14 Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs For 2024 (Highest Paying)

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As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions online by connecting people with the best mortgage deals & helping them get access to mortgage-related services such as credit repair.

And the good news is that because these programs involve such high sums of money (often in excess of $100,000+), they can pay out substantial high-ticket commissions.

So, to help you take advantage of these offers, we’ve listed the best mortgage affiliate programs below.

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Best Mortgage Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs on this page are listed in the following order:

  1. The Motley Fool
  2. Mortgage Assessment
  3. Mortgage Training Center
  4. Credible.com
  5. Loan.co.uk
  6. LendKey
  7. Bad Credit Loans
  8. BMO Harris Bank
  9. Experian.com
  10. Home Title Lock
  11. LendingTree
  12. Sky Blue Credit Repair
  13. USSA.com
  14. Leadpops

1. The Motley Fool

Tom and David Gardner co-founded The Motley Fool in 1933 with headquarters in Alexandria and a global presence in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada. Their mission is to make the world richer, happier and smarter. The branding – The Motley Fool – is inspired by William Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It.

This virtual platform has served millions of customers in attaining financial freedom through mutual funds, podcasts, premium investing services, websites and newspaper columns. The platform’s services include Rule Breakers, the ascent (mortgage services) and Stock Advisor. It has been awarded Great Places to Work Award, The Washington Post, Best Places to Work Award, etc. Its affiliations include Motley Fool Asset, Wealth, Ventures, Lakehouse Capital and 1623 Capital.

The Motley Fool Pricing

  • Stock Advisor: $199/year (billed annually)
  • Rule Breakers: $299/year (billed annually)
  • Digital Explorer: $1999/year (billed annually)

Highlights of The Motley Foor Affiliate Program

  • Attractive commission of up to $100 per lead
  • 30 days cookie life
  • Monthly payouts with no minimum threshold requirement
  • Access to the library of updated banners and links
  • Available promotional material includes HTML banners, text link banners, image banners, and social media content for influencers
  • Third-party tracking software
  • 24/7 access to the interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with AWIN (Merchant ID: 12195)

URL: The Motley Fool Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $100 per Lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Wire Transfer, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cheque | Payments are Managed through AWIN

2. Mortgage Assessment

Mortgage Assessment operates through a group of licensed mortgage advisors as a mortgage agency in Canada. The platform provides mortgage solutions to homeowners and homebuyers in funding they need.

They offer services for different mortgages including Close Mortgages, Open Mortgage, Conventional Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage, Fixed/ Variable Rate Mortgage and Convertible Mortgage.

Mortgage Assessment offers free consultation sessions, interest and mortgage calculator, interest comparison and exclusive content. The mortgage fees involve application fees, lender’s commissions, title insurance fees, status certification fees, prepayment penalties, home appraisal fees, land transfer fees, legal fees, etc.

Highlights of the Mortgage Assessment Affiliate Program

  • Attractive sales commission – 50% of the advisor’s commission for each referred mortgage approval
  • Lifetime cookie duration
  • Reliable tracking software and real-time reporting dashboard
  • Direct linking to specific pages is available
  • Access to the library of engaging banner ads
  • Hassle-free payouts via PayPal with no unnecessary delays

URL: Mortgage Assessment Affiliate Program

Commission: 50% of the Advisor’s Commission

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

Payment Term: When Your Referred Mortgage is Approved, the Company will Pay You 50% of the Advisor’s Commission via PayPal within 5 Business Days

3. Mortgage Training Center

Mortgage Training Center began its journey in this niche in 1994. The training centre provides training for Insurance, Banking, HR, Accounting, Mortgage, Finance, Real Estate, Safety, Sales Professionals, and Payroll.

The platform provides training through online courses, webinars, seminars, and other services. Anyone can use this platform for Certification, licensing and Designation courses to enhance his service knowledge, skills and compliance. Online courses at the Mortgage Training Center are refundable and exchangeable.

Mortgage Training Center Course Pricing

  • National Mortgage pre-licensing course(webinar): $419
  • SAFE Mortgage Licensing Online Course: $329
  • Mortgage Underwriter Certification Course: $1495
  • Mortgage Processor Certification Course: $1495
  • Loan Processor Boot Camp: $995

Highlights of the Mortgage Training Center Affiliate Program

  • 50% sales commission
  • Proactive collaboration for sales optimisation, ad placement, and course recommendations
  • Interactive and user-friendly website with automatically updated event calendar and best-sellers.

URL: Mortgage Training Center Affiliate Program

Commission: 50%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts with up to One Month Locking Period

4. Credible.com

Stephen Dash Founded Credible in 2012 in San Francisco, USA. Credible began its journey to help American students with their student loans in 2014. Later, he launched Personal loans and Mortgage Marketplaces after raising over $150 million in capital in 2020.

Their mission was to build an ethical personal finance marketplace for consumers. The marketplace connects people with multiple lenders and three national credit bureaus while ensuring the protection of customers’ data. The platform has been featured in The Washington Post, INSIDER, The New York Times, CNBC, and realtor.com. Its services include personal loans, student loans, mortgage refinancing, home loans and student loan refinancing.

Highlights of the Credible.com Affiliate Program

  • Lucrative commission of up to $240 per Lead
  • Credible and globally known money lending marketplace
  • Highly relevant financial options to promote, including mortgage, personal loan, and student loan
  • Dedicated affiliate support team

URL: Credible.com Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $240 per Lead

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Not Disclosed

5. Loan.co.uk

The company began its journey in 2014 in the UK with the dedication to modernising the credit brokering industry. Their mission is to provide user-friendly and transparent service to customers.

The company provides ALBOT, an AI assistant for mortgages and loan services to its customers. The robot is capable of scanning multiple lenders and over 10,000 different criteria in a few seconds, all while ensuring the best deal for its customers. The company has been awarded the UK Fintech Award, Mortgage Award 2019, The Mortgage Award and Money Age Award. It has been featured in Forbes, Global Banking & Finance Review, The Times, Financial Times and Mortgage Introducer.

Highlights of the loan.co.uk Affiliate Program

  • Attractive commission from £50 to £300 per Lead
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Ideal for influencers, mortgage and loan affiliates, website owners, and estate agents
  • No upfront fee for your referrals
  • Tailor-made free quotes for your referrals
  • A trusted brand with 7 offices in the UK
  • A team of CRO experts and over 100 brokers across the UK
  • Dedicated online portal for affiliates for real-time lead tracking and performance reporting
  • Co-branded banners, unique landing pages, and mortgage calculator
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Third-party tracking software
  • Interactive reporting dashboard with scalable analytics
  • Integrated with AWIN (Merchant ID: 18915)

Load.co.uk Affiliate Commission Tiers

  • £50 per lead for an approved loan of £10,000 to £24,999
  • £100 per lead for an approved loan of £25k to £49,999
  • £150 per lead for an approved loan of £50k to £99,999
  • £300 per lead for an approved loan of £10k or up

URL: Loan.co.uk Affiliate Program | Signup via AWIN

Commission: £50 to £300 per Lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through AWIN

6. LendKey

Vince Passione founded LendKey in 2009 to provide reliable online lending and borrowing solutions across the world. Its mission is to provide seamless digital lending services to its customers. The digital lender has partnered with hundreds of credit unions and banks to render loan processes.

Multiple lenders offer credit products online through this platform and have successfully catered for the financial needs of 155,000 customers to date. The company provides student loan refinancing, private student loans, and home improvement loans (open mortgage loans). It has been featured in American Banker, Credit Union Times, WSJ and Forbes.

Highlights of the LendKey Affiliate Program

  • $20 to $200 per Lead – competitive commissions with performance-based tiers
  • 24/7 access to the reporting dashboard with statistics about traffic, marketing engagement, and sales
  • Regularly updated library of engaging marketing assets, including banner ads, landings pages, and pre-written content

URL: LendKey Affiliate Program

Commission: $20 to $200 per Lead

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts via Direct Deposit or EFT

7. BadCreditLoans

Bad Credit Loans stands as a reputable online lending platform with a distinct focus on assisting individuals who have encountered credit challenges. Their service streamlines the application process, ensuring a hassle-free and secure experience for borrowers seeking financial support.

The company offers charity work and awareness events to educate people about scams. It also offers free loan articles to provide a streamlined loan process for its customers. Its services include credit cards, business loans, student loans, auto loans, personal loans, home loans and mortgage loans.

Borrowers can benefit from adaptable repayment options, competitive interest rates, and the chance to rebuild their credit standing by making punctual payments. In essence, BadCreditLoans.com strives to deliver accessible financial solutions, empowering individuals to navigate credit challenges and pursue their financial aspirations.

Highlights of the Bad Credit Loans Affiliate Program

  • 85% per Lead (Revenue Share)
  • 45 days cookie duration
  • Third-party tracking software
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 4968775)
  • Access to the interactive reporting dashboard with scalable analytics and real-time statistics

URL: Bad Credit Loans Affiliate Program

Commission: 85% (CPL) Revenue Share

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Payment Term: Commissions Junction Manages Monthly Payouts on Behalf of Bad Credit Loans

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8. BMO Harris Bank

BMO Financial Group, commonly known as BMO (Bank of Montreal), is a well-established Canadian financial institution with a rich history dating back to 1817. With its headquarters in Toronto, BMO has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most trusted banks, serving customers not only in Canada but also in the United States and around the world.

BMO offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services, including banking, investments, insurance, and more. One of its standout offerings is its diverse array of mortgage options. BMO understands that buying a home is a significant financial decision, and they aim to make the process as seamless as possible for their customers.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance, or interested in investment properties, BMO provides a variety of mortgage solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Their experienced mortgage specialists work closely with clients to explore options such as fixed-rate mortgages, variable-rate mortgages, and specialised products designed to suit different financial situations.

Highlights of the BMO Affiliate Program

  • $225 per referred mortgage purchase or refinance
  • $100 per referred deposit
  • $175 per referred HELOC application
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate management team
  • Last 3-Month EPC is $872.93 and last 7 days EPC is $587.99 (current statistics on Commission Junction)
  • Third-party tracking platform with an interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 5336128)

URL: BMO Harris Bank Affiliate Program

Commission: $100 to $225 per Lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through Commission Junction | Actions are Locked after the 10th of Each Month

9. Experian.com

Experian, a global leader in information services, is a prominent name in the world of financial data and credit reporting. With its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, Experian operates on a global scale, providing individuals and businesses with valuable insights into their credit histories and financial profiles.

Experian.com serves as a hub for individuals seeking to manage their credit and make informed financial decisions. While Experian itself does not directly offer mortgage loans, it plays a crucial role in the mortgage industry by supplying credit reports and scores that lenders use to assess borrowers’ creditworthiness.

Through Experian’s online platform, individuals can access their credit reports and scores, which are essential when applying for mortgages and other loans. This information allows borrowers to understand their financial standing, improve their creditworthiness, and secure competitive mortgage rates from various lenders.

Highlights of the Experian.com Affiliate Program

  • $6 to $12 CPA commission
  • 10 days cookie duration
  • Credible and globally acknowledged brand in the industry
  • Last 3-Month EPC is $119.02 and last 7 days EPC is $90.12 (current statistics on Commission Junction)
  • Third-party tracking platform with an interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 2591819)

URL: Experian Affiliate Program

Commission: $6 to $12

Cookie Duration: 10 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through Commission Junction | Locking of Actions Takes Place after the 10th of Each Month

10. Home Title Lock

HomeTitleLock.com is a leading provider of home title and mortgage protection services, offering valuable solutions to homeowners concerned about the security of their property titles. The company specialises in safeguarding homeowners from the risks associated with title fraud and mortgage fraud.

Home title fraud is a growing concern in the real estate industry, and this company offers a range of services designed to protect homeowners from potential threats. They monitor and alert homeowners to any suspicious activity related to their property titles, ensuring that their most significant investment remains secure.

While HomeTitleLock.com primarily focuses on protecting homeowners from title fraud, their services indirectly contribute to mortgage security. By safeguarding the integrity of property titles, they help ensure that homeowners can confidently access mortgage solutions and loans without the threat of fraudulent activity impacting their financial well-being.

Highlights of the Home Title Lock Affiliate Program

  • $25 to $100 sales commission for each referred signup
  • 30 days cookie life
  • Proprietary access to the records of property
  • Access to the library of creative assets
  • Last 3-Month EPC is $192.36 and last 7 days EPC is $178.68 (current statistics on Commission Junction)
  • Third-party tracking platform with an interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 5895673)

Home Title Lock Affiliate Commissions

  • $25 for each referred monthly signup
  • $50 for each referred yearly signup
  • $100 for each referred 4-Year signup

URL: Home Title Lock Affiliate Program | Signup via Commission Junction

Commission: $25 to $100 per Signup

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through Commission Junction | 60 Days Locking Period

11. LendingTree

LendingTree is an acknowledged online marketplace for financial products and services. Founded in 1996, LendingTree has established itself as a trusted platform that connects consumers with a wide array of lending options, including mortgages.

LendingTree’s mortgage solutions are at the heart of its services. The platform simplifies the process of finding the right mortgage by allowing users to compare multiple offers from various lenders, making it easier for individuals to secure competitive rates and terms. Through LendingTree, prospective homebuyers can access fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, jumbo loans, FHA loans, and other financing options to suit their unique needs.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive lender network make it a valuable resource for borrowers seeking mortgages or looking to refinance existing loans. LendingTree’s emphasis on transparency and providing a wealth of information empowers consumers to make informed financial decisions regarding one of the most significant investments of their lives.

Highlights of the LendingTree Affiliate Program

  • Up to $35 CPA commission
  • 14 days cookie life
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 4884367)
  • Interactive reporting dashboard with scalable analytics
  • Last 3-Month EPC is $241.42 and last 7 days EPC is $23.54 (current statistics on Commission Junction)

URL: LendingTree Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $35

Cookie Duration: 14 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed by Commission Junction

12. Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a well-established credit repair company with a reputation for helping individuals improve their credit scores and financial well-being. While Sky Blue Credit Repair primarily focuses on credit repair services, it indirectly contributes to clients’ ability to secure favourable mortgage solutions.

The company offers a range of credit repair services, including credit report analysis, dispute assistance, and personalised credit improvement plans. By identifying and addressing negative items on clients’ credit reports, Sky Blue helps improve their creditworthiness, which is crucial when applying for mortgages.

Having a higher credit score can significantly impact the mortgage options available to individuals. A better credit score often leads to lower interest rates and more favourable terms on mortgage loans. Therefore, Sky Blue’s credit repair services can empower clients to qualify for better mortgage deals, potentially saving them thousands of dollars over the life of their home loans.

Highlights of the Sky Blue Credit Repair Affiliate Program

  • $80 CPA commission
  • 90 days cookie life
  • Third-party tracking platform with an interactive reporting dashboard
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 6030618)
  • Inhouse affiliate management team
  • Access to the library of marketing creatives
  • Dedicated affiliate support team to help with sales optimisation, integrations, and strategies

URL: Sky Blue Credit Affiliate Program

Commission: $80

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed through Commission Junction

13. USAA.com

USAA is yet another established financial institution primarily serving members of the United States military and their families. Founded in 1922, USAA has a long-standing commitment to providing a wide range of financial products and services, including mortgage solutions, to its members.

USAA’s mortgage offerings are designed to cater to the unique needs of military members and veterans. They offer a variety of mortgage options, such as VA loans, conventional loans, and jumbo loans, with competitive rates and terms. Their VA loans, in particular, are a standout feature, as they provide eligible service members and veterans with the opportunity to secure home financing with favourable terms and no down payment.

USAA’s dedication to serving the military community is reflected in its mortgage services, which are tailored to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for those who have served their country. The institution’s reputation for excellent customer service and its deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by military members make it a trusted choice for mortgage solutions.

Highlights of the USAA.com Affiliate Program

  • $5 to $36 CPA commission
  • 30 days cookie life
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Dedicated affiliate support team
  • Integrated with Commission Junction (CJ Advertiser ID: 3364990)
  • Interactive reporting dashboard with scalable analytics
  • Last 3-Month EPC is $263.95 and last 7 days EPC is $12.39 (current statistics on Commission Junction)

URL: USAA Affiliate Program

Commission: $5 to $36

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts Managed by Commission Junction

14. Leadpops

Leadpops is a comprehensive marketing and lead generation platform primarily focused on the mortgage and real estate industries. Founded to address the unique needs of mortgage professionals and real estate agents, Leadpops offers a suite of digital marketing tools and services to help them connect with potential clients and grow their businesses.

While Leadpops doesn’t directly provide mortgage solutions, it plays a crucial role in the mortgage industry by assisting professionals in generating high-quality leads and referrals. Mortgage professionals and lenders use Leadpops to create customized and engaging websites, landing pages, and marketing campaigns that capture the attention of potential borrowers.

The platform offers various lead generation tools, including mortgage calculators, pre-qualification forms, and educational resources, which can be integrated into mortgage professionals’ websites. By attracting and converting leads effectively, these professionals can then provide potential borrowers with mortgage solutions tailored to their needs.

Highlights of the Leadpops Affiliate Program

  • 10% to 20% recurring sales commission
  • Professional support to run your custom campaigns with the help of trusted lead-generation tools
  • Hassle-free monthly payouts
  • Reliable tracking platform with access to the interactive affiliate dashboard
  • Access to the library of marketing content. You can also request for customised creative

Leadpops Commission Tiers (Depending on Number of Sales)

  • 10% (Up to 500 Sales)
  • 15% (501 to 1000 Sales)
  • 20% (Over 1000 Sales)

URL: Leadpops Affiliate Program

Commission: 10% to 20%

Cookie Duration: Not Disclosed

Payment Term: Monthly Payouts

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