11 Best Fine Art Affiliate Programs (For Supplies, Artwork & More)

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In 2021, the global art market was valued at 65.1 billion USD and the current worldwide volume of art transactions (at the time of writing) is 36.7 million.

On top of that, in the 2021 worldwide fine art auction sales, on the 13th of May 2021, auction house Christie’s sold one of Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s artworks for approximately 103.4 million U.S. dollars.

So, with that in mind, can you see the potential of the art market and the worth of fine arts?

As an affiliate marketer, by connecting people who are interested in collecting fine arts with the right programs you can make some awesome earnings.

After doing hours of research we have handpicked the 11 best fine art affiliate programs for you.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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11 Best Fine Art Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • AbeBooks
  • Amazon
  • Artfinder
  • Etsy
  • Fine Art America
  • Minted
  • R Young Art
  • Saatchi Art
  • The Sybaris Collection
  • Zatista
  • Zazzle

1. AbeBooks

AbeBooks was established in 1995 and its website was launched in 1996. They are a subsidiary of Amazon.com (acquired in 2008). It helps people to discover & buy the things they are passionate about and love.

They are offering books, out-of-print titles, used & rare books (first-edition and signed books), best-selling paperbacks, fine art and collectables, manuscripts, photographs, music and more.

AbeBooks has millions of books on its website. It has fine arts such as original paintings, vintage posters, and prints to etchings.

AbeBooks affiliate program is run by the Impact affiliate network. Affiliate payments are locked for 1 month and 8 days. There is a waiting period of 50 days after the end of the month in which a sale took place.

If you are an Amazon Associate still you are advised to join the AbeBooks affiliate program via Impact because many independent authors do not list their books with Amazon.

They are offering a 5% affiliate commission with 30 days cookie period.

URLAbeBooks Affiliate Program

Commission – 5%

Payment – Payments are made 50 days after the end of the month.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

2. Amazon

Amazon was established on the 5th of July, 1994 by Jeff Bezos. They are headquartered in Washington, Seattle, Arlington, and Virginia. Formerly Amazon was called Cadabra, Inc.

I don’t think Amazon.com needs any introduction.

Just a piece of information, every month 197+ million people visit the Amazon.com website.

People trust Amazon! So selling is made easy with Amazon and affiliates can take advantage of it!

Amazon has fine art products such as fine art paper, fine art watercolour bottles, fine art posters, fine art prints, fine art paintings, and more.

With Amazon, the maximum commission you can earn from a product that comes under the fine art category is $200 (per product).

URLAmazon Associates Affiliate Program

Commission – Varies – Up to 10%

Payment – Payments are paid via direct deposit or check – 60 days after the end of each month.

Cookie Duration – 24 hours (1 day)

3. Artfinder

Artfinder was launched as an art marketplace in 2013 with 14 artists and now it has more than 10,000 independent artists on the platform. Artfinder provides a sustainable art market for everyone.

By subscribing to their newsletter, you can earn 10% off on your 1st purchase.

Under the “Artworks” section it has “Fine Art Photography” where you can find 1000s of photographs. You can filter the photographs and find the best match based on the budget (price high and price low). You can also filter the new arrivals.

Artfinder affiliate cookies last for 30 days and the commission range from 5-15%. They are also running a “refer a friend” program.

URLArtfinder Affiliate Program

Commission – 5 to 15%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

4. Etsy

Etsy was started on 2005 (18th of June) and they are headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Etsy helps you in discovering one-of-a-kind items from independent creators.

Its mission is to keep human connection at the heart of commerce. They claim to be the global marketplace for unique & creative goods.

Handmade or vintage items & craft supplies that come with the human touch are the main focus of Etsy. You can find 1000s of fine art prints on Etsy.

You can find products under the categories such as…

Art & collectables, vintage, craft supplies, home decor and wall art, kitchen & dining, jewellery & accessories, home & living, clothing & shoes, wedding & party, toys & entertainment, and DIY craft projects.

Etsy’s affiliate program is managed by Etsy itself.

URLEtsy Affiliate Program

Commission – 4%

Payment – Etsy payment method.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

5. Fine Art America

In their words, Fine Art America is the world’s largest art marketplace & print-on-demand technology company.

Fine Art America was launched in 2006 and it’s an independent company for independent artists. It has more than 100,000 independent artists.

They have shipped more than 5 million products and their products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fine Art America sells 1000s of fine art prints. Some of its best-selling prints are Acrylic Prints, Canvas Prints, and Framed Prints.

Its average order value ranges from $5 to $150. You will earn an 8% commission on all sales. Its affiliate program is powered by the ShareASale affiliate network.

URLFine Art America Affiliate Program

Commission – 8%

Payment – With ShareASale, the minimum payout threshold is $50. Payouts are made monthly on the 20th of each month via direct deposit, wire transfer, check/cheque, and Payoneer.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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6. Minted

Minted was started in 2007 and its mission is to uncover the world’s best creative talents. It’s an artist forum, a marketplace to buy exceptional work and the world’s leading design marketplace.

Minted provides access to unique art, home décor, gifts, wedding stationery, and more. As a welcome offer for their new customers, they offer 20% off on their first purchase.

Under its “limited edition fine art” section you can find 100s of fine art prints.

The average sale value of Minted is more than $200. The Minted affiliate program is run by the ShareASale affiliate network. As a Minted affiliate, you will get special promotional offers.

URLMinted Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to 20%

Payment – With ShareASale payouts are made monthly on the 20th of each month via wire transfer, direct deposit, check/cheque, and Payoneer. The minimum payment threshold is $50.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

7. R Young Art

Richard Young is the founder of R Young Art and he is a full-time professional and awarded artist.

They are offering fine art prints for all budgets. You can find fine art for offices, commercial establishments, and homes. It has 100s of fine art prints.

You can purchase a fine art print by entering the title and size (on the general product page).

Its affiliate program is powered by RomanCart. Once you become their affiliate, they will provide you with all the details of their affiliate program.

URLR Young Art Affiliate Program

Commission – Unknown

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

8. Saatchi Art

They claim to be the world’s leading art gallery. Their product catalogue features more than 34,000 pieces of art & art prints. It has 1.4 million original artworks with 94,000 emerging artists.

Some of the categories you can shop by are…

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Drawings
  • Prints
  • Sculpture

Need help? Not to worry, their free art advisory service can help you to find the right art for you. They are also providing you with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

The average shopping cart is more than $1000 and they are paying a 4-13% in affiliate commission.

URLSaatchi Art Affiliate Program

Commission – 4 to 13%

Payment – With Commission Junction, the minimum payment threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for checks. Payments are made twice a month and they pay via direct deposit, Payoneer, & checks.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

9. Sybaris Collection

Sybaris Collection is a professional art services platform that helps in starting or growing your art collection. Art collectors can find pieces that match your taste and budget.

For queries related to art, they have an art advisory that can help you. Worldwide shipping is available for all the products.

Its average total order value is more than $1,000. As an affiliate, you will receive a 2% commission and you will also receive monthly artwork updates.

URLSybaris Collection Affiliate Program

Commission – 2%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

10. Zatista

Based on their words, Zatista is the leading online curated original art gallery. More than 400 established artists are representing Zatista and it has 5500+ unique products.

The different types of art available with Zatista are Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital, Sculpture, Mixed Media, and Hand Printed Works.

They are providing a 100% buyer protection guarantee with their 14-day refund policy.

Zatista’s average order value is more than $500. Their art advisory helps in finding the art you are looking for without any hassle.

Its affiliate program is powered by the ShareASale affiliate network. They are offering an 8% commission with 120 days cookie period.

URLZatista Affiliate Program

Commission – 8%

Payment – With ShareASale, the minimum payment threshold is $50. Payments are made monthly on the 20th of each month via wire transfer, direct deposit, check/cheque, and Payoneer.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

11. Zazzle

Zazzle is in the market for more than 17 years and it has more than 30 million customers.

In the art and wall décor category, you can find posters & prints, metal art & prints, wall art sets, acrylic art & prints, and more.

With their art and photography, you can transform your home or office with stunning prints and photography.

They have partnered with popular brands such as…

  • Marvel
  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Peanuts
  • DC Comics
  • Harry Potter
  • Jurassic World
  • Sesame Street
  • Wonder Woman
  • Universal
  • Warner Bros and more

It has a 30-day refund policy but the good news is… Its refund rate is less than 1%.

They are offering a volume bonus of up to 17% and the affiliate commission is 15%. It also has a “refer-a-friend program”.

URLZazzle Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – The minimum payment threshold is $50 and the payments are made via PayPal or Check.

Cookie Duration – 45 days

Earn Big As An Affiliate In The Art Niche

By promoting the 11 best fine art affiliate programs listed above you can take your share of the global art market valued at 65.1 billion USD.

And as you can likely now see from the commission rates, there’s certainly great potential for you to earn big as an affiliate in the art niche.

But, of course, the affiliate programs are only 1 part of the equation. In order to actually earn money, you need to be able to generate traffic.

More importantly, you need to be able to generate consistent & laser-targeted traffic.

Thankfully, the good news is that our affiliate marketing course shows you step-by-step exactly how you can do it.

So if you haven’t yet signed up for our free course then we highly recommend that you do so before you leave.

And of course, if you happen to have any additional questions or comments about the art affiliate programs that we’ve listed above then don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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