a rewards program with 8% back in rewards, free ground shipping, price matching, and a 45-day hassle-free return policy. 

Most orders mailed inside the 48 contiguous US states and DC are shipped for free. All guitars also come with a complimentary two-year guarantee.

Their Kansas City Distribution Center (KCDC) has an impressive average order of 9,000–10,000 shipped daily.

Join Commission Junction to become an affiliate. Their affiliates get 4% of every sale on their website and provide deals and promotions.

Musician’s Friend gives an entire library of links, banners, and interactive creative items. Once you’re approved for their affiliate program, affiliate program members get exclusive offers and incentives. 

There’s no doubt that high-quality products and good customer service are offered.

URL: Musician’s Friend Affiliate Program 

Commission: 4% 

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 14 days 

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12. Pianoforall

Pianoforall Website Screenshot

Pianoforall is one of the world’s largest and most regarded online piano courses, offering digital piano lessons through ebooks and videos for aspiring pianists of all levels. It is an all-in-one piano program. 

Pianoforall has video instructions, audio lessons, and interactive ebooks for jazz, ragtime, blues, and classical. Since 2006, they’ve been a trusted course with credible testimonies. 

Their program is cross-platform (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets). Nine ebooks, 200 videos (10 hours), and 500 audio lessons are offered. 

DVDs are also available for backup. The service works for most keyboard instruments, not just the piano.

More than 300,000 students worldwide have benefited from being able to play and read piano sheet music in a few weeks instead of years due to their flexible learning incorporation. This, coupled with a few months of practice, will make anyone a pro. 

The site’s testimonials boost its conversion rate. You can get email addresses, talk to former students about the curriculum, and find out if those audio lessons and videos deliver.

The course materials are easy to follow and thorough to help independent musicians sound unique from the start. Pianoforall teaches a wide range of styles, and students can apply the methods to acoustic or digital piano/keyboard. 

Digital downloads cost $39, and you make $21 each (after Clickbank fees). Pianoforall Download & DVD ROM costs $49, and you make $27 (after Clickbank fees). 

Pianoforall gives 60% commission for every sale. You also have 90 days cookie duration, and you can get registered with Clickbank.

The company helps marketers construct campaigns with ad resources like banner ads and promotional videos, providing support to new affiliate marketers. 

Affiliates are paid weekly or bimonthly by cheque or direct deposit.

URL: Pianoforall Affiliate Program 

Commission: 60%

Payment: Weekly / Bimonthly 

Cookie duration: 90 days 

13. Sweetwater

Sweetwater Website Screenshot

Chuck Surack’s Volkswagen bus was Sweetwater’s first studio in 1979. Since then, it’s become one of the US’s leading online musical instrument and pro audio equipment businesses.

Studio equipment and the recording category are one of their highlights, with microphones, monitors, and mixers made available, practically providing everything needed to build an entire studio.

Sweetwater offers various services to its customer base, from guitar workshops and music lessons to music stores and recording studios. 

Sweetwater’s affiliate program on the Link Connector network is unique. Instead of paying on music gear sales, it offers $0.07 per-click compensation.

Affiliates get compensated by linking users to landing pages.

URL: Sweetwater Affiliate Programs  

Commission: $0.07 per click

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: Unknown 

14. Thomann

Thomann Website Screenshot

Hans Thomann has led Thomann since 1990. His father launched the company in 1954. 

Thomann is a family-owned company with over 1,500 employees and 15,900,000 customers. Their enthusiasm for music shapes Thomann’s culture.

Thomann is Europe’s largest music store, with more than 80,000 items. Thomann Affiliates have sold over 6,000,000 products with a 5% average conversion rate.

It also sells tiny recording studio software from Steinberg and Sonarworks, with graphic equalizers and psychoacoustic effects.

Thomson serves their customers while providing services in various departments, including brass & woodwind, classical drums, DJ, guitars, headphones, key­boards, lighting, PA, piano gal­lery, sheet music, strings, and studio.

All goods have a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Even though Thomann’s affiliate program terms are low compared to some smaller brands, they still beat Amazon.

Affiliates receive varying commissions. Forums and meta networks get 2% per sale, authoritative sites and magazines 3.5 percent, and influencers 4.5 percent.

Qualified affiliate marketers can access product-testing tools.

URL: Thomann Affiliate Program 

Commission: Up to 4.5%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 14 days 

15. Fiddlershop

Fiddlershop Website Screenshot

Pierre Holstein and his son, Michael Holstein, founded Fiddlershop in 2012 to share their love of music and aid others on their musical journey. 

Fiddlershop is a speciality website that focuses on classical stringed instruments and accessories, perfect for violin lovers. They sell bows, bridges, and shoulder rests. They provide inexpensive, great-sounding string instruments to artists. 

They have beginner, amateur, pro, and intermediate instruments. They also sell cases and accessories for every instrument they sell—care/cleaning equipment, sheet music, toners, etc.

Fiddlershop’s world-class luthiers ensure that each instrument is easy to play and sounds great, with expert musicians evaluating each instrument before shipping and working with luthiers to make any necessary changes. 

Over 6,000 instruments are set up and tested annually. They offer a 45-day return on products and provide free and safe shipping for orders over $35. Fiddlershop also does restorations and repairs.

Fiddlershop offers a commission of 5% per sale and a seven-day cookie window. Even though this is relatively low compared to other programs, most instruments cost over $200, compensating for it. 

Refersion hosts this affiliate program, letting new affiliates start within a week, with most applications reviewed within three working days.

URL: Fiddlershop Affiliate Program 

Commission: 5%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 7 days 

16. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks Website Screenshot

Guitar Tricks has been in this industry since 1998, with over 2.8 million registered users and 11,000 online guitar lessons in 4K multi-camera movies.

It now provides over 1,000 song tutorials with world-class instructors. Users’ membership includes a guitar tuner, chord chart, scale finder, online metronome, guitar lexicon, and tablature reference to help read guitar tabs. 

At Guitar Tricks, users may perform songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, and more. Also, their instructors offer 1-on-1 Zoom classes for a fee. 

Each lesson contains a multi-angle video, a written description, guitar tabs, guitar notation, and a table of contents so users may study at their own pace. 

Apple and Android apps have been made available. After signing up for GuitarTricks.com, you may download their app to start studying. 

Over 4 million guitar players have been taught, and they have accommodated string players at all levels, both for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Experienced guitarists can also learn sweep picking.

It gives a 60-day money-back guarantee, and affiliates get $25 for trial signups and $30 for full access. Monthly memberships also earn bonuses.

As an affiliate, you get access to sophisticated sales tools that are continually tested and updated, including professional banners, landing pages, bespoke tracking and analytics features, promos, and special offers.

It has one of the highest cookie durations of 5 years. 

URL: Guitar Tricks Affiliate Program 

Commission: $25-$30 

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 5 years 

17. Flowkey

Flowkey Website Screenshot

Flowkey offers piano lessons for all levels, whether beginner or established pianist, with the goal of teaching piano quickly and their students learning songs in minutes and not weeks, practising notes and chords interactively, and receiving instant feedback.

World-renowned pianists teach beginner and advanced classes. Videos, interactive exercises, and live feedback are provided. 

Lessons involve music theory, chords, and reading sheet music. Their portal has songs and movie soundtracks. 

It has over 1,500 songs and a “wait mode” that pauses until the student strikes the right notes. Flowkey has taught over 4 million students the piano.

They have a high commission rate and a lifetime cookie duration. Their lifetime cookie implies you’ll earn commissions on returning customers you refer.

You’ll get paid when you refer a new Flowkey Premium subscriber.

URL: Flowkey Affiliate Program 

Commission: Unknown

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: Lifetime

18. Reverb

Reverb Website Screenshot

Reverb is a peer-to-peer marketplace for musicians to purchase and sell gear. Retailers, dealers, collectors, performers, and rockstars can buy this gear.

Musical instruments, amps, speakers, pedals, software, plugins, and music are for sale. Depending on the seller, both new and used products are offered.

Affiliates get 1-10% commission. Physical sales get a 1% commission; while low, music gear is expensive, so even 1% can add up. 

You’ll also earn 10% on all digital purchases and $5 when referring a new customer.

URL: Reverb Affiliate Program 

Commission: 1% – 10%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 7 days

19. Orangewood

Orangewood Website Screenshot

Los Angeles-based Orangewood has been selling guitars online for music enthusiasts since releasing its first collection in 2018. By selling directly to consumers, they keep prices down without sacrificing quality.

Eddie and Sooj Park, from Korea, founded Orangewood years ago. Their inventory includes popular acoustic guitars and ukuleles. All of their instruments are designed and set up in the US by local experts. 

Orangewood guitars are influenced by top brands and include instruments of diverse types, sizes, and designs to satisfy all players. They are however only available online through their e-shop or Amazon. 

Orangewood guitars are great for beginners, students, and juniors. They’re easy to tune, and stay tuned for hours so that users can focus on technique and creativity; these guitars aren’t a bad idea if you’re just starting out or maybe for a modest gig or jam session.

Orangewood has many models and body types for a young brand. Their extensive range includes Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert, Dreadnought, Jumbo, and Mini acoustic guitars. 

Orangewood guitars are unexpectedly affordable, which draws new buyers to this company. These guitars are attractive because of their value and quality for the price. 

By skipping retailers, Orangewood pays affiliates up to 15% of each sale, with a $250 average order value.

You can sign up through ShareASale, with access to a monthly newsletter to brief you on promotions, contests, and deals.

URL: Orangewood Affiliate Program 

Commission: 8% – 15%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 30 days

20. Piano in 21 Days

Piano In 21 Days Website Screenshot

Former engineer Jacques Hopkins devised and taught piano in 21 days. He wants to share his primary, streamlined way of performing tunes simply. 

His online piano course is rapid. Jacques believes students can learn to play the piano online in 21 days by focusing on chords and modern melodies.

Because Jacques can only manage so many students at once, his courses have a waitlist.

The Piano in 21 Days was intended to help students always have something to play. Jacques says most piano methods are for individuals who want to perform professionally or as concert pianists, with little material for those who want to play for leisure. 

Unlike other online and office alternatives, this course doesn’t teach note reading. It emphasizes chords and improvisation. 

The study was designed to be finished in 21 days, with the purpose of students creating their tunes and arrangements so they could play them. 

Jacques encourages learners to obtain his free five-day eBook. If it is of interest to them, they may buy 21-days for $97 to $497. 

Students have lifetime access to the course with payment plans, and online videos require only a computer/ tablet and a piano/keyboard. This lesson also requires 49 weighted keys and a sostenuto pedal.

Affiliates can make 30% commissions on orders averaging $400. That’s $120 per sale!

URL: Piano in 21 Days Affiliate Program 

Commission: 30%

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 30 days

21. zZounds

zZounds Website Screenshot

zZounds.com has served over a million consumers online for over 15 years and is part of a growing multi-billion dollar industry.

Zzounds sells guitars, basses, keyboards, live sounds, recording instruments, and DJ equipment, having one of the most satisfactory rates and services for musical instruments. 

They have a 50-times-larger inventory than a regular music store.

zZounds provides flexible payment options and 45-day returns. If customers find a lesser price within 45 days of their purchase, they’ll reimburse the difference while offering free shipping on most products, with no hidden fees. 

zZounds’ affiliate program started in 1999, and Commission Junction hosts Zzsound’s affiliate program even though it’s also run in-house.

They’re continually improving their affiliate program. Affiliates get a 6% commission on sales and a net sales bonus for completing monthly goals.

If a buyer buys an expensive and popular product, like a keyboard workstation, your commission may be $125-300 on that one sale alone. 

Zzounds affiliates can earn up to an 80% bonus when $10,000 worth of monthly net sales is generated.

URL: zZounds Affiliate Program 

Commission: 6% 

Payment: Unknown

Cookie duration: 45 days

22. Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano Website Screenshot

Rocket Piano’s affiliate network is the third most reputable and trusted online. 

It teaches piano online and provides step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations. Since 2005, they’ve sold piano-learning tools.

Training activities and exercises will help students learn vital skills by boosting their knowledge. Rocket Piano has video tutorials, audio files, and books. With this software, users can explore a variety of musical styles.

Rocket Piano is a top Clickbank affiliate program. They provide 75% commission on digital sales (downloads), 25% on physical sales, and 90-day cookie life.

The platform is popular with influencers because of its good reviews and generous prizes. This online piano tuition is also perfect for beginners who want to play the piano correctly; the training helps pianists learn different notes and enhance their piano skills.

URL: Rocket Piano Affiliate Program 

Commission: 25% and 75% 

Payment: Weekly / Bimonthly 

Cookie duration: 90 days

Earning Big As a Musical Instrument Affiliate

If you’re interested in monetizing your passion for music, the musical instrument affiliate programs that we’ve listed above could be an ideal opportunity.

Not only will you benefit yourself by earning commissions, but you’ll also benefit by knowing that you are helping others to find the right musical instruments at the best prices.

But of course, to become a successful affiliate in the musical instrument niche you will need traffic.

Thankfully, we teach exactly how you can begin generating traffic in our completely free affiliate marketing course so do be sure to check it out before you leave if you haven’t done so already.

Either way, we hope this list of affiliate programs has helped you out & if you happen to have any further questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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